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“Wanyin… Whatever am I to do with you?”

            Lan Xichen let out a long sigh. Down on the floor sat Jiang Cheng, head of the Jiang family and his biggest rival in the country. His hands were bound tight behind his back and careful eyes watched his every movement. Lan Xichen took an extra moment to look his captive over. His face was dotted with bruises, the traces of dried blood were splattered under his nose and an angry wound still wept from his split lip. Lan Xichen’s gaze travelled lower, noting the way the first few buttons of Jiang Cheng’s shirt had popped off in the struggle, exposing his collar bones and the dip of his chest.

            It really was unfair that Jiang Cheng was such a handsome man.

            “Fuck you.” Jiang Cheng hissed. His violet eyes were full of venom, swirling with rage and fury. Lan Xichen was sure that any regular person would be intimidated by his wild glare. Unfortunately for him, Lan Xichen was no regular person.

            “Ah, surely that’s no way to talk to me when you’re all tied up like that…” Lan Xichen said.

            Jiang Cheng tutted and turned his head to the side. Lan Xichen circled him, taking slow, deliberately heavy steps that echoed through the room.

            “You won’t get away with this. People will come for me.” Jiang Cheng said.

            Lan Xichen chuckled. In truth, he was a little envious of Jiang Cheng. His own reputation for being the youngest man to be head of one of the four families of China had been ripped out from under him by him. Everyone had thought the Jiang family was done for when Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan were slaughtered along with their subordinates by the Wen family. After Wei Wuxian had turned his back on them to get revenge, he went into hiding. Jiang Cheng was left alone but managed to rebuild his family from the ground up, against all odds, as a twenty-year-old man.

            He stopped behind him.

            “It doesn’t really matter.” Lan Xichen said. He pulled the pistol out from the holster on his belt and pressed it against the back of Jiang Cheng’s skull. “They’d either find you dead now or later if you press on my nerves.”

            Jiang Cheng made a tutting noise. Even though he acted tough, Lan Xichen could see the slight tremble in his fingers below where his wrists were tied.

            “What do you want?” He asked. “Territory? Money?”

            The barrel of the gun slid around with Lan Xichen’s every step. He was moving again, stepping over to stand in front of Jiang Cheng again. His pistol rubbed up against Jiang Cheng’s cheek, the cool metal biting into his skin.

            “No,” he said. “None of those things.”

            “Then what? Are you doing this just because? Is this a game to you?” Jiang Cheng retorted.

            Lan Xichen smiled. There was no way that he could tell Jiang Cheng that he had no desire to really hurt him. He had been thrust into this position as head of the Lan family after his father’s death and he had a reputation to maintain. Violence wasn’t really his thing. But the chance to have Jiang Cheng on his knees before him was too great an opportunity to pass up.

            “Perhaps we can strike a deal.” Lan Xichen said. He nudged the barrel of the pistol against the corner of Jiang Cheng’s mouth.

            “What kind of deal?” Jiang Cheng asked, jerking his head away from the gun.

            Lan Xichen hummed. “An alliance of sorts. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if the Lan family and the Jiang family could be allies?”

            “Why the fuck would you want that? What could you possibly have to gain?”

            “Ever since the Wen family was taken down, the Jins have been vying for more and more power. An alliance between our families could help build a wall against that.”

            “Forgive me, Lan Xichen.” Jiang Cheng dared to meet his eyes for the first time, fierce as ever. “But I don’t think tying me up and holding me as your captive is the way to convince me to ally with you.”

            At that, Lan Xichen chuckled again. “Are you saying you would’ve agreed to meet me under any other circumstance?”

            Jiang Cheng’s angry gaze faltered. His cheeks looked a little… pink? “Does it matter? We’re in this situation now.”

            Oh, A-Cheng was so cute.

            “Very true. So, what do you say? Will you strike a deal with me?” Lan Xichen asked.

            “You’re out of your mind.”

            “Is that a no?”

            Jiang Cheng hesitated. He pressed his lips tightly together, his fingers curling into fists behind his back. Lan Xichen could almost see the cogs in his brain whirring as he weighed out the benefits and consequences of the alliance.

            “Suppose I say yes. What will you do? Untie me? Who’s to say I wouldn’t just agree to get out of here alive?” Jiang Cheng said.

            “I’ll sweeten the deal.” Lan Xichen said. He poked Jiang Cheng’s cheek once more with the pistol. “Ally with me and you’ll have the Lan family’s wealth at your disposal. Our people will share territory. Surely, you must see the benefits.”

