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Her First Love

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Standing barely over five feet in height, she walked through the crowded streets of the city. Her fiery red hair illuminating in the warm, Paris sun. She purchased macarons from a nearby shop and nestled down on a bench in the park near her hotel and watched as children played and couples rode their bicycles down the brick paths.  


This is incredible.

Dana Scully never thought she’d find herself on vacation in Paris just a few months after her eighteenth birthday. Her parents had let her come alone after weeks of insisting she needed the holiday before starting her first semester of undergrad in the fall. So here she was, alone in a foreign country, full of wanderlust and adventure; ready to take on anything this city was to throw her way. 


She finished her dessert just as dusk started to break. Dana had no plans for the rest of the evening so she gathered her things and headed back to her hotel. It was small and definitely older, her room. It was all her parents could afford. But she loved it. She set her small leather bag on her bed and undressed to take a quick shower, deciding she would go out for a drink since the night was still young. The warm water refreshed her nerves, solidifying her decision to go out and have fun that evening. She finished her shower and after a quick check-in call to her parents, she dressed and walked to a nearby tavern down the street. 


Dana walked boldly in her four inch black go-go boots and sleek black dress topped with a black leather jacket. Her mid-length hair was pulled in a low ponytail, with a thick black scrunchie holding it all in place. She sat herself at the counter and ordered a beer, grateful to be able to order a drink at eighteen. She downed her drink and ordered another, scanning the room for someone to possibly chat with. 


Dana felt her heart skip a beat as a young woman gracefully entered the room. Her long blonde locks curled loosely around her nearly makeupless face. She wore a tight, black turtleneck dress and an oversized burgundy blazer, with dark hoops dangling from her ears. Her nails were trimmed and polished in shiny black, while her delicate feet displayed dark red pumps. A new song blared on the jukebox and Dana quickly snapped out of her trance, turning back to her beer and hoping the alluring blonde didn’t notice her gawking. Sweat began to build on Dana’s brow. She had never seen someone so transcending and beautiful. She had never felt her heart skip a beat and a fire build beneath her bosom just by looking at someone, let alone a woman. Dana closed her eyes and took a breath, finishing her beer in one swift gulp. “Hi. I’m Stella,” she heard a delicate voice utter.


Oh my god.


“Um, hello,” Dana said in almost a whisper, losing all of the confidence she had earlier. “I’m Dana,” reaching out her hand shyly to gently shake Stella’s hand as she took the seat next to Dana. She looked down and tucked a loose strand of auburn hair from her face as Stella directed the conversation. 


“I saw you as soon as I walked in. You are very beautiful,” Stella confidently smirked.


“Oh, thank you. I, uh - think you are as well.”


“I know, I could see you admiring me from across the room.”


Dana laughed. “Are you always this bold, Stella?”


“Yes,” the blonde woman stated. 


“Ah,” Dana said cheerfully, “I like that. Clear and to the point. Where are you from, Stella? Your accent sounds British. Am I correct?”


“You are. American?” Stella asked.

“Yes. I’m from DC but I am here on vacation before I start my first semester of college. What about you?” 


“I’m here on holiday as well. From London. Though I’m not sure what my future holds for me just yet,” Stella conveyed, summoning the bartender over to order a drink. “A whiskey, neat for me,” she told the man. “And for my friend here -” she turned back to Dana. 


“Same, please,” Dana smiled.


“So, Dana, what are you majoring in?”  Stella asked. 


“I start pre-med in a few months,” Dana answered, taking a sip of her drink as the bartender brought it over. It burned her throat and she tried to play it cool in front of Stella.


“Impressive,” Stella winked, throwing back her whiskey in one go. 


Both of them chatted about everything and nothing for what seemed like hours, getting to know the stranger across from them. After awhile, they sat and stared at each other for a few moments. Dana could feel Stella’s deep blue eyes pulling her in. Stella reached her hand over and traced her fingers across Dana’s arm. She could feel a warm fire spark across her skin and she let out a soft whimper. Dana’s reaction made Stella smirk even harder than she had been that whole evening. 


Dana cleared her throat. “So, um, Stella, when is your birthday?” she asked. Hoping not to sound too desperate to know if Stella was indeed at least eighteen. 


“I will turn nineteen on November fourteenth. You?” Stella stated, returning her fingers back to Dana’s arm. This time tracing the skin higher on her arm, closer to her bicep and her left breast. 


“You are just a few months older than me,” Dana paused, a chill running up her spine from Stella’s touch. “I’ll be nineteen on the twenty-third of February.”


“I guess it’s fate then,” chirped Stella.

“Is this alright?” Stella asked after a few minutes, noticing the goosebumps on Dana’s arm flare up over and over again. She ran her fingers up Dana’s neck and tucked the rebellious strand of hair back behind Dana’s ear. 


“Mhmm,” Dana hummed, staring back into Stella’s eyes, another shiver running through her body. 


She didn’t know where her confidence suddenly came from. Maybe it was the alcohol. It was most definitely the alcohol. But she wanted this. Dana leaned in, placing a soft hand on Stella’s thigh, and kissed her hard on the lips. It was fast and beautiful and before she knew it Stella was leaning back in for another. This time entangling her tongue with Dana’s. She could taste the whiskey and a slight tang of peppermint in her warm mouth. Dana could hear her heart pounding in her ears. 


Stella pulled away before Dana was ready. A look of disappointment obvious on her face as Stella smiled, knowing what she was to say to Dana next. 


“Take me back to your hotel, Dana.” Stella whispered in her ear.


Dana gulped, sweat forming in her underarms. She had never kissed a woman before tonight, let alone taken one back to her place. But she knew she wanted this. She really wanted this. And she was ready. 


Grateful for her liquid courage she set some money down on the counter and grabbed Stella’s hand, leading her out of the tavern to walk down the road to her hotel. They walked hand in hand through the short walk, ignoring some dirty glances they received from an old couple passing them by. 


“Are you nervous?” Stella asked, noticing the slickness of Dana’s hand against her own. 


“Yes,” Dana admitted, grinning at her feet. 


They walked in silence into the building and to Dana’s room. Once inside Dana locked the door and turned to Stella. 


“Would you like anything to drink?”


“No thank you. But I would like to use your bathroom and freshen up,” Stella answered.


Dana ushered her to the bathroom door. Feeling gratitude for a moment of solitude she took a deep breath and gulped down a glass of water. 


You can do this, Dana.

A few minutes later Stella emerged from the bathroom. “Oh my god,” Dana whispered. Stella stood in the doorway, clothes almost completely shed, wearing nothing but a creamy lace bralette and a matching thong. 


“Oh my god,” Dana said again, this time louder.


“Come here, Dana,” Stella pleaded. “It’s alright.”


Dana walked over, placing her hands nervously on Stella’s hips.


“Have you ever done this before?” Stella asked her. “With a woman I mean.”


“No, not with a woman. Just with a guy I dated in high school. Have you?”


“Yes. With both. I haven’t been with as many women as men, but I prefer to sleep with women.”


Dana was grateful for Stella’s openness and honesty. Somehow it made her feel a lot better about making herself vulnerable in front of someone she had just met. But something about Stella made her feel safe. She felt like she had known Stella for a lot longer than just one short night. The connection she had already felt with her was the reason she had agreed to bring Stella back to her hotel in the first place. She was already feeling things for this woman. Another thing to add on her list of firsts tonight.


Stella wrapped her arms around Dana’s neck and kissed her softly, pulling her close to her own body. Dana reciprocated, tightening her grip around Stella’s hips and grinding her own against Stella’s. They both kissed in euphoria. Intertwining their bodies as soft whimpers escaped through both of their open mouths. Dana kicked off her boots and pushed Stella closer to the bed. 


“Teach me, Stella,” she whispered.


Stella, feeling awakened with her need to please and show Dana everything she knew, slowly peeled off her partner’s dress, realizing there was nothing underneath but a small, black piece of fabric around Dana’s wet sex. A gush of wetness filled her own panties.


 “Lie down on the bed,” Stella ordered. 


Dana obeyed, tucking an arm underneath the back of her neck and spreading her legs, eagerly awaiting the blonde in front of her. 


Stella climbed on top of Dana. Running her hands over her skin, already knowing she liked that. Stella could see her breasts heaving heavily in anticipation. She moved her fingers from tracing along Dana’s abdomen and moved them to her perky breasts, teasing around her areolas until her fingers pinched down on both of her hard nipples. Dana let out a moan of excitement. “More,” she pleaded. Stella kneaded her tits and leaned down to sloppily kiss Dana, their tongues sliding together in a harmonic rhythm. 


“God, you’re so wet,” Stella hummed, cupping her hand around Dana’s pubic bone and slipping a finger past the dampened fabric, teasing her folds. Dana breathed deeply and arched her back as Stella inserted a finger into her pussy, and then another. “Fuck,” Dana cried.


Stella removed Dana’s panties in one swift motion and returned her fingers to Dana’s entrance. “Do you like this?” Stella asked. “God, yes!” Dana shouted. Stella slid down until her face was in Dana’s pussy. She flicked her tongue across Dana’s clit, still pumping her fingers inside of her. 


“Fuck, Stella, I’m already ready to come.”


She smirked up at her partner and then returned her tongue to Dana’s clit, stroking the soft bud until she could feel Dana’s warm walls clamp down around her fingers. 


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” Dana yelled. Stella continued to slowly finger her, letting her come down from her high point. 


“That was fucking amazing,” Dana whispered.


Stella relaxed her body next to hers and they both lie there breathless. Dana couldn’t believe what was happening. She was having sex with a young, beautiful woman in Paris. She was so profoundly happy. She didn’t know she could be that turned on, like ever. She didn’t want to stop. She wanted more. She wanted Stella to show her how to please her.


 “Show me what you like, Stella,” Dana said, moving her hand towards Stella’s underwear. She traced the top of the lace, feeling Stella’s soft brown curls through the fabric. “Teach me,” she whispered. 


“I think you’re starting off just fine on your own.”


“Mmmm,” Dana hummed joyfully, slipping her fingers past the fabric and slicking her fingers through Stella wet cunt. She was so nervous but she couldn’t stop.


“Yes, right there,” Stella urged as Dana found her clit. “Harder.”

Dana circled her fingers, desperate to please Stella and eagerly wanting to know what she liked. 


“Like this?”


“Fuck. Yes.”


Dana removed her fingers and turned to Stella so they were both lying on their sides facing each other. Stella took off her panties and Dana resumed her work on Stella’s pussy. Her other hand pushing Stella’s bra down. 


“You’re so beautiful,” Dana said, taking a mouthful of Stella’s breast, sliding her wet tongue over the hardened nipple.


“Dana you’re going to make me come.”


A shot of pride ran through Dana as she kept up her work on Stella’s clit, and before she knew it Stella was shaking and moaning in release. When Dana could tell she was finished she wrapped her arms around her partner’s chest and they both breathed silently. 


“Was that okay?” Dana asked after a few moments of silence.


“Very much okay,” Stella laughed. “Are you sure that was your first time?”


Dana giggled as a blush of rosy red spread across her face. “Thank you,” she said to Stella. “You’re a great teacher,” she laughed again.

“Like I said before, Dana, you did just fine on your own,” Stella grinned, pulling Dana in for a kiss. “That was lovely.”

Dana pulled the blanket up and let Stella return her fingers to trace her skin. She loved the warm feeling of Stella’s skin against her own. They both lie unmoving in a puddle of their victory.

“You’re amazing, Stella. I’m so glad I met you,” Dana sighed, pulling her in and hugging her tight. But Stella pulled away slightly, immediately regretting the instinct as she rested her head against Dana’s and hoping she didn’t notice.

“Is everything okay?” Dana asked with concern.


Stella never even opened up to anyone and yet this tiny redheaded woman lying next to her was making her come undone. She sighed. “I just - I really don’t make connections with people. Especially people that I sleep with.. And I don’t know.. But something about you, Dana, it makes me feel differently. I’m really starting to like you already. It’s new territory for me and it’s kind of frightening. I’m sorry that probably sounds so stupid,” Stella said, shaking her head in embarrassment. 


“No not at all,” Dana responded honestly. “I don’t really know how you feel exactly, and I don’t really know your situation, but I think I feel the same way. I’m not a very open person. I don’t make connections very easily either. I close off, I take too long to show emotions and affection. But… I really like you a lot already, too, Stella. More than I thought I could.” 


They both looked at one another and laughed nervously, feeling very vulnerable yet comforted by what they were feeling and doing with each other. Both accepting it. They cuddled for a while, talking more about nothing and everything until the two of them were exhausted.  


“I should probably go,” Stella stated after looking at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Not wanting to leave but knowing she had to eventually. Habitually trying to end the night early.  


“You don’t have to...” Dana trailed off nervously.


“I know,” Stella frowned. “But I leave back home tomorrow afternoon,” she trailed.


“Oh.” Dana’s heart dropped.


“I’m sorry. I wasn’t going to say anything...but then this all happened,” she laughed, squeezing Dana’s hand.


“I understand,” Dana sighed.


The look in Dana’s eyes made Stella feel pained. “Do you want me to stay?”


“No, it’s okay, Stella. You probably need to pack and get things ready.”


“I don’t want to leave,” Stella admitted, and Dana smiled. They were both still lying naked under the covers, Stella’s hand in Dana’s. “I have had an amazing night with you. Why don’t I stay and you can see me off in the morning.” Dana nodded and nuzzled her nose into Stella’s collarbone.  


“Goodnight, Stella.”


“Goodnight, Dana”


* * *

The next morning both women woke up happily in the arms of the other.

“Good morning,” Dana breathed. Blissfully content with the events that had unfolded the night before.

“Morning,” Stella smiled.

“When do you have to leave?”

“My train leaves at half past 1,” Stella answered.

Dana glanced at the clock. “Well we still have a decent amount of time. It’s only 9:15.”

“We do have some time. What would you like to do?” Stella asked, biting her lip and looking at the breathtaking red head next to her.

“Teach me more, Stella.”

Stella needed to hear nothing more before she was on top of Dana. Her hands around her breasts as Dana squeezed her ass.

“More, Stella, yes.”

Stella took each of Dana’s breasts in her mouth one at a time, giving each nipple special attention as she circled her tongue gleefully around each lustrous nipple.

“You have amazing tits,” she mumbled.

Dana deepened their kiss, smacking the firm backside of her partner as she let out a quiet screech.

“So that’s how you want to do it, huh, Dana?” Stella laughed, arching her back and pushing her ass further into Dana’s grip.

“Mhmm,” was all Dana could muster. Lust filling her brain to maximum capacity.

“Who knew you were so naughty, Miss Scully.” Stella said, lifting Dana’s leg across her and throwing her own over Dana to scissor her. She slowly began to grind her sex against her partners until she had a steady rhythm.

“Oh my god,” Dana cried in response. “Oh my god I’m already close.”

“Fuck. Me too,” Stella yelled. Grinding faster and gripping Dana’s leg against her shoulder.

