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Birds of a feather [ON HIATUS]

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Yangcha stabbed the guard standing in his way. If only he had more time he would have done way worst to him, such a peaceful death was too good for people like him.

— Hey ! Who are-..!

The warrior didn’t give him time to finish his sentence and threw a dagger in his direction, the blade buried itself into his throat. A perfect shot, he had to thank his master for teaching him that. “Lord Saya…” thinking about him angered the warrior, if he hadn’t messed up during their mission they still would have been together. He abruptly picked up the dagger from the body of the guard, spilling blood all over his hand and his face. Yangcha didn’t pay much attention to the state of his outfit and grabbed the ring of keys before standing up. Once he had them he immediately rushed into the stairs leading to the cells. They were all occupied by men in terrible states who all begged for his help as he passed but he ignored each one of them. The only person he cared about was Saya, he was worried about the state he would find his master in. He discovered him in the last cell with his head covered by an iron mask, he was on his knees forced to remain in this position by multiple chains. Yangcha opened the door in panic and rushed to his side, the sudden noise made Saya flinch. He tried to get up but was painfully forced to remain on his knees by the chains holding his neck and the ones on his ankles. He was terrorized. Yangcha was mute therefore he couldn’t tell Saya he was mistaken, that it was him and not a guard. He couldn’t reassure him but he could see how much he needed to be comforted. He clenched his fists out of anger. “What did they do to you ?” his master wasn’t the type to fear anything so to see him react like that only meant one thing: He had been tortured. The warrior knew the lord of this castle had a fascination for vampires but he ignored that the first thing he would do if when he would manage to put his hands on one was to harm him. “You will pay for this Mihol” but not today, Tagon the chef of their assassination squad had requested for his utmost discretion on this mission. Mihol was currently an important tool in the many plans of their best client Taealha, the own daughter of the lord. She had promised he would get to kill him and do whatever he wanted to him in a few weeks, but for now all he was allowed to do was to recuperate his missing teammate, nothing more. 

— Please...Not...Again… begged Saya.

Under his mask Yangcha bit his lips until it bled a little, he kneeled and started to work on the locks keeping the mask in place. “ Silver ” the only material capable of harming vampires, everything he had mistaken for iron until now was in reality silver. For humans it was the same as being chained him up with fire, it was extremely painful. He took off the mask and Saya blinked a few times before looking at him, as soon as he recognized his servant he immediately smiled a little bit. He tried to speak to him but coughed blood instead which took Yangcha aback. Even if his master was only half vampire his wounds, internals or externals, always healed immediately. Which probably was why Mihol probably had enjoyed a lot his play time with him.

— What with...The face…? Were…. he coughed again. Were you worried ?

 Yangcha looked at him with a pained expression on his face. “ How could I not ? ”. Saya cracked a small smile which disappeared as soon as he was taken by a new cough fits. The warrior stopped staring at him and started to work on the lock on his master’s neck. The keys he had were only useful for the doors, so he had to crochet the locks. The space between the walls and Saya was too small for him to stand so he was forced to work while standing in front of his master. “ In a way it looks like he is hugging me… ” thought Saya, the gesture didn’t feel too bad he actually liked it. “ He’s warm and he smells like blood… ” He closed his eyes and rested his head on the shoulder of the masked man who froze.

 — Continue. muttered Saya. 

 Yangcha returned to his task but his master felt like his hands were slightly shaking. “ Ah.. of course ” The dhampir lifted his head and met the eyes of his savior who immediately averted his gaze. His reaction disappointed him but didn’t surprise him either, no matter how close they were there wasn’t any sane human who would have been comfortable with being so close to a blood sucker. The silver collar around his neck and the chain linking it to the wall fell on the floor. Saya took a deep breath, he already felt a bit better but the rest of his body was still in pain. At least now he could talk and breath more normally.

— I’m sorry...he said while looking at the ceiling.

 Yangcha momentarily stopped his work but then continued without looking at him, his brows slightly furrowed.  

— I didn’t realize you would hate it if I... leaned on you like that.

 The chains around his wrists fell on the floor as well but before Saya could even realize it Yangcha pulled him against his chest. “ I’m not afraid .” said the assassinin his head and he hoped his master would understand. However the dhampir didn’t say a word which worried the young man. Maybe he was inconvenienced by his gesture ? He slowly tried to break out their hug but Saya pulled him back. They stayed like this a few seconds until the latter suddenly grabbed him by the shoulders.

— Are you hurt ? he asked with a worried tone between two coughs.. Your heart is beating too fast ! 

The masked man pushed back the dhampir and leaned on his side to start crocheting the two remaining locks on his ankles. But also to avoid to show his face to him, he was feeling extremely hot and he knew his face was probably quite red, his hands were shaking and his palms were sweaty. He was embarrassed. 

— Wait. ordered Saya but his servant deliberately ignored him which made him sigh, instead he continued to work for a few more minutes like this until his master was totally free. Once it was done he turned around and pointed at his back.

— I can walk.

