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alone together

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hoseok arrives at his best friend’s house a little bit before dinner. namjoon has a night flight and will be leaving soon. the older has barely ringed the doorbell when jungkook bursts out the door and soon he has an armful of one bunny.

“hi bun!” hoseok drops his bag on the ground and greets jungkook with a kiss on the cheek.

“hi hoseokie hyung! what are you doing here?” the hybrid looks pleased to see his hyung. they haven’t seen each other for a couple weeks because the older is always so busy.

“i'm staying over to keep you company while namjoon is out of town”

“really?” jungkook screams, hopping up and down.

“well look who's an excited bun, now" namjoon says as he joins his friend and his hybrid in the entryway. he ruffles jungkook’s hair before stroking one of his white dropping ears. “he was pouting all morning because he couldn’t come with me" namjoon explains to hoseok. he then turns to jungkook, “you know if it were up to me i would take you anywhere, bun. this business trip is really important and the hotel the company chose doesn’t allow hybrids…”

“i know…” the hybrid pouts. however, the small pout is quickly replaced by a growing smile. he intertwines an arm with hoseok’s “well, now that hoseokie hyung is here, i’m happy.” he exclaims.

“you forget about me so easily,” namjoon jokes. “okay, it’s time for me to go or i’m going to be late. be good while i’m away, jungkookie.” he ruffles the younger’s hair one last time and hugs hoseok before leaving.

“now it’s just the two of us for the next five days, bun. come on, let’s get you something to eat before you get all grumpy.”


on the second day, jungkook spends most of his time in the garden where he grows all sorts of fruits and vegetable. as long as hoseok has known jungkook, the younger has always liked taking care of plants and, well, it is quite convenient since plants are what his diet mostly consists of. the older is resting in a deck chair on the patio and, from his spot, he can see the hybrid watering and planting fruits and vegetables. the weather is quite hot for the season and hoseok is sweating doing nothing. he suddenly gets the urge to start a water fight like they used to do, along with namjoon, when they were children. it will be fun and refresh them both. hoseok furtively grabs the hose and makes his way to jungkook. in one swift move he directs the hose at the hybrid and let the water flow out.

“hyung!” the poor bunny shrieks from the cold water, “you're gonna regret this.”

if hoseok didn’t know the younger was the sweetest being on this earth and wouldn’t hurt a fly to save his life, he would be scared of the evil smirk on the bunny's face. jungkook quickly retaliates by taking possession of the hose and spraying the older. they are having so much fun, hoseok is sure if there were people around, they could hear their laughs echoing in the air even from far away.

at one point during the water fight, the hybrid loses his footing and falls, taking hoseok down with him. the older ends up splayed out on the ground, breathless as he is crushed by jungkook’s weight.

because their clothes are drenched and sticking to their skin, hoseok can feel the younger's warm and lean body on top of him. they lock eyes with each other. hoseok had always thought the bunny was beautiful, but now that he has the opportunity to stare into jungkook’s eyes intensively, he swears he sees stars in there.

the older’s stare involuntarily goes down to the two buds peeking through the bunny's now almost see through white shirt. the hybrid wiggles uncomfortably on top of him and what an alluring view, hoseok thinks. the prettiest bun, really. their position quickly becomes awkward as hoseok feel a spike of desire in his lower belly. the older coughs, abashed, before lifting jungkook off of his body. the hybrid’s face has turned red as a beetroot and both are looking at the ground to avoid eye contact.

jungkook clears his throat. “i- i'm g-gonna finish planting the strawberries.” he goes back to gardening and hoseok slips out into the house without saying anything.

the older returns to the patio a few minutes later, changed into dry clothes. he approaches jungkook with a small pile of fresh, new clothes in his hands. “go change, bun. don’t catch a cold.”