It was like something out of a perfectly timed dirty movie and they both came at the same time. Both of them moaning and sweating in unison. The sound of their rubbing pussies ringing loud in their ears.

“Wow,” Dana exclaimed.

Stella giggled with pride, resting next to Dana as they both recovered from their staggering orgasms.

After catching her breath Dana turned to Stella and kisses her on the cheek. “We better get going. We still need to eat and get your things.”

“And shower,” Stella stated. Touching the sticky juices on her inner thighs.

They got up and quickly (at least they tried to make it quick) showered, planting kisses all over each other, neither of them taking it to the next level. They just enjoyed each other's company, running their hands over the other’s skin, kissing the other’s lips and neck and shoulders. They dressed even quicker than they showered and walked to Stella’s hotel which was just a few blocks away. Dana helped Stella pack her things. She enjoyed being in her company even if it meant doing something as monotonous as packing a suitcase. Once they were finished they headed to a small cafe down the road. They each ordered croissants and berries, once again talking with the other about nothing and everything. They stayed as long as they could, soaking up each moment before Stella morosely asked for the check. 

A car took them to the train station as they exchanged numbers and addresses. They held hands in the back seat until the car reached the station. It was only a few minutes before Stella’s train was to depart.  


“Promise me you’ll write, Stella? Truly?” Dana asked as the cars brakes squealed to a halt.


“I will,” she promised. Grabbing Dana into a long, tight embrace. “I think it’ll be easier if we say goodbye here,” she finished. Dana nodded and pulled Stella into a passionate kiss, ignoring any embarrassment her former self might have felt from the lingering eyes of the male driver. 


“I hope to see you again, soon, Dana.” 


“Me too, Stella.”


And after one more kiss Stella closed the car door, grabbed her luggage from the trunk and sprinted off. Dana wiped a tear from her cheek and urged the driver to take her back to her hotel. Though she had only known Stella for less than a whole day, she already knew she was falling for her deeply. Though she didn’t believe in such thing she until now, being here at the right place at the right time was fate. She was destined to meet Stella. She hoped she would hear from her soon and hoped even more that she would see Stella again in the near future. She didn’t know how she was going to make that happen but she knew she wanted to more than anything.


I think I’m in love with Stella Gibson.

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She zipped and buttoned the front of her denim skirt as she moved to step into her sleek black heels. A crackle of thunder spewed outside and she wished she had brought an umbrella. Grabbing her matching leather bag she headed towards the front door.

“Can I at least get your name? Or your number, even?” a masculine voice called out from across the darkened flat.

“That’s alright,” she stated matter of factly. Twisting the knob and shutting the door behind her.

It wasn’t unusual for Stella Gibson to be out on a weeknight in an unknown neighborhood in the middle of the night. And this evening was no different from any other. She had met him at the pub she waitressed at. He was very flirty and cute and she was lonely; looking to satisfy a need that she knew couldn’t be filled. She told him her shift ended at half-past nine and he waited for her eagerly. He took her back to his flat across town and fucked her substandardly. Stella was used to being dissatisfied sexually sometimes. More-so as of late. Maybe it was the young, more inexperienced men she chose to take to bed. Or maybe it was because a certain red-haired woman couldn’t be shaken from her mind, causing everyone else she came in contact with to fall short of her expectations.

So here she stood at a bus stop at midnight, half-heartedly fucked and soaking wet from the rain, Dana Scully incessantly on her mind (as she had always been the past two months since their encounter). Her mind flashed to that night. Of Dana’s soft skin dancing beneath her fingernails, of Dana’s soft whimpers as Stella’s tongue lapped circles against her clit...

“Oi! Are you gettin’ on or not?” an irked voice asked.

“Sorry,” Stella said, jumping on the bus and taking an empty seat in the back. Embarrassed that her sexual thoughts of Dana had caused the rest of her mind to shut down. She tried to occupy her mind with different thoughts on her ride home. Will I make salmon or chicken for dinner tomorrow? Do the windows in my flat need cleaning?  But it was no use. God, she tasted so good. Her brain remembered like it was yesterday. Her fingers felt so good on my wet, pulsing cunt. Stella squeezed her thighs together as a rush of fluid filled her panties. She needed to get home. Now.

Stella got off at her stop and checked her mail before settling into her London home. Her heart skipped a beat as she pulled out a small red envelope with the name Dana Katherine Scully written in the top left corner in delicate handwriting. She rushed to her door, grateful she only lived on the second floor, her keys fumbling in her fingers as she unlocked the door with haste. A pang of guilt struck in her stomach. She had promised Dana she would write to her and she hadn’t yet kept that promise. What would she even say? How could she transform her emotions and thoughts into words? How could she express, that after one day of being with Dana, that she had already developed real feelings for her, and that it terrified her more than anything? So she put it off. Two long months of guilt mixed with fear. She was tremendously grateful that Dana had taken the initiative and had written her first. She inhaled a small breath and read the beautifully formed words on the paper in front of her.


Stella -

I am hoping this letter will find you. I moved into my dorm a few days ago and started my classes. I am not ashamed to say that it is easier than I thought it would be and I’m enjoying my classes already. Physics is exceptionally thrilling and enticing. It is great to be living on my own, too. And my roommate seems fine enough.  Nothing much else is going on besides that.

I haven’t heard from you yet. I’m hoping you’re doing well... I’m going to bare it all and be honest with you since committing words to paper is easier than saying them aloud. And I didn’t really say them aloud to you when I was with you. Not as much as I wanted to say to you, anyway. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since the moment we met. I don’t know what it is about you, Stella, but you are always on my mind. Studies. Stella. Studies. Stella. That’s all that’s been swirling in my brain. I can’t stop thinking about our night together. About how you made me feel...emotionally, mentally...physically. God, physically. You were a person in my life that I never knew I needed to meet until it happened. Our one night together has meant more to me than any other experience I have ever had. I am so grateful to have met you and I want to see you again if you’ll let me. Geez, this honesty is riveting. I have wanted to tell you this since you left me in the car that day.

Please, please don’t feel pressured to write me back if you don’t want to. I completely understand if you don't feel the same way. If you do want to write, however, I’d be very delighted to hear from you. Take care, Stella.

Xoxo, Dana

P.S. should you want to call, my new number is (410) 893-5356.


Stella stood there for a moment, rereading the letter a few times over. To her surprise, a tear formed in her eyes and trickled down her smile. She was deeply grateful for Dana’s words. She was glad Dana felt the same way she did. And though she didn’t know what was to come of their relationship, whatever it was, or what they would do about their situation, she knew she already cared for Dana more than she cared for anyone else in her life. Her father, the only person she ever cared for as deeply as she was starting to feel for Dana, had died a few years back, leaving her heartbroken and in shambles. Her mother had died a few years after her father. But they were never close. She had even hated her mother. But the death of both her parents in a short time at such a young age had had a huge impact on her life. Stella was never the same after that. She was all alone. She pushed people away. She never made any true relationships. She was confident in her transgressions with strangers. She didn’t yearn for anything more. But then came Dana. God, what was she to do with her feelings for Dana? She was absolutely terrified of what was happening, but she was also lonely and feeling such a strong pull towards her alluring new friend. There was no way she could ever forget about her.

Overwhelmed by all of her feelings flowing at once, Stella pulled a bottle of wine out of her fridge and downed two glasses. She glanced at the clock hanging dimly on the wall. 1 am. That would mean it was only 8 pm where Dana was. 8 pm Dana time. Dana. Her mind flashed back once again to their night together. The memory so committed to her brain that Stella swore she could smell Dana’s scent lingering on her fingers. Oh, god. 

One letter from Dana and that was all the help she needed to gain the strength to contact her. She needed more. And before she could fully comprehend what she was doing, Stella was dialing the number that Dana had given her.

“Hello?” the delicate voice said over the phone.

“Dana. Hi, it’s -”

“Stella,” Dana hummed.

“Yes. I just read your letter and... Well, I wanted to hear your voice. How are you?”

“I’m doing well. Even better now that I'm hearing your voice. How are you, Stella?”

Stella let out a small laugh. “I'm great. I’ve missed you, Dana.”

“I have missed you too. A lot. Did you like my letter?” a hint of nerves rang through Dana’s voice. She was eager to hear what Stella had to say regarding her declaration. 

“I really did. Thank you. And thank you for writing to me first. I was really nervous to contact you," Stella almost whispered. "Do you really think about me every day?” 

“Yes,” Dana admitted with ease.

“I think about you, too. I’ve been thinking about you every day. Tonight especially. I can’t get you out of my mind,” Stella spoke, immediately feeling her clit swell and her underwear become moist again at the thought of Dana. Flashes of that night returning to her memory in vivid colors and feelings. “I have missed your voice, your smell, I miss you,” Stella couldn’t believe all the words she was spilling so openly. But Dana had started this first. She had poured her heart out to Stella, and Stella wanted to do the same. She couldn't keep it contained any longer. 

“Me too, Stella. Why do you make me feel this way?” Dana laughed shyly. “I’ve been thinking about you so much. Even at the most inappropriate times. I miss being with you. I wish I could see you, to hold you. To - ” she trailed off, embarrassingly.

“To feel me?” Stella asked, “To feel my fingers inside of you?”

“Yes,” Dana breathed heavily. A rush of lust flowing to her own panties.

Stella smiled at how effortlessly they were communicating. It wasn't hard to fall back into the flirtatious flow they had back in Paris, and Stella reveled in it. “What are you wearing, Dana?”

“Um, a t-shirt,” she replied.

“Just a t-shirt?” Stella asked, already taking off her skirt and lying back in her bed.

“Mhmm,” The voice cracked.

“Are you touching yourself?” Stella asked after a few moments. Diving her fingers into her panties and circling her clit in slow movements. A moan escaping from her throat.

A sharp breath shot from Dana as she realized what was happening. “Mhmm,” she cracked again. Licking her fingers and tracing them to her own pulsing bundle as she thought of the woman on the other line.

“Mmm yes. I love that,” Stella whispered loudly as she felt her orgasm building. Thinking of Dana touching herself.

“Fuck. Stella,” Dana yelled, feeling her own peak crashing over her as she strummed against her hot sex. “I’m already coming! Right noooooooow,” she whined. Enticed by how quickly she could make herself orgasm with Stella in her ear.

“Yes,” Stella hissed. Dana’s moans making her come even faster. “God, me too.”

“Come for me, Stella,” Dana urged.


A loud whimper hummed over the telephone line as Stella finished her climax.


A few moments passed as they both tried to catch their breath.


“That was incredibly hot,” Dana sung.

“I should have called you sooner,” Stella teased, still out of breath.

“You should have," Dana laughed, "But it’s okay. I’m glad you did at all.”

“Me too.”

“Stella?” Dana asked.


“Will you call me again?” she asked longingly.

“I will. I like hearing your voice too much.”

Stella could sense Dana smile as she told her everything she needed to hear; everything she truly meant.


“Yes, Dana?”

“Can I ask you something else?”

“Of course,” Stella said.

“What does this mean? Between us I mean? Obviously, we can’t be together. Distance and timing are way too much of an issue. I just started school here and it's very important to me. I don’t even know if 'us' is something you’d want even if we could,” she trailed off.

“I don’t think we can or should put a label on it, Dana. As you said, it’s too complicated. You’re in the U.S. going through school. I am here. I am thinking of starting a few courses in the fall once I have enough money saved up,” Stella stated honestly. “But I do want to see you again. To talk to you, to hear how you’re doing. I don’t want you to put your life on hold for me. You have such a bright future ahead of you. I don’t want to get in the middle of that. I want to be in your life though. I think I always will.”

“I think you’re right. Though I don’t really like it,” Dana shyly laughed. “Being apart from you, I mean. Not getting to see you. I’ll always be here, too, though. Whenever you need me. I’ll be here.”

Stella blushed. She felt so full at this moment. Her heart swelled so much for the tiny redhead on the other line. “Maybe someday…” she trailed.

“Maybe someday,” Dana finished. “When the timing is right.”

Stella yawned. Her mind forgot about the time but her body didn’t seem to.

“It’s late for you. Get some rest. I’ll call you soon, okay? We can talk more then.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it. Goodnight Dana.”

“Goodnight, Stella.”

As Stella closed her eyes and began to settle in for a night of rest, she felt a sense of calm wash over her body. Talking with Dana had eased a lot of her nerves. She got to hear her voice. She even got to have phone sex with her which was hot as fuck. They hadn’t tried to commit to anything. They had just decided to keep in contact and see where the chips would fall in the future. She was okay with that. She could do that. To know that Dana would always be there without having to commit herself fully to something she knew she wasn't ready for. She could definitely do that. 

And with her final thoughts concentrating solely on Dana, Stella contently drifted off to sleep; for once looking forward to what her future held for her. Happy and content. 

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She grasped the letter tightly in her hand as she made her way onto the airplane. In just eight hours time she would be back in Paris. She wished she could order a stiff drink to calm her nerves. She took a deep breath to relax herself as she took her assigned seat. She released the firm grasp she held on the little piece of paper and began to unfold it slowly, careful to keep it out of the curious wandering eyes of the old man seated next to her.

Dearest Dana, she read,


I can hardly believe that in two weeks it will be the one year anniversary of our meeting. I have loved your letters and phone calls so much. They mean everything to me, as you know. But I need to see you again, Dana. To hold you in my arms again and to feel your lips against mine. Seeing as both of our classes are about to end for the summer, and how both of us have no plans for the next few months, why don’t you join me in Paris for a few days. We can stay at the little hotel you stayed in and get drinks again at the tavern down the road. You could even wear that little strappy black dress you were wearing when I met you (so I can take it off again). Say you’ll see me again. I need to taste you, Dana.


- Stella

The thought of Stella’s warm hands racing against her skin, taking off one strap of her dress and then the other, leaving her naked and exposed, sent a shiver along Dana’s spine. Stella’s hot breath against her neck, her arms wrapping themselves around her, making her feel safe and whole. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was going to see Stella again. And she was happy.


As the plane began its departure, Dana smiled to herself and tucked the letter safely into the back pocket of her jeans. She pulled out a book from her backpack and rested it on her lap, preparing for the flight ahead of her. An eight-hour flight wasn’t too bad. It was doable. But thinking of eight hours being the only thing keeping her from seeing Stella made her antsy. She took another deep breath in and rested her head back against the seat. 


“Meeting up with a boyfriend?” the friendly man next to her asked. Clearly noting the happiness on Dana’s face and the love in her eyes as she read Stella’s letter. 


“Something like that,” Dana smiled, and the plane took off into the air. 



“You’ve got this. You’ve got this. You can do it,” Stella whispered to herself. 

Her arms were folded and her body was resting anxiously against the train’s seat as she waited for it to pull into the station. She had invited Dana, a few weeks prior, to meet her in Paris to celebrate the anniversary of the day they had met. She had been about three glasses deep into a bottle of Pinot noir when she had written the letter. She had meant what she had written, of course. She really wanted to see Dana again. But all of her deep-rooted anxieties were coming out to play now, and she was having a hard time mustering up the courage to step off the platform when the train would arrive. She pulled out Dana’s letter from her bag and read the words on the paper to help soothe her mind.


