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You're Not Allowed to Leave

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GBPP added Spider-Kid, Platypus, Vents, Natasha, Brucie Bear, Bird Man 2, Capsicle and Heavy Metal to You're not allowed to leave.


GBPP: Hello, all.


Spider-Kid: that was extremely ominous, mr. stark

Spider-Kid: but now that i have said that i can finally freak out for being in the same chatroom as the avengers so :)

Spider-Kid: mhhhhhhhmmmmmm aaaAAAAAAAA kwkdjwkKWNDOWNDKWJDK FuuuuuUUUUUUaaaaakwndowndowns


GBPP: Let it all out, kid.


Platypus: Tony, what is this?


Vents: it scares me you even knew that was him

Vents: now, why's my username simply 'vents'?


GBPP: I have decided that, for the amount of time you spend in the vents, you're part of it now. Congratulations, Clint.


Spider-Kid: congrats, mr. hawkeye! :D


Vents: okay first of all, that's pure.

Vents: second of all, tony, mind answering (who i presume to be) rhodes and tell us all what is this?


GBPP: It's a group chat, duh.


Brucie Bear: Tony, I have 7 PhDs and I'm sure even Spider-Man knows what a group chat is.


Spider-Kid: hey! i take full offense on that


Brucie Bear: Therefore, please explain why you thought this would be a good idea.


GBPP: I never said this was a good idea. I was just bored.


Natasha: I want to leave.


GBPP: Read the chat name.


Spider-Kid: aw, ms. black widow, ma'am, whyd you want to leave? we cant be that annoying, can we?


GBPP: Kid.


Spider-Kid: wait, can we?


Bird Man 2: Look, kid, idk u at all but ik we can be pretty annoying


Spider-Kid: im so sorry if i annoyed you, ms. black widow, ma'am! i swear it wasnt my intention at all and i know i ramble and talk a lot but im sure i can stop it if it annoys you or anyone else, wait, do i annoy anyone else? mr. stark, are you annoyed by my rambling and talking? because i can stop if you want me to


Bird Man 2: Wtf


Natasha: I might reconsider.


GBPP: Wow, will you look at that, kid! Great job.

GBPP: And also, no, you don't annoy me at all. Despite popular belief, I enjoy listening to teenagers ramble about science and patrolling.


Vents: literally no one ever said anything about that

Vents: also, teenagers?


Spider-Kid: technically, im an adult


GBPP: Right, an adult that can't even legally drink.

GBPP: His username literally says "Spider-KID". I called him 'kid' multiple times. I thought you would've figured it out by now, Clint.

GBPP: By the way, I hope you're okay with this, Underoos.


Spider-Kid: iz all good! im 18, guys :)


Vents: hoold up, you're telling me spider-man is a kid?


Bird Man 2: Wtf, Tony? You brought a child to Germany?


GBPP: Look, I'm only saying this once, so I'd appreciate if you would pay attention and not interrupt me.

GBPP: The kid was already spider-manning around before I came in, and he was doing it in his pajamas, so if you're going to say anything, thank me.

GBPP: Once I tried to take away the suit and stop him, but he got into his goddamn pajamas again and destroyed my plane.

GBPP: I get that it's dangerous for someone his age, but he's doing his best to help people, and I'm doing my best to help him.

GBPP: I gave him a safe suit, I provide him with medical attention and anything I can help with, so don't try to talk him or me out of this.

GBPP: Pepper and I already discussed this with him and we're on good terms. He has a curfew, if his grades drop he's taking a break and if he's not taking care of himself properly he's taking a break.

GBPP: Spider-Man may be a teenager, but he's looking out for the little guy, doing things we don't; like helping elderly people with groceries, stopping muggings, robberies. He's a super-hero enough.


Bird Man 2: Wow. Didn't expect that at all. Ur doing great, Spider-Man.


Vents: woah, what's with all the Dad™ vibes? you talked to pepper about this?

Vents: tony, is spider-man your son?


GBPP: What, why would you think that.

GBPP: Of course not.


Spider-Kid: you are my daaad, youre my dad! boogie woogie woogie! :D


GBPP: You're not helping.

GBPP: Bruce? Some backup here?


Brucie Bear: Well, he may not be your biological son, but I've heard him call you 'dad' a couple times.


Spider-Kid: bruce! :(


Vents: i see tony crying through the vents


GBPP: Not crying, you piece of shit.