            Jiang Cheng took a deep breath. “I don’t understand. That… only benefits you slightly. My family is still small and…”


            “We could grow. There is… a lot we could do.”

            “The Lan family will help you.”

            Lan Xichen watched with amusement as Jiang Cheng struggled against his gut feeling. He really was incredibly handsome with his eyebrows furrowed like that. It was a surprise that Jiang Cheng hadn’t taken a wife already. With his power and looks, he could take his pick of many willing women, he was sure.

            “Let me get this straight.” Jiang Cheng said after a pause. “You’re offering to let me go, give me access to your money, your territory, all in exchange for this alliance? Just how badly do you want this? I didn’t think the Jin family was that big of a threat.”

            “They’re not. But… Perhaps, there is one more thing you could give me.” Lan Xichen said. He tucked the pistol back in his holster.

            Jiang Cheng gave him a cautious glance. “And what is that?”

            “I have not missed the way you look at me, Jiang Cheng, whenever our families meet. You avoided my question when I asked if you would agree to meet me under normal circumstances. We’ve been through so much together already with the Wens…” Lan Xichen said. He leaned down and took Jiang Cheng’s chin in his hands, meeting his gaze. “Offer me your body.”

            “Excuse me?

            “Sleep with me.”

            “Wh—” Jiang Cheng stammered, his cheeks turning red. “You can’t be serious!”

            Lan Xichen cocked an eyebrow. “Do I look like I’m joking?”

            “And if I say no?”

            “I will still let you go if you agree to the other terms. You still have my word about the alliance, the wealth, the territory.”

            “So, what the fuck do I have to gain from sleeping with you?”

            Lan Xichen gently caressed Jiang Cheng’s bottom lip with his thumb, making him flinch a little, but he didn’t recoil from his touch. It was wonderful to watch him squirm. He could only imagine what he’d be like in the throes of passion, screaming his name as he drove into him. He’d heard that Jiang Cheng had never taken a lover before, so he’d have all the delectable tightness of a virgin.

            “Pleasure beyond belief. You do think I’m attractive, don’t you? I think you’re rather handsome yourself.” Lan Xichen said.

            Jiang Cheng actually barked a laugh. “Those are bold claims, Lan Xichen.”

            “Do you dare to prove me wrong?” He asked in return. He knew that this was a sure way to get Jiang Cheng’s blood pumping. The man never backed down from a challenge. He was competitive by nature.

            “Fine.” Jiang Cheng said with an icy confidence. “Do what you will.”

            It was a pleasant surprise. Lan Xichen had his suspicions that Jiang Cheng took a liking to him, even if he was too stubborn to admit it even to himself, but he never expected him to actually agree to sleeping together. It was likely all that stubborn pride.

            “Let’s get warmed up then, shall we?” Lan Xichen suggested.

            He sealed the gap between them, kissing Jiang Cheng softly. It was easy to tell that Jiang Cheng was inexperienced, he didn’t really know what he was doing with his lips as Lan Xichen consumed him, but there was a slight effort made.

            Lan Xichen intended to kiss Jiang Cheng breathless. Jiang Cheng tasted bitter, the tang of nicotine on his tongue as he prodded at his lips. He should really stop smoking; didn’t he know how bad it was for him? Lan Xichen kissed him deeper, sliding his tongue in his mouth.

            They had to part for air eventually. Lan Xichen pulled back to admire his flushed face and spit-slicked lips. They were such beautiful lips. He ran his finger over them and laughed when Jiang Cheng looked away.

            “Have you considered lip balm?” He asked. “Your lips are rather chapped.”

            “Shut up.”

            “I don’t mind though. Indulge me, won’t you?”

            “I already said you can do whatever you want.”

            There was a mischievous glint in Lan Xichen’s golden eyes. “That’s a dangerous game.”

            He pulled back and straightened up. Oh, he had full intentions of taking full advantage. Lan Xichen reached for his zipper. He had admittedly already gotten half hard just from kissing Jiang Cheng. There was a thrill in knowing the front Jiang Cheng put on outside this room and seeing him bound and at his whim here. He rubbed at his growing erection through his clothes.

            “Untie me and I can use my hands.” Jiang Cheng suggested.

            “I see through you.” Lan Xichen said. “You’re staying bound until I have had my fill.”