I would love to meet you in Paris. More than anything. And I think I have just enough saved to make it happen. I can’t wait to see you either. I feel like we have been communicating through other means for so long, that seeing you in person is going to be extremely overwhelming for me. In a good way though. I, too, can’t wait to hold you again and feel your lips against mine. Dammit, Stel, I can’t wait to feel your tongue all over my body. To feel your fingers inside me again. Those magical fingers. I’m getting hot just thinking about it. 


 How about we meet on the 16th of June at Hotel Paix Republique. The day before OUR day. I have already looked at potential flights. I could meet you there sometime in the evening (I will call with more details later). 

I know it’s going to be hard for you to brave the trip to see me. So thank you. Thank you for opening up and wanting to come to be with me. You are so brave to face your fears and continue this journey with me. I cannot wait to see you, Stella. I’ll see you in a few weeks.

Xoxo, Dana


P.S. I will most definitely bring my black strappy dress and I look forward to feeling you take it off of my ever so willing body.

As she felt the train come to a stop, Stella closed her eyes and inhaled one last breath of courage. She tucked Dana’s letter lightly back into her bag and exited off of the train car. 


“You’ve got this,” she whispered to herself again. “It’s just Dana.” 



Her pulse was racing, her breath was hot and heavy as the taxi pulled up to the curb of her hotel. She grabbed her luggage out of the trunk of the car and headed inside to the front desk. 


“Check-in for Dana Scully,” she murmured with a clearing of her throat.


“Ah, yes. Miss Scully. Room for two. Your partner has already checked in,” said the lady at the front desk, handing her her room key. A very customer service-friendly grin hanging on her face.


Dana grabbed her key with a smile and a thank you and took the elevator to room 219. The same room she had stayed in before. The same room she and Stella had fucked in exactly a year earlier. She stopped at the front of the door. The memories of Stella flooding her mind like a wave crashing along the shore. She closed her eyes for a moment. Letting those memories pull her forward into the vast unknown of what was going to happen once she opened that door. She didn’t know what these few days with Stella were going to mean, or what exactly they were going to do together. Sex. She knew there would at least be sex. She was longing to feel Stella in that way again. But would it be the same? Certainly, Stella had been with other people sexually since her. Dana, herself, had even invited a man to her bed since Stella. But would she still feel a heat burning on her skin when Stella traced her fingers against her? Would Stella still feel the same feelings for Dana? She pushed those thoughts out of her head and focused back to the memories of last year. She had to think that this would go well. That they would send each other off at the end of the week and be happier and more in love than they were before. She couldn’t bear it to be any other way.

You just have to open that door and see. It will all be the same. It will be fine. It’s just Stella. It will be okay.

Dana pushed away her last-minute nerves and turned the knob to room 219. “Stella?” she called out, “I’m here.”



“Hi,” came a soft voice from across the room. Dana set aside her luggage and peered across the freshly made bed to see the enchanting blonde standing just a few yards away. 

“Hi,” Dana managed to squeeze out, her nerves still prevalent. 

“Come here,” Stella ordered, reaching her hands out longingly towards Dana.


Dana ran over and let her body melt into Stella’s. All of her nerves vanishing in an instant. Her hands exploring Stella’s curves as Stella pulled herself deeper into their embrace. Before Dana could even make the first move she felt Stella’s warm, soft lips press heavily upon her own. A mellow humming sound escaping her throat. Their tongues danced together earnestly, longing to make up for a year's worth of missed time. Their hands seemed to do the same. To want to connect their bodies through touch; tracing their fingers through the other’s hair, along their arms, hips, and neck. Spreading a flame of wildfire with each stroke. 


“It’s okay,” Stella breathed. Pulling her lips away and resting her head against Dana’s. “We’ve got a little time.”


“I missed you,” Dana whispered. A small tear pooling in her eye.

“I missed you too,” Stella smiled. Not moving from their embrace. 

“I was scared. Scared it wouldn’t be the same. That you’d see me or hold me and it wouldn’t feel right anymore. But it does. It feels like the most perfect thing in the world,” admitted Dana.


Stella stepped back so she could gaze into Dana’s tantalizing blue eyes. Cupping her face with her hands as she wiped Dana’s single tear from her face. “I could never look at you and not think that this was right. That you weren’t right. You are everything to me, Dana.”


“And you are everything to me , Stella,” Dana uttered, pulling Stella back into a passionate kiss.

Dana planted one last kiss on Stella’s lips and grabbed her hands. “I wish I could be with you, Stella.”


“You are with me. Here. Now.”

“You know what I mean,” Dana said shyly, keeping her eyes glued to their interlocking fingers.

“Someday, my love. But for today, let’s just be happy with the here and now.”

“Someday,” Dana breathed heavily. “But, yes. For now, I’m lucky just to be here. To be here with you.”



They stayed together in their room for a while. Shedding their travel clothes and cuddling up together on the bed. Neither spoke for a while. They enjoyed the silence together in the other’s arms. Stella habitually made her way to trace her nails against Dana’s skin. Both of them took comfort in that. Remembering how it felt like it was yesterday.


“Do you always paint your nails black?” Dana asked out of sheer curiosity, “Or do you only do that for me?”


Stella giggled. “I wanted to recapture as much of that night as I possibly could. Of our night.”

“Is that why you wanted me to bring my black dress with me?” Dana asked with a cocked eye.

“Yes,” Stella hissed, moving her mouth to Dana’s neck. Placing kisses along each side and gently scraping her teeth along Dana’s clavicle. “That, and you look bloody hot in it.” 


Dana laughed and whimpered. The hairs on the back of her neck standing to attention as Stella’s mouth worked its way down her body. A kiss to Dana’s lace covered chest sent her into even more of a frenzy. But Stella kept moving further. “Stella, wait,” Dana uttered just above a whisper, her mind fogged with lust. “I have been traveling all day. At least let me shower first. I feel all dirty.”


“Mmm-mm,” Stella hummed in protest. Her sounds were muffled by Dana’s underwear beneath her mouth. 




“Shhhh,” Stella whispered, covering Dana’s mouth with her hand. “You’ll taste fine just the same and I have been waiting in agony for so long to do this.”


Dana whimpered and rolled her hips off the bed, letting Stella shed her of her lace panties. Stella ordered Dana to take off her bra and was delighted to see that the clasp was in the front. Dana unclasped her bra and lets her breasts rest, her nipples hardening against the moist touch of Stella’s traveling tongue. 


“Yes,” Dana moaned, feeling Stella’s tender touch on her tits and her wandering fingers as they teased her wet folds. Her fingers tracing her labia as they itched to be inside of her. Before Dana could utter another moan Stella was plunging her fingers into her vagina. Curling and plunging and curling some more, expertly knowing which parts to stroke as she moved her tongue to Dana’s clit. 


“Fuck,” Dana whispered. Letting her body feel everything Stella was giving her. 


Stella peered up from Dana’s pussy. Wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. “Do you want to try it?” she asked Dana.


“Try… eating you out?” Dana asked with a slight nerve in her throat. “I haven’t - I haven’t tried…but... I want to,” she managed to get out.


Stella smiled. “It’s not too hard. I will guide you. We can do it together. If you decide you don’t want to we can stop,” she said, throwing off her own undergarments and climbing backward atop of Dana. Aligning her sex against Dana’s face and vice versa. “Okay?” she asked. Wanting Dana’s permission before going any further. 


“Yes,” Dana whimpered. Looking at Stella’s wet, gleaming slit just mere inches from her face. “Yes. Please.”


Stella took no hesitation in lapping her tongue back into a steady rhythm against Dana’s clit. She could feel Dana’s body tense as her orgasm became closer, and she sped up her motions.

“Oh god,” Stelled yelled suddenly, pulling her mouth away and shooting her head back to look at Dana. Dana had started making her own rhythmic venture against Stella’s clit. She moaned with approval. “Yes, Dana. Just like that. You’re doing so good, baby.”


Dana sped up her work, licking and slurping up Stella sex. Determined to make her partner come for the first time by her own hand. Or tongue so to speak. But Stella was faster and more experienced. And Stella was always determined. Determined to finish the race first, like she always had to. And in this race finishing last meant finishing first. 


“Oh god. Stella. Stella! I’m coming. Don’t - don’t stoooooop,” Dana yelled. Feeling the wave of ecstasy overtake her body as she finished her orgasm. And then another. Two blinding orgasms rushing through her body. One right after the other. Her mind bubbling over with pleasure. She lie there, dazed, only letting her body take a breath for a second, ready to continue her venture on Stella. But before she could dive back in, Stella pushed herself up and inched her body back, sitting her pussy against Dana’s mouth. Hovering her body against her partners. 


“That’s it,” Stella encouraged. Kneading her own breasts as she sat on Dana’s face, bucking her hips to the rhythm of Dana’s tongue. “I’m almost there.” Dana grabbed Stella’s hips as she let Stella come on her mouth. Stella shaking and whimpering as she rode her partner’s face to victory. 


“You did good,” she smirked, turning her body to sit and straddle Dana’s lap. She wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her deeply. 


“Mmmmm,” Dana hummed. “Thank you.”


They didn’t move for a while. They liked to share each other in silence. They held hands under the covers and enjoyed the quiet moments together. A rumble from Stella’s stomach broke their silence. 


“Let’s go to that bar down the road,” Dana said. “I remember the food there looked good. Plus we can order some drinks and prepare ourselves for round two.” 


Stella laughed. “As long as you wear the dress.”



They walked down the street hand in hand. The sun was setting and it was a beautiful, warm summer night. Dana wore her sleek black dress and boots. Stella wore tight leather pants with her red pumps and a white blouse. They took the same seats at the tavern as they did the year before. They split fish and chips and ordered a neat whiskey each. They caught each other up on their daily lives back home that they hadn’t shared before. Dana talked about her family. How her parents had moved again because her father was in the navy. Stella told Dana more about her first semester at uni. About how she was taking a criminal justice course along with women’s studies and psychology. They both ordered one more drink. Stella returned her fingers to Dana’s skin and they enjoyed their night in drunken happiness. Dana insisted on paying for the tab before they headed back to their hotel, hand in hand again. This time taking a long way around so they could take a star-studded walk together.


When they got back to their hotel, Stella started a shower and invited Dana to join her. “Remember the last time we took a shower in here,” she smiled.


“How could I forget. It was really nice,” Dana smiled. Remembering the loving shower they took together last year. No sex, just the two of them enjoying the intimacy of being close.


“I think I’d like to recreate that...but I’d like to make you come this time,” Stella urged, grabbing Dana’s hips as she pulled her in for a kiss.


“Mmm, how can I say no?” Dana smiled, as she lifted Stella’s blouse over her head and kicked off her shoes.


Stella quickly shed her own shoes and the rest of her clothes in a haste. Dana watching with wide eyes as she bit her luscious bottom lip. “My dress is waiting for its place on the floor,” she teased.


In a flash, Stella peeled one strap from Dana’s shoulder, then the other. She unzipped the back slowly, wanting her fingers to touch the skin on Dana’s back and leave trails of fire in their wake. 


A loud breath escaped Dana’s throat and she stepped out of her dress, spinning around to pull Stella into a wet kiss. Both women intertwined with the others naked body. Stella grabbed Dana’s hand and guided her into the shower. The warm water splashed over them and they returned their bodies and lips together. 


“Touch me,” Dana demanded. Feeling brave in taking the lead as she rubbed her fingers against the top of Stella’s slit. Her fingers making small circles in Stella’s short brown curls.


Stella followed her instructions as Dana rested a leg up on the edge of the shower. Both women were as close as they could be in the small, steaming space. They both worked each other's clits until they were panting and shaking together. Holding each other close as they recovered from their highs. They quickly washed one another and hurried to dry off, barely being able to catch their breath in the hot shower.


They made their way to the bed, not bothering to dress, and snuggled beneath the blankets. “This is nice,” Dana professed. She stroked Stella’s hair and closed her eyes. Happily content with the events of the day. 


“It is,” agreed Stella, holding her closer as her eyes began to shut. “Goodnight, Dana.”


“Goodnight, Stella. Sweet dreams.”



Dana awoke the next morning to the bright Paris sun, still wound in Stella’s embrace. She kissed the top of her head and inched slowly off the bed, trying not to wake Stella. After a quick pee, Dana hurried back to the bed, already missing the warmth of Stella’s body. “Good morning,” she said, pulling herself into her partner. 


“Good morning,” Stella said as she planted a quick peck on Dana’s cheek. “Happy us day. Breakfast?” 

“Happy us day,” she smiled. And please,” Dana urged. “I’m famished from yesterday's...proceedings.”

Stella chuckled and made her own trip to the bathroom. “Okay, so breakfast. Then what? What do you want to do today?”

“I’d love to see the Eiffel Tower with you.”


“It’s a date.”


Both women beamed from ear to ear.



They ate croissants and fruit at the same breakfast cafe as the previous year. Talking about everything and nothing before heading off on the rest of their date. They walked the two miles to the Eiffel Tower, enjoying the grounds surrounding the beautiful monument. Stella grabbed Dana’s hand as they made their way up the elevator. They couldn’t help but feel the romance in the air. “Wow this is breathtaking,” Dana stated, taking in the view once they reached the top. “It is,” Stella agreed, not yet looking at the view Dana was, but looking at Dana herself. Admiring the extraordinary woman accompanying her as she squeezed her hand a little harder. 


Dana wasn’t much for public displays of affection. Even the hand-holding with Stella was a stretch for her. A stretch she was okay with making now. But anything else made too many knots in her stomach. So she surprised herself when she pulled Stella in for a kiss, even letting it linger longer than she had thought. She loved the way Stella made her feel courageous. She loved the way Stella made her feel. 


They spent a few hours wandering around the city and ended back at the grass near the Eiffel Tower. They purchased sandwiches and ate them on the law. Diving deep into childhood stories; the good and the bad. Stella was very forthcoming about her memories with her mother, and Dana smiled at the way Stella’s eyes lit up when she talked about her father. “You miss him, don’t you, Stella?” Dana asked. 


“Very much. You’re all I have left,” Stella trailed, wanting to keep the conversation from getting too heavy. “Let’s head back. I have a belated birthday present for you and I’m dying for you to open it. Come on.”


“Happy very late birthday, Dana,” Stella said, handing Dana a neatly wrapped box. A smile formed on Stella’s face and she couldn’t help but giggle a little. “Go on, open it!”


Dana peeled away the purple wrapping paper. A gasp erupted from her mouth as she saw what was wrapped inside. “Oh my gosh. Stella!” she laughed in awe as she opened the box and took out the item inside.


“Can I use it on you?” Stella grumbled with lustful eyes. She slowly took the object from Dana’s hands and tried it on over her clothes. “What do you think?”

“I think,” Dana spoke excitedly, “I think I better get undressed. Quickly. So you can show me how to use it.” Shedding off her clothes in haste as she finished her sentence, Dana lie flat on the bed. Naked and ready for Stella. “Teach me,” she whispered. Repeating the words teasingly as she had said them once before. 