“thanks.” murmurs the younger, going in the house, head still down, and if it takes jungkook longer than normal to change, hoseok does not mention it.


the next day, things are still tense. hoseok and jungkook went out for ice-cream after diner and on the way there the older hadn't been able to look at the hybrid without remembering how his body had felt on top of him. hoseok had almost popped a boner on the spot and he was awfully ashamed of himself for thinking about his sweet, beautiful jungkook in such an impure way. the older doesn’t want to admit it to himself but he has been in love with the hybrid for quite a while and although he really wants to know what those plush lips taste like, he doesn’t want to act about it without being sure the bunny feels the same way. jungkook is always acting cute around him and they like to tease each other, but jungkook also acts this way with namjoon and there is nothing romantic between them so hoseok is, sadly, pretty sure the bunny doesn’t share his feelings.

they come back home after eating their ice-cream in a park near namjoon’s house. the younger keeps yawning so hoseok send him to bed with a kiss on his forehead. even with the tension between them, there are some rituals hoseok can’t escape in fear of the hybrid pouting at him for the rest of the week. the older doesn’t mind, though. he would give jungkook forehead kisses every single day if he could.


hoseok startles awake as he hears a loud thump coming from upstairs. he had fallen asleep on the couch watching tv after jungkook had went to sleep. he worriedly runs up to the younger’s room. if something happens to the bunny namjoon would have his head, but most importantly, he would never forgive himself. he has always had a strong protective instinct whenever it concerns the hybrid.

now that he is fully awake he can definitely hear that something is going on. he stops in front of jungkook’s room. that’s when he sees the cause of the noise through the half-opened door. the hybrid’s bed is softly banging against the wall from the bunny’s movement. it must have caused the lamp that usually is on the bed table to fall on the ground. and on the bed is jungkook. naked.

“h-hyung- ah ah” the younger whimpers. he hasn’t heard the older’s frantic footsteps from how overwhelmed he is, head buried in his comforter, ass in the air and his little white cotton tail twitching from pleasure. his hips are slowly rolling down, humping snuggles, the big white teddy bear that hoseok had gifted him when jungkook was barely eight. “hoseokie hyung...” the bunny moans, humping the bear faster as his climax is nearing close.

hoseok suddenly bolts back downstairs, face red. he shouldn’t have heard that, shouldn’t have seen that. but a small part inside of him liked it, would have loved to turn jungkook on his back and look at his disheveled body, be the cause of his whimpers. he stops that thought immediately as guilt invades his heart. in his precipitation, hoseok had not cared about being quiet and the hybrid must have came back to his senses because the older hears quick footsteps following him into the living room.

“hyung,” jungkook cries “hyung, please wait. it’s not- it’s not what you think. well- i mean-” the younger is having a hard time articulating whatever he wants to say.

hoseok can’t help but let his eyes fall on jungkook’s spent cock. poor bunny must have been at it for a little while, his cock is angry red from all the friction. the older picks up the blanket that fell off the couch when he had suddenly woken up and wraps it around jungkook to preserve his last shred of decency. the hybrid hides himself as best as he can with a hard grip on the blanket. he looks almost panicked.

tears run down the younger’s cheeks “i know- i know you don’t see me this way,” it’s hard to hear what the hybrid is saying through all the sniffles but hoseok understands enough.

“bun,” hoseok makes jungkook sit down on the couch “baby, please breathe. calm down and then we can talk, hm?” it pains hoseok to see his bunny in such a state. he just wants him to always be happy and smiling. he brushes the younger's cheeks dry with his thumbs. it takes a few minutes for jungkook’s tears to stop and for his chest to stop heaving. “there,” hoseok keeps patting his back to help soothe the hybrid.

“i'm sorry you saw that,” starts jungkook after a little while “you weren’t supposed to find out. i wanted to keep it secret.”

“keep what a secret, bun? you know you can tell me anything.” the older shushes him.

“you’ve always been so nice and affectionate to me. you make me laugh a lot and you’ve never treated me like something less… plus, you- you're… kinda hot.” a violent blush colors the younger's face. “i- i guess i caught f- feelings for you a while ago...” jungkook’s eyes are starting to water again and he looks down at his fiddling hands on his lap. “b- but I understand that you don’t-”

“no, bun, shhh. look at me,” hoseok cups jungkook’s cheeks and brings his face up. “when you say feelings… you mean… romantic ones?” the older asks hesitantly. it isn’t rare for hybrids to have sexual desires about humans but hybrid and human romantic relationships are rare and considered taboo. that is why he had never acted on his feelings for his best friend’s hybrid. jungkook is everything hoseok could ever dream of, and if the hybrid really reciprocates his feelings… should he dare hope? it would crush him if jungkook actually only needs him to satisfy his sex drive.

no, hoseok shouldn’t think like that, the bunny is too sweet to do anything sexual without having feelings for his partner.

the younger shyly nods in answer to hoseok’s question.