 The warrior stood up and extended his hand, his companion grabbed it and with his help managed to stand up. They walked a few steps but quickly Saya collapsed on Yangcha who caught up on the door. “ He needs blood” the masked man thought, fine there were plenty of prisoners outside any of them would do. He helped the dhampir sit down on the floor and tried to leave but was stopped by Saya’s hand on his wrist.

— We don’t have time for that...he whispered. I can wait. 

Yangcha shook his head. “ No you can’t ! ” he could see how difficult it was for him to breath and the drops of sweat rolling down his face. He was entering a blood frenzy which meant he would become uncontrollable very soon, he would try to feed on anything he could put his hands on until he felt satisfied. But before he reached that point he would suffer terribly as resisting to a blood frenzy was extremely painful and tiring. 

— If we stay any longer we will get caught...argued Saya. I can hold it in a bit more...Let’s go...he saw in the eyes of his servant an hesitation and decided to add with a commanding voice. It’s an order 




After a long march they were finally outside of the castle and almost safe from the danger that was lord Mihol. The only remaining problem now was Saya who had clearly reached his limit. He was covered in sweat, trembled and sometimes moaned because of the pain, he also couldn’t walk anymore and had to be carried by Yangcha on his back. The dhampir tried to resist as much as he could to his own nature but they were progressing too slowly. His weight was slowing down the assassin and the ground wasn’t easy to walk on as it was quite slippery, which was the reason why the warrior had to let his horse at the bottom of the they were on. Yangcha started to curse the owner of the castle once again but was interrupted by the fingernails of Saya digging themselves in the skin of his torso. His master was going through a new wave of pain, he hoped it would go away quickly however it lasted longer than the previous ones. Once it was over the dhampir panted for a moment before snorting. “ Are you...Crying ? ” This was too much. Yangcha stopped and delicately put him down, he was indeed crying although he tried his best to hide it by wiping his face. The assassin clenched his jaw and pretended he hadn’t notice to not hurt the pride of his companion but they both knew the truth.

— stop…? asked Saya between two breaths while also trying to avoid looking at Yangcha’s face. The warrior still had blood on his mask but because of the darkness of the castle he and the dhampir hadn’t noticed either until now. “This explain this sweet smell” Saya closed his eyes, when he opened them up again Yangcha was unbuttoning his shirt. — What are you doing ?! he shouted with the little bit of strength he had left.

 The assassin stopped and tilted his head to the side, he was pretty sure his gestual was pretty self explanatory.  

 — If... If I drink your blood I won’t be able to stop ! 

 Yangcha gave him an unimpressed look “I trust you.

 — You don’t... Understand. tried to argue Saya but his voice was too weak and the assassin was ignoring him on purpose, he had to find something else. The mask ! Give...Give me your mask !

The concerning furrowed his brows but obeyed and slowly started to untie the knots behind his head. As he was doing so Saya looked at him with an expression he couldn’t read but which made him blush. “ It’s probably just the blood...Yes he must be excited by that...Just the blood ” He had to calm himself down, what was he even thinking about in the middle of the night on the enemy's territory and when his master was feeling so bad ? Once the knots were untied he grabbed his mask and felt something liquid on it, it was the blood he had received on his face earlier, he ignored it and extended it to Saya who almost prayed it out of his hands. The warrior couldn’t see what the dhampir was doing with it since half of his face was hidden by it but from the noise he made he guessed he was lickling it. Once he had finished he extended it back to him with an awkward smile, Yangcha noticed his eyes had almost taken back their normal color even if they were still slightly red. 

 — Can I lick it ?

 Yangcha froze. “What ?

— Please. Your hand. 

The warrior looked down at his hands and noticed he still had blood on it. “ Ah… ” He slowly nodded and let Saya grabbed his hand to lick his fingers. The dhampir was doing it very slowly and with the utmost care almost as if he was eating the ultimate delicacy. His behavior in addition to his piercing gaze made Yangcha feel extremely weird, he felt like he was doing something wrong he didn’t know where to look. He lifted his head to look at the sky and took in a deep breath. “ Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. ” He repeated in his head but it was difficult to do when he could feel the warmth of Saya’s tongue move around his fingers. The moves were slow and languorous just like a passionate kiss between two lovers. Yangcha took in another deep breath and closed his eyes this time. He started to imagine Saya kissing him with his tongue then going down his neck, his torso, going down even more and then reachin-...

— That’s not enough.

