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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

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The familiar, though bland, angel white walls of the practice room were irritable enough that morning to make Seokjin shut his eyes instinctively upon entrance. Attempts to look at himself in the wall mirror was shattered by the range of BigHit staff and cameras set up for filming.

He huffed. It was 7:30 in the morning and he hadn’t slept until late the previous night. And by the not so silent yawns erupting to his left and right, Taehyung constantly scratching his belly and smacking his lips after he did so, Seokjin knew his brothers hadn’t either. He scratched his cheek, frowning as foundation became stuck in-between his nails.

Makeup could only do so much to hide their tiredness, he thought.

He suddenly felt weight thump into his side. Seokjin turned his head to his left.

If there was one thing that Seokjin was not going to dwell on for the safety of his own life, it was the fact that Yoongi was now sleeping against him where they stood.

The younger males current dyed brunette hair was squishing into the side of his face, a result of leaning against Seokjin’s shoulder. Mouth open in a tiny ‘o’, Seokjin’s shirt sleeve fluttered slightly as Yoongi breathed in and out in gentle patterns of sleep.

Regardless of how bizarre this situation was, and how if Yoongi was awoken in the wrong way it wouldn’t end well, Seokjin couldn’t help a small smile. The other members too watched on in amusement, even Jungkook, who mere seconds earlier could barely keep his eyes open, was raising a brow at the sight.

The unusual action didn’t last for long though, as the staff signalled they were ready for the shoot to begin, revealing it would be a Run episode.

Carefully and lightly as to not upset the other, Seokjin nudged Yoongi awake. The male hummed in annoyance and stretched out against Seokjin’s arm before standing properly, swerving back on his own two feet with a slight pout on his face.

Even so, Yoongi continued to lean towards him. Seokjin tried not to focus on this too much, instead, he wondered if there were magnets in both of their bellies and if that was the reason for Yoongi’s closeness. It was among one of the only explanations Yoongi would hardly stay so close.

Or he was just tired, of course...

“Look boys, we understand it’s early and that you’ll soon be starting your break, so let’s get this done quickly for you.” The only responses the staff received were Namjoon’s thumbs-up, and Jimin’s begging to do the introduction, to which they agreed upon his puppy eyes and puffy cheeks.

“Alright, boys, ready? Countdown 3, 2, 1…”



With all the energy they could muster, the boys zoomed through the introduction. Namjoon even spoke about their break, why BTS wouldn’t be active musically wise for a while. Seokjin clapped along with the others and cheered for their relaxation period.

“But before this break happens, we must complete what we will be doing for this episode. So, what will we be doing?” Hoseok referred to the staff, who took it as their cue to happily explain.

“This ‘activity’ will actually be stretched over a series of episodes. You will be having a week's break before your actual one; however, ARMY will be watching over for ‘a day in the life of BTS’.” The members nodded in understanding and waited for the catch, since there always was one.

“We are going to be setting up a couple of rules. During this week, doing certain things written on a list provided will result in punishments given at its end.”

Seokjin couldn’t help chuckling softly to himself and mumbling, “Doesn’t sound like much of a break.” He felt his heart jump weirdly hearing Yoongi grunt in amusement beside him, almost missing when the staff said they were travelling to Belgium.

While the others cheered and oohed their excitement at this, Seokjin showed his a different way.

“Waffles.” Was all he could say. He knew ARMY would appreciate that.

That of course got a reaction out of them all. Jungkook laughed and clapped his hands in his seal-like way. Seokjin sensed Yoongi facepalming beside him. He smiled, not so tired anymore.

He was gonna have fun for sure on this trip.

Seokjin thought the trip to Belgium was uneventful, as he ended up sleeping for most of their flight. With Taehyung beside him, Yoongi and Jimin’s seats facing their own, he was able to get comfortable easily just being with his brothers.

Buckling his seatbelt, Seokjin clutched his RJ plushie close, resting his chin against the top. He stared forward for a while because of it, not bothered moving his limbs. Soon he glanced up, and he met Yoongi’s gaze. It wasn’t piercing, rather gentle, even if appearing abnormal to others. Instead, it merely involved the two of them locked on one another comfortingly, as if they were attempting to slowly uncover the other's secrets. They remained in this lock even as Seokjin's eyes slowly and carefully fluttered shut. He wouldn’t know why the youngers gaze remained on his sleeping form for the rest of the flight.

