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My Hero Academia; Rise of the King

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When Midoriya Izuku was born, he was baptised by Atomic Fire and Lightning. His mother- one Midoriya Inko, sobbed and shrieked in pain, her form writhed as her legs and inner muscles were burned by her son’s fire.


Her cries rang out as a wave of orange and blue flames swept through the room.  It was fortunate that the Pro Hero Godzillo was here, standing in for his departed brother, as he had the foresight to make sure the room was not only shielded but sealed, so the electromagnetic interference wouldn’t further complicate an already dangerous process.


Midoriya Entoka; or as he was better known as, Godzillo, was worried. The Midoriya family had a history of producing Kaiju or Kaiju-esque quirks, but never with this much power at such a young age. There had  never there been one who’s birth could kill their own mother.


Inko gave another cry, and then sagged in exaustion.  Her boy was finally here. Entoka intercepted him before she could hold him, as the Shield Issue Geiger counter was going crazy, and he was highly resistant if not outright immune to radiation- something she was not.


As he held the newborn, he took note of his appearance, which was something he may only get to do once.  Young Izuku had a tuft of green hair, clearly inheriting his father’s style but his mother’s colour. Around his eyes were scales of greenish-grey, and these same scales appeared on his arms, back and legs. A scale covered tail swished ideally, and small spines crawled up his tail and back, stopping at the base of his neck. As the child gazed at him in wonder, seemingly instinctually knowing this person was kin but not his mother.


A yawn left the infant’s mouth as the Geiger counter began to drop, soon hitting safe levels. Entoka was flushed, this whole time he had been actively absorbing his nephew’s radioactive power, and while the child was barely minutes old and his power nearly overwhelmed the human form of the pro hero.


Here was the part that killed him though, despite Inko pleading with him to hold and nurse her child, she couldn’t as the radiation would kill her, or at last give her cancer, for even he could not absorb the radiation fast enough if they were that close. However, her pregnancy had ensured she was more resilient than most when it came to said topic.


Inko’s boosted radiation resistance is the only thing that saved her. Her body was battered by the waves of flame and thunder, not to mention the heat and radiation. It broke his heart to see his family in such states.


As the exhaustion from the event set in, Inko’s heart monitor flat lined, this spurred the doctors and nurses into action and for one terrifying minute Izuku was an orphan, thankfully the heart monitor restarted but that was not the end of it, for our hero’s mother teetered on the edge of life and death.


Hour after hour passed, Entoka could only stare in helplessly as Inko fought for her life, fought for her every breath, heart monitor fluctuated but finally after hours of helplessness and despair, it steadied, and Inko rejected death’s embrace for now.


Two days later Shield Incorporated finished Izuku’s room, his radiation proof cell. Two days later Izuku’s 10 years of hell began.



Inko was a kind and empathic woman, she was the ‘Mom-Friend’ of the group, and she was the one would worried and fussed over her friends, so is should come as no surprise that her child broke her heart. She could never hug him, never comfort beyond gentle words, could never be close to him in the way all mothers should be.


She dared not take her son to the park as the other parents would undoubtedly call her child a freak if she did, and she had no desire to be attested for illegal quirk use after all. A sigh escaped her lips, her baby, her precious baby boy/lizard was 2 years old now and wanted out.


Out of his room, out of his suit and out of his prison. An impressive growl left her throat at the thought. Her son deserved so much better than this! Why was life so determined to knock him down!? WHY?!!?


Inko was thankful her son’s room was sound proof, so he never heard how many times she had sobbed herself to sleep.



Izuku ran home, tears in his eyes with his right hand desperately keeping the remains of his left sleeve closed, as his Geiger counters had spiked and he desperately wanted his mom. She could fix this; she could fix everything.


Inko nearly hit the roof when she heard what happened. Izuku had congratulated Bakugo on his quirk, and when questioned said his quirk was active since birth but it could make people sick if he didn’t wear his suit.


Bakugo had called him a villain and attacked him, and while her child tried to deescalate the situation but nothing had worked. Bakugo had intentionally ripped open his sleeve, which had caused Izuku to bolt.


“I thought he was my friend, Kacchan... why did he call me a villain... I’m not a villain right?” his sobs were distorted by his helmet, oh how she wished she could take it off him, as he clung to her. A small part of her however was thankful for the helmet, it meant she didn’t have to see his face as he sobbed.


“You’re not a villain sweetie, you just haven’t found a reason to be a hero yet” she cooed, “shush, sweetie, Mama’s here, Mama’s here” her voice took on a soothing hum, and soon her baby was asleep on her.


“Don’t worry sweetie, you won’t be seeing Bakugou again for a long time” the mother vowed. She would be having words with Mitsuki about this, as she knew it wasn’t her friend who taught him that, that was for damn sure.



The move had been hell. Izuku had to go to a new preschool, as it turns out even the teachers had been allowing the other children to call him a villain. No physical bullying occur,  just verbal and emotional abuse- and she would not tolerate it.


Still, aside from some initial curiosity it seems they had accepted that his quirk could make them sick, so he had to wear the suit to keep them safe. But that had died down now, so Izuku was still unable to make friends. While they accepted the story, they still isolated him, though not entirely unreasonably, and that was what irked Inko the most.


Still even with that Izuku, while not as happy as he had once been, was still happier here than in the old school,and  he was still safer here. Inko and Mitsuki still found the time to meet up, but it was during school hours. They would keep Izuku and Katsuki separated for as long as possible.

Izuku was terrified, His mother had been grabbed and dragged into an alley, he had naturally run in after her shouting for help, but it was a time of night were there was enough noise to mask screams, and he couldn’t risk roaring for safety reasons.