Yangcha lowered his gaze and their eyes met again. He liked the way Saya looked at him, it was scary and fascinating at the same time. There was hunger but also desire, it was something very thrilling. A side of him no one except him had never seen been before. The dhampir slowly extended his hand towards the face of the assassin and grabbed it a bit roughly than he intended. He inspected it, there was blood all over the forehead and a bit on his right ear. Saya licked his own lips and approached his prey slowly, once he was close enough he delicately pushed him on the floor. His vampiric instinct wanted him to bit him and be over with it but something else inside of him wanted to take it slow and enjoy the moment. He leaned on the top of Yangcha and started to lick the blood he had on his forehead before taking care of his ear. Once again his instinct ordered him to bit and he obeyed but did it very softly, Yangcha opened a little bit his mouth but didn’t protest. The dhampir buried his head in his neck and inhaled deeply, he knew it was wrong and how risky it was but he could barely control himself. The warrior smelled wonderfully good, an undescriptible smell which reminded Saya of a forest after a long rainy night, and if he could have he would have bottled the mysterious fragrance to always keep it with him. “ More ” he wanted more of him. He licked his neck, it tasted a bit salty probably because of the sweat. He liked the taste but that wasn’t what his instinct reclaimed, what his body ached for. A new wave of pain went through his entire body and he instinctively digged once again his fingers nails in the skin of Yangcha. “ Don’t bit him or he will die. Don’t bit him or he will die. ” To avoid doing so he bit his own tongue until he started bleeding. Yangcha passed a hand in his hair to help him calm down and Saya hugged him even more tightly. Once the pain had calmed down he was left all sweaty, shaking and panting on the top of the assassin who gently caressed his cheek. They remained like that for a while until Saya tried to get up only to fail miserably and fall back on Yangcha who gave him a look full of worry. 

— I’m...fine. he lied.

He looked at the lips of Yangcha, there was a little wound on them and it really really looked delicious . The dhampir licked his own lips, now that he was this close he could smell the blood and could already imagine its taste in his mouth. “ Maybe if I only lick it… ” he hesitated a few seconds, but then went down for the kiss. Although he was a bit startled Yangcha answered quickly and the shy kiss he had received at first turned into a way more intense moment. They both were touching and embracing each other as if it was their last night together, as if they were all alone on earth. It was something intense but non violent, in fact Saya was making his best to control his instinct. The beast inside of him complained about his lack of predatory instinct — he hadn’t eaten in days, he should have bit this prey ! But he totally ignored it, the only thing that mattered to him right now was the sweet taste he was feeling. When he stopped his eyes met those of Yangcha and he was surprised to read in it something he had never seen before: love . The assassin was drunk in love and nothing could have made his lover happier because he had himself also realized something; he not only wanted wanted Yangcha’s blood, he also wanted him . If he had been in his normal state he would have stopped there because going any further no matter how pleasing it was would put Yangcha in danger but right now he didn’t care, he was feeling greedy. He wanted Yangcha’s everything and he would get it now . The beast inside of him approved of this and encouraged him to continue. The dhampir started to unbutton the shirt of his lover while kissing him passionately, he then slowly went down his neck before stopping abruptly. “ What am I doing ?! ” if he didn’t control himself he could kill Yangcha, they had to stop now . However his lover wasn’t planning on having any of his attitude, he could see how much his other half was in pain and he wouldn’t let him starve any longer. Therefore if he didn’t dare to make him bleed a little, he would do it himself. He grabbed his dagger and aimed it at his hand. 

— No ! yelled Saya. Ok, you won I’ll bit you. But please don’t do that ever again when I’m in ...he stopped momentarily because of his breathing difficulties. When I’m like this...Because if I see blood I won’t be able to control myself and I...he coughed a bit before continuing. I will tear your hand apart. 

Yangcha nodded he was satisfied with his answer but now he was curious to know where he would be bitten and how it would feel. No matter which state he had been Tagon had never laid a hand on him therefore the only biting experiences he had were those of all the victims his other master had eaten. They didn’t seem to enjoy it at all as they screamed, begged for their lives or simply fainted. But the assassin wasn’t scared at all, those people weren’t like him after all.

— Take off your pants. ordered Saya without looking at him. The assassin was extremely glad he wasn’t looking at him because his cheeks had probably reddened a lot. 

— The only non lethal and discreet...he coughed. Place I can think of is this one. 

He then tapped on a point on the thigh of Yangcha which made him shivers. Although he had his pants on the assassin could feel the cold hands of Saya and it didn’t help him relax at all, all the contrary it. He obeyed and undressed, it wasn’t the first time his lover had seen him undress but it sure was the first time he looked at him like that. He sat down once again and Saya immediately jumped on him like a starving cat, he leaned on his tight and licked his skin with his eyes closed. The assassin swallowed his saliva with difficulty, how could something so simple made him feel this way ?

— It will hurt a lot. announced Saya in a shaking voice, his entire body had reached his limit and he was having a hard time controlling himself. he opened his eyes and indicated the dagger laying next to Yangcha. If I take too much blood… He didn’t add anything more and looked at the pulsing vein he had in front of him. He had never been more excited to eat than right now, his hands were shaking and he had a hard time calming himself down. He needed to stay focus if he didn’t want to miss the vein and make a mess but the temptation was strong. He slowly opened his mouth and bit, although a bit more abruptly than he had wished. Yangcha let out a moan which didn’t escape to the dhampir who immediately lifted his head to look at him, without stopping drinking. It was too sweet, too tasty, too perfect for him to stop no matter what happened. And yet when their gazes met he almost did. He had always thought Yangcha was a handsome man but right now he found him more attractive than he had ever been. Was it because of his taste or because he was in love ? He couldn’t tell yet but all he knew was that he wanted him for himself. He wanted to hug him, kiss him, drink his blood everyday, cover him with bite scars and scratches, and many other things. But for now he would only drink a little bit, after all they still had a lot of time left before dawn.