Vents: o:


Spider-Kid: oh my god, im so sorry i made you cry, mr. stark, if me calling you dad is the reason, ill never ever call you that again, im so sorry


GBPP: What, no, it's totally fine, kid.


Bird Man 2: U should've told us u had a child, Tony

Bird Man 2: I wonder how he's so pure, being urs


GBPP: Hey.


Capsicle: Hello, everyone! Bucky and I were out getting the groceries. The idea of a group chat was great, Tony!


Vents: ew whats up with yall and proper punctuation


Heavy Metal: i dont like my name.

Heavy Metal: ill scroll up and fill steve in.


Spider-Kid: oh my god, is that mr. captain america sir and mr. winter soldier sir

Spider-Kid: im so sorry for fighting you


Heavy Metal: hol the fuck up, is that the kid who grabbed my punch saying, and i quote, “you have a metal arm? that is awesome, dude"

Heavy Metal: like wtf kid who the hell r u


GBPP: Watch the way you talk about my kid.

GBPP: *The kid

GBPP: Ugh, whatever.


Capsicle: I just scrolled up.


Bird Man 2: Oh no


Capsicle: Though I find it pretty irresponsible to let your son go with you to a fight like that, Tony, I respect your choice.

Capsicle: If the kid can catch up with me and Buck in a fight, he's worthy of being an Avenger.


Spider-Kid: wow!!! did mr. captain america sir just say im worthy of being an avenger?????

Spider-Kid: my depression is cured, my skin is clear, my grades are up

Spider-Kid: i can die happy now


GBPP: Okay, first of all: your grades can't get any better.

GBPP: Second of all: are you okay, kid? You can come up to my lab if you want to.


Vents: wait, the spider-kid is in the tower?


Brucie Bear: He lives here.


Vents: you know him???


Brucie Bear: Yes? He gets injured pretty often, and Tony is a worried father. He'll bring the kid to me every time he sneezes.


Vents: cute and all but??? who else knew?


Platypus: I did.


Natasha: I did.

Natasha: Pepper did.


Vents: ofc you knew, nat, what aren't you aware of?

Vents: wait how long has he been living here?


GBPP: About a year now.


Spider-Kid: 1 year, 3 months and 6 days.


Vents: how tf did no one notice a kid living here for one whole year? (besides nat)

Vents: is he on one of the 'forbidden floors'? is that why there're floors i cant access by the vents?


GBPP: Obviously. Peter shares a floor with me and Pepper; the only other places he visits are my lab, Bruce's lab and the interns' labs.

GBPP: He also travels through the vents sometimes. It's a wonder how the two of you haven't met.

GBPP: Shit.


Bird Man 2: So his name's Peter. Cool. Also, y does he have access to ur lab?

Bird Man 2: He actually just visits labs wth

Bird Man 2: Thought only Pepper and Bruce were allowed there

Bird Man 2: Or did he grow that much on u?



Brucie Bear: Peter's a genius. The first time we met, he made me tear up because he started rambling about my papers and my work.

Brucie Bear: It was the first time someone recognized me by Bruce Banner and not The Hulk.


Vents: woah, tonys kids a prodigy then!


Capsicle: I'm impressed. I once tried to read a page and I couldn't understand a word.


Heavy Metal: thats bc u suck at science steve

Heavy Metal: but honestly tho why dont we all meet the kid? like at dinner or something


GBPP: Absolutely. Peter, you up to have dinner with The Avengers?


Spider-Kid: !!! of freaking course, mr. stark!!!

Spider-Kid: oh my god neds gonna freak out

Spider-Kid: does this mean im officially part of the family now?


Natasha: Yes.



peter-man: NED, MY MAN, MY DUDE , MY PAL


the guy in the chair: yeah???







peter-man: NED?

peter-man: NED YOU THERE?


the guy in the chair: what the FRICK FRACK SNICK SNACK DUDE

the guy in the chair: thats SO FREAKING AWESOME

the guy in the chair: also ;)) the winter soldier huh

the guy in the chair: what even is ur life


peter-man: right????

peter-man: im-

peter-man: they also keep referring to me as tonys kid kwjdkwnd


the guy in the chair: u r his kid tho??

the guy in the chair: just monday u were talkin about hearing ms. potts and mr. stark chatting about adopting u

the guy in the chair: man imagine how cool ill be, i mean, bffs with tony starks son???


peter-man: yeah not that cool

peter-man: you know i dont like the attention

peter-man: but gotta go, bro, gonna visit some labs

peter-man: see ya at school tomorrow!


the guy in the chair: ur awesome man

the guy in the chair: tell mr. winter soldier i sent my regards lol

the guy in the chair: byeee



Peter flushes and puts his phone is his pocket, walking to the elevator. Stepping into the main interns' floor, he smiles.