Upon arriving in Brussels, the members rushed to exit the plane and airport, excited about exploring new surroundings in a different country. After a few photos were taken to commemorate the trip, they travelled to their apartment.

Upon entering the place they awed over it. It was massive with plenty of room for each member to have their own room, aside from two, who had to share. Taehyung and Jungkook easily volunteered to do so.

It wasn’t long into unpacking before Seokjin was called over to secure his mic pack around his waist. As the staff fiddled with it to get it fit to sport his size, he thought to himself just like usual how invading this was, if he were to sneeze embarrassingly the staff would know, if he were to say something rude- not that he would ever- it could result in a horrible case. Seokjin eyed the on and off switch as the staff flicked it on, symbolised by the small red light in the corner.

Always listening. Seokjin thought.

After the rest of the members received their packs, they were all called to position to begin filming again. Suddenly, Namjoon tapped his left shoulder and pointed at something behind him, causing him to turn and take notice of the whiteboard sporting their rules and punishments. There were so many that Seokjin had to squint, and even then, it was all jumbled to him.

Because of this, he wasn’t listening until the staff handed each member a paper of the same rules and punishments on the board, a reminder for when they couldn’t remember and if the board wasn’t in their sight.

Seokjin read over the list, mumbling it quietly to himself as Jimin and Hoseok made comments of their own for the camera.

“Breaking anything will result in a water balloon thrown at you, starting an argument will result in an hour walk up a steep hill…”

However, it was one rule in particular that stood out to him the most, also catching the eye of his brothers, mainly because of its ridiculousness.

“Kissing another member will result in both having to kiss again?” Yoongi spoke up. He sounded just as confused- though amused- as Seokjin felt. “That doesn’t sound like much of a punishment if it’s deliberate.”

“Well, I mean, it’s not like any of us will kiss each other anyway.” Taehyung chuckled softly, boredly fanning himself with his paper.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Hoseok spoke up. “I’m starting to get a bit of a lean towards Jiminie!” To emphasise this, he latched onto the other, pursing his lips and making kissy sounds. This was to Jimin’s dismay of course, as he whined and attempted to push Hoseok off.

Seokjin merely smiled and continued reading the other rules. He wasn’t worried about most of them, the ones resulting in a ‘bad’ punishment would be difficult to achieve anyway, especially the kissing one. Regardless, he told himself to stay on guard, competitive nature bubbling up inside of him.

“Well, it’s obvious who’s going to win this, I’m Kim Seokjin, winning is in my name.” He teased, to the other members' annoyance. He smirked, a glint in his eye as the countdown of the game began.

Only 3 days had passed and Seokjin was happy to see that only a small punishment was to be brought upon him. So far he had only managed to drop a basket of apples off the dining room table, which would result in him drinking a glass of lemon juice. In hindsight, it wasn’t as bad as the others punishments.

With Namjoon being Namjoon, he had dropped and broken a variety of objects as a result of clumsily tripping over the camera cables, slipping across the tiled floor, or having it just magically breaking after touching it. The situations Namjoon was placing himself in was able to make Jungkook laugh for up to 10 minutes at a time, though he himself was not without fault either. The maknae was sporting an hour of silence for accidentally bruising Taehyung’s foot in a tussle. Jimin had sworn a couple of times, whining as his punishment involved posing sexily for 20 minutes, which Jungkook pestered be similar to the one in their Tear photoshoot. As the maknae pulled down his sweat pants a bit so that his underwear peeked out and lifted an arm, revealing a section of his tummy as though imitating his hyung, Jimin threw a pillow in his direction and protested. Seokjin wasn’t certain about Taehyung and Hoseoks punishments, the other two not explaining them to him. He figured they didn’t care about the game.

He wasn’t surprised that no punishments were made to Yoongi’s name. The younger had been hiding out in his room most of the time, and when with the others he was almost completely nonchalant about the whole thing. Seokjin wished he could do the same. If Yoongi kept this up, he just might win without even caring. So, the elder tried to get into Yoongi’s mindset. He thought about how they were really here to relax, and how the staff just made it so that they would still have some kind of content released while they did so.

He felt slightly better thinking like that. He thanked Yoongi in his mind.

It was now around 1:30 pm and Seokjin was laid down on the couch, him and Namjoon watching quietly as Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok played a game on their rental PlayStation. Jungkook was asleep, body sprawled along the couch with his head in Namjoons lap.

