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He opened his eye slowly as he became more aware of the fact that he was no longer sleeping. He was facing Goth, who was beside him sleeping as well. Gothy, his pet name for his husband, was asleep in on top of the covers and still in his clothes, unlike Palette who was underneath the covers and in his boxers. ‘I guess he was too tired to do anything else and just flopped on the bed.’ Palette watched with a smile as Gothy breath in and out slowly with a cute expression on his face, like nothing bad could ever happen. ‘But something bad did happen, remember?

Palette frowned at the thought. He quickly shifted away from Gothy and got out of bed, in hopes of not disturbing him too much. He limped to the bathroom without too much trouble this time and face the mirror, frowning at what was reflected. The left side of his skull was gone, along with the eye socket that was once there. A small part of his mouth was disintegrated that help complete his smiles, making it hard to chew his foods. His entire left arm and the most of his rib cage were nowhere to be found while there was only a small fragment of his left clavicle and left scapula remaining. Most of pelvis had remained intact however it was severely damaged around the illum and tail bone area. His left leg was fractured all the way through, from the neck of the femur all the way to the talus of the foot and he would always limp on it. The edges of his entire body that were damaged were burnt and rigid, perhaps even sharp. He didn’t like clothing around those parts of his body because they always tore open the cloth and even pulled on his bones. Palette was very sore and sometimes it hurt when Gothy hugged him, however he never said it out loud.

Many people said he was lucky to be alive, that it was a miracle; it wasn’t. What had happened was no miracle.

They had been best friends since…to Palette it felt like forever. He loved spending time with Gothy despite his silent nature, all offensive jokes on misery and despair, and the poor outlook on life itself. To Palette, there was a special part of him that radiates a brilliance that Palette could not ignore. Perhaps it was the way he smiled when he was delighted, or even the small giggles he made when he was amused. Maybe it was Goth’s laugh when he was truly happy. Either way, Palette found that he enamored Goth very much, which is why he confessed his feelings to him.

At first, Goth made fun of Palette for any as such, which was typical of him, but it did leave a somewhat bitter feeling in his soul that Palette did not like at all. Then he tried once more but Goth merely interrupted him with a completely different topic, leaving Palette confused for a brief while. After the third time, Goth merely said “no” to him. This had made Palette angry. Palette started yelling and screaming at Goth because of this, with tears flowing from his eyes and no clue as to what he was actually saying. Then he ran off to somewhere, to where he couldn’t remember now. He sat there, wept in sorrow. He couldn’t understand why Goth wouldn’t love him back then. He had honestly thought something was terribly wrong with him. Goth eventually found him, through Ink and Dream’s help.

He explained that things weren’t the same for him and Goth, love wasn’t possible. Palette would eventually die of age, while Goth was…ageless. Things made more sense as Goth explained things to Palette while he calmed down, but still…did it matter in the end? He still cared for Goth…so was it possible? For love to exist? How naive he was back then…

It happened on their first date. Goth was dressed in a nice outfit with a white hoodie as to not so suspicious while Palette wore his best clothes; however both had their obvious scarves to show off. They mostly did their usually stuff when they hangout, but there was some exceptions like Palette paying for the ice cream, lunch, and…well… everything. They did watch a romantic chick-flick/horror movie to which Palette tried to make his move twice but got too nervous to pull it off. Finally, it was nearing the end of the day, to which Palette was planning to watch the sunset with Goth and maybe even try to make up for his loss in the movie theater…but as they walk along the sidewalk Palette notice smoke up ahead. A fire truck roared past them and headed in that direction, to which Goth calmly said, “It’s probably one of the buildings on fire. We shouldn’t get involved.”

“But…” Palette had said, thinking the worst. What if he could help? What if there was something he could have done? There was probably humans and monsters trapped in that building too! What if they needed saving?! He should have listened to Goth. He shouldn’t have gotten involved. Why didn’t he just walk away? Cause it wasn’t the right thing to do? ‘And look what happened. A mess has occurred. An ugly, hideous mess is what happened.’

Palette knew he had to get there and help. He told Goth to stay and that he was sorry for ending the date so soon. Then, he took off toward the direction of the upcoming commotion with Goth screaming out for him to stop. As Palette saw the situation, he saw the state the poor state of which building was currently in; it honestly looked like it was going to collapsed. Firefighters were dragging many victims out of the buildings while ambulances were coming and going. The flames were still very hot even though Palette was not near the fire. He heard some firefighters beside him, saying things like, “there’s more survivors upstairs!” “There’s no way we can reach them though” “Get the ladder!” “Clear out of the building it’s going to collapse!” Palette was horrified when he heard this, but foolishly ran inside in hopes to help those victims.