"Good afternoon, everyone! How's everything?" he asks loudly so everyone would hear.

The interns who can look up at him and smile; Emily, who became a friend of his soon after he started to work with them, comes closer in almost tears.

"Mini Stark, I urgently need your help!" she says, grabbing his hand and bringing him to her desk. "I don't know what the hell is wrong with this robot! It's supposed to be a simple project, but I messed something up. I've been trying to find out what I did wrong for days, please," she cries.

"I'll try my best," he says, taking a close look at the codes and wires. After a minute or so, he smiles. "Found it."

He corrects a line of coding, looking at her right after. "You did great, it's all perfect. You messed up one number, and it just didn't work at all; it would be pretty hard to spot."

Emily hugs him. “Thank you so much, Mini Stark," she says and smiles, letting him go.

"It's really no problem."

The Mini Stark issue started not so long ago. He started to show up in the labs and no one knew who the hell that kid was, and why on Earth Mr. Stark would show up looking for him sometimes. So they decided to call him “Mini Stark” and “Mini Boss”.

Peter would’ve corrected them, if given a choice, but Mr. Stark was the owner of the whole building after all, and he said that it was funny. He found it rather odd that he worked regularly with people who didn’t know his name.

He walks through the tables for a while, helping out here and there, stopping chemical explosions and small fires from happening.

Then, his spider-sense goes crazy and he jumps to the side.

Falling from the vents, the one and only Hawkeye greets him, "Hello, Pete, or should I say, Mini Stark? It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Jesus christ," Peter mutters, calming himself down. "Did you really need to be that dramatic?"

"Drama is my thing, kid," he says and shakes his hand. "You're so cute."

Peter flushes. "Thank you, Mr. Hawkeye, sir.”

"Call me Clint, kid, didn't Nat say you're part of the family?" he smiles. "That was awesome by the way; I never saw her surrender so fast."

Surrender is rather a strong word on Peter’s opinion, but he isn’t about to argue with one of the world’s mightiest heroes. "Uh, thank you, Mr. Cl-"

"Clint," the blond corrects.

"Thank you, Clint," he repeats and smiles awkwardly.

Peter decides to walk around to prevent an even more awkward situation, but the interns keep staring, and he's starting to feel pressured.

"Wanna play some Mario Kart?" Clint asks, probably sensing his anxiety.

Peter nods and follows him to the elevator. "If you win, I can show you the path to my floor through the vents," he says.

Clint raises an eyebrow, "Is that your ego going up I see there? You think you're good until you play with me, kid, but sure. If you win I'll show you my secret spot."

Peter smiles as they walk into the main common room, seeing a bunch of video games under the TV. The screen’s obviously huge, and he can name at least 7 different consoles he sees.

He sits on the ground against the sofa, waiting for Clint to set up the game. He knows he's going to win, it's the only assurance he has in life.



Vents: i declare peter as the new mario kart king

Vents: kneel to your majesty.


Bird Man 2: Wait what???


Heavy Metal: hell nah.


Bird Man 2: Haven't u been training for like 6 months

Bird Man 2: I barely win anymore

Bird Man 2: Tony, who the hell is this kid?


GBPP: A nerd.


Platypus: You mean a mini you, then.


GBPP: Fuck off.


Capsicle: Language!


Vents: listen, guys

Vents: i was looking for him in the vents

Vents: i saw him with the interns and he's a true nERD

Vents: they even call him mini stark

Vents: he looked like he knew wtf he was doing and everyone was asking him for help

Vents: then i invited him to play mario kart and WTF

Vents: hes also adorable

Vents: but he won 20 fucking races in a row


Heavy Metal: i like him already

Heavy Metal: when do we meet


Spider-Kid: mario kart is the only thing i do right in life

Spider-Kid: oh i have an idea


Spider-Kid made Spider-Kid a group administrator.


Bird Man 2: Did he just...?