“I’ll teach you,” Stella announced. Removing her own clothing and strapping Dana’s gift back onto her body. “But this is just for you. For your pleasure only. And I won’t take complaining for an answer.” 


“Stella, you got me a large, black strap-on dildo for my birthday and I can’t even try it on?” a dramatic pout hung on Dana’s face. 

“Mhmm,” Stella answered as she jumped on the bed and mounted Dana. “Are you ready?”

Dana bit her lip and nodded as Stella lubricated the strap. She teased Dana as she moved it from her ass up to her clit and back down again. “Mmm, yeah you are ready for me, aren’t you,” Stella uttered, and softly plunged the tip into Dana’s wet and ready opening. 

“Oh god!” Dana yelled as Stella inched her way slowly into her until her strap was fully engulfed in Dana’s pussy. “Oh god!” she yelled again. Stella thrust her hips harder. Creating a rhythmic slapping sound as their two bodies met. She let Dana bask in the feeling of her pleasure before throwing her legs over her shoulders. Dana moaned a loud sigh of approval. 

“Do you like that?” Stella asked.

“Yes, Stella. Yes, yes, yes,” each word escaping from her mouth with each of Stella’s thrusts.

Stella then pulled out, flipping Dana on her hands and knees as she entered her from behind. “Oh god. That feels so good, Stella. Don’t stop.”  Stella thrust harder and faster. “I’m gonna come soon.”


Stella pulled out again and Dana shot a look of confusion back at her. “Climb on top and ride out your orgasm, Dana. I want to watch you.” Dana obeyed. She straddled Stella’s waist and slowly filled herself with her new favorite toy. She quickly found a rhythm of bouncing and grinding and she felt herself on the brink of her peak. 


“Yes. Yes. Yes,” Dana yelled, moving her hips faster. Stella grabbed her bouncing breasts with her hands and squeezed them in excitement. “Fuck. I’m there,” Dana whined, continuing her riding until she relaxed atop of Stella, breathless and dripping with sweat. “Wow,” was all she could spit out.


“Happy belated birthday, Dana,” Stella giggled, kissing the top of Dana’s head. “Now get some rest. We both have to leave back home tomorrow.”


“I don’t want to. I don’t want to leave,” Dana huffed, sliding off of Stella and resting next to her on the bed.


“You know I don’t want to either,” Stella sighed.


They stayed up together until past midnight. Talking and touching. Being with the other as much as they could. They kissed until their jaws were sore and their bodies couldn’t move anymore. They settled into a spooning position with Stella in the back, caressing Dana’s arms and hair, until they couldn’t keep their eyes open any longer. Letting sleep finally overtake them.



They both slept a little restless. Both knowing it was their last night together until they could meet again. Both pulling the other closer to their body each time they awoke. When morning came they rose with a groan. They took a loving shower together like they had their first time there. They dressed reluctantly, not wanting time to pass. After packing their belongings they ordered breakfast in and enjoyed each other's company. After they finished they ordered their own separate cars. One to take Stella to the train station and one to take Dana to the airport. 


“I don’t want to leave you again, Stella,” Dana cried as she hung up the telephone. “I’m not ready to do this again.” Tears began to pour from her eyes.


“I know, it’s okay,” Stella hushed, grabbing Dana into an embrace and wiping the tears from Dana’s eyes. Pools filling up in her own. “We’ll see each other again. I promise.We did it once before and we can do it again. I’m grateful I even got to see you again, Dana. That we could afford even two or three days together this time. Next time we’ll make it a week. Don’t cry, please.”


“I know. You’re right. I still can’t help but be upset over leaving you again, though.” A horn beeped outside. “Kiss me, Stella,” Dana urged. 


They kissed with tongues intertwined and tears falling from their face until they heard another honk outside. “We have to go,” Stella said, standing up and taking Dana’s hand. They walked hand in hand together outside. Two taxi cab’s waited against the curb. Dana grabbed Stella and held her in a tight embrace, kissing her once more. “I love you, Stella,” she whispered, pulling herself back and cupping Stella’s face in her hands. More tears began flowing down her cheeks. She then tore herself away, leaving her luggage to be taken care of by her driver, and ran into the car. She buried her face in her hands as her tears turned into sobs.


Stella watched as Dana’s car drove off and disappeared from view before getting into her own car. “I love you too, Dana,” she whispered to herself. “I love you too.” 

Chapter Text

Her eyes flashed open to the quaking sound of thunder as a bright flash of lightning danced through her opened window. Sweat pooled around the collar of her neck and the back of her shirt. She sat up slowly, still in a daze, trying to shift her state of mind from the depths of her terrorized unconscious to the sharp and focused phase of awakening. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness of her bedroom, she let out a long exhale of breath that she seemed to be holding on to. She abandoned her bed quickly and shed herself of her soaked pajamas. Once her body felt physically freed of the remnants of her dream, she crawled restlessly back into bed. Hoping to slip back into a more peaceful slumber before her brain could further process its playback of haunting memories.

It was just another nightmare.  

Her attempts to shake the dream from her mind were thwarted as the images of her dying father resurfaced. His cold, fragile hands in her own. His sunken, lifeless face staring shallowly back into hers. The strands of iv's spiraling through the hospital room as the machines beeped loudly in their frivolous attempts to keep her father alive. It was a dream she had dreamt far too often. A nightmare that she never seemed to get accustomed to having.

She took another deep breath and downed the last few drops of the glass of water sitting on her nightstand. She pulled her blanket up to cover her face. Hoping the weight of the downed comforter would help keep her anxieties at bay. 

Just then, to her indebted surprise, the line of her telephone rang. A slight smile and a shot of relief spread across her face as she reached for the receiver. She knew exactly who would be calling her at this hour, and she was incredibly grateful for it. She needed peace of mind. She needed the distraction. She needed her.

“Hello?” she said, managing to hide the fear in her voice as she tried, still, to recover from her nightmare. 

“Stella,” the voice sang from the other line. “Hi.” 


Dana sat cross-legged and fatigued in the middle of her bed. She closed her physics book and gathered her papers as she finished her homework for the evening. She looked out her window and sighed at the darkness that enclosed the grounds of her campus. It was just another weeknight in the life of Dana Scully. A full day of classes and a full night of studying. She barely had time for anything else (though the thoughts and memories of Stella always danced through her mind). She glanced at the clock on her nightstand. 10:18.  She was finished a little earlier than she expected, and she was excited to have a few minutes of time before going to bed and returning to her day to day life the next morning. 

It had been just a few days since the start of her first semester of college following summer break. It had also been two months since she had last seen or heard from Stella Gibson. The day they had said goodbye, again, before leaving one another. The day Dana had told Stella she loved her. She was terrified to call Stella. To say those three little words to her and not hear them back. To be vulnerable once again. She knew Stella was different than most people. That she didn’t love as willingly and as easily as she did. But Dana could feel their connection and their love for one another. She knew how Stella felt by the way she touched her skin, by the way she kissed her softly and passionately like she was the only being on earth who mattered. She was hoping Stella could be brave enough to say it back; to admit to herself and to Dana how she truly felt. She knew that Stella had promised to always be there for her, but she wondered if she pushed too far too fast. No relationship compared to the one they had together and she didn’t want to lose that.

With a mixture of angst and excitement, eager to hear Stella’s voice, but agonizing over her anxious thoughts of abandonment, Dana crossed the room and picked up the phone. Quickly dialing the number (that she had memorized since the day she had sent it to her) to Stella’s flat. She knew it was the middle of the night for Stella.  Would she be sleeping? Or would she be restlessly lying in her bed like Stella had conveyed happened far too often? she thought. Regardless of Stella’s state, she had to try anyway. She needed to talk to her. She needed to hear her voice. She needed Stella.

The phone rang only twice before Stella’s voice played quietly through the phone.

“Hello?” Dana heard her ask sweetly.

“Stella,” she said. “Hi.”

“Dana. How are you? Is everything alright?” Stella asked. She knew calls to and from Dana in the middle of the night weren’t abnormal, but in her frazzled state, she felt herself longing to know that Dana was okay. In that quick moment of hearing her voice, she suddenly released all of the fear and anxiety she had been carrying from their last encounter. Their encounter that ended with Dana professing her love for her, leaving in sobs before Stella could even react. She, too, had said she loved Dana. But only once she had left. When it was bearable to utter those words. She had been terrified, until now, to spill her feelings. To be vulnerable with Dana like she had with no one else before. To jump down the rabbit hole of the unknown, hoping to come out the other side without bruises and war wounds. Maybe it was the fear of losing Dana like she did her father (whose images still flashed vividly in her memory), that pulled her from her normalcy of fleeing. It was only a few words. They both knew how they felt. Why was this so hard? 

“I’m exhausted, honestly,” Dana laughed. She could sense a bit of nervousness vibrating from Stella’s line. “But I’m good. I’m sorry to wake you, Stel. I just needed to hear your voice. It’s - it’s been a while since we’ve spoken.”

“It has,” Stella admitted. Hanging her head a little as she heard the sadness in Dana’s voice. “I’ve missed you. And you didn’t wake me. Don’t feel sorry.” She pulled the telephone cord to the end of her small apartment and started a pot of tea. Hoping to settle the last little bit of her nerves.

Dana sighed. “Another nightmare?” she asked in disconsolateness. Her dimly lit kitchen played shadows across her face as it frowned in frustration and sadness.

“Yes, but I’m alright,” Stella stated honestly. Feeling much better now than she had before Dana’s call.

“I wish I could be there for you,” Dana sighed again. She longed to comfort Stella. To even just take away some of her pain.

“But I never have nightmares when I’m with you.”


The line stayed silent for a few moments while both women tried to think of what to say next; how to bring up the elephant in the room that they both knew needed to be addressed at some point. Both knowing sooner was better than later.

“Stella, I-”


“No, let me,” Stella interjected. She wanted to ease Dana’s mind. To tell her everything was alright and that they would be okay. She wanted to be brave. “When you said...those words to me. The last time I saw you… I started tearing up on my way to the train station. And -” she hesitated, pulling her kettle from the stove and pouring its contents into her mug as she gave herself a moment to gather her feelings. “And I said them back to you. Once you left. I was too afraid to say them aloud with you there... But I don't think I'm afraid now.”

“Stella, you don’t have to,” Dana urged. She didn’t want to pressure Stella any further. She didn’t want her to regret saying it too soon. She realized she wanted this more than she needed Stella to say those words to her. “I know how you feel about me. I really do.”

Stella sighed. Knowing that the old her would have taken that road out. To abandon her feelings at the slightest loosening of the rope. “Dana, please.” She was whispering now, summoning all of the courage she could find. “I - I love you.” 

Tears spilled rapidly from Dana’s eyes as Stella gave her the one thing she didn’t know she could ever truly get. Her acceptance. Her commitment to something greater than just a cross-continental friendship. Her willingness to divulge herself from her deepest fears and let herself truly feel. For her love. “I love you too, Stella,” she cried. 

Silence fell once again over the telephone line. Dana’s sniffs were joined by Stella’s as they both quietly shed tears; soaking up each other’s love and reveling in their own fearlessness. 

“Dana?” Stella uttered quietly.


“I have to go,” she spoke sorrowfully. 


“I know. Me too. It’s late. Especially for you. Can I call you tomorrow if you have time? Or maybe in a few days?" Dana sighed. "Oh, and Stella?”



"Hmm?" she hummed sweetly.



"Thank you." Another tear fell from Dana's face. Her heart full to the brim.




“Of course. Anything for you," Stella smiled. "Call me after your last class tomorrow, okay? I’ll be home.” And she meant everything she said.

Neither of them wanted to say goodbye, but they both knew their relationship could only be lived in bits and pieces. That they would have to get back to their separate lives. They longed for a time when they could spend more than a few days together at once. For a day they didn’t have to communicate through phone calls and letters.

“Sweet dreams, Stella, and sleep well. I love you.”

“I love you too, Dana. Sweet dreams.”

Chapter Text

It had been almost one whole year since she had seen her face. She missed the way she flipped her wavy blonde hair quickly and gracefully from her face with her fingers. The way she parted her lips with her tongue as she traced it drizzly from left to right. The way her eyes fixated charismatically on her own, pulling her deeper into its mystifying depths. The way the light danced off of them, reflecting waves of cascading blue. She could feel her heart begin to beat faster. She was anxious. More anxious than she thought she could ever be. She would see her soon.


Dana Scully fingered her passport and boarding pass restlessly as she waited to board her plane. She hoped arriving an hour ahead of schedule would help ease her mind and keep her on track, but it didn’t. As she stood in the crowded D.C. airport she couldn’t help but start to pace back and forth a little. She watched as children played with their dolls as they awaited their flight, and inattentively eyed couples and traveling businessman as they carried on through the busy hallways. But she failed to occupy her mind with anything other than the imminent trip that had suddenly caused a stir in her. She tried to remind herself to stay calm - that everything would work out fine and that she had nothing to worry about - but her thoughts kept racing and her anxiety ascended. Dana took a deep breath in and sat in the nearest seat, letting her mind course its way back to her objective. She was getting on a plane to see Stella. She would be okay.

Exactly two months earlier her and Stella Gibson had started planning their annual trip to Paris together. She was anguished to hear that Stella couldn’t yet afford the trip to see her. That her rent and schooling took the majority of her earnings, and that her job at the pub only secured her enough to get by. So, they mournfully decided to postpone their venture until the end of the year and go during Christmas time instead, when Stella would have enough saved up for a train ticket. Dana knew Stella had inherited some money when her parents died, so she was fazed to know that Stella couldn’t go. A sinking feeling arose in her gut once she realized that Stella must have used the last of that money to meet with her in Paris last year.

Dana hadn’t yet told Stella that she had managed to fit in a part-time job into her schedule since last years trip and that she had saved every dollar in that time, waiting to use it to pay for her next holiday with her favorite person. She worked herself tirelessly. She was grateful to her parents for paying for her schooling and housing. Without their help, she wouldn’t ever be able to see Stella again. But still, between her classes, studying, and her tutoring job, Dana’s year had been exhausting. She didn’t care too much about the busyness of it all, though. She loved what she was doing. She also knew that saving money meant getting to see Stella again, and she wanted to see her more than anything. Dana also knew deep down that Stella would never let her pay for her trip, let alone a train ticket. No matter how much she would want it, Stella was too proud for that. So, Dana decided to surprise her instead. She bought a one-way ticket to London as soon as she could. Letting her spontaneity take the lead and letting her doubts of Stella’s approval linger behind. She couldn’t wait until Christmas. She needed her now.


So here she now stood in line at the airport. Waiting to board her long flight to London to see Stella once again. Impatiently checking her watch every two minutes until she was finally able to board. She hastily made her way down the rows and took her seat in the back next to the aisle. She pulled out her heavily used copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s from her backpack as she gently set the bag down on the floor next to her feet, and began reading the first page of her book. She hoped to quiet her butterflies and extinguish her anxious thoughts and let the flight pass her by as quickly as possible. As she tried this, however, only getting herself halfway through the first page of her novel, a man started making his way to the seat next to her. She lifted her tiny legs to let him pass by but he barely fit through the small window of space between Dana and the seat ahead of her. In his attempts to squeeze through, the man accidentally kicked over her backpack, spilling another book from its contents as he tripped his way over to his seat. 

