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Infested Jade

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’ “Telepathy”



‘This is strange’ thought All Might as he looked at the various heroes gathered.


They were sitting in a conference room inside of the Heroics commission’s HQ, having all been requested for a mission.


All Might could see familiar faces, such as Endeavor, the Pussycats, Snipe and a couple other heroes, but there was one he was unfamiliar with. Standing up against the wall in the back, was a man in a black jumpsuit and wearing a white scarf.


Before he could ponder on it any further, a man in a suit walked in from the side door and up to the end of the table they were all sitting at.


“Thank you, all of you, for answering on such short notice. We called for all of you because we have recently confirmed reports of strange creatures in Aokigahara that do not match any known animal species, nor ones they could have somehow evolved from, therefore we at the commission have decided this is likely the work of a quirk. Whether it’s a human, or an animal, we do not know. That’s why you are all here”


Endeavor huffed “You dragged me here for this? Some lousy recon mission?”


The man turned to look at Endeavor with an indifferent look “Not recon, scouting and capture if we’re calling it anything. The reason why you and All Might are here, is because we have reason to believe they’re able to multiply somehow as there have been reported sightings of large groups of these creatures at once”


All Might leaned forward “You mean you don't know how many of them there are, but you’re assuming a lot, therefore you want heavy hitters to exterminate them if needed?”


The man nodded, then pulled out a small stack of papers and passed them out.


“We’ve been getting reports of these creatures, often referred to as “monsters”, for a few years now, but until recently we had no concrete proof. The reports all share two different patterns. One is that a person attacked the creature out of fear, then was attack but never killed, only hurt but not enough that they wouldn’t be able to escape. The other, is that the creature merely watches as the person either escapes or stays in place, the creature staring back all the while. We’ve thus concluded that they never attack first, only in defence when attacked”


All the heroes looked over the papers they had been given, and sure enough all the reports stated no fatalities, and any disappearances in the area had been determined to be suicides.


“If you are all willing, the mission will begin tonight, under the cover of dark” continued the man.


Everybody looked at the man and nodded, except Endeavor, who just crossed his arms and sat still.


The man nodded “We will notify you of when we set off, until then, please prepare anything you may need for the mission” the man then promptly left the room.


All Might sat in thought ‘This whole situation feels strange’

Several hours later, the group of heroes found themselves standing in front of Aokigahara, better known as the Suicide Forest, ready to move in and investigate the sightings of supposed monsters that match no living species, nor possible species.


The man from the conference room was seeing them off, giving last minute orders from the commission.


“There are two last orders for this mission. One, do not attack unless attacked yourself, understood?” the man looked at Endeavor as he said this, the hero sending him a scowl in return “And second, All Might and Eraserhead are in charge. Their orders are final, understood?” All the heroes nodded, except Endeavor.


“What?! Why do I have to listen to some nobody hero?!” questioned Endeavor angrily.


The man turned to Endeavor with a hardened look “Because he’s got more expertise and common sense than most of the heroes around, and especially you. You are only here because of your strength, nothing more” the man then turned “You are free to begin. We will remain here in case of any complications that may arise”


Endeavor was fuming as the heroes began walking into the forest, his flames almost catching fire to several trees as he got too close.


All Might was at the front alongside Eraserhead “So, you’re hero alias is Eraserhead? How come I’ve never heard of you if you’re important enough to be appointed joint leader of the group?” asked All Might, genuinely interested in knowing who he was.


Eraserhead didn’t look at All Might “I’m an underground hero, apparently one of the most respected ones according to the commission, can’t really think of any other reasons than what that man said”


All Might hummed “Well, If the commission has decided you are worthy, then I see no reason to say otherwise”


Eraserhead didn’t reply, just continued to walk ahead in silence.

After having walked for several miles in the direction pointed out to them, they came across something.


“Ewww, what is that?” exclaimed Pixie-Bob as she saw what the ground was covered in.


The ground was covered in a purple reddish flesh-like cover, as if something was growing across the forest floor.


Eraserhead kneeled at the edge of the growth and touched it.


“It’s fleshy, might be alive. There was nothing about this in the reports” noted the underground hero as he cleaned his hand in the forest floor.


All Might looked forward “Perhaps this is the origin of these creatures?”


Eraser nodded “That would be possible, let’s keep going”


Eraser slowly stepped onto the growth, and when nothing happened continued on without looking back.


The only hero having any issue with stepping on the growth, was Pixie-Bob, who whined when she was told she had to or would likely be punished for abandoning the mission.

Further into the forest, a figure stood and took in the fresh air, when she sensed something.


“A group of… people? People don’t come in this far” thought the figure aloud.


The figure thoughts for a moment, before coming to a decision.


“Naresh, bring some Zerglings and meet them, if they try to hurt you, then hurt them back, but don’t kill. Observer, follow from above and make sure no one is being sneaky”


As their command went out, the creatures commanded moved out and entered the dense forest.


The figure looked up at the night sky “I hope they’re nice people”

The heroes kept moving forward, taking slow and careful steps to make sure they didn’t step on something unwanted.


