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The Devil and I

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 Beth has gone. I don't know where she went... she's never run away before. Maybe I didn't give her enough treats, or perhaps I didn't pet her enough, and that's why Beth left. She's probably looking for a better home or... someone took her. People like dogs and Beth is a pretty good dog. The kids that live on this block would probably like a dog like Beth; They probably like to steal from others to pass the time too. I ask all my neighbors and the walrus if they have spotted Beth, they all give me the same answer. No one has seen Beth. Maybe she went to the forest?


"Beth... BETH!?" I shouted into the darkness of the woods. Nothing but the hope to ail my lonely heart fuels me to search amongst the endless maze of evergreens. "Beth, girl if you're out there bark twice... please Beth please." Once more, I meet with the hearting sinking reply that is utter silence. My tired feet stumble upon the mossy rock littering the soft soil ground. The air has become unwelcomingly cold; If Beth is still wondering outside, she'll surely freeze. I continue to roam my fueled with the hope of finding Beth; My hope is slowly dying with the last of the daylight. I see a house and I being my lazy trot towards it.

My knuckles rasp against the door of the lonesome home; The door's texture feels off. This is not a wooden door nor is crafted from metal or plastic. I am hit with the realization of what this door is crafted out of, "...Bones"

I can footsteps trailing behind as I stare at the gratuitous house built from bones. A voice calls out, "JOHN!" When I turn around, I am met with a familiar face. It's the policeman for some reason unbeknownst to me he has his gun trained at my head. "I wish you hadn't seen this house, John." Shame and regret coat the police offer's voice. "I am really sorry, pal. I wish it didn't have to be this way... but you know much." 


For a moment, I dwell on his appearance. He is all that I am not. This man is the definition of rugged. Stubble crests his chin and semi groomed mustache crowns his upper lip... unlike my bare face vacant from all manly facial hair. His eyes burn with an intensity... unlike mine; I could never hone that amount of passion from myself. His hair is dark cut short, but somehow it looks unkept... manly... unlike mine. His arms and legs rippled with muscles... unlike mine. His skin is had been darkened by spending hours under the sun... unlike mine. It is no wonder why this handsome specimen is betrothed while I spend my life with a quadruped I have come to know as my best friend, as my dog, as Beth. 

Hapless I am; The only thing I can do is raise my hands above my head in surrender. One question pops into my mind, "Oh! Did you take my dog?" The policeman lets his arms go slack a smile starts to curl the corners of his lips. I am only relieved that he isn't aiming the firearm at my skull. I watch as he starts chuckling and then he breaks into a full gut-busting belly laugh; I am not exactly sure what's so funny I wouldn't say that there was an ounce of hilarity in the question. "YOUR DOG? WHAT IN THE DEVIL WOULD I DO WITH YOUR DOG!?" He continues his laughter, but I do not find any bit of this mildly amusing. 


"But if you didn't steal my dog, then why are you--" I am cut off before I can finish my question by the police officer's booming, boisterous voice.

"John, no. I'm sorry, but no one cares about your dog." My heart has started to shatter at his words. "This house on the other hand... what you stumbled upon here... I can't just let you go back and tell the others this secret. MY secret." Something in the distances rustles the branches of the pines; Immediately, the officer is focused on the unknown interluder. "WHO IS THERE!?" With this magnificent opportunity, I enter the disgusting house and use my body to keep the door shut. "YOU GET OUT OF THERE, JOHN MOTTS!" 

The policeman continues to shout on the other side. "I think I'm going to stay inside."


"You really want to know what's on the inside of that house, John? You think you're ready? Well, you just keep your eyes open. 'Cause from here on out, it's gonna be darkness everywhere for you, John Motts. Darkness..." The officer's voice starts to fade, "... just like it is for me." 



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