The eldest hyung couldn’t help but feel tired himself, eyes closing for a few solid seconds every couple of minutes. Taking notice of this, Namjoon hummed.

“Why don’t you go to bed, hyung, we can sort out dinner.” He smiled softly. Seokjin chuckled, standing up and mumbling about how he was completely worried about that. Dodging as Namjoon lightly threw a pillow his way, he grunted as he stretched, slumping his way to the bedrooms.

He took note of how most of the staff behind the cameras looked and possibly felt just as shattered as he. He wondered why, considering they weren’t the ones being filmed 24/7.

Feet dragging, Seokjin entered the corridor and opened his bedroom door. The blinds were already shut, making the room an endless dark void once he closed the door, save for the small red light in the corner of the ceiling, symbolising the BigHit camera constantly watching their every action.

Seokjin trudged towards the bed, flopping ungracefully on it and climbing under the covers. He shivered and nuzzled closer to the lump he thought was his RJ plushie.

“Jin-hyung..” a low, raspy voice murmured.

“Mm..” Seokjin acknowledged, eyes closed in content and not considering the rest of the world around him.


Seokjin forced his eyes open, locking gazes with a slightly annoyed Yoongi. He sported a cute bedhead, brows furrowed in questioning. They stared at one another for a good while.

“This isn’t my room.” the elder stated matter of factly.

“He’s a genius.”

He smiled and chuckled, Yoongi doing the same as he reached a hand up from the covers to brush some of his messy hair out of his eyes.

“Sorry, Yoongichii..” He whispered. “Guess I lost track of where I was supposed to go.”

“It’s alright, you can stay as long as you don’t push me off.”

Seokjin only hummed, eyes closing once again as he already began to meet sleep. “Mm, I promise..”

It eventually overcame Seokjin, the elder easily falling asleep beside Yoongi, warmth radiating from within his chest.

He dreamed of fun times he had with his members, the memories they made together. He dreamed of their time at the water park, the obstacle courses and playing water volleyball. Chin deep in the numbing dream water, Seokjin laughed as he watched Yoongi splash about on the opposing team, cheering and shouting how he would defend the ball, but to no avail. Dream Seokjin was confused as to why he was focusing mostly on Yoongi, but didn’t dwell on it.

When the game was over, Seokjin continued to stare at Yoongi as he flopped out of the pool, obviously dripping head to toe and panting heavily. He watched the steady rise and fall of his chest, accentuated by the swimsuit plastered against his skin, the way Yoongi brushed his wet brunette hair from out of his chocolate brown eyes.

“Hyung..” Yoongi panted as he smiled gummily in the elders direction.

Seokjin took note of how they were alone. He was confused, this surely hadn’t happened on the actual day. Turning back around, Seokjin gasped softly as Yoongi seemed to have teleported closer to him. He glanced down to the other, who still sported a smile, and was reaching out to run his fingers through Seokjin’s own wet fringe and tuck the annoying hair behind his burning ear.

“Yoongichii..?” Seokjin breathed, still confused by the youngers actions. Yoongi’s hand remained close to the top of his ear, before his fingers gently moved to caress the back of the elders head and slowly bring him down, closer to Yoongi’s face.

“Relax..” Yoongi whispered as their wet foreheads connected in a light squish. A drop of water fell from a lock of Seokjin’s hair and trickled down his cheek to his lips. He gulped as Yoongi’s eyes followed its trail. On instinct he took a glance down at Yoongi’s own lips before running his gaze along the rest of his face.

Yoongi was hypnotising, not a blemish along his pale skin. His lips glistened a soft red under the sun. He wondered why he was focusing on this and shook his head a little to clear it.

Seokjin couldn’t help but pull himself in, eyes glazing over as Yoongi’s own fluttered shut the closer he got. The tip of Seokjin’s nose brushed against Yoongi’s cheek as he tilted his head to the side, silently and gently connecting their lips.

A sigh, gentle, even through the trembling lips it erupted from. Although the lips responded to his touch, it wasn’t long before they moved away, and Seokjin threatened to open his eyes in dismay.

“Oh my God..” Yoongi’s low voice breathed out.

Fumbling, then a click. A hand travelling to Seokjin’s waist, more fumbling, another click.

“Hyung..hyung, wake up.”

Seokjin grunted, carefully opening his eyes. “Mm..what..?” His vision blurred with the effects of sleep still overcoming his body, but he did he best to eye Yoongi, albeit away from his piercing gaze, the events of his dream making him shiver uncomfortably.

