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Catch a Tiger By The Tail

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       Knock, knock. A pause. Another knock, this time more insistent and a little louder. Taehyung cracked one of his eyes open to look around the empty bathroom, groaning quietly. He had settled in for a bath, a well deserved one, after a long day of trying to resolve a petty turf war with another one of the new gangs that seemed to pop up every day. He had come out victorious, of course, but the matter had been nothing short of stressful, and he needed his time alone. What was so important that any sane person would interrupt his precious down time?

      "What is it? Make it quick." He murmured, too worn out evidently by the lack of bite in his tone. He turned his head slightly to the side, his half opened eyes resting on his right hand man, Namjoon, standing in the middle of the steaming bathroom in all his tall glory, expensive three piece suit included, and Taehyung couldn't help the slight chuckle that escaped him while he gestured nonchalantly for the man to voice his concern. Namjoon cleared his throat, his eyes glued to the floor as he dare not lay his eyes on his boss. He was tempting. He was dangerous. He was desired. He was beautiful. And he knew it all. He was fondly called by his men, 'The Tiger of Seoul', and he lived up to his name. "Boss, we finally managed to snatch Park's son. Surprisingly, he had walked straight into our territory. One of the clubs in Gangnam. Would you like to...?"

     Taehyung's eyebrow rose up slightly, the only indication that he had heard his underling's words.He hummed softly under his breath as he considered his options, before sitting up abruptly, sending water splashing onto the slippery bathroom marble. "Leave him to me, and me only. If anyone lays a hand on him, I will personally feed them to the dogs." His speech sent a shiver down Namjoon's spine and made him stand up straighter. Oh, he would do that. No doubt. "That's all for now, leave." The other man returned to his usual place, stationed directly outside the boss' chambers, a nervous smile slowly appearing on his tired face. They were in for a ride.

     Meanwhile, Taehyung rose up, letting the water drip down his lithe body before he stepped out of the tub to pat his skin dry. He shook his damp hair out as he walked out into his room, snatching a deep burgundy kimono out of his closet to pull it tight around himself. He finally got him. He finally could get his revenge on the man that killed his father five years ago, and payback was way overdue. He had been searching high and low for Mr. Park, and he had eyes and ears everywhere trained to find him, but alas, it was of no use. However, he had thought up a better plan, and it involved the fucker's only son. Park wasn't considered a real threat out in the mafia world, but he was one sneaky bastard. He hid the most important things to him carefully, and knew how to play games. But Taehyung was better. More cunning, smarter, and most of all, more powerful. Everyone feared him. And Park would learn how to do just that soon enough.

     He slipped out of his room, his gaze landing on Namjoon dutifully standing by his door. He smirked as he made his way closer to him, rejoicing in the small jump he elicited. "Down, Joon." He murmured as he slid his hand around the other man's right hip where he knew his gun, or one of them at least, was. He pulled it out and tucked it neatly into the dainty belt of his robe as he gave Namjoon a sunny smile. "I'll be borrowing this for a while."

     Taehyung glided down the hallway to where he knew the young Park would be, humming a soft tune under his breath. The main hall. Why, it was only polite to give his guest a warm welcome right at the door. The soft pads of his bare feet brought his subordinates to full attention and they all bowed deeply as he passed. One by one, just like dominoes. He felt his chest swell with pride. This was his kingdom that he rebuilt solely by himself after his father's unfortunate passing, and he would not let anyone jeopardize it. A place for those who felt like they had no place in the world, just like himself.

     He stopped in front of the big double doors, pausing slightly. This was it. He had been waiting for this moment for so long, and he was going to savor it. He pushed the doors open, his eyes roaming the room in search for his target. They finally landed on the relatively small body kneeling and facing away from him, his hands bound together behind him, his eyes downcast, caged between two of his loyal men. He moved towards his seat, his robe flowing fluidly behind him, teasing glimpses of tanned, perfect skin. He finally leaned back against the plush velvet covering his makeshift throne, resting his chin against his closed fist. He stared at the boy, trying to memorize every feature of his that he could see. Black messy hair falling into his eyes, pale skin glistening under the low light of the room, numerous earrings dangling from his ears, and a slight peek of a tattoo on his hip where his shirt had been ripped. He frowned at that.

     "I thought I said not to touch him." Taehyung tilted his head to the side, unmoving as both guards and his hostage flinched, his deep voice reverberating through the nearly empty room. He was pissed. One of the men standing before him took a step forward, clearing his throat before nervously mumbling. "S-sir. He put up a fight, and we couldn't possibly let him escape, so..." He narrowed his eyes at both of the men, his anger slowly subsiding before he jerked his head to the side dismissively, a sneer marring his features. Both men bowed before scrambling to get out of the room so as not to worsen the master's mood.

     He focused back on the boy, who didn't move from his position. Odd. He could see the rise and fall of his chest steadily getting quicker, a clear sign of distress in his mind. He smirked, opening his mouth to scare the boy even further but was shocked when his head snapped up, a fury proudly on display in his dark eyes even through the tear streaks left on his cheeks. Taehyung was stunned into silence as the young man in front of him yelled out, voice scratchy and hoarse from screaming earlier. "Who the fuck are you? What do you want from me, huh?" Taehyung composed himself before getting up, circling around the angry boy a couple of times to take him in. He really was a sight. Beautiful features twisted into an ugly sort of grimace as his eyes followed Taehyung's movements, full cheeks a splotchy red after his outburst, shoulders heaving as he tried to keep his breathing in check. This was not what he expected Park's kin to look like.

      He stopped in front of the captive, his hand reaching out to grip the young man's jaw in place. "I ask the questions here. What's your name, boy?" This gesture only seemed to fuel the young man even further and in a sudden movement, he spat in Taehyung's face in defiance, eyes glinting in satisfaction as Taehyung's eyes widened and his hand fell to his side in shock. The mafia boss was livid. Who did this little shit think he was? He was going to make him pay. He wiped the saliva off of his cheek and in one swift movement slid his hands into the soft inky locks pulling at them to expose the young Park's neck before pressing the gun's barrel right beneath his jaw. The other male yelped in surprise, pain evident on his features as he squeezed his eyes shut, the first signs of fear showing on his face. Taehyung pulled on his hair even further, lips curling into a dark smile when dark eyes finally met his and he whispered lowly into the space between them. "I will ruin you." The gangster stepped away from his hostage and headed for the doors, instructing Namjoon to take the young man to the dungeons before disappearing into his rooms.