            Jiang Cheng huffed but once again, didn’t protest. Lan Xichen figured that everything would be so much nicer if Jiang Cheng was like this all the time. However, he didn’t want anyone else to see this. This was the Jiang Cheng reserved only for his eyes.

            Once he had fully hardened, he pulled his cock free of its confines. He didn’t miss the way Jiang Cheng’s eyes bulged. Even though he knew that he was on the larger side, seeing the look on his partner’s face when they saw it never got old. A moment weakness on the great Jiang Cheng.

            He took a handful of Jiang Cheng’s hair as he grinded his cock against his cheek. Jiang Cheng grumbled at the feel of the searing flesh. Lan Xichen’s eyes were drawn to the smear of precum that was left behind with every rock of his hips.

            “Do you intend to humiliate me?” Jiang Cheng said in a hushed tone.

            “Are you humiliated?” Lan Xichen countered.

            That drew in Jiang Cheng’s silence once again.

            Lan Xichen kept the slow grind of his cock against his face until he finally prodded his lips with the head. He started to say something, to give an order, but Jiang Cheng had already opened his mouth. Lan Xichen shut his own and smiled once more, tightening his grip on his hair as he pushed himself inside that wanting, waiting cavern of heat.

            He groaned as Jiang Cheng’s tongue slid along the underside of his cock. It had ben a long time since he’d slept with anyone and it was showing. He pulled on Jiang Cheng’s hair to thrust a little deeper in, eyes fixed on the beautiful stretch of Jiang Cheng’s lips around his cock and relished in the muffled moan that slipped out of him.

            Was Jiang Cheng enjoying this? What a pleasant shock!

            “There we go…” Lan Xichen breathed. Jiang Cheng’s throat struggled against the insistent push of Lan Xichen’s cock. “You’re doing so good.”

            Jiang Cheng had the audacity to glare at him, but it looked rather pathetic when he had a mouth full of cock.

            Even so, Lan Xichen liked to think that he was a forgiving man. He pulled out slowly to rub up against his lips. Jiang Cheng took a few deep breaths in the meantime. When he pushed in again, the slide was easier.

            “Don’t close your eyes. I want to see you.” Lan Xichen noticed moments later that Jiang Cheng had let his eyes flutter shut.

            Reluctantly, Jiang Cheng obeyed him, even if his face burned with embarrassment. Lan Xichen never expected him to take any initiative but after a little while of thrusting into his mouth and moaning, Jiang Cheng began to swirl his tongue around him. He couldn’t take him into his throat, not this early in their relationship, that was something that would have to wait.

            It was just too good. Lan Xichen had to pull out with a stuttered breath. He didn’t want to surprise Jiang Cheng with his orgasm and make him choke on his cum. Instead, he gave his cock a few quick jerks and came on his face with a long moan.

            Jiang Cheng grimaced at the splash of hot cum. It dripped down his cheek and over his lips. Lan Xichen made the effort to rub his cock into the mess, smearing it over Jiang Cheng’s face.

            “I never would’ve guessed you were so filthy.” Jiang Cheng hissed.

            Lan Xichen laughed. “You’ve never seen this side of me before. You see what you do to me, Wanyin?”

            Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes. He could tell that he wanted to wipe away the drying mess on his face but was unable to with his hands still bound. Lan Xichen had full intentions of leaving him that way. It was good to knock him down a peg or two.

            “Don’t think I’m done with you yet.” Lan Xichen said. He tucked himself back in, knowing that he would have a little while before he’d get hard enough for the main act.

            He nudged Jiang Cheng’s thigh with his foot, spreading his legs further apart. Jiang Cheng trembled a little when he brushed against the bulge straining in his jeans. Lan Xichen’s lips twitched at the thought that he had gotten hard from sucking his cock. What a delight.

            Lan Xichen reached down and began unbuttoning the remaining buttons of Jiang Cheng’s shirt. With his hands tied, he couldn’t slide the shirt completely off, so Lan Xichen left it open. He drank in the sight of Jiang Cheng’s beautiful, pale chest. His fingers weaved down the skin, slipping all the way to his refined stomach muscles and into the dip of his hip bones where he met his belt.

            It really was unfair that he was this attractive.

            “You’re so beautiful...” Lan Xichen said.

            “Is that any way to talk to a man?” Jiang Cheng replied, squaring his shoulders a little as if he didn’t already look ridiculous.

            Lan Xichen pressed a kiss to his temple. “Sorry. Would you prefer handsome?”