“Sorry about that,” the man smiled, taking his seat as he picked up the book. “Here you go.”

Dana’s face froze in utter embarrassment and a hot flash of red coated her face as she reached for the book; noticing the stranger next to her glancing at its cover. Lesbian Sex Bible : it read, The Complete Guide to Sexual Love for Same-Sex Couples.

She smiled uncomfortably and wide-eyed, not even being able to say a word of gratitude as she quickly stuffed the book back to the bottom of her bag where it belonged. Her rosy blush still hot on her face. She quickly turned away towards the aisle and closed her eyes. The grip around her other book held tightly as she seethed in humiliation.

Fuck! This is going to be the longest flight of my life.


After her nerve-wracking moment on the plane before takeoff, Dana was thrilled once it had landed. She scurried out of her seat, off the plane and away from the man’s sight as quickly as she could. She couldn’t believe this trip was starting off so badly, and she hoped it would take a turn for the better. Dana was still anxious about her surprise appearance, though. Stella had called her a few weeks prior and told her of her plans for the week. Telling Dana that she allowed herself to take a few days off to celebrate the anniversary of their meeting. They had planned to talk all day on the phone and watch their favorite movies together from across different continents. So Dana knew she would at least have a few days alone with Stella free from responsibilities. But she didn’t know how Stella was going to react. She sighed a little and picked up her luggage from the carousel before hailing a cab and making her way to Stella’s flat. The butterflies resuming their energized flutter in her abdomen as the car began its drive.



It was half past eight and the warm colors of the summer sun were beginning to fade as it made its way into darkness. Stella made herself a cup of tea and then settled herself on the couch; picking up her copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a book that Dana encouragingly had pressed her to read - bewildered that Stella hadn’t yet read it before - and eagerly began reading where she left off. Being halfway through the book already, she was grateful for Dana’s suggestion. She blew on her tea and sipped it lightly as she read her pages. Her mind drifting to Dana every few paragraphs. She took up occupancy in Stella’s thoughts more than any other. She stopped mid-sentence and looked dolefully from her book. Her eyes glazing on nothing in particular as memories of Dana took full control over her brain. She sighed and dropped her head, her eyes becoming hooded as she sat in forlornness; longing to see Dana and heaving with guilt at knowing that they would spend their anniversary alone and apart. That it was her fault. She set her book and her half-empty mug on her coffee table, standing up and tightening the belt of her pale silk robe as she walked her way over to her phone. She quickly dialed the number she knew by heart, dropping her head once more and hanging it up when the line went straight to voicemail. As she made her way back to her seat on her couch, a quiet knock came from the door. A quick shot of surprise sprung across her face. She wasn’t expecting anyone. She unlocked the door and turned the knob before gently swinging open the door.

“Dana?” Stella gasped. A million different expressions became prevalent as she looked at her in awe. “What - “ she paused, “What are you doing here?”

“I - I wanted to surprise you. I couldn’t wait until Christm -” but before Dana could finish her sentence, Stella lovingly grabbed her face and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. Not letting Dana catch her breath. Stella reached for the bottom of Dana’s shirt and pulled her into her flat, lips still pressed together. Dana pushed her luggage out of the way and tangled her fingers in Stella’s hair, kicking the door closed behind her and following Stella’s lead to the couch. Stella’s grip was hard against Dana’s hips as they made their way in unison. Kissing and dancing their way through Stella’s flat.  

“I missed you so much,” Stella breathed. Letting her lips remove themselves from Dana’s as they reached the couch. They stood and looked deeply into each other’s eyes, getting lost for a brief moment. “I’m so glad you’re here.” She wrapped her arms around Dana’s back and hugged her tightly, not wanting to ever let go. A small tear pooled from her eye in happiness. 

“I missed you too, Stella,” Dana smiled as she pulled Stella in closer. “I’m so glad I’m here.” She sat down on Stella’s couch and Stella did the same. She grabbed Dana’s hand and squeezed it tightly in her own.

“Dana, how did you...? This is the best surprise I have ever gotten,” Stella laughed shyly. She bowed her head and let her tears fall, embarrassed at how easily Dana could make her fall to pieces. 

Dana lightly touched the bottom of Stella’s chin and tilted her head up to look her in the eyes. “I couldn’t wait until Christmas. I needed to see you. It’s our day tomorrow.” Tears began welling up in her own as she looked lovingly into Stella’s enchanting blue eyes. 

“Come here,” Stella commanded. She wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up, her entire demeanor changing in her eagerness to be with Dana. “I need you.”

Dana willfully obliged, grabbing Stella’s hand and following her lead to the bedroom. Stella pushed Dana backwards onto the bed and bent down to take off her shoes. Dana willingly scooched herself back and rested her head atop Stella’s pillow. “I have a lot of questions for you, Dana,” Stella uttered, “but I need to fuck you first.” She tossed Dana’s flats and they thudded against the hardwood floor. She traced her fingers up Dana’s soft legs, feeling comfort in their recurrent patterns on her skin. When she got to the bottom of Dana’s skirt she pulled it hungrily, tugging the tight black fabric from the tops of Stella’s favorite parts of her. Dana bit her bottom lip as she watched Stella slowly undress her. She could feel her arousal spreading against the lining of her panties. 

“Mmmph,” Dana moaned. She had waited so long to do this again.

Stella inched her way on top of the bed, keeping eye contact with her partner as she got on all fours and slowly bent down. She looked into Dana’s eyes as she flicked her tongue teasingly once against the outside of her underwear, feeling the moist heat radiating through the fabric. 

“God. Stella…” Dana whispered. She jolted up on her knees and tore off her shirt, moving her hands next to unclasp her bra before grabbing the back of Stella’s neck and pulling her into a hard kiss. “Don’t fucking tease me. I need you. Now.” 

Stella smiled and got off the bed. Once more, keeping eye contact with Dana. She untied the loop around her robe and slowly let it fall off her shoulder before it pooled on the floor next to her feet. She stood there smiling; fully naked. Her breasts heaving in anticipation, her nipples hardened to the touch by its once silky cover flowing over its crests. 

Dana bit her bottom lip once more and her eyes gleamed as she looked over Stella’s perfectly naked body. “Come here,” she whimpered, curling her finger to summon Stella. “Please.”

Stella obliged eagerly as she crawled back onto the bed. “Anything for you, Dana,” she whispered as she melted her body onto hers. Her lips close to Dana’s ear. The warmth of Stella’s breath sent a chill over Dana’s skin. She let out another moan before tangling her fingers into Stella’s soft waves. Stella let out a small cry in approval as Dana tightened her grip on her hair, pulling Stella’s head back and planting a firm kiss on her lips. Stella cried out again as she felt her own rush of fluids glisten the insides of her thighs. Surprised at how much she enjoyed being submissive to Dana - something she would never do with anyone else. “More,” Stella nearly yelled. 

A smile formed on Dana’s face. She loved to watch Stella let her guard down, to be completely free and vulnerable, knowing Stella would only do this with her. “Yeah?” she asked confidently as she pulled Stella’s hair back again, releasing an arm and pinching one of her nipples hard with her free hand. 

Stella hissed in approval. “Yes, Dana!” 

She removed her fingers from Stella’s hair and moved them to her thighs, pulling Stella’s body higher as she made her way down underneath her, stopping to take Stella’s untouched nipple into her mouth as she sucked it and bit down once softly. Stella’s breath began to speed up faster than before, thrusting her hands and knees harder into the bed as Dana slid underneath her. Dana kept moving down. Planting wet kisses on Stella’s abdomen as she teased her way towards Stella’s clit. “Keep going,” she heard Stella moan. 

Lying down on the bed with her back to the sheets, she tightened her grip around her partner’s thighs as she massaged the skin, working her way towards Stella’s ass. She smacked it hard and grabbed it intently, pressing Stella’s body down harder against her mouth as she circled Stella’s clit with her tongue. She shifted her arm between Stella’s legs and placed her hand softly right above her tail bone. She snuck her thumb between the bottom of Stella’s slit as she teased her opening, keeping her tongue vigilant on Stella’s clit while slicking her thumb up to the top of Stella’s crack. Making sure to press firmly on her other opening. Stella’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt her release approaching. One, two, three more licks were all it took before Stella moaned in ecstasy, her body shaking and hovering before collapsing on top of Dana. 

“Wow,” Stella breathed. She was still surprised. She let herself be completely vulnerable again with Dana, even more so this time, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She hugged Dana tightly and rolled onto her back. “Where did you learn that?” she laughed. 

Dana blushed and laughed shamelessly. Stella smiled and motioned her to roll over before embracing her tightly in a spooning position. Stella loved being the big spoon. But after tonight, she might let Dana be the big spoon sometimes. She nuzzled her nose in Dana’s hair and traced her fingernails against the skin atop her hips and side. She then pulled Dana’s last undergarment off briskly. Dana smiled. 

“That feels nice,” she hummed. She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the feeling of Stella’s warm fingers against her skin. The fire in their conjunction still flaming heavily. 

“Don’t fall asleep just yet,” Stella said. She dragged her fingers from Dana’s hip bone and brushed them teasingly just above her auburn curls. Dana sighed lustfully and parted her legs just enough for Stella to slide into her folds. 

“Mmmmm,” Stella smiled, feeling Dana wet against her fingers and watching as she rolled her eyes to the back of her head from her touch. She slid a finger into Dana’s opening, and then another, trying to curl her fingers as deep inside as she could at that angle. Dana moaned with pleasure.

 “Yeah?” Stella teasingly laughed, nibbling on Dana’s earlobe and she plummeted knuckle deep into her pussy. 

“Stella!” Dana yelled. She was already so close.

Stella removed her fingers and began earnestly strumming them against Dana’s clit. She could feel Dana’s back pressing hard into her chest as she begged for more. Her head rolling back against her own.

“Oh god,” Dana cried as she came against Stella’s fingers. “Oh, god..” Dana’s heart pounded wickedly in her chest and she let out a deep breath. Stella returned her hand to trace the skin on Dana’s hip and thigh. She kissed the back of her head and let Dana catch her breath some more. They both felt so alive and so incredibly grateful to be with the other person. Neither of them could stop smiling. 

They cuddled close together on Stella’s bed for a while, enjoying their company in silence as they always liked to. Stella finally broke their silence. She asked Dana about her decision to visit her in London. Asking about her flight and how she planned it all so well. Stella laughed adamantly at Dana’s story about losing her book on the plane. Dana told Stella about her job and how she saved tirelessly so she could see Stella again. Dana told her about how nervous she was to surprise her, and Stella told her that she could never be disappointed with a surprise like that. They both talked and talked for hours. Laughing and tearing up and wrapping themselves in each other. When the room got quiet again and both women were still they decided to get some sleep. They wanted to be rested for their day tomorrow.

“It’s our day tomorrow, Stella,” Dana beamed. A yawn escaped her mouth.

“It is, my love. Get some sleep. I want to spend every moment with you tomorrow,” Stella said. 

“Me too. Goodnight, Stell. I love you.”

“Goodnight, Dana. I love you too.” 

Chapter Text

Stella awoke to the feeling of warm fingers grazing her stomach lightly. She smiled as she remembered the woman who had spent the night in her bed. A night that, to Stella’s grateful incredulity, has been nightmare-free. The room felt cozy and full, a feeling she had never had before until Dana. As the touch of those warm fingers made their way up her arm and across her collarbone, Stella couldn't help but feel blissfully content; another feeling unknown to her. She opened her eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the brightness of the morning summer sun. 

“Good morning,” came a whispering voice, tickling her ear with hot breath from behind her. She felt a warm peck on her cheek as Dana’s lingering fingers broke away from her skin, quickly returning themselves in a tight squeeze around her waist as she pulled Stella into a loving embrace. “Did you sleep well?”

“Good morning to you too,” Stella hummed, turning herself around and kissing Dana square on the mouth. “I always sleep well when you’re with me.” 

Dana smiled lofty and kissed Stella once more. “I still can’t believe that I’m here. That I’m here with you . I woke up feeling like I was in a dream. I just - I can’t believe it. After weeks of planning and a year of waiting, I finally got to spend the night with you again,” she trailed off. Her mind taken over with bewilderment and euphoria. 

“Let’s believe it, love,” Stella said. “Come here.” She sat up eagerly and took Dana’s hand. “We’re here. The both of us. Together. It’s our day today. Let’s celebrate. Did you have any plans in mind?”

Dana laughed. “Well, all I really had planned was getting here, surprising you, having amazing sex together - multiple times of course - and just spending time with you. I don’t need to do anything else besides being with you.” 

“A weekend alone just the two of us in this flat? Sounds fantastic. Unless… you have to leave sooner.” A jolt of butterflies shot through Stella’s stomach at the thought of Dana leaving.

“I haven’t bought a ticket home, actually,” Dana uttered. She tucked a strand of hair nervously behind her ear and flicked her tongue between her lips. She had never spent more than a few days with Stella at a time. She knew she would want her to stay, but for how long? Would she get tired of her presence quickly? Stella did love her alone time. Would she find irritating habits? Or start hating the way she did certain things? These things do occur between two people when they spend too much time together. “I was kind of going to play it by ear.” 

“That’s fine with me,” Stella beamed. She was grateful not to be bound to a ticking clock. “We’ll figure it out as we go.” 

“For now then,” Dana spoke, “How about you show me around your flat. I want to see more of your things. And then maybe I can join you for a shower?”

Stella laughed lightheartedly. “You know, Dana, you’re the first person I have ever had in my bed. The first person I have ever let stay the night. I haven’t brought anyone else here. That must mean something,” she smiled. She grabbed Dana’s chin and kissed her intently. 

“Really?” Dana asked with a twinge of delight in her voice. “That means a lot to me Stella. That you chose me .” She couldn’t believe she hadn’t ever brought anyone home with her. But then again, she thought, Stella was a very private and detached person.

“Me too, Dana. I - I don’t usually let people in, you know?” she lowered her head in slight embarrassment. “But with you - I really want you here.” Sella’s nerves immediately settled after telling Dana this. She felt a little freer and it felt exhilarating. She immediately stood up off the bed and wrapped herself in her robe that she had gathered from off the floor. She walked to her closet and took out another soft robe from its depths and handed it gently to Dana. “Here. Let’s go make some coffee.”


They sipped their coffee and ate blueberry scones as they sat together at Stella’s small kitchen table. Stella traced her fingers against the skin of Dana’s arm and it gave Dana goosebumps. The yellow sun shone brightly through the windows and both women imagined what it would be like to be together conclusively. They had never spent time together in one of their homes before and the intimacy of it clouded their thoughts. They wanted this to last forever. Just the two of them alone together on a beautiful sunny morning, sipping their coffee and basking in each other’s company.