He ran through the flames at the front door and started climbing the stairs, leaping from the one edge of the gap in the stairs to another, hearing for any signs of distress or help. He tried to keep his clothes from burning from the flying embers and the roaring flames while covering his face from the smoke. Then he heard it. The small cries for help. He followed the noises to a door that was barricaded on his side. He removed the debris as fast as he could, then rammed into the burnt door, thus breaking it open. Once opened, he saw two young human girls face him: one that was a toddler hugging onto another that was around his age that seemed to be protecting her. “C’mon!” he hollered in panic, taking his scarf and jacket off. The older girl immediately took the jacket and covered the little girl, picked her up and covered her head with the scarf. “Thank you...” she said with worry, “but how are we going to get out of here?”

“It’s okay! Just hold on to me-“ Palette had started to say but he felt the ground starting to give way underneath them. He quickly grabbed them and started running back out, but the stairs back down was breaking apart and burning to ash. He had to go upward, and he dragged the girls with him. The amount smoke in the building was increasing the higher they went, and it was suffocating even to Palette. “Don’t breathe in the smoke!” he cried out, but the floor was giving way faster than all three of them could run. The walls bucked inward and apart and soon the entire building was falling down on top of them…crushing them…burning them alive…

“Paly baby, what’s wrong?” The familiar voice brought him back to the present. To what was happening now, or what was left of his reality? Palette realized he was looking into the mirror once more, crying tears again over something that couldn’t be stopped. Goth ran quickly to hug him from behind and only then did he realize that he was shaking all over. “You were thinking about it again, weren’t you?” Goth asked. Palette didn’t want to answer, mostly because he knew he would upset Gothy again and they would argue once more about it. Then what? It wouldn’t lead to anywhere. Instead, he just exhaled and leaned against Goth, snuggled against his neck and cheek with what was left of his face. Gothy held onto Palette and cuddled back, saying small suggestions like “You’re getting shaky, let’s get you back to bed” and “It’s probably a good idea for you to get some rest, okay?” In truth, Palette was too anxious to rest as his body jerked from head to toe. Nevertheless, he let Gothy led him out of the bathroom and tuck him back in the bed.

“Do you need some more medicine?” Gothy asked. Palette nodded, just barely watching Gothy go through the drawers and just focus more on just thinking that fire…why didn’t he just grabbed those two girls and just teleport anywhere? Even with the little control he had of his teleportation, they would have escaped though! They would have still been alive if he didn’t hesitate but…he did nothing and now they’re dead! And him…his body…he would be dead too if it wasn’t for Gothy…but…what good is it now?!

“Hey! HEY! Paly! Stop that!” Gothy shouted out, lightly shaking Palette out of his traumatic state. Palette looked at Gothy for a moment before looking at the medicine in Gothy’s right hand and the glass of water in left hand. After helping Palette with the medicine, Goth got some clothes out of the closet, kissed Palette gently on the mouth, and went in the bathroom to take a shower. Palette listened closely to sound of the water going in the shower before feeling the medicine taking effect, slowly drifting off to sleep as he remember the painful screams of that fateful day.



Goth felt the warm water hit his bones, relaxing him and putting him at ease which he needed after everything that just happened. He needed to calm down as well, plus get ready in a few hours to take his dad’s shift. Goth didn’t mean to go to sleep like that in his clothes and now he had to get an early shower so that he wouldn’t be late. ‘It’s ironic, isn’t it? The void in which we live may not have the concept of time, but time still flies so fast if you’re not careful.’

The void, or as others would more accurately call the ‘Save Screen’, is where they live now. Together. Him and Palette…his husband now. ‘Still not used to the idea that I’m married, even though it has been long time… ten years at least?’ It didn’t help that they still look like children: Goth had stopped aging when he reached ten years old…but Palette still had his young adolescent body since he entered the void. ‘At least he’s not dead…right?’ Sometimes Goth wasn’t even so sure anymore, with the recurring nightmares and trauma that they both experienced. True, they enjoyed their company very much and loved each other…but it wasn’t the same as it once was. Then again, his parents warned them of such; that once they got married that it would never is the same. It was just one of many warnings that they were given about what was to come.