Spider-Kid has changed Vents's name to Bird Uncle 1

Spider-Kid has changed GBPP's name to Iron Dad

Spider-Kid has changed Capsicle's name to Mom™

Spider-Kid has changed Platypus's name to Responsible Uncle

Spider-Kid has changed Bruice Bear's name to Science Uncle

Spider-Kid has changed Bird Man 2's name to Bird Uncle 2

Spider-Kid has changed Natasha's name to Scary Aunt


IronDad: ... Kid?


Spider-Kid: do you not like it? because i can change it anytime, really, i hope i didnt offend any of you too, i just wanted to change the names because mr. stark has the weirdest nicknames for people (and i didnt even know what GBPP meant) and ms. black widow ma'am said we were a family so i thought itd be cool

Spider-Kid: but i can change it back


Bird Uncle 1: i love this


Bird Uncle 2: Why am I always 2??


Mom™: Probably because Clint came first.

Mom™: But I really like this, Peter!


Responsible Uncle: I finally feel like my name fits me.


Science Uncle: This kid's way too precious, Tony.

Science Uncle: Don't corrupt him.


Scary Aunt: If you do.


IronDad: I am scared for my life. I won't corrupt him, please let me keep kneecaps.


Heavy Metal: why didnt i get one?


Spider-Kid: oh! its because i dont think you act much like an uncle, more like the only cousin you like in the family or a cool brother or something

Spider-Kid: so i didn't know what to put! im sorry :(


Heavy Metal: its fine


Bird Uncle 2: I sense him feeling left out from here

Bird Uncle 2: Just change it to what u said, kid


Spider-Kid: im sorry!


Spider-Kid has changed Heavy Metal's name to the only cousin you like in the family


the only cousin you like in the family: isnt this way too long?

the only cousin you like in the family: i still like it tho


IronDad: I got you.


IronDad has changed the only cousin you like in the family's name to the only you like


the only you like: lol


Spider-Kid has changed the only you like's name to you like


Bird Uncle 1: y'all going too far


you like: i like


Mom™: Hahaha! It's been a while since I’ve seen Bucky laugh (with someone he doesn’t know), Peter, I appreciate your work.


Bird Uncle 2: Don't use 'hahaha', steve, u sound like u wanna murder us


Spider-Kid: wow! uh of course! i was just being foolish but im glad i could help :)


IronDad: Precious.


IronDad has changed Spider-Kid's name to protec


protec: the youth language has done you good, mr. stark


you like: is this some gen z kind of thing?


protec: oh my god, mr. winter soldier, sir, if youre okay with it can i show you gen z culture pleeease


you like: yeah?

you like: and jfc just call me bucky


protec: cool! ill finally have someone to talk about my issues hell yeah


IronDad: Kid, what?


Scary Aunt: We're here if you need someone to talk.

Scary Aunt: All of us.


Bird Uncle 1: yeah, kid! we love you already


protec: guys oajdkwndkwndd its our way of communication its fine we talk about dying all the time


you like: i knew i was born in the wrong generation


Mom™: I know you said it's a joke, but we all have issues, and if you need to talk about anything we'll be here.

Mom™: This is to everyone, but mainly Peter and Bucky.


you like: yes mom


IronDad: Alright, now that we talked about feelings (ew), who's making dinner tonight?


protec: oh you guys take turns? i can help today!


Science Uncle: It's Bucky's turn.


Responsible Uncle: Alright, Peter and Bucky are making dinner then.

Responsible Uncle: I want everyone at the main common room at 7p.m. so we can meet the kid.


Mom™: And have the first proper dinner with everyone! Like a true family.


Bird Uncle 1: we are a tru family stfu


you like: peter we should start already

you like: im just waiting for u


protec: coming!



Peter types the reply and immediately heads down. After playing with Clint for 3 hours straight he decided it'd be a good idea to relax a bit in his bedroom.

He enters the room looking around for Bucky. When he spots him, he smiles anxiously, "Hi"

"Holy shit," the hero mutters, "you really are adorable."

Peter blushes. What's up with all the blushing today anyway? Apparently everyone wanted to embarrass him or something. "Um, thank you?"

Bucky stares at him. "I forgot you're enhanced," he states.

Peter doesn't really know what to say, so he shrugs and rolls up his sleeves. "So, uh, did you have anything in mind?"