“What the hell was that?” Yoongi questioned, not unkindly, but not calmly either.

The elder blinked in both confusion and irritation, realising he forgot to take his contacts out beforehand. But that wasn’t the current situation. “What..?”

“Kim Seokjin, you just kissed me in your sleep.”

And time stood still. It was then that Seokjin realised Yoongi had turned off their mic packs, so the staff couldn’t listen in on their conversation. He risked a glance to the camera in the ceiling corner, red light ever on. He hoped the angle they were in didn’t pick up on what just happened.

“Oh..oh my God, Yoongichii, I’m so sorry..I just had this dream and I..” he shook his head, not wanting to explain further. Instead, Seokjin pushed the covers off of himself, ignoring Yoongi’s protests as he quickly exited the room. He covered his ears with his hands, taking note of their warmth in his embarrassment.

Upon re-entering the living room, the afternoon light almost temporarily blinding him, Seokjin rushed his way to the kitchen, only to be stopped by the staff. When asked about his mic pack, he merely replied with, “I guess I turned it off in my sleep somehow. Sorry.”

The rest of the evening was spent with Seokjin avoiding Yoongi’s presence at all cost. The latter had come out of his room to share dinner with the rest of his members, smiling gently and merely nodding if anyone asked if everything was okay since he was literally out of his room. Yoongi just told them that he’d had an ‘epiphany’ and just had to come out. The members sang Seokjin’s song in response to this, to which the eldest squirmed, knowing Yoongi’s true meaning behind it.

So instead, he remained close to Namjoon throughout dinner, the leader magically sensing his nervous demeanour and wrapping an arm around Seokjin’s shoulders as he waited for him to finish his food, himself already done. He engaged in a soft conversation with Jimin while Seokjin quietly ate, trying not to glance at Yoongi, whom he knew was watching him consistently throughout the entirety of dinner.

Once all the boys had finished, they decided to play a horror game- Jimin, Jungkook and Namjoon the consistent members on board and actually playing whilst the others sat behind them, commentating or screaming in tense moments. Seokjin rested his head on Taehyung’s shoulder and lightly held his hand, a small comforting gesture for the younger blue-haired male who flinched every few minutes in fear.

After a night of practically endless fun, it was time for bed at 1 am. Jungkook was already falling asleep leaning against Hoseok, mouth puffed out tiredly and eyes barely open before the elder carefully led him and Taehyung to their bedroom. The rest of the members all said goodnight to one another, some going straight to bed while others moved to take quick showers.

Before doing so, Namjoon pulled him aside in the corridor, enwrapping him in a quick hug and rubbing his back comfortingly. He sighed, shutting his eyes as he relaxed into the leader’s embrace. “You know, whatever you’re worried about, don’t dwell on it. It’s relaxation period, is it not?” Namjoon mumbled in his ear, smiling gently at Yoongi as he walked past the two, unbeknownst that the worried glance he’d shot at Seokjin was more than what it seemed.

Seokjin hummed and eventually pulled back, nodding. “Yeah, I know. I’m fine, really.”

Namjoon just smiled and bid him goodnight after squeezing his shoulder.

Around two hours had passed since then, and Seokjin’s eyes, red in irritation from the early hours of the day, stared up at the dark ceiling. Regardless of what Namjoon had told him, to not worry, the anxiety inside of him couldn’t help itself. Not only had he kissed Yoongi, like- kissed him, he had also risked his chance of missing out on punishments.

Not that this competition mattered anyway.

Countless times, Seokjin wished and begged himself to sleep, to wash the days' worries away. But he just couldn’t. Overcome with guilt and something else he couldn’t identify, he eventually sat up in bed, having enough. Sighing, he pulled the heating blankets off himself and got up. His feet slapped lightly against the cold marble floor, but he continued on, desperate.

Upon opening his bedroom door, he quietly rushed to the room opposite his, the one he had earlier mistaken as his own. This time however he paused at the door, hesitant, unsure if Yoongi was still up. Shaking his head, Seokjin noted how Yoongi would hardly sleep early. It was be dead during the day, and awake at night for him.

Regardless, he remained civil and knocked on the door gently, waiting to see if the younger would respond. When Seokjin had waited in the dead quiet corridor for around two minutes, he tried again.

It wasn’t long before Seokjin heard quiet shuffling from inside the room, the door handle quietly twisting and opening slightly from inside. Seokjin could just make out Yoongi’s figure in the darkness, except a small light was coming from behind him, making his eyes ever prominent.