“oh my god, jungkook… i can't believe this.”

jungkook’s body tenses beside him. the older takes one of the bunny’s hand in his, reassuring him. he is so happy, euphoric even. after all these years…

“jungkook… i love you.” hoseok murmurs.

the hybrid's eyes grow immensely bigger, shocked.

“i never told you because i thought you would never feel the same for me and i guess i was scared people would think i was only after you for sex. you know i would never, right? i'm not like that, i swear i respect hybrids perhaps even more than humans, especially you-”

“i love you too.” jungkook hurriedly stops hoseok’s rambling.

hoseok looks at the hybrid fondly. “i was dumb, i realize that now. i'm sorry it took me so long to tell you how much i care for you. please come here.” hoseok opens his arms wide, inviting the bunny for a hug. jungkook doesn’t hesitate and throw his arms around the older, nuzzling his face in hoseok's neck.

“guess we were both dumb then, hyung”

hoseok can’t believe he finally has the beautiful hybrid in his arms. he strokes jungkook's wavy hair back, fingers brushing along jungkook’s soft ears. it sends a shiver through the younger's body. the hybrid starts purring in that funny way bunnies do, face still buried in the juncture of his hyung's neck. soon, hoseok starts to press his lips against jungkook’s warm skin. first on his forehead, then on his eyelids, on the tip of his nose, on the mole under his lips…

“can i kiss you, bun? really kiss you, i mean.” the older whispers, lips so close to jungkook’s he can feel the bunny panting. jungkook hums, and finally, hoseok captures the younger’s lips with his. he has dreamt of kissing the hybrid for years, but his imagination has nothing on the real thing. jungkook’s lips are soft and the kiss is gentle.

he throws back one of his leg over hoseok’s lap, the younger now straddling him, and presses his lips harder against him.

hoseok breaks the kiss to tease the bunny “aren’t you an eager little thing, uh?” the older smirks.

“please hyung,” jungkook whines and presses himself closer against hoseok. “more.”

the older gives in and kisses the younger more firmly, slightly opening his mouth to let his tongue out and lap at the bunny’s plush bottom lip, asking for permission to enter his mouth. the kiss only gets deeper from there on. hoseok doesn’t know for how long they have been kissing but he is quickly getting short of breath and he can tell the bunny is getting dizzy.

hoseok trails kisses down the hybrid’s neck and throws his arms around his tiny waist. the perfect size for hoseok’s hands. when jungkook had straddled hoseok, the blanket had opened and fell off his shoulders, leaving the older with a pretty good view of the hybrid’s naked body on top of him. jungkook’s golden skin is so beautiful, hoseok wants to mark him up all over. he leans in to give the younger an open mouthed kiss on his neck, sucking the skin hard. this is a whole new experience – not only being able to hear jungkook’s whimpers but also feeling the vibration through his skin, being able to touch him as he wants. he can feel all of jungkook, perfect and adorable little bunny hybrid jungkook. he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to feel something this deep with anyone else. a big love bite is already forming on jungkook’s neck. hoseok admires his work and gently kisses the red mark.

“so pretty, baby. so beautiful inside and out.”

hoseok caresses the bunny’s perking nipples with his thumbs. the younger lets out a long moan. “so responsive, bun. you’re a wet dream come true.” hoseok continues his ministrations on jungkook’s nipples until it makes the bunny wail from too much stimulation. after all, poor bun has already came once. hoseok wonders how much the bunny can take, how long can he play with him before he comes again.

hoseok lets the tip of his fingers trail down the pretty hybrid's body. the younger's back arches at every simple touch. the older wishes he could immortalize in his mind the curve of his body. his eyes follow the path of his fingers until he reaches the bunny's hip. jungkook is hard again.

“already?” hoseok laughs.