Bucky seems to snap out of his thoughts, walking to him and putting on an apron he takes from the countertop. It's adorable. Peter’s also seemed to forget that he's cooking with his childhood crush, Captain America's best friend, The Winter Soldier, an Avenger. He gulps.

"... So, what do you think?" he asks. Peter wasn't paying attention. "Peter?"

"I'm so, so sorry, I wasn't paying attention, would you mind to repeat?" he asks quietly.

Bucky smiles; he smiles and Peter can and will faint. "It's fine, I said we should make something with tortillas, Steve and I bought way too many. What’d ya say?"

Peter looks at him and deadpans, “Hurricane Katrina? More like hurricane tortilla.”


Peter smiles. "Fri, play a vine compilation that starts with that vine," he asks, and a holographic screen appears in front of them.

He’d been meaning to show Bucky Vines and some memes for some time now, so when he saw the opportunity, he immediately took it.

And that's how Peter ends up making dinner for the Avengers with The Winter Soldier (or, his crush) while watching vine compilations.

"My third eye has opened," Bucky whispers when they're done.

"You get there," Peter says with a smile. "Fri, tell the team dinner's ready!"

It's exactly seven p.m. when they all show up, and Peter's glad of Bucky for loosening him up, or else he'd be a lot more anxious than this.

"Hi, everyone!” he greets them with a smile. “Um, I'm Peter. Peter Parker. Spider-Man," he explains. Oh no, he's being awkward, not like it's news or anything, but damn. All the loosening up for nothing.

"You're so cute, man," Mr. Falcon says shuffling his hair. "Can't believe Tony hid you from us all this time."

Peter smiles. He shyly waves at Dr. Bruce and Rhodey, who smile back at him before sitting. Tony passes him messing even more his hair, grinning like an idiot.

Clint rushes at him saying, "Man, you still gotta teach me your ways!” He looks around suspiciously and whispers, “I'll show you that thing after dinner.”

Mr. Captain America walks to him and Peter fixes his posture immediately. "You're a good kid," he says with a smile and sits with the rest of the team.

Then finally, Ms. Black Widow walks up to him. She doesn't say anything, but she nods and walks away. He decides that's enough.

He sits between Tony and Mr. Captain America, feeling rather overwhelmed. "Oh, Mr. Stark, Bucky now speaks the youth! I showed him tons of vines," he says proudly.

"Oh no," Tony says dramatically, "Does that mean there are two of you now?"

Peter smiles, looking at Bucky then at Tony again. He doesn't even need to say anything, Tony understands that look. He shivers.

The team asks him questions about his powers and personal life, and Peter notices how friendly and domestic they are. He asks them about their hero life, missions and abilities; to which they happily reply.

He thanks them for letting him stay ("It's your home, Peter, there's no way we'd kick you out," Captain Rogers had said.), and they didn't question why he was living with Tony whatsoever.

He started to live with him when May died. A car accident, such a cliché, nothing he could've done about it. But she was his last relative alive, so Tony took him in, "You've always been family, Pete, now it's just official," he'd said.

He’d been mourning for a few months before getting used to the fact that she wouldn’t come back. It was hard, but Mr. Stark and Ned were there for him at all times.

The media didn't know, because he hadn't been adopted; Pepper and Tony were only his legal guardians. But he (accidentally) eavesdropped a conversation between them, and Pepper had said they should officially adopt him. Then she mentioned him being heir to CEO of SI and Peter panicked.

Of course he's super honored and would love to be the CEO when Pepper retires, but is the media? Is he really that good? He hadn't discussed that with anyone, but he knows that if they're adopting him, being 18, it's because of that. So he'll prepare for the day they come to him to talk about it.

After dinner, Clint quietly pulls him through the vents with a smile. "It's time you see my little secret," he whispers, leading him through the vents.

He doesn't even know how the team doesn't notice; though he knows Ms. Romanoff does, because, duh, it's Black Widow.

After about five minutes crawling, they get to an end. Not really an end, Peter notices, because Clint removes the barrier and they enter a whole room.

"Wow," he whispers.

The room isn't huge; it's small comparing to the sizes of the tower’s rooms. It has a huge TV that covers a whole wall and a small kitchen at a corner. The floor is soft and there are blankets covering the whole room, pillows everywhere.

"I come here when I want to be alone," Clint explains. "But Nat knows about it, so when I'm not doing well, she comes to visit."