“I’m so sorry.” He began, whispering.

Yoongi stood there, mouth agape before slowly closing it. He nodded, as though he was waiting for Seokjin to continue.

“I didn’t mean to kiss you, I know it was weird and I promise it was only because of the stupid dream I had about you- no- wait- that’s not what I meant!” Seokjin covered his face with both hands, whining quietly in them. He took a deep breath before moving them away to continue.

The younger kept on watching him, attempting to speak up. “Hyung, just-”

“I’m sorry for being distant tonight as well, it was wrong of me. I just didn’t want to make things awkward even though I know I did by ignoring you. And I’m also sorry for leaving your room so fast...and...ruining your chance to be punishment free for Run.” He concluded, looking anywhere but the other. Lifting his right hand, Seokjin rested his palm against his ear, feeling its increasing warmth.

But then another hand unlike his own reached out to his nightshirt, pulling him carefully inside Yoongi’s room. Seokjin stumbled on his feet, turning just in time to see the silhouette closing the door silently. “Wha..Yoongi-“

And then once Yoongi turned, lips were on his.

A hand made its way up to Seokjin's cheek, its caress so gentle Seokjin couldn’t help freezing in place. It was a gentle brush of lips on lips, and Seokjin was shocked. He practically yelled at himself on the inside on how he should be doing something, anything.

After getting over his shock, in embarrassment, he slowly closed his eyes and responded. With a shaking hand he reached out to grasp Yoongi’s hipbone, thumb running unconsciously along the waistband of his pyjama pants in awkwardness. He moved closer so the two now rested chest to chest, lips remaining sealed together in their soft caress. Seokjin could feel the steady rise and fall of Yoongi’s chest against his own, however in the opposite way, as though they were battling against one another for dominance.

With heads tilting occasionally to give themselves a chance to breathe, the two remained in their kiss for a while. They had ended up pushing themselves, with Yoongi’s back sliding slightly against the door. The younger ran his fingers into Seokjin’s hair, lightly fumbling with the strands.

Soon enough their lips slowly separated with an almost silent pop. All that could be heard within the room now was their gentle breaths. Seokjin swallowed as Yoongi carefully spoke up.

“I’m not mad at you..and I don’t care about this stupid punishment game- you of all people should know that.” His statement made Seokjin laugh quietly, to which the younger smiled gummily and redden before he continued. “And..when you kissed me earlier...I just couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that...I wanted you to do it again.”

Glancing back up into Yoongi’s eyes, Seokjin saw through the faint light in the room how much they were sparkling with the truth. “What..?” he asked breathlessly.

“You heard me. Although, I guess this time it was me who acted first…” he blushed further under the elders gaze. Seokjin watched him a while, as their arms remained wrapped around each other. He felt Yoongi shift awkwardly. “Hyung..please say something..” he mumbled. Glancing down, Seokjin took note of the way he was holding the younger. He breathed out.

“You know...I wouldn’t mind it if..we were to kiss again, at some point.”

As Yoongi tilted his head to properly look up at him, mouth agape in a small and shocked ‘o’, Seokjin merely smiled at him, and it was all the answer Yoongi needed before reconnecting their lips.

Their kissing sessions continued for the rest of the trip. Every night, one would sneak into the room opposite their own, greeted by an open door and lips pressed against theirs before they were pulled inside. Before long, the week was over, and it was time for the boys to receive their punishments.

The staff set the members into a line, going down the list and committing punishments one by one to those who had broken the rule. After Taehyung received his punishment for accidentally breaking glass, the staff read out the next rule

“Kissing another member means they have to kiss again.” Namjoon laughed.

“Come on, no one is gonna receive this one. It’s a stupid one at that, and an invasion of privacy, really.” No one noticed Yoongi and Seokjin quickly glance at one another as the staff readied themselves to read out who would receive the punishment.

“You’re right, Namjoon-ah. No one will be getting this.”

The two of them widened their eyes, however composed themselves and attempted to not look fazed. And when the other members laughed and the staff moved on, so did they.

The rest of the punishments were soon given out, the episode able to come to a close, and meaning the members were finally able to start their extensive break. And on the flight back to South Korea, if the members noticed the way their eldest hyungs were sitting closer to one another, smiling knowingly, laughing gently through hushed whispers, with their fingers intertwined as they slept,

They didn’t say a word.