            Jiang Cheng only grumbled in response. Lan Xichen didn’t waste any more time after that. He wanted to see all of his partner, so he tugged his belt free of the loops, leaving him only in a pair of scuffed jeans.

            He would have to change position to get those jeans off. Lan Xichen pushed Jiang Cheng onto the ground with a grunt, laying him flat on his back. Jiang Cheng glared up at him still, shifting around in an attempt to find a comfortable position. Lan Xichen unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his hips with his boxers.

            Naked, Jiang Cheng was even more breathless.

            “Oh…” Lan Xichen whispered.

            His cock was of an average size, hard and pulsing against his own stomach. He had a pair of strong, milky thighs, already littered in a few bruises. Always getting into fights was that Jiang Cheng.

            It wouldn’t take much to devour him whole though.

            Lan Xichen roved his mouth over Jiang Cheng’s chest, pausing over a nipple to take it in and nip at the bud, making Jiang Cheng gasp and writhe. His hand tugged at the other one, rolling it in his finger and thumb. He enjoyed the way Jiang Cheng bucked into his touch, letting small noises spill out from time to time. Lan Xichen’s eyes flickered up to see him biting his lip. There was time to get him to cry out yet.

            He pulled back before he reached his cock and Jiang Cheng whined.

            “You’re a fucking tease,” he said.

            “Wait a moment.” Lan Xichen got up, leaving Jiang Cheng almost naked and hard on the floor, much to his protests.

            If he wanted to get on with things, he first needed to get a vital supply. Lan Xichen knew he had a bottle of lube tucked away in his jacket somewhere. Once he found it, he returned to his cursing partner, still spread out on the floor.

            “Take your time why don’t you?” Jiang Cheng said with a scowl.

            “Sorry.” Lan Xichen leaned down and kissed him gently.

            Jiang Cheng still melted into the kiss with ease. Lan Xichen kept going in hopes of distracting him while he got to work. He spread his legs further apart, settling in between them. Then, he covered his fingers in the lube he’d acquired.

            Immediately upon the first finger rubbing against his opening, Jiang Cheng pulled back from the kiss with a sharp gasp.

            “Shh, it’s alright.” Lan Xichen said.

            “Y-You didn’t say you were going to…!”

            “You said I could do whatever I wanted?”

            Jiang Cheng blushed furiously. “Don’t use my words against me.”

            “Do you want me to stop?” Lan Xichen asked. He wasn’t sure he really could at this point. His own cock was already twitching to life again. Jiang Cheng did crazy things to his body. “You can say yes.”

            “N… No.” Jiang Cheng replied. Lan Xichen nodded.

            He continued to rub his fingers over his sensitive hole. He didn’t have to ask Jiang Cheng to know that he had never put anything inside himself before. Hopefully, his size wouldn’t present too much of an issue. Jiang Cheng was a strong man, after all. Carefully, Lan Xichen pushed in the first finger all the way to the knuckle.

            “Fuck…” Jiang Cheng uttered under his breath.

            Jiang Cheng swallowed him so perfectly. Lan Xichen couldn’t help but move his finger immediately. His hole twitched around his finger, knees threatening to cave in but jerking back into place.

            “That’s it…” Lan Huan whispered. He kissed the side of Jiang Cheng’s knee. “Ready for another?”

            He nodded.

            Lan Xichen pressed in a second finger and rubbed them around inside him, hooking them in until he found that special spot that would have Jiang Cheng seeing stars. Then a stifled moan left him. There it was.

            There was no mercy in him. He grinded his fingers ruthlessly against his prostate and watched as Jiang Cheng struggled to hold in his moans, his legs shaking.

            “Shit, shit. Lan Xichen!” Jiang Cheng whined. “T-This isn’t fair.”

            “Don’t tell me you’re going to cum from just my fingers, A-Cheng?” He teased.

            Precum was already seeping out of Jiang Cheng’s cock with every push against that sweet spot. Lan Xichen slid in a third finger, stretching him out even further. Tears were clinging to Jiang Cheng’s eyelashes as he thrashed under him. He was so close he could practically taste it.

            Then, Lan Xichen wrenched his fingers out. Jiang Cheng let out a startled sob. He panted as he stared down at the mess that he’d made on his stomach already, even though he hadn’t cum.

            “So… fucking cruel…” Jiang Cheng said between breaths.