“What do you want out of life, Stella?” Dana asked curiously as she broke their silence. They hadn’t yet talked about the future and she was suddenly eager to know. 



“What do you mean?” Stella questioned as she finished off the last of her coffee.

“Marriage? Kids? Career?” she articulated. “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” 

Stella cleared her throat. She didn’t know if her answers were what Dana wanted to hear. “Kids? Not really. I have never really felt the need. I’m not totally against the idea. But for now I don’t really see myself having any. And marriage,” she continued with a deep breath. “I don’t know about that either. I guess if it was with the right person, then possibly. Or just a lifetime partner would be okay with me I think.” She bit her lip and glanced in Dana’s direction shyly. “As far as careers go, I think that’s the only thing I have figured out so far. I am fascinated by this course I was taking in criminology last semester. I think I’d like to work for the Metropolitan police someday. I believe I could do a great job there. And like I said, it fascinates me. What about you, Dana? I know you’re wanting to be a physician, of course, but what about the rest?”

“I think that I want all of it,” she stated bravely. “A child or two. A job at a hospital. Marriage or,” she paused, “Just someone to come home to. To spend my life with. I would even get a dog, maybe.”

“I hope you get that,” Stella sighed lightly. She was tired of talking about the future. A future she wasn’t sure even included Dana. A future of Dana’s that she wasn’t sure she could ever fit into. She just wanted to spend time with her in the here and now, knowing that this might never last. “Come on,” she said, grabbing Dana’s hand, “Let’s go take a shower.”


Stella showed Dana around her flat on their way to the bathroom. Once they got there Stella started the water and moved her hands to her robe to start undressing. 

“Let me help you,” Dana uttered. “You never let me undress you, Stella.” She smiles in a slightly teasing manner. 

Stella sighed and - somewhat reluctantly - allowed Dana to untie her robe. She slid it slowly and delicately from Stella’s skin and she planted kissed from her shoulders down to her hips. She got on her knees and parted Stella’s legs, kissing the supple skin of her upper thighs. Soft humming noises spurt from Dana’s lips as she enjoyed making her way lovingly down Stella’s body. 

“Dana stop,” Stella suddenly whispered. She pushed her thighs together and turned her head away. She tried to walk away before Dana caught her hand and pulled her back into her.

“Stella it’s okay. I already know. It’s okay ,” she whispered back. “I love you, Stel.” Dana returned her mouth to Stella’s thighs and slowly kissed her way to the insides. Touching each scar lightly with her moistened lips. She grabbed each of her hands in her own and squeezed them tightly. “It’s okay,” she kept whispering. 

Tears began flowing uncontrollably down Stella’s face. This was the part of her that she didn’t want Dana to see. The weak and angered side of herself that took release in harming her own body. She turned her head in abashment but Dana still resumed her loving gesture. “Dana -” she almost cried. “I can’t.” She gently tore herself from Dana’s grasp and hid herself in the closure of the shower. She closed the curtain and began quietly sobbing into the water. 

“Stella -”

“Please, Dana. Just go.” 


Dana sat noiselessly on Stella’s bed. Letting her collect her thoughts and allowing her time alone to herself. She counted the minutes in her head. Ten. Twenty. Thirty. The shower was still running. Dana took a deep breath and faintly knocked on the bathroom door. She entered, after a moment, when she heard no reply.

 “Stella?” she uttered.

She slowly opened the shower curtain and saw Stella sitting on the floor of the tub, legs pulled up and cradled underneath her chin. Her arms pulled tightly around them. Dana squat down on her knees and reached to brush stray hairs from Stella’s face. She stroked her cheek as Stella sat silently staring at the drain. Dana grabbed a nearby towel and turned off the water. “Come on, Stella,” she stated lovingly. Stella stood up gradually and let Dana wrap her up warmly in a towel. They walked together back into Stella’s room and Dana tucked her under the covers. She walked around to the other side of the bed and got in herself; pulling Stella into a spooning cuddle. More tears dripped from Stella’s eyes. They lay silently together; Dana letting Stella take however much time she needed. 

“I’m sorry,” Stella whispered after what seemed like an eternity. 

“Stella, please. Don’t be sorry. I’m the one who is sorry. I pushed too far.” Tears started to pool in Dana’s eyes as well. 

“I don’t know if I can talk about it just yet,” Stella whispered again.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to. I’m here. Everything is alright. Why don’t you rest for awhile and I will make us some lunch.” 

Stella could only nod. She pulled her blankets up to her face and let out a small breath. She tried to push away all of the bad memories of her childhood and her past from her mind. All she wanted to do was escape and be alone with her panic, but a small voice in her head told her to let Dana in, to let her help. To let her stay. Stella had never felt the need to share her pain with anyone else before. She took another long exhale and decided to let Dana in just a little. She needed her. 




Dana began rummaging through Stella’s cabinets in almost a frantic state and became frustrated to find that she didn’t have much food to make. She pulled a few eggs from the fridge and began scrambling them mindlessly. Stella’s panic attack was still playing over and over through her brain. She had first noticed Stella’s self harm scars the first time they had met, when they showered together for the first time. She could tell Stella was trying to hide them, but her curiosity of the human body got the best of Dana and she noticed almost right away in the bright bathroom light. She never found the right time to bring up the subject before. She knew how Stella was and she didn’t want to upset her. But she thought today might be different. She was wrong. 

She toasted some bread and finished the eggs and brought them into Stella’s room. “This was all I could find to make. I hope it’s alright,” she said, placing the plate on the bed next to Stella.

“Thank you,” Stella replied. She tried nibbling on the toast. She wasn’t hungry but she didn’t want to upset Dana anymore than she already had.

“I’ll uh, leave you be for a little while,” Dana mumbled. She began to leave the room when Stella interjected her. 

“Please. Dana. I’m alright. Stay with me, now. I don’t want you to leave.” Stella was beginning to calm herself down, knowing that she would be worse off without Dana here with her. She didn’t want to be alone. 

“Are you sure?” Dana questioned politely. 

“Yes I think,” she cleared her throat. “I do. I want you to stay. Please.” 

Dana picked up Stella’s hand and and kissed it gingerly before resting it back down. She walked around and returned to her place on the other side of her bed. She stroked Stella’s hair and planted more kisses on her forehead. “Try eating. It will help you feel better.” 

“Yes Doctor Scully,” Stella teased trying to lighten the mood. Her playful manner made Dana smile and giggle softly before resting her eyes on her hands that were folded neatly on her lap. 

“Stella,” she spoke. “Whenever you’re ready, if ever you’re ready, I’ll be here.” 

Stella sat up and turned to her partner. She brushed a stubborn strand of auburn hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear - something she habitually started doing now - and let another tear fall from her face. “I know, Dana. Thank you. For everything.” 



They awoke together, wrapped in each other’s arms after falling asleep silently as the afternoon sun beat down upon them. Dana grabbed her belongings from the other room and brought them into Stella’s. She asked her where she was in their book Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Dana read a few chapters aloud to Stella, letting themselves enjoy more quiet time together. Stella grabbed Dana’s hand as she read and laid her head against her shoulder. Stella couldn’t believe how tired her anxieties had made her and she already started nodding off again after an hour of reading. She was blissfully happy in that moment, and so was Dana. She loved feeling Stella rest her body against hers. To feel her delicate hand intertwined with her own. A rumbling of Dana’s stomach caused her to pause. 

“We should get some food,” Stella stated. “Maybe go out? It might be good to take a walk.” 

“I’d like that,” Dana smiled. “Let me shower and get ready. I think this would be a great time for your surprise. But you’ll have to wait.” She raised her eyebrow lustfully and disappeared to the bathroom. She hoped to change the demeanor of their environment. 


Stella’s chest heaved excitedly. 


Dana walked out of the bathroom to find Stella waiting for her. Her blonde curly waves were tied up in a high scrunchie. She wore a short white dress with a denim jacket and matching white pumps. Dana’s mouth dropped at the sight before her. But not as much as Stella’s did. 


“You wore the dress,” Stella beamed. She was enthralled to see Dana wearing her favorite black sleek dress on her favorite sleek body. She loved the way it hugged her curves. She loved what that dress meant to them. 

“Ready?” Dana smiled. She was eager to put food in her stomach and get out of the apartment. 

“Mhmm,” Stella hummed. She grabbed Dana’s hand and lead her out the front door. “Ready.” 


They wandered through the streets, walking hand in hand, not knowing their destination yet but enjoying the early evening walk together. They walked for about thirty minutes until they couldn’t stand their hunger anymore. Stella lead them to a nice restaurant a few blocks over and Dana nodded in approval of her choice. 

“This is beautiful,” Dana said. “I love it here in London.” 

Stella smiled in agreement and they took their seats at an intimate table in the restaurant. She ordered them a bottle of red wine to share. 

After they ordered their food they finally started up a conversation. They still hadn’t felt completely comfortable after their row earlier in the day and they didn’t know exactly what to talk about. Dana reached over and caressed the top of Stella’s thighs gently. “I love you,” she whispered loudly. Enough for only Stella to hear. 

“I love you too.” Stella let out a sigh. “Can we talk about earlier? I want to give you an explanation.” She looked around the restaurant nervously and was glad to see that no one was seated in their vicinity. 

“You don’t have to, Stella. It’s okay. I know you have a past. Everyone does. But you don’t have to share the parts of yours with me that are too traumatic to talk about.” 

Stella was touched immensely by the honesty in Dana’s words. It was the reason she was willing to expose those parts of herself to Dana; because she was the only one who would treat her with compassion and love. The only one she knew she could talk to. The only one she wanted to talk to.

“I want to now, Dana,” Stella remarked. She let out the breath she had been holding and started. “I wasn’t… treated well by my mother as a child,” she began. “She never wanted me and she let me know it. When my father died she practically abandoned me. I was okay with it at that time though because we both hated each other so much. I found solace in my father’s death by sleeping with older men that I knew. I was barely even a teenager,” she couldn’t believe how easily the words were flowing from her mouth. “I hated myself for it. I stole my father’s razor and used it to cut the inside of my thighs, between my fingers and toes, and the soles of my feet. It was a release for me. I’m not proud of it.” 

In that moment their waiter set their dishes on the table and the two of them fell silent. Dana could barely see through her eyes as tears drowned them in anguish. “Stella,” she cried softly. She dropped her head and let her tears fall to the napkin on her lap. “Thank you for telling me. For trusting me. And I’m so sorry, Stella.” Dana returned her hand to Stella’s thigh and Stella squeezed her hand lovingly. 

“Do you - do you have any questions or anything?” Stella asked once their waiter was out of earshot. 

“Do you still…?” Dana couldn’t form the words in her mouth. 

“Not really anymore,” Stella states honestly. “Since I met you, I’ve almost entirely stopped.” 

“Okay,” Dana breathed. “Okay. Will you tell me if those urges… become prominent again? Please Stella, will you?” 

“I will,” she responded with a lowering of her head. “I think everything is out in the open between us now,” Stella said with a slight laugh. “Let’s eat, okay? We can talk more later if we need to.” 


“Of course, love.” 



Dana and Stella finished their food and Dana defeatedly let Stella pay for the tab. They walked back to Stella’s flat slowly, enjoying the night as the sun made its way down and faint stars began to creep into the night sky. 

They flung off their shoes and bags and collapsed on the bed when they made it back to Stella’s home. 

Dana turned to Stella, still amazed and thankful for her openness. “I am going to say this again, Stella. I love you,” she stated. She didn’t think she could love her any more than she did now. 

Stella beamed with endearment. She wanted to pull herself into Dana and never let herself out. “Show me,” Stella breathed. “Show me how much you love me, Dana.” 

Slightly drunk and full of affection, Dana climbed on top of Stella and kissed her passionately. Not holding back as she shoved her tongue down Stella’s throat. Stella reciprocated; grabbing Dana’s ass hard with both hands. Kneading and rolling it in her tight grasp. Dana moaned wildly into Stella’s mouth. 

Dana rolled off and stood at the side of the bed. “Come here. Let me undress you,” she asserted dotingly. 

Stella obeyed. 

Dana began slowly stripping Stella of her garments. She threw her jacket across the room before unzipping the back of Stella’s dress. She kissed her shoulder blades and her tongue followed her fingers and Stella’s zipper down to the small of her back. She peeled the dress down and Stella stepped out of it. She wore a white thong and, to Dana’s feverish gratitude, no bra. Dana used her teeth to drag the last piece of fabric from Stella’s body and she shivered in response. 

My turn, Stella gushed. She loved stripping Dana out of her little black dress. And so she did; one strap, then the other. Next the zipper. She left Dana in her strapless black push up bra and silky black panties. 

“Lie back down on the bed,” Dana ordered once she let Stella have her turn. 

Stella obeyed.  

She climbed back on top of her. Resuming her kisses and pleading Stella to return her hands to her ass. She moved downward now, kissing Stella’s chin, earlobe, neck and collarbone until she found her destination on Stella’s left nipple. 

“Yes,” Dana heard her hiss. 

She flicked the hardened tip with her tongue and then moved to the other, licking softly and sucking as much as she could into her mouth. Stella arched her back in approval. 

Dana kept moving down her body. She raked her teeth against Stella’s abdomen and she heard another hiss of approval. As she got down to Stella’s legs she parted them softly. This time looking into Stella’s eyes for permission before moving any further. 

Stella nodded. 

She kissed the insides of her thighs with such tenderness that Stella could barely feel Dana’s lips. She wanted to show Stella how much she loved her. 

“Ready?” Dana asked. She was moving forward now and she still wanted to make sure that Stella was okay. 

“Mmm I’m ready,” Stella sang after a few moments. “I need you.” 

Without anymore hesitation Dana pressed her tongue firmly on Stella’s clit and then teased it up and down her sex. Dana hummed lustfully as she tasted Stella’s arousal. 

“God, yes Dana!” Stella yelled loudly. 

Dana plunged two fingers into her opening while keeping her tongue rapidly flicking against Stella’s clit. Stella moaned in pleasure. 

“Fuck I’m coming!” she yelled louder as her voice echoed around the room in their fullest volume. 

Dana didn’t stop her work on Stella’s pussy until she could feel her convulsing against her mouth. 


“Oh, Dana,” Stella let out with a laugh. She ran her fingers through her now messy hair and lay lifeless, dazed by her powerful orgasm. “That was incredible.” 


Dana kisses her warmly on the lips and rested her head against Stella’s. “I love you, Stella,” she whispered. “And now I hope you know how much.” 


“I do,” Stella sniffed. The intensity of the sex combined with Dana’s doting affection was making her emotional again. 

“Goodnight,” Dana said with a yawn. Her only intention was to please Stella and she had done that pridefully. Now, she was ready to rest her eyes after a long day and fall asleep in the arms of her partner. 

“Wait. Not yet,” Stella uttered in protest. 

“Tomorrow, Stel,” she replied. This was just for you. I love you. Happy us day, my love.” 