“i'm a bunny. ‘m'always horny.” jungkook whines. hoseok coos and boops his scrunched nose. the hybrid is just so cute and irresistible, even in this depraved state. the younger’s cock is leaking precum all over the older's shirt but this is the least of his problems right now. having the bunny completely naked on his lap while he is still entirely dressed is the hottest thing hoseok has ever seen. his dick throbs and his briefs are quickly becoming an impossibly tight fit.

a wetness starts pooling on hoseok’s legs, right where the bunny is sitting. jungkook rolls his hips once, smearing the liquid all over the older’s pants. could it be?... hoseok trails his hand down the hybrid’s back until he reaches the bunny's cute ass. his hands brush against the bunny’s fluffy tail which elicits a deep moan from him. sensitive tail, hoseok makes sure to keep that in mind for later. one finger slips between jungkook’s cheeks and, indeed, the wetness comes from the bunny’s hole. “what do we have here, bun? you're all wet for me” hoseok asks in a teasing tone.

“’s’slick” jungkook slurs. he sounds almost completely gone even though they have barely done anything yet. the older really can’t wait until he has the bunny writhing under him. he massages the bunny's rim and the younger gasps as more slick dribbles down his thighs. hoseok lets some of the liquid drips down on his fingers before taking the bunny’s length in his hand. the slick makes the slide easier and so, so obscene from all the wet noises.

“a- ah! sensitive…” the hybrid mewls and stops hoseok from touching his red, dripping cock.

“what do you want, baby? tell hoseokie hyung so he can help you, bun.”

instead of answering, jungkook slips down on the floor in front of hoseok. the hybrid is on his knees for him. what a view. this is too much for hoseok, he almost takes the younger right here.

the hybrid unbuttons his pants in a swift move and open it just enough for hoseok's cock to finally springs free. he lets out a sigh of relief and lets his head fall on the back of couch, the pressure on his shaft finally gone. he doesn't think he has ever been this aroused in his entire life. jungkook lies his head down on his thigh, overwhelmed only at the view, and hoseok can’t help but pet his hair. the hybrid tentatively moves one of his hands up his legs until he reaches his aching cock. he thumbs at the tip, makes circular movements right under the head, before pressing the flat of his thumb on the slit. hoseok growls, he needs something to engulf his cock so bad.

jungkook lifts his head and caresses the bulbous head with his lips, spreading the precum on his plush bottom lip like a balm. at last, the younger swallows his length.

“ngh, bun. so wet and warm, that perfect mouth of yours.” his hands are still in the hybrid’s hair. he grips his silky waves tighter to guide his head up and down. his cock hits the back of his throat and the younger gags, eyes starting to water again. it doesn’t stop jungkook from taking hoseok in more and more. drool starts pooling in his mouth and dribbling down his chin.

“messy baby,” the older wipes his chin clean. his thumb joins his cock inside the bunny’s mouth, stretching it farther open, and the younger seems to like it. jungkook tries to swallow all the drool but it just tightens his throat around hoseok. the older moans. “ah baby… please stop or i'm gonna come. come here.” he takes the hybrid’s head in his hands, massaging his jaw, and lewdly kisses him. “let’s go to bed, yeah?” jungkook hums.

the hybrid tries to get up but his legs are trembling and he stumbles down. jungkook is not very heavy so hoseok easily carries him to his room where snuggles is still discarded on the bed, sticky with cum. “look what you did to that poor bear. bad boy.” the hybrid hides his head in the older's neck in shame. hoseok thinks the color red suits the bunny’s face really well, makes him even more cute. he lies jungkook down on the bed and hovers over him.

a few awkward seconds pass.

“have you ever-“

“yes hmm… with some of my hybrid friends. i'm not a v- virgin, hyung!” the bunny whines affronted.

“wow. does namjoon know you-”

jungkook is visibly embarrassed. “p- please don’t bring up namjoonie hyung while we’re making love.”

making love. the older can’t help but coo at the adorable bunny under him. “you are pureness incarnate, bun.” he kisses the younger languidly, completely enamored. “i'm gonna take good care of you.” he murmurs. he takes his shirt off, finally able to feel the warmth emanating from jungkook skin to skin. he trails kisses down his torso, his navel, the tip of his cock. jungkook squirms.