The woman that held his mother, dragged her tongue across Inko’s cheek  “such a lovely tasting milf” the woman purred, as her hands roamed Inko’s body, Inko tried but she could barely move “Oh, there is no running sweetie, my quirk locks you in the position I grabbed you in” Inko’s rapist giggled, her hand descended to Inko’s skirt.


“l-let her go!” Izuku shouted, fists raised in a sloppy stance, “beat it kid, unless you wanna see mommy like your dad does” Inko’s rapist hissed, her hands “I-I-I said le-” a thunderous bang filled the area.


“NO!” Inko sobbed out, as her son fell over, she tried in vain to move, to run over and pick up her son. The laughter of her rapist filled her ears “OH I LIKE THIS KID, HE IS THE GOOD KIND OF DEATH, NO MESSY BLOOD!” Had Inko not been overtaken by sadness she would have noticed two things;


First and most obvious was there was in fact no blood, and second and more importantly despite the suit now having a hole in it, the Geiger counter was not going off. Alas Inko mourned silently, as she resigned herself to her fate.


Tears streamed down Izuku’s face; why, WHY did this have to happen, why did he need to be constantly put down like this, why was his life so messed up, what did he do to deserve this. Something in him snapped at that – he was done holding back, he was done being the one knocked down.Iit was time to fight.


With eyes burning orange, Izuku stood up and growled, and both women’s head snapped towards him. Inko’s would be rapist was quick to empty her clip into him. Each shot punctured his suit, but did nothing to the boy himself.


Izuku charged at her, moving faster than humanly possible, and his mother’s would be rapist held Inko close as she tried to reload her gun, but she wasn’t fast enough “I SAID LET. HER. GO!” the 10-year-old roared and with inhuman strength, grabbed the would-be rapist’s arm and threw her into the wall.


Now an older more skilled Izuku would’ve been able to release his grip at the right moment to ensure maximum damage while not maiming his target. 


This is not what happened, for Izuku had not planned on how to throw her properly, so while his target’s body hit the wall, her arm did not go with her.


Izuku would have attempted to beat her with it had the police not arrived then, thankfully for Inko her would be rapist was already wanted and Izuku was not charged with anything, except that he was ordered to learn how to properly control his strength.


For Izuku however this night was an awakening; no longer was he going to be put down by life, no longer was he going to be the one everyone could bully. It was time for a change. It was time for the hunted to become the hunter.



Izuku rolled his eyes at the doctor. He still hadn’t shut up about the fine layer of scales Izuku had embedded in his skin. This was why he no longer needed to wear his radiation suit, his scales absorbed and contained it, though Izuku was going to have to ‘Vent’ every now and then to ensure he didn’t enter critical mass.


Still, it was an improvement, especially since he could now grow claws and gauntlets out of his scales, not to mention he had discovered he could breathe and emit fire.


And the doctor was still going on about the scales.


“However son, you need to hear this” the doctor addressed him, his tone was serious. “My boy, do you know what you are?”


An heir to a legacy had appeared, he just had some growing to do first.



Titan - Someone who is god-like, or powerful and influential in a certain field. In this world of Quirks, this often meant literally, the 9th ranked hero; King WuKong, who’s Quirk draws from the legendary ruler of the Mythical Skull Island.


Said hero had traded punches with All Might, and it was only his focus on training the younger generation and reforming villain's that made him 9th instead of usurping Endeavor’s spot of 2nd.


Another example was a young girl, pink skinned and bubbly with moth-like wings and antenna, who planned to take the hero name of Mothra when she could. Despite her size she was stronger than many pro heroes already.


Of course, there was one Izuku Midoriya drawing from multiple versions of the most famous Kaijuu of all. A young man who at 14 was capable of shockwave punching like the symbol of peace himself.


There are 3 categories of Quirks; Emitter, Transformation, and Mutation. Though some quirks had aspects all of them.  An example was Bakugou Katsuki’s Explosion, which despite being an emitter held several mutation aspects.


Emitter - the most powerful kind, often revolves around the creation and manipulation of the elements or alteration of matter and energy around the user, much like Momo’s Creation; the ability to convert her lipids into other items or Soze’s Cannon; the ability to project anything with cannon-like force.


Transformation - the most underrated kind, cause the user to take on a temporary alteration of some kind. Transformation-type Quirks allow the user to temporarily "transform" their body in a variety of manners, sometimes enhancing existing features, much like Takei’s arm lengthening or Takagi’s AeroDynamic - the ability to make his body more AeroDynamic.


Mutation - the seemingly most Identifiable, these have a wide variety of features and abilities depending on the individual. Though mostly physical these quirks are often powerful as shown by Tenya’s Engine Legs and Kurosawa’s chrome skin.


However there is an unofficial fourth type, the Titan’s.  It was a subcategory of Mutations with almost a fusion of Emitter and Transformation aspects.  Izuku and Kong were good Examples; their Skin, Bone and Muscles were much denser than a baseline human, both had external features like Claws and Fur/Scales, and both also were able to ‘grow’ said Fur/Scales for other purposes.  They also possessed vast elemental power, Kong was able to manipulate Lightning and Electricity to great effect and Izuku possessed Vast Fire, Electromagnetic and Atomic Power.


All Titans possess some powers identical to each other, such as Cell Division, Immense Strength, Immense Durability, Immense Speed, Immense Stamina & Physical Features. It is something of an identifying factor if someone has these abilities as a part of their Quirk, plus features resembling the Kaiju of old films proved that they were a Titan.


Though rarely talked about Titan Quirks also possess a set of Instincts. These can help or hinder the user based on the situation at hand. One example of these Instincts at play is the Zilla Quirk attacking Izuku, an animal with a Titan Quirk that attacked Izuku for 'Invading' its territory.


That concludes our exploration of Titan’s, please Join the crew of Emerald Crown to learn more.