Goth soon realized that the water was freezing and that the hot water ran out. He rinsed off quickly and got out, his head being foggier that before his shower. As he dried off, his mind wandered off to that day…the day he ‘saved’ Palette. He had chased Palette all the way to the fire, even though he knew where it was. He hoped that Palette had not gone in when he arrived yet he stood there though, waiting for the heroic exit that Palette should have made, maybe carrying a victim or two, having not been hurt the entire time.

However, it did not happen that way. The building collapsed, almost so instantly that Goth didn’t have much time to process the information given to him; when he did, he fell to his knees and cried out in anguish. He’s whole body trembled as he realized that the one person he could ever love without fault was dead. It was almost a poetic sign to him…that he could never be happy. This is why didn’t want to go out with Palette. Why didn’t want Palette to love him…because it would break him on the inside. It was like he was cursed, and because of that curse Palette was gone.

 ‘Not yet. He’s not dead yet, and you know why’ a voice inside in spoke out. Goth stopped sobbing for just that one moment when a thought came to him. That one thought that brought some amount of hope to him. ‘Where is Dad?’ For a second, Goth felt a spark of determination in him as he looked around. Normally, he could sense his dad whenever they were in the same AU, mostly because Goth himself had the same powers as he dad…just on a significantly weaker level. Right now…he couldn’t feel his dad’s presence. ‘Oh thank goodness that Death is the laziest Sans around!’

Goth got to his feet and ran to the remaining debris, with other monsters and humans yelling at him to stop with one goal in mind; ‘Save Palette, and get there before my dad does!’ Goth couldn’t remember how long he was in rubble, pushing through the dirt, dust, and ash before he felt it…Palette’s soul resonating with the will to live. He had ran to the spot where he was sure Palette would be, digging through the wood and concrete, until his eyes laid on Palette’s frame.

Palette was still dusting away, part of his body already disappearing, while holding the hand of one of the unconscious human girls, both of them mostly smashed to pieces. Gothy felt like throwing up at the horrific bloody sight, the first time he ever felt this feeling about any form death at all. He knew why though as he stared at Palette’s decaying form. Digging and pushing away the obstacles, he managed to uncover Palette’s body enough to pull him out gently, holding him dearly and closely to his body.

“Paly?” Goth said softly, hoping for an answer, but Palette’s eyes did not open; worse was that he was dusting away…from the left side as it was the most damaged. Goth’s eyes began to tear up again as he said, “Oh Paly”, realizing that maybe he was too late. He soon felt a familiar presence that he feared right now, for Palette’s sake, as a shadow covered both of them. Goth turned behind him and faced his Dad, Death, with pain in his eyes. Death’s eyes only reflected back the harsh truth of reality.

“Please…spare him…”

“You know I can’t”


“He is no different than anyone else Goth. Even if he was, nobody escapes me in the end.”

“…Mom did”

And just like that, Death relaxed his gaze on Goth before turning his body away. Goth cried out, “Please…I need him…like you need Mom…”

“You have thirty minutes”

Goth was confused at first, but Death explained, “But know that once you take him there, he can never leave for he will surely die.”


Goth was startled by the noise, his mind brought back to the present. The annoying wake call from his alarm told him that he needed to get up and get ready for his shift. Goth quickly ran over, clutching his bath towel to his body, to turn the alarm off before it bothered Palette. After he done that, he went to his closet, opened it up, and noticed that more of his clothes were cleaned and either folded up or hung up nicely. ‘Despite being in pain, Palette tries his best to help out. Maybe he’ll feel better eventually, and realize that everything can be alright, even though it isn’t perfect. Then he’ll be happy again.’

Palette smiled at this thought, and looked back at his husband, who was smiling peacefully this time. He knew Geno, his mother, had his difficulties when he was first trapped here. Once Geno met Death, he…was not very pleased to say in the least however he did not become as depressed and lonely as he once was. Over time though, through the constant company that Death brought…and the sex…Geno found happiness and peace. He even had his own house with Death where he can cozy it however he pleases, while Palette and Goth had their own house for their privacy; this was thanks to Ink and his ‘imagination’ and ‘willingness to break some rules of reality’.

Maybe Mom can help Paly somehow…I’ll ask him later’ Goth thought as he got his clothes on, his stuff ready, and kissed Palette gently on the forehead before warping out.