“i'm gonna return the favor.” but the hybrid's cock is so sensitive, hoseok can barely do anything before jungkook whimpers.

“p- please hyung! ah- i want- i want you inside me.”

hoseok holds jungkook’s hips down with one hand, keeping him from moving too much, while his other hand moves toward his quivering hole. he gently taps his rim with his index finger. more slick gushes out in globs. “god i want to eat you out so bad. but not today. you’re already past foreplay, huh?” jungkook furiously nods. “you just want something to pound into you, don’t you baby?” hoseok asks almost condescendingly.

jungkook's hums turn into moans as one finger slowly enters him. the bunny’s hole is so wet his finger just goes all the way to the last knuckle easily. hoseok presses the tip of a second finger next to the first one. jungkook hisses from the stretch and the older pauses to give him time to adjust but the hybrid is greedy for more. he starts scissoring his fingers, stretching the rim further open. he pumps his fingers in and out, in and out, until jungkook starts squirming again, impatient to feel any kind of pressure on his most sensitive point. hoseok crooks his fingers and searches around for-

“T- THERE!” jungkook suddenly shouts. he sounds pained.

“are you okay? did i hurt you? was it too much?” hoseok asks, panicked.

“y- yes! but hurts s'good, so good. please don’t stop!” he rolls his ass down on the older’s fingers.

hoseok massages his fingers onto the younger’s prostate some more and the sounds that escape his mouth are sinful.

the bunny's cock lies on his abdomen, leaking precum like a faucet and his abs are all glossy from it. when he is stretched enough, hoseok adds a third finger and jungkook whimpers from the feeling of fullness.

“m'ready. please please please m'ready.”

hoseok thrusts his fingers in and out a few more times to make sure he won’t hurt the hybrid and takes his fingers out in a squelch. they are all glistening from the bunny’s slick. it’s so hot, hoseok feels his dick throb. he can’t wait to feel that wet heat around his shaft. he gently taps jungkook’s lips with his fingers. “you seemed to like having your mouth stuffed earlier. suck my fingers clean, bun.”

jungkook eagerly opens his lips to take all three fingers in his mouth. he really does like sucking on things. hoseok already got a taste of what this tongue can do on his cock but seeing the younger suck and play with his fingers makes him want to go for round two. the hybrid makes sure to lap at each finger until the only thing coating them is saliva. the older discards his pants and briefs somewhere on the ground.

“good bun. get on your hands and knees for me, baby.”

jungkook quickly complies and hoseok positions himself behind the hybrid. his little tail is shivering in anticipation, it’s adorable.

the older hesitates for a moment. “well… hmm this is awkward. i- i don’t have a condom.” he wants to beat himself but who could have predicted that this would happen. if you had told him a few days ago that he would end up fucking jungkook, hoseok would have cursed at you.

“it's fine. i can’t- i can’t get diseases. please... i want t-to feel all of you. please hyungie...” jungkook blubbers.

“god you’re gonna be the death of me, bun” hoseok gathers some of the slick still steadily leaking out of the hybrid and uses it to lube his cock. he places the tip at jungkook’s entrance and finally pushes inside. the bunny is warm, tight and also very wet.

“holy shit you’re just sucking me in.” the older is slow in his movement, doesn’t want to hurt jungkook, but this is really testing his patience. he lets his head fall on the bunny’s back and peppers him with kisses. his skin is so soft, hoseok wouldn’t mind spending an entire day in bed just caressing him, touching him without even doing anything sexual.

when hoseok finally bottoms out jungkook screeches and tightens around him. he's driving him mad. he only thrusts into him a couple times before the younger whines.

“m'so close. please wanna come please.” his arms are trembling and he is seconds away from falling over on his face. hoseok lifts his torso toward him to press jungkook's back against his chest. the new position shifts the angle and the next time the older thrusts in it hits the younger’s prostate dead on.