Chapter Text

A vibrant shade of orange peaked its way through the crack of an opened curtain, the window it draped against glistened with morning dew. As she opened her eyes, letting her mind awaken, she suddenly remembered where she was and her heart leapt happily. Though the sun shone warmly through the room she suddenly felt cold and alone. She felt around the bed, a slight panic struck her body. She sat up with a jolt. She was alone in an empty room and the feeling made her uneasy. 


“Stella?” She called out hoarsely. There was no answer. She cleared her throat. “Stella?” she called again. There was still no answer. It was dead silent. 


Surely Stella would be able to hear her. Her flat wasn’t that big. With her anxiety at a high, Dana quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed a robe that had been resting on top of Stella’s dresser. She fastened the belt tightly against her abdomen and snuck her feet into a pair of pale pink slippers she found beside the bed. Dana checked the bathroom first - no Stella. She scurried to the kitchen and living room and saw that they were also empty. She thought that maybe Stella might have gone out and left a note. But there was no note either. Dana took a deep breath. She tried to convince herself that Stella hadn’t abandoned her in a panic but she knew Stella liked to cope by closing off and running away. This was her home, she wouldn’t have just disappeared… right? More anxiety began to creep in. As much as she tried to calm herself, she couldn’t. 


Where was she? How long had she been gone? Did she leave the apartment? Did she realize that I pushed her too far last night, making her leave somewhere in a frenzy? Her mind was racing unreasonably .


Just as beads of sweat began cascading down Dana’s neck, a delicate voice rang through the room and she heard the front door close. 


“Stella,” she sighed with a big exhale of her breath. “Where have you been? I was worried.” She tried not to show her just how freaked out she had been. 


“Dana are you alright?” Stella said, concerned. “Did you not hear me earlier?” She stepped through the room and stared at Dana earnestly. 


“Earlier? No, I guess I didn’t.” Dana rubbed her shoulder blade, feeling slightly embarrassed. 


“I’m sorry I scared you,” Stella urged. She walked over to where Dana was standing and grabbed her hand. “My elderly neighbor came by a only a few moments ago. She needed help bringing up her groceries. I yelled that I’d be back shortly. I’m sorry, I thought you heard.” She could see the sweat and reddened panic lingering on Dana’s face and she felt uneasy. 


“Sorry,” Dana replied with a shake of her head. “I must have been really out of it. I didn’t hear a thing. I woke up and… I thought you had left. Not like gone gone but I figured you must have left to clear your head. Last night was a little rough on both of us - mostly you. I was scared that you started feeling anxious again. That maybe you had regretted opening up to me. I’m sorry, that’s awful of me to think.” She fell to the couch and covered her face with her hands, feeling remorseful for her hasty conclusion. 


Stella sat down next to Dana on the couch and let out her own exhale of breath. “It’s alright, love,” she stated. “I’m grateful for your honesty. And you aren’t entirely wrong.” She played nervously with her fingers that lay in her lap. “I woke up in the middle of the night last night. I was frantic. I felt panicked and exposed. I couldn’t quite believe that I bore my darkest of secrets to someone. But then I remembered that that someone was you. I looked down and saw your arms wrapped around me. I could feel your warm skin against mine. I felt your heartbeat against my body and I suddenly felt at peace. You gave me peace, Dana. I might be scared at times but I know that you’ll eventually bring me back down to serenity. Because you’re you. You are everything to me; the only person I trust with my whole being, flaws and all.” 


Dana sobbed uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe how far Stella had come with her. She couldn’t believe she was the reason for it. She wrapped her arms around Stella’s neck and pulled her into a tight embrace. Stella reciprocated, gently wrapping her own arms around Dana’s back as she squeezed lovingly. Dana didn’t even know how to verbally respond. She just kissed Stella lightly on the cheek and smiled, still keeping her arms intertwined around her. “You are my everything, too,” Dana finally whispered. “I’m sorry I panicked. I’m flawed too.” 


Stella kissed the top of Dana’s forehead softly. “I understand completely. Come on. It’s alright. Let’s eat some breakfast and then you can join me for a shower. I know how much we both love that.”


Dana nodded. 


“If you’re sure you are okay, I mean…” Stella trailed. This was new territory for both of them, the angst. She wasn’t quite sure how to handle Dana in this state just yet. She was used to being the fragile one. 


“I’m okay, now, Stella. Truly. And thank you. Let’s eat.” She rose up from the couch and grabbed Stella’s hand, twisting her fingers into hers. “If we can even find anything,” she joked. 


They both laughed together, diminishing all unwarranted uneasiness that had lingered between them, and made their way to the kitchen for breakfast. 




Dana ushered Stella to sit at the table. She pulled the remaining eggs from the fridge, finding some cheese in the back that hadn’t yet expired. Stella watched her studiously as she began to make breakfast. When Dana finished, she looked around in the cabinets for some plates. 


“Top left,” Stella spoke. She was enjoying this. 


“Thank you,” Dana replied. She plated the food and set the table. She couldn’t believe how much her heart swelled at the simplest of tasks; like making Stella food, like eating next to her at Stella’s table. 


They ate silently, occasionally looking up at the other with a smile. 


“Do you like your omelette?” Dana asked, taking a sip tea as she washed down her own. She was quickly learning that Stella hated to cook. Therefore explaining the lack of food in her refrigerator and pantry. 


“Mhmm,” Stella hummed. She was finding Dana’s domesticity alluring. Sexy even. “Thank you.” 


“I love this.” 


“Me too.” 


They, yet again, couldn’t help but think of what a future would be like together. Just the two of them. 



Hot steam began to flood the tiny bathroom. The water was on the highest setting, just how Stella liked it. Their breathing became heavy. Both from the thickness of the air and the anticipation of feeling the other’s skin against their own. Dana kicked off her slippers and undid the knot around her waist. She didn’t take her eyes off of Stella, and Stella didn’t take her eyes off Dana. She let her robe fall gently to the tiled floor. A smile formed on Stella’s lips. Dana walked over to the shower and Stella followed, raking her nails down Dana’s back to her ass once she stopped in front of the curtain. She shivered as goosebumps rose on her skin. She loved the way Stella left trails of fire against her pores. Dana turned to face her partner who was still wearing a simple white T-shirt and lavender pajama bottoms. She pulled at the drawstrings of those pants, asking for permission to help Stella undress. 


Stella nodded and bit her bottom lip. “Yes, go ahead,” she whispered. 


Dana bent down and slowly pulled Stella’s pants to the floor, letting Stella step out of them before she planted kisses all over her legs. Dana moved up. She kissed the skin above Stella’s panties and then tugged her shirt off. Her eyes locked on Stella’s, thanking her without words for her trust and vulnerability. Stella’s eyes gleamed back lovingly. She then took off the rest of her undergarments slowly, letting Dana watch in satisfaction. Once they were both finally completely free of clothing, Dana clutched Stella into a tight embrace and kissed her passionately, their breasts fumed together and their hips crashed lightly. They deepened their kiss with vigor, letting their tongues explore each other’s mouths. They both tasted sweetly of peppermint tea. 


“Mmm,” Stella hummed in approval. 


“Mhmm,” Dana agreed. Her breath became even harder to inhale. 


They hopped into the dripping confines of the shower. They washed each other softly, taking extra time to touch their heaving breasts and the delicate skin of their backsides. 


Stella stepped behind Dana and began to wash her hair, scraping her nails against her scalp. A moan of pleasure escaped from Dana’s throat and Stella could feel her heat getting hotter from Dana’s approval. 


“You’re so beautiful,” Stella uttered, enjoying her view of Dana’s wet, naked backside. 


Dana smiled and switched Stella places, rinsing her hair in the still steaming water. She grabbed Stella’s shampoo and returned the favor, scraping her own fingers against Stella’s scalp as she washed her hair. 


“Oh god, this does feel amazing.” Stella closed her eyes and threw her head back. Dana’s fingers felt sensational. 


All Dana could do was laugh lightly as she took her turn appreciating the body of her dripping partner. She felt the blood rush to her pounding clit as she listened to Stella’s continuous moans of favor. 


Neither of them made a move as they finished their shower. They relished in their foreplay and wanted it to last as long as they could stand it. Stella returned her fingers to trail Dana’s skin and then turned off the shower, sending another shiver down her spine. 


“Mmm you smell nice,” Stella all but whispered in Dana’s ear. She licked the side of her neck, down to her collar bone and to the peak of her breasts, sopping up and savoring each drop of water with her tongue as Dana’s nipples hardened to an erect point. “Mmm,” she hummed again.  Dana’s breath became even heavier than before. 


“God. Stella,” Dana moaned breathily. She knew how much Stella loved her tits and she reveled in it. Stellar knew just how to treat her most delicate parts of her body; how much pressure Dana liked as she bit down lightly on her rosy buds, and how her left was slightly more sensitive than her right. Stella knew her body better than Dana knew her own. 


Stella’s tongue slicked down further against the dewy skin of her partner. She lapped the warm water from her bellybutton, making sure to use special care around the hoop that pierced it. She didn’t want it to pull the skin. 


Dana suddenly pressed down on Stella’s shoulders with both hands. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly. She could barely take in air into her lungs. “Stel -“ she sighed. “I can’t - I can’t breathe in here.” 


The curtain was opened hastily by Stella. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself and exited the shower. She opened the door, as well as a window, to help ventilate the room. She reached for another towel and wrapped it around Dana’s body as her breaths became lighter. “Better?” Stella asked. 


“Much better. Thank you,” Dana replied after a few moments. The air began to thin as the vapor disappeared through the open window. “I was getting too into it, Stella,” she continued with a laugh. “Your bathroom is too small to contain two bodies in such extreme heat. Especially when yours is all over mine like that .” 


“I can’t help myself.” Stella shot Dana a lascivious look and then helped her out of the shower. She got a giggle from Dana in response. 


Dana walked over to the mirror and rubbed the remaining condensation from it. She looked at her reflection. She could see the pink in her cheeks and the desire in her eyes as her reflection stared back at her. She wiped the faint makeup smudges from under her lash lines and tucked wet strands of hair from her face. She felt a hot, sticky breath against the back of her neck and a tight gripping of fingers around her hips as Stella appeared behind her, next to her reflection. She kissed Dana beneath her hair line, just behind her ear. Dana’s knees buckled. 


“How do you do that to me so easily?” Dana whined. Her eyes fluttered and then closed tightly. She felt every prickle of hair stand up on her body. 


“I don’t know what you mean,” Stella teased. 


“,” Dana shot out with each breath in reply. She couldn’t tell if her pubic hair brushing against her thighs were moist with desire or if they were still wet from the shower. 


“Is this alright? I don’t want to make you faint,” Stella said. She wrapped her arms around Dana’s, tracing her fingers to the front of her towel as she untucked the fabric. It tumbled to the floor. 


“Yes,” Dana's voice cracked. “Keep going.” 


Stella dropped to the floor next to the towel and got on her knees. As she did so, she pushed down gently on Dana’s back, telling her to bend forward. Dana obeyed and grasped the edges of the sink, her knuckles already white, as she spread her legs. Her ass was mere inches from Stella’s face. She could feel the breeze from the open window dancing against her exposed skin. 


“Oh my god,” she gasped. 


She could suddenly feel Stella’s tongue lapping her folds. She felt the tight grasp Stella had on the outside of her hips as she spread Dana’s cheeks. She pushed her face further in, her nose buried in Dana’s ass. Her tongue flicked Dana’s clit, lavishing it like it was her favorite taste on earth; devouring her. After giving it the attention it deserved, she advanced her tongue slowly, moving it from the top of Dana’s slit to the depths of her center; fucking her with it vigorously. Stella advanced again, slower this time, making sure to give Dana time to stop her if she were going too far. She took Dana’s quivering moans as a sign to proceed, and so she did. She pressed her tongue from Dana’s opening to the top of her crack. She circled it around Dana’s other opening a few times before continuing her journey. Dana groaned in ecstasy. Stella licked her way up Dana’s spine and stopped at the base of her neck as she pulled Dana’s auburn hair to the side. All that could be heard in the room now were the muffled sounds of the city through the opened window and Dana’s strenuous breaths. 


“Don’t stop now, Stella, please. Please keep going,” Dana whined. Her thighs glistened with her arousal and she ached for Stella to give her what she needed. 


“Rest your knee up on the sink, Dana,” Stella demanded. She was standing right behind her and she knew that their same height would make things difficult as they proceeded. 


Dana obeyed. 


Stella inched her fingers from behind Dana’s back to her opening and slicked her fluids up to her clit, using it as lubrication. She wrapped her other arm under Dana’s while she squeezed and rolled her nipple between her fingers. Dana dropped a little lower to give Stella a better angle and rested the back of her head against Stella’s collar bone. 


“Mmm thank you,” Stella breathed in her ear.


Stella circled her slick fingers on Dana’s clit as she picked up speed and pressure. She could feel Dana closing in on her orgasm. She always knew when she was getting close. Stella licked her lips in anticipation. 


“I’m going to come soon, Stel. Oh, fuck! I’m so close.” Dana could barely spit out the words as she felt herself getting closer to her peak. 


“Look, Dana,” Stella ordered. “Look into the mirror and watch yourself come in your reflection. Watch me fuck you and watch me make you come.” 


Dana’s eyes shot open. She looked into the majestic blue pools of Stella’s reflection and that was all it took. With their gazes locked, Dana let herself come against Stella’s fingers. 


“Stel - Stel - Fuuuck!” she cried out. She could feel her release like a hot flash of lightning through her body as it sizzled its way through every nerve ending. 


Their eye contact never wavered. 


Dana, flushed and shanking, removed her leg from its resting spot against the sink. She relaxed her body against Stella and Stella wrapped her arms lovingly around her. She kissed the back of Dana’s head and held her tightly, letting Dana come down from her high. 


“That was amazing, Stella,” Dana stated honestly. “Utterly amazing.” 


Stella smiled. “You’re welcome.” 



Their bodies were dry but their hair was still slightly damp. Stella’s body was curled around Dana’s in her bed as they cuddled close together, naked under the covers. 


“I know it seems like I’ve known you forever, which I obviously haven’t, but it still surprises me how crazy you make me feel, Stella. Compared to how long I’ve known you, the time we’ve spent together hasn’t been nearly enough, but I feel at home here. With you,” Dana broke their silence with her statement. 


“Me too, Dana,” Stella replied. “I don’t understand it, still, but I don’t care to. You are my home. Thank you again for coming to see me.” She reveled in the heat blossoming between their bodies. Nothing felt more perfect or safe. 


“I don’t want to bring this up, but I know I will have to eventually - “ Dana began. 


“If it’s about you leaving I don’t want to talk about it just yet,” Stella spoke. Her words came out harsher than she intended. 


Dana sighed quietly to herself. She knew that if Stella wasn’t ready then she wouldn’t talk about it. But she understood. She wanted to give Stella some peace of mind and let themselves hover in dream land as long as they could. Dana knew that Stella would have a hard time once she left, when she’d go to sleep and wake up in a cold, empty bed. So she didn’t bring it up again. Instead, she tried to change the subject. “We still have half a day left today. What do you want to do?” 