Then they began hearing noises, noises that wasn’t the trees around them or the squishy floor below them.


Eraser gestured for everyone to stop and be quiet, Endeavor almost retorting until he noticed the sounds himself.


“Something's approaching” whispered Eraser loud enough for everyone to hear.


Sure enough, they could hear the sound something stepping on the squishy surface, and it sounded like it might be multiple creatures, and they were approaching them.


They could hear them before they could see them, a growl in the dark, as well as some other strange sounds.


Moments later, a creature stepped into the moonlight. It was, strange, looking like some kind of monster from a horror movie.


Everybody was stood completely still, not daring move and potentially making it attack.


The creature did nothing more than crouch and stare at them, it’s yellow eyes piercing through the dark night.


Then they heard more squishy footsteps, and another creature came into the moonlight, then another, and another, in the end there were seven of these things.


Then another set of footsteps sounded out, but this time there were more.


Something came into the moonlight. It had a humanoid upper body, but what looked like the lower body of a spider. It also had what looked like mandibles.


The creatures all just stood there, making no moves to attack or anything, which unnerved the heroes more than if they had just attacked.


Then a certain flame bearded brute growled “This is a waste of time. I’ll exterminate these abominations” he flared the flames running along his outfit.


The reaction was immediate. The creatures all snarled at the heroes, but still made no move to attack.


Endeavor was about to launch his attack, before all of his flames suddenly went out and he found himself bound up in some kind of white cloth.


All the heroes stared in surprise, before following the lines of cloth, to Eraserhead, who’s eyes were glowing.


Eraser growled “Endeavor. You had specific orders NOT, to attack. If you try anything like this again, I’ll make sure you have hell to answer for. I know the right people to make sure of that”


All Might stepped forward, his signature smile nowhere in sight “And you’ll find no friend in me. You need to keep yourself restrained, least you wish to get us all into serious trouble”


Endeavor tried to get out of the restraints, but after failing to do so for several moments, merely stood and scowled at Eraser and All Might, before grunting in affirmation as he realised he had no way out.


Eraser released Endeavor and stopped suppressing the man’s quirk, Endeavor then stomped to the back of the group and began punching a tree.


Eraser turned to the creatures, which were noticeably calmer now.


The spider legged creature stepped forward, then gestures with its… arms? for them to follow, before turning around and walking away.


All the heroes shared surprised looks. The creature gestured like a human. Did that mean it was intelligent? Was it the leader of these things?


After a few moments, they seemed to all decide to follow the creatures, hopefully to get answers.

They followed the creature for several kilometres, before they began seeing moon light through the trees.


The walked through the last few trees, before finding themselves in some kind of clearing.


But what they found in that clearing, was not for the weak of mind.


Littered around the clearing were these… mounds, or structures, of flesh, and dozens of other creatures walking around the clearing.


The spider legged creature walked forward, before seemingly kneeling.


“My Queen. I have brought them as you asked” the creature spoke, in Japanese.


The shock was obvious on the heroes faces, even Eraser’s usually deadpan face was set in minor surprise.


“Thank you, Naresh, you can go back to the hatchery now” answered a slightly cheery voice.


The creature kneeled further “Yes, thank you my queen” then stood up and walked away, flanked by the four legged creatures that had accompanied it.


The heroes stood there, not knowing what to do. They were in unknown territory, and everything felt alien, maybe even literally.


“Hello. It’s been so long since I’ve last met a person” said the voice further.


Everybody went on the defensive “Who and where are you?” questioned Eraser as he brandished his capture weapon.


“Me? I’m Izuka, and I’m right up here”


Everybody’s head whipped to look up and their eyes widened.


Floating above them, was a short girl, probably no more than 12. What was shocking, was what she looked like.


She was covered in some kind of chitinous material, and her “hair” looked to be made of the same. What made it even more shocking, we’re the pair of bone like wings protruding from her back and the neon green glowing lines around her temples.


All Might seemed to shake off the shock the quickest as he took a step forward “Hello there Young... Izuka? What are you doing here?”


The girl, Izuku, tilted her head with a confused expression “I live here, along with my brood, why else would I be here?”


The answer did not sit well with the heroes, except Endeavor. ‘A young girl like her living in the middle of Japan’s largest forest, alone?’ was the general thought going through their heads.


“Why are you living out here?” asked Eraser as he stepped forward to stand beside All Might.


Izuku smiled innocently as she began lowering toward the ground “Oh, mom and dad said this was my home now, so I stayed like they told me to. I don’t know why they didn’t come back, but I’m fine so long as I have Naresh and my brood”


All Might and Eraser both gained scowls, but hid them quickly so as to not spook the girl. ‘She was abandoned, and she doesn’t even realise it’


All Might looked around at the clearing and the… brood, as she called it “Did you, create all of this?”


Izuka gained an excited smile “Oh, I think it’s my quirk, I can make them, but only the smaller ones like the drones and Zerglings”


All Might gained a confused look “Zergling? What is a zergling?”


Izuka blinked “Oh, I forgot, you don’t know what they are. Give me a second”


She stood silently for a moment, then her eyes began glowing green, her irises and everything.