“ah! f-fuck! there!” small tears are running down his cheeks, the feeling too overwhelming. the younger clenches around his shaft and hoseok groans. the grip is so strong it almost hurts. the bunny is so obliviously sexy and so good for him it should be illegal.

the older glides his hands on jungkook’s abs, smearing the precum around. the bunny might be soft and pure and everything good in this world but he still has a scary amount of muscles. hoseok isn’t lacking in this area himself but he wouldn’t want to be against jungkook in a fist fight. his hands go up, up, up to jungkook’s nipples. they’re hard and just begging to be toyed with. he massages them and suddenly pinches them hard. the younger shrieks and cries and starts drooling. it joins the slick, precum and tears already wetting the bed. they’re making such a mess.

hoseok thrusts mercilessly, hitting that sweet spot that makes jungkook see stars. the older remembers how sensitive the younger was when he had touched his tail earlier and makes sure that little cotton tail trapped between them gets all the friction with every push of his hips.

“oh my god… ah, ah, ah.” the younger whimpers. he is completely gone, the stimulation from his tail adding so much more pleasure.

hoseok trails kisses down jungkook’s neck. the act seems so sweet compared to the lewd sound of wet skin slapping against skin.

the older nudges the bunny’s knees to spread his legs further which makes the thrusts deeper. the younger goes lax in his arms as he comes untouched with a low moan. hoseok slowly thrusts in a few more times to help the bunny through his orgasm and stills. the only sound breaking the sudden silence is their pants. the older is still hard but he is sure it won’t take long before he comes too.

“i love you so much, bun.”

“mmm… love you too.” jungkook mutters.

hoseok slowly slips out and the younger wails, reaching out with grabby hands to stop him from going anywhere.

“n- no. please, p-please. finish inside me.”

“are you sure, baby? i don’t want to hurt you …”

jungkook flips on his back and opens wide his legs, presenting himself. his long ears are laying on the pillow so cutely, hoseok just want to touch.

“my sweet bunny” he dries the younger’s face of all the tears and just looks at him, his shiny eyes, his bitten red lips, his defined body, his flaccid cock… the hybrid’s hole clenches around nothing, just asking to be full and stretched.

“god you’re so beautiful.” hoseok kneels between his legs and kisses the younger longingly.

jungkook brings him closer by wrapping his hips with his legs and oh my god, those thighs.

hoseok slowly slides inside jungkook again, making sure to not touch his prostate to not overstimulate him more than he already is.

“that’s it baby. you’re being so good for me.”

the older thrust in and out one, two, three times and paints the bunny’s inside white. he lets his head fall on jungkook’s shoulder as he deeply moans through his climax. god, it’s the best orgasm of his life.

“hmm… finally m'full.” jungkook sings contently.

they stay like this for a couple minutes, enough time to catch their breaths. when the older pulls out, a pearly white liquid follows. a mix of slick and cum. hoseok catches it with two fingers before it touches the sheets and pushes it back into jungkook’s red puffy hole.

“next time i'll plug you up so you can stay all full and bred. hm? what'd you say about that, bun?”

the youngers whimpers and fiercely nods.

hoseok gets up to go get a wet towel from the bathroom and leaves the younger completely fucked out, laying still on the bed.

after the older cleans them up and changes the soiled sheets, he goes back to bed where the bunny is on the verge of sleep.

“cuddles.” he mumbles.

hoseok takes him in his arms. his love, his jungkook… he's so happy he can’t believe it. he brings the younger closer to his chest and kisses his forehead. quite ironically, hugging, touching and sharing sweet kisses in bed seem more intimate than what they just did. he hopes he’ll be sharing moments like this with his bun for a very long time. hoseok strokes jungkook’s fluffy ears to lull him to sleep and whispers a last “i love you" before falling asleep too.


when namjoon comes back two days later he immediately notices the change in his hybrid and best friend’s relationship. the both of them are glued at the hip, constantly touching and sharing shy looks.

at first, namjoon is afraid of how people will treat them. after all, this is a dangerous world out there for human and hybrid romantic relationships. but namjoon knows them well. jungkook is mentally and physically strong and hoseok is kind and caring. after seeing them act all lovey dovey together for a few days, namjoon concludes jungkook will never let anyone come in between them and hoseok will never let anyone hurt the hybrid. namjoon thinks they are good for each other and he trusts that they’ll be able to face whatever comes their way.