            “Turn over for me now sweet.” Lan Xichen said, even though he knew that there was no way Jiang Cheng could easily manoeuvre himself when he was still tied.

            He guided Jiang Cheng onto his front, onto his hands and knees. Well, more accurately, his face was pushed against the cold floor and his ass was in the air. His unbuttoned shirt fell up his back, showing off the gorgeous arch to his cheeks.

            His hole was already wet and open, his cock hanging hard between his legs. Lan Xichen wanted to take a picture and frame it on his wall forever. He had never looked so wonderfully debauched before.

            Lan Xichen ran his hand over one of Jiang Cheng’s cheeks. He had a semi, but he still wasn’t hard enough to penetrate him just yet. Then, a filthy idea took root in his head. He unlatched his pistol from his holster and pressed the barrel against Jiang Cheng’s backside.

            “Lan Xichen…?” Jiang Cheng asked. He tried to glance over his shoulder.

            Then, Lan Xichen gently pushed the tip of the gun inside him. Jiang Cheng convulsed a little at the feel of the metal. With how open he was from Lan Xichen’s fingers and the smear of lube still there, the pistol managed to slip partially inside without much protest.

            “W-What are you doing? What is that? Xichen...! Y-Your pistol!” Jiang Cheng exclaimed, the realisation suddenly coming over him. He flailed but Lan Xichen steadied him with a hand on his hip. “Let go! Take it out! Y-You can’t…! What if it…?!”

            “It’s not loaded.” Lan Xichen assured him. “And the safety is on anyway.”

            “Then earlier… You were bluffing?” Jiang Cheng asked.

            Lan Xichen pressed the gun a little deeper and Jiang Cheng couldn’t help the moan. He hid his face against the floor as if it would swallow him whole. The embarrassment was just too much for him.

            “I would never intentionally hurt you.” Lan Xichen told him. “Certainly not kill you.”

            Jiang Cheng grumbled. He squeezed his eyes shut. It was too much.

            The precum that had once been dribbling onto Jiang Cheng’s stomach was now dripping onto the floor under them. Lan Xichen roved the hand that wasn’t on the gun over Jiang Cheng’s ass and then dipped, pressing into his perineum and drifting over the length of his cock.

            It only took a few more gentle thrusts of the pistol and a stroke of his cock to have Jiang Cheng reaching his peak. He cried out in shame, body twitching, his hole clenching around the gun. His cum splashed against the floor and Jiang Cheng panted heavily. He couldn’t even hold himself up anymore.

            “Wow…” Lan Xichen marvelled. “You really came from that.”

            “S-Shut up!” Jiang Cheng felt scandalised.

            Lan Xichen pulled the gun free of Jiang Cheng’s hole and tossed it aside. By now, he had fully hardened once more. He decide to give Jiang Cheng a few more moments to recover, however. That had been a lot for him, he could see.

            “Wanyin… I’m going to enter you now.” Lan Xichen warned him. He slid his hands over Jiang Cheng’s sides. “Is that okay?”

            “I hate you…” Jiang Cheng mumbled. He shuffled his legs to try and push his lower half back in the air. Lan Xichen helped him along, returning him to his prior position.

            “Wanyin?” He asked.

            Jiang Cheng’s fingers twitched. “Get on with it already.”

            Lan Xichen squeezed his hip. He reached in and pulled out his cock once more, this time rubbing it up against Jiang Cheng’s pucker. Jiang Cheng let out a low rumble and spread his legs a little wider. It seemed he was getting used to this treatment.

            Oh, if only his family could see how their leader had fallen.

            He grinded against his hole for a few more seconds before pressing inside. Oh, he was tighter than he expected. Lan Xichen gripped his cheeks and spread them wider, watching his cock slowly sink into Jiang Cheng’s daring heat.

            Then, Jiang Cheng whimpered.

            Lan Xichen never thought he’d heard such a noise come out of Jiang Cheng but it only made him grow harder. He eased all the way inside him, eventually bottoming out. It seemed he was right in thinking that Jiang Cheng was a strong man who could take all of him even despite his size.

            “Lan… Xichen…” Jiang Cheng mumbled. “Fuck…”

            Every moan, every tremble, every whisper was a godsend. Lan Xichen was counting his blessings. He kept a firm grip on Jiang Cheng’s hips as he slowly pulled back out only to snap his hips back in.

            Remembering how he had hooked his fingers in, he tried his best to aim for that same spot. Jiang Cheng was still oversensitive from his orgasm, his body tingling. He could only lay there, on his chest, and take what he was given.

