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we live on a feeling

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Karen pouts at the window, “It was supposed to rain.”

Caleb can’t find it in him to care, even though he should. Last night was a one-off, and in the light of day not even Billy is thick enough to ignore their odd habits. Not to mention, they’re fresh out of tomato smoothies.

The shower cuts off, and Caleb starfishes out over the bed, nudging Karen’s thigh. “Oh no we’ll have to stay.”

Billy walks in nude, and fuck, Caleb’s so hard for this idiot. Karen’s totally going to be a bitch in round two, probably shove him into a sun spot and get the first bite that breaks skin. (There isn’t usually a second.)

“C’mere, join us Billyboy,” Karen coos.

Billy glances at him too, and Caleb exhales- maybe they can actually make this mess work. (As long as Karen doesn’t kill the human first. She is the absolute worst at self control and bloodlust, and that’s coming from him.)