"You didn't need to show me," Peter quickly says. "Really, it seems so personal, and if only Ms. Romanoff knows, I feel like I shouldn't."

Clint glares at him. "Shut up, man, you're like the perfect person to show this room to," he says.

"I don't understand...?"

The hero sighs, "You're visibly anxious, you feel overwhelmed when with a lot of people, you're awkward even around Tony and you're way too kind for your own." Clint sits down and pats his hand beside him so Peter would sit too. "Not that those are bad things, it's completely fine and normal. It's just that you seemed to need somewhere to be with your thoughts."

Peter smiles, almost tearing up. "Thank you."

Clint smiles back, shuffling his hair. "Now, I want to test something, you said that your metabolism burns food and medicine way faster than normal, right?"

Peter nods, a bit confused about where he wanted to get.

"How much coffee would you have to drink to feel energized?"

They grin.



IronDad: Clint, where is my kid.


Mom™: What happened?


IronDad: Clint stole my son. Friday won’t say where they are, only that they’re together and inside the tower.


Scary Aunt: Clint.


Bird Uncle 1: he’s fiine! im showing him the place


you like: the place?


Scary Aunt: They’re fine.


Mom™: Nat, do you know where they are?


Scary Aunt: Yes.


IronDad: You won’t say where, will you?


Scary Aunt: No.


protec: daaad its fiiiiine

protec: [hithanksforcheckingin.mp4] 


you like: id laugh if i wasnt a bit worried


IronDad: Clint, if you drugged him, I swear you’ll have to sleep with an eye open tonight.


Bird Uncle 1: i didnt drug him! its just the coffee taking effect


Science Uncle: Peter has an enhanced metabolism, how much coffee did you give him?


protec: a loooot uncle bruce


Mom™: Cute and all, I even see Bruce tearing up, but seriously, Clint, he doesn’t seem fine.

Mom™: How much coffee did he get?


Bird Uncle: 3 cups


protec: times 4


IronDad: You gave him 12 cups of coffee? You’re on thin fucking ice, Barton.


Bird Uncle 1: fuck.

Bird Uncle 1: nat?


Mom™: Clint.


Bird Uncle 1: fuuuuck

Bird Uncle 1: look, hes fine

Bird Uncle 1: just a bit energetic

Bird Uncle 1: im sure that if he sleeps hell be fine


you like: exept he cant sleep bc he had too much coffee


protec: technically i can do drugs and be fine rigjt


IronDad: Hell fucking nah.


Science Uncle: I mean, he’s not wrong.


Bird Uncle 2: Id love to see that but im a bit worried tbh


Bird Uncle 1: fiine, im bringing him to the common room

Bird Uncle 1: we could have a movie night ;)

Bird Uncle 1: maybe petell sleep while watching ;))


IronDad: We’ll see.



Peter doesn’t feel bad, just super hyped. Clint leads him through the vents again, and they’re back in the common room. Peter honestly doesn’t feel like watching movies, he feels like running 60 miles and taking down some robberies. But he doesn’t complain, because he’s educated like that.

He greets everyone with a smile, noticing Pepper but not seeing Rhodes and Bruce. “Come on, Peter, what do you want to watch?” Tony asks from the sofa.

 They sit on the ground, and Peter rests his head on Clint’s shoulder. “Can we watch WALL-E?”

“Oh, I love that movie,” Pepper says, putting on the movie and then looking back at him again. “You really shouldn’t have done that, Peter, it could be dangerous.”

And suddenly the ground seems so interesting. Peter nods. “I’m sorry.”

She shakes her head with a smile. “You’re still young; it’s okay to be curious, we just worry.”

He nods and decides to pay attention to the movie. He hadn’t had any sleep last night— well, he slept for two hours, but that doesn’t seem enough— so he decides he’ll try to sleep through all that coffee in his veins. Hopefully his metabolism would burn it all soon, and he’ll have a nice night of sleep.

He vaguely wakes up when he feels someone carrying him and covering him, whispering, “Good night, Pete.”



IronDad: I hope we have all settled the fact that if anything happens to Peter, people will die.


you like: agreed.


Scary Aunt: Agreed.


Platypus: I don’t know what happened, but I agree.


Bird Uncle 2: Agreed.


Bird Uncle 1: agreed.


Science Uncle: Hopefully the other guy agrees with me.


Mom™: I don’t think violence solves much, but I agree.