A moment after, one of the four legged creatures came running, making the heroes go on guard immediately.


They relaxed when the creature ran over to Izuka and began… liking her, like a dog.


Izuka giggled “Hey, stop, that tickles”


The heroes were initially confused at the interaction but some began lightly chuckling, deciding that there was no way she could be a villain, she was too innocent to be one.


She eventually gained control of the creature, or Zergling as she called it.


“This is a Zergling. I can spawn them myself, but it makes me tired” explained Izuka as she petted the Zergling’s head.


Snipe looked around, spotting several other creatures around the clearing, some watching them and others going about their own business “How many of these, creatures have you made?”


Izuka paused, then seem to go into thought for a few moments “Um, a lot?” answered the girl.


The heroesdidn’t know if the answer meant she had to many to count, or if she couldn’t count, but before they could prod further, there was a sudden spike of heat behind them.


They all turned, seeing Endeavor with his flames burning strongly.


The hero was wearing a stoic scowl as he glared at the girl “She is amassing an army. She is trying to deceive us. I’ll take care of this” claimed Endeavor as he charged up his flames.


The heat was so strong it made Eraserhead’s dry eye act up, meaning he couldn’t erase the Flame hero’s quirk.


Just as he seemed about to fire his attack, the other heroes, namely All Might, jumped in the way of the attack. Only to find nothing happened and the heat suddenly disappeared.


They turned back to Endeavor with confusion, but their eyes widened when they saw the hero.


He was suspended in mid air, his arms forced against his sides as if something invisible had a tight grip on him.


“I knew I should have asked my brood to make you leave. You tried to hurt my broodmother already”


All the heroes turned back to Izuka. Her eyes were glowing and she had her hand outstretched as if she was gripping on to something.


The heroes immediately understood what was happening. Somehow Izuka was holding onto Endeavor. How though, was beyond them.


She tilted her head, a scowl present on her face as she began floating “Abathur might want a new toy or maybe the hatchery is hungry?”


The heroes eyes widened further, if that were possible.


All Might quickly stepped forward “Young Izuka, please do not do anything rash. Please, put him down and we will take care of him, he has already disobeyed orders. We will punish him, so please, just put him down”


Izuka turned her head to look at All Might, before turning back to Endeavor.


She released her grip, letting the man fall to the ground unceremoniously.


“Ok, but only because you’re nice. But if he comes here again, he will be hurt” Izuka was glaring daggers at Endeavor, her voice portraying nothing but promise.


Endeavor got to his feet, his face set in a furious expression. He seemed about to attempt to attack again, but before he could, he found himself face to face with All Might, literally.


“Enji. If you so much as try to attack her or her “brood” again, I will personally make sure your hero license is revoked and you’ll never be allowed to retake it. Am. I. Understood?”


Endeavor actually had the decency to look shocked, but he recovered after a moment, glared at Izuka then turned away and stomped away from the clearing.


All Might turned back to Izuka, who still looked unhappy “I apologise deeply for his behaviour, he has always been prone to rash decisions, but we didn’t expect him to act so braisingly, especially in front of so many high profile heroes”


Izuka looked at All Might for several moments, her arms crossed and her face set in an unamused expression, but nodded after a moment.


She unfolded her arms “I’m not happy anymore. Why are you here?”


All Might seemed to have trouble finding his voice, unused to children acting like Izuka did, but luckily Eraser stepped forward “We have been getting reports of your creatures for a few years, but we only recently had them confirmed. We were sent to find out if it was some kind of quirked animal, or a person. If the latter, we were supposed to find out if they’re a villain or not”


Izuka’s eyebrows scrunched together “You were told about my Zerg? And you were told to see what they are?”


Eraser nodded “If it was a villain, then we would have to capture them and bring them in for questioning. If not a villain, ask them to come along, or we were told to exercise our rights as heroes to bring them in”


Izuka’s wings unfolded threateningly, but Eraser put up his hand, stopping her in her tracks “But, you’re a child, one who has been abandoned by your parents, therefore this is essentially your home. The situation is vastly different from what we expected and we need to figure out what to do. That, and I don’t believe we can actually capture you, since you were able to capture Endeavor with little effort, that and your “brood” would probably kill us before long, even All Might”


The heroes shuddered at the mental image of being attacked by hundreds of Zerglings and perhaps other creatures too, even All Might seemed upset but the idea.


Izuka seemed to calm down at the explanation, folding her wings once again as she took in the information given.


“So I won’t have to leave?” asked Izuka, her face holding scepticism as she looked at Eraser.


Eraser looked at her calculatively for a moment “Chances are the government will try and get to you, whether it’s by sending us in, or the army, I don’t know, but either way people are likely going to come for you”


Izuka’s expression turned dark.


“But” continued Eraser, making Izuka’s expression melt into an interested expression “i may know somewhere they can’t get to you, while keeping your brood safe”


Izuka’s expression seemed to brighten “Where?”


Eraser looked her right in the eye as he answered.


“UA university”


Watch out world, there’s a storm coming.