            He cursed with every deep thrust, seemingly getting further in than the last. Everything changed when Lan Xichen finally managed to hit his prostate. No, that was inaccurate, it dragged against his prostate. Jiang Cheng moaned shamelessly now, too tired to hold back. Lan Xichen kissed his sweaty back and made sure to hit that spot every time.

            “Wanyin… A-Cheng…” Lan Xichen said. “You take me so well. You’re so beautiful, I fit perfectly inside you. Why didn’t… we do this earlier?”

            Jiang Cheng couldn’t bear to reply. He whimpered, his blush reaching his ears. As Lan Xichen’s pace increased, Jiang Cheng used the last of his energy to push his hips back against the thrusts.

            Originally, he thought that he was done for now that he’d cum, but his cock was seemingly twitching back to life already.

            “You’re too fucking big…” Jiang Cheng whined.

            “You love it.” Lan Xichen replied.

            There was no protest, no argument, even as Jiang Cheng thought he might split in two.

            “You’re going to make me cum, A-Cheng…” Lan Xichen mumbled against his skin. He leaned up and nipped the back of his ear, his voice turning to a husky whisper. “You feel so good, I’m going to cum. You’ll keep being a good boy and let me cum in you?”

            “Don’t get cocky.” Jiang Cheng muttered.

            Lan Xichen laughed softly between his groans and kissed the outside of his ear. His rhythm faltered as he neared his peak. All it took was a few more stuttered thrusts and he was spilling inside of Jiang Cheng. He moaned his name loudly and took a deep breath.

            When he pulled out, his eyes widened at the sight of his cock. It was still hard. How was that even possible? He rubbed it up against Jiang Cheng’s hole, coaxing more of the cum inside to spill out.

            “Lan Xichen… Are you…?” Jiang Cheng asked.

            “You do incredible things to me.” Lan Huan said. Then, he reached his hand around, through the mess on Jiang Cheng’s stomach, to find his cock. “But you’re hard again too, hm?”

            “Don’t say it like that.”

            Lan Xichen put his hand on Jiang Cheng’s chest and gently pulled him up so that his back rested against his chest. Jiang Cheng’s face was even better than he expected. Tears bubbled in the corners of his eyes, his cheeks a beetroot red, and the dried cum from earlier still stained him.

            “You can do more.” Lan Xichen said more than asked.

            “I don’t know…” Jiang Cheng seemed unsure.

            With a hum, Lan Xichen helped Jiang Cheng back onto his cock. He sunk down with ease, the lube and cum making him slick. Jiang Cheng let out a strangled moan as he bottomed out.

            He bounced him on his cock again steadily, his free hands roving all over Jiang Cheng’s chest, tweaking his nipples, and occasionally stroking his cock. As soon as he found his prostate again, Jiang Cheng began shaking his head.

            “I can’t…! Fuck! Fuck! I can’t do it, Lan Xichen… Lan Huan…!” Jiang Cheng begged. “I…!”

            Lan Xichen knew he was struggling between not wanting to give in and being far too overwhelmed to cope with this situation. They were in too deep to stop now.

            “You’re good, you’re so good…” Lan Huan kept praising him.

            The second orgasm didn’t take long. Jiang Cheng quivered around him, hole twitching. His back arched and he leaned his head back against Lan Xichen’s shoulder as he came with a long moan.

            Lan Xichen was close behind. He made short work of the bindings around Jiang Cheng’s wrists, finally setting him free. However, he took a harsh hold on his hips, surely leaving bruises there, to sit him down while he too came again, filling him with even more of his cum.

            When Lan Xichen finally let go, Jiang Cheng scrambled out of his lap. He could barely hold himself up and he grimaced at the feeling of two lots of cum slipping out of his ass and down his tired thighs.

            “What do you say?” Lan Xichen said when he caught his breath. “Pleasure beyond belief or no?”

            “You’re still on about that?” Jiang Cheng said, turning to look at his partner.

            Lan Xichen smiled. “I keep my word.”

            Jiang Cheng didn’t reply, only huffing as he finally let his weight go and dropped against the floor. “Fuck…”

            “I think you’re in dire need of a bath. Let me go run you some hot water. Then we can talk about this alliance, hm?”

            “Yeah… Okay.”

            Lan Xichen kissed Jiang Cheng tenderly. He reciprocated.