“More of what we’ve been doing, of course,” Stella grinned. 


Dana laughed lightheartedly. “No arguments here.” 



They spent the next hour holding each other close. They didn’t speak words, they let their bodies do the communicating for them as they touched the other’s skin with kisses and massages. 


They mindlessly watched tv and ate delivered pizza. The only time one of them put clothes on was when Stella opened the door to get their food and pay the delivery boy. They enjoyed being naked and vulnerable with each other, now more than ever. 


As the day turned into early evening Dana brought up an idea. “I know that today was your way of making up for last night.” She raised an eyebrow and reminisced in the memory of sliding underneath Stella’s body the night before. She didn’t let Stella have her way with her then. Dana wanted the focus to be on her. So she knew their rendezvous in the bathroom was Stella's way of making it up to her. “So since we're even now…” 


“Are you trying to have sex with me again, Dana?” Stella laughed, interrupting her. 


Dana smiled, half shyly half hungrily. She loved nothing more than being as close to Stella as possible. And sex was the most intimate way to connect with her. “Yes,” she uttered. “I have a surprise for you.” 


“Mmm. Alright.” Stella was happily intrigued and practically salivating at Dana’s eagerness. 


Dana walked to her suitcase in the corner of Stella’s room and pulled something out of its depths. She turned around, earning a desirous growl from Stella as the object caught her eye. Dana then walked to the bed, still fully unclothed. When she spoke, it came out as a raspy whisper. 


“Are you ready?”

Chapter Text

I can feel my heart start to pound vigorously in my chest. It’s a flutter of excitement that I’m so used to feeling now, but I still can’t get enough of it. She’s walking to the other side of my room, pulling something out of her suitcase. Her body is completely free of clothing and I let my eyes soak up every inch of her peachy skin. When she turns around, I can see a dark shape nestled in her fist. I moan quietly as I lick my lips and stare unwavering at my partner. Her auburn hair glows in the golden rays of the sunset that peaks through the curtains and she’s radiating as she makes her way towards me on the bed. 


“Are you ready?” her voice dances as she throws the phallic toy on my bed with a loud thump. Her eyes never leave mine and her confidence is thrilling every part of me. I stare at her in amazement as I, once again, try to comprehend how she can so easily cast her spell on me. She is the only one I feel safe with. The only one I trust wholeheartedly. My heart begins pounding at a faster pace as I feel myself falling even more in love with her in this moment.


She crawls on all fours onto the bed and sits against her heels, facing me. She grabs my hands in her own and pulls me into a gentle kiss. Her lips feel soft and warm and I instantly feel a heat flaming beneath my sternum. When she pulls away, she resumes her affectionate gaze. Her tantalizing blue eyes pull me in even deeper and my mind almost completely powers down. It takes me a moment to realize that she is speaking to me.


“Do you trust me, Stella?” she asks again. 


My natural instinct is to pull away, but it lasts only a second as I remind myself that I am safe here. With her. She strokes her thumb against my chin and smiles widely. I want to tell her that I trust her. That I love her more than I love myself; more than I love anything. But my words always seem to fail me, so I decide that I want to show her instead. 


I nod my head and whisper the word ‘yes’, my voice low and raspy. 


Her hands caress the sides of my face and she plants another kiss, this time on my forehead, before she pulls away. I watch as she bends and turns her body. Her ass is fully exposed to me now and I can see her damp, strawberry curls glistening with her arousal. I gulp down a pool of spit as my tongue salivates profusely at the sight of her. 


She grabs the strap-on and turns back to me, setting the toy on her lap before pausing again. She giggles at the noticeable anticipation plastered on my face. “Are you ready?” she asks me once more. 


She is asking for more than simply my approval for intimacy. She is asking me to be submissive to her, more fully and completely than I have ever been before. To let her be entirely in control. It is a step for both of us but I think that we are ready to take it. Together. 


“Yes, Dana,” I whimper.


She bites her bottom lip and elegantly hops off the bed before strapping the toy around her hips. The image of this makes my mind immediately flash to the night I surprised her with it. The night I used it on her. I salivate some more just thinking about the memory. Then another thought suddenly enters my mind. This time, it sneaks in and unnerves me. We have never really talked about the possibility of other lovers, we’ve been too afraid to vocalize it. And I agonize over the thought of her using it on someone else; of someone else using it on her. I don’t want her to. I want her all to myself. I shudder at my sudden realization that I want a monogamous commitment with this woman. Something I’ve always been too afraid to let myself have. I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. 


I can see her looking at me now, and the expression on her face changes. As if she can read parts of my mind. She’s good at that. She looks down and smiles shyly. 


“I have never done this before, you know,” I hear her laugh. She still isn’t looking at me. I can feel her confidence waning. She is nervous.  And I want so desperately to make her feel better. 


“Dana,” I utter. My voice is shaking but I don’t think she notices. “I love you.” I reach my hand out and my fingertips graze the side of her thigh. Her skin feels heated and inviting and I want her so badly. 


She is looking back into my eyes now and the sparkle in them has returned. That was all she needed to hear and I love making her feel at ease. I see her smile as she grabs my hand from her leg and pulls me forward. “I love you too,” she whispers into my ear, and goosebumps prickle my skin like hail striking pavement from a stormy sky. 


“Lie down,” she commands. Her voice is louder but her tone is still loving. 


I obey her words. I want to do this for her. And my desire to feel pleasure in response to her actions is also thrilling me immensely. As I lie on my back, I let my ass and the arches of my feet rest on the edge of the bed. I then feel Dana gently press my knees apart, spreading me fully, to get a better view of me. I can see the eagerness in her face and I can feel myself dripping for her. 


“You’re so wet, Stel,” she moans in approval as she uses her hand to cup my pubic bone and slick her fingers between my swollen, pink flesh. 


I bite my bottom lip and nod as she begins to kneel on the floor in front of me. Her hot breath is so close. I can feel her panting against my dampness and it sends another chill up my spine. I can feel my pulse in my clit and a gush of fluids coat my opening as she moves her face closer to my sex. She slicks her tongue from my opening to the top of my clit, just below my neatly kept brown curls. 


“Dana!” My voice rips through my throat. 


Her tongue dances against my longing skin a few more times before she stands up, leaving me gasping and begging for more. I need more. 


She grasps the toy strapped against her body and teases it against my folds, lubricating its tip against my abundant juices. She takes a deep breath and so do I. The build up has us both on a high. 


“I’m ready Dana,” I blurt out, and she grins eagerly. 


Before my brain can register what is happening, she is filling me, stretching me. I can feel her gently pushing the hard toy slowly into my warm walls and I cry out in ecstasy. My head is arching back into the sheets as my eyes roll back and flutter to a close. 


The only thing I can manage to say is, “Oh god!” over and over again. 


She is grabbing my hips now and is buried to the hilt inside me. I can tell my reaction is helping boost her confidence because she is thrusting vigorously and kissing me with a lustrous passion. Her nipples are grazing against mine, hard peak to hard peak. When she breaks from our kiss, I feel her immediately lift my legs and plant my feet against her shoulders. 


Her strap is massaging my g-spot now and I can’t help but yell out her name. “Dana, Dana, Dana.” I repeat on a loop. 


She grips my ankles and lowers my legs and I wrap them around her hips. She smiles and allows me this one small control. Time has stopped having meaning to me as I’m encircled with voluminous satisfaction. In reality, she has been pleasuring me for a good amount of time and I see sweat pooling around her hairline. But she never falters. I’m feeling extraordinary.


Her hands are moving now from their spot on either side of my waist, raking them up my abdomen towards my breasts. The fire she spreads across my skin is addictive and I’m begging for more contact. She is squeezing my tits now as they bounce in rhythm with each of her thrusts. God, this feels so good. She moves one hand and traces it back down my stomach but she doesn’t stop there. She licks her thumb and presses it firmly against my pulsing clit, circling and circling it. A trail of spit falls from her chin and drips onto my leg, almost like she’s trying to help extinguish the fire burning inside of me. I scrunch my nose, squeeze my eyes shut and arch my back as I feel myself on the brink of orgasm. My core is tightening, my toes are curling against her back. So close, so close. 


“Come Stella,” she urges. 


I open my eyes and look deeply into hers. It’s like she’s communicating to me through her body, through her actions. She’s telling me that I am safe with her. I can feel a knot in my throat as my emotions peak before my orgasm does. The love radiating off of my partner and onto me would be too much for even a healthy-minded person. She suddenly stops her work on my clit and reaches up to swipe a rogue tear from my eye, keeping her thrusting constant but slow. Dana pulls me into a kiss and bites my lower lip softly before returning her thumb. She’s giving me a subtle reminder that I’m okay. I’m falling to pieces in front of her. For her. And I don’t care. 


It takes only a few more seconds for me to feel my release shooting through my body like waves crashing against solid rock. It feels grounding and glorious, both mentally and physically. And before I know it I’m yelling her name and shaking around her body. She slows her thrusts once more and then pulls out slowly as she marvels at the pool of my wetness against her abdomen. She smiles, biting her bottom lip, and rests her forehead lovingly against mine. Our breasts heave and our breaths are forceful in harmony at what we’ve accomplished. Together. 


“Oh god. Dana oh my god,” I seem to get out. But I don’t move. 


I watch as she removes the toy from her body and sets it gently on my nightstand. She stands between my legs and I wrap them back around her. She’s lowering herself now and our bodies touch as one. She's embracing and kissing me and I’m pulling her into me. 


“I love you,” she whispers. 


And suddenly my mind snaps back to the present. 

_ _ _ 

It’s been eighteen months now since Dana left. Eighteen lonely, cold, painstaking months that feel like decades to Stella. But the memory of that night is completely fresh in her mind. As she rises from her bed she softly caresses the empty space that Dana used to occupy, feeling its loss of heat from when she used to lay beside her. She sighs to herself and lies back down, letting her memories flood back in. Those vivid memories of her are all that she has to keep her company now, besides the phone calls and letters, until she sees her again. 


Dana had stayed for a week. A whole week of blissful union. The two of them had decided that that was the only way. That one week was just the right amount of time. Staying longer would have made it even harder. They had spent their days together enjoying each other’s company and loving the other dotingly, barely taking their hands off each other. Now, Stella was grievously alone in her flat Danaless


She finally decided to peel herself from her covers and face the day ahead of her though it was mid afternoon. She dragged her feet into her pink slippers and pulled on her robe. It still smelled like Dana, filling her nostrils with scents of sage and citrus. As she stepped out of her bedroom she heard the phone ring. 


“Hello?” she answered. Her voice more raspy and somber than usual. 


“Stella, hi. It’s me.” This voice was silky and vibrant. 


Suddenly Stella’s mood switched like a light. “Dana. It’s so good to hear your voice,” she sang as her face lit up with joy. 


“You too,” Dana replied and Stella swore she could sense a smile on her lips. “I’m ready, Stella,” she continued. “I need to see you again.”

_ _ _ 

Their year and a half of separation had been unbearable, especially for Dana Scully. She had been spending the past few months shifting between school and home. She had been planning to visit with Stella until she had received a phone call from home. A phone call that told her that her mother had been in an accident, to which Dana had rushed home to be by her mother's side. Stella had refused to let Dana plan anything until her mom had gotten better. She had told her that she’d give them some space and time together, time with her family, and when she was ready, Stella would fly out to hold her hand and be by her side. Now that her mother Maggie was stable and able to mostly take care of herself on her own, knowing she was safe now, Dana finally allowed herself to call Stella, to ask her to come be with her. She’d wanted nothing more than to have Stella there to hold her hand the minute she had received that devastating phone call. But she knew that she had to put her family first and Stella agreed wholeheartedly, though they both didn’t completely favor it.

_ _ _ 

“You too,” Dana replied to her as a smile grew on her lips. “I’m ready, Stella,” she continued. “I need to see you again.”


“I’m so glad to hear you say that Dana.” Stella beamed knowing that she would see her again soon. “How is she today?” she asked. Dana had been updating her almost everyday since her mother’s accident. 


“She’s doing well today. She’s been able to walk around on her own a lot better. She is very much on her way to being herself again,” Dana smiled once more. Being there for her mom had been tough on her physically and mentally and now that she was almost completely finished healing, Dana could start breathing again... Almost. She still needing one thing. Some one to be exact. 


“That’s wonderful,” Stella exhaled with relief. 


“So …” Dana continued. “Will you come spend Christmas with me then? Meet my family?” She knew Stella would say yes but she still had to ask. She needed her to say it, to make it real. To know that it was actually going to happen. 


“You don’t even have to ask, love. I’ve been packing as we speak,” hummed Stella. “I’ll get on the first flight I can, as soon as possible. I can’t wait to see you. To spend the holiday with you.” 


A radiating emotion of bliss sparked upon Dana as she heard Stella’s words. She looked around the hallway to make sure she was out of earshot to wandering ears. “I love you, Stella,” she uttered. “I’ll see you soon. Travel safe.” 


“What is a day of waiting compared to a year and a half’s time? I’ll be there before you know it. See you soon my love.” 

_ _ _ 

The cab ride to the Scully residence was close to an end and Stella found herself filled to the brim with anxiety. It was one thing to spend time alone with Dana, it was another to spend days with her and her entire family. Especially during a major holiday that was usually peaked with high emotions. As the car pulled down the last block Stella’s heart fluttered with increasing speed in her chest. She habitually moved her fingers to the hair tie looped around her wrist and pulled it earnestly, letting it snap against the inside of it, burning her skin above her sensitive veins. It was something she was prone to do during times of high stress; a coping mechanism. Something that distracted her thoughts and eased her mind as she focused on the snapping pain continuously thumping against her flesh. The feeling was relieving. 


Snap. Snap. Snap. 


As the cab pulled into the driveway, she froze and then took a deep breath, mentally reminding herself that it was just Dana and that she could get through anything if it meant being beside her. 


She grabbed her things and paid the driver before walking briskly to the front door. Her feet crunched on the snow-riddled walkway. She knocked loudly a few times and waited for the door to open. Breathe she told herself. Just breathe. And her pulse thumped rapidly in anticipation. 


_ _ _ 

Dana’s mother had suffered multiple injuries during her accident but she was lucky. Lucky to have made it safely out of surgery and lucky to have been recovering safely at home for the past few months. She was especially lucky to have such a tenacious daughter who willingly helped her and stayed by her side through her entire recovery. The rest of her family had helped, of course, but they eventually had to get back to their own lives, even Dana’s father. But Dana always had a soft side for her mother and the doctor already growing inside of her wanted to help more than anything.


As Dana heated up some leftover soup for her mom, bringing it to her place on the couch that she now occupied most of the day, Dana couldn’t help but feel that she was the lucky one. Her mother was safe and healing and the love of her life was on her way to see her. 


She gently handed her mother the warm bowl and kissed her forehead lightly. 


“Thank you Dana,” her mom said with a grateful smile. 


Dana smiled back and then longingly looked out the window before pacing in front of it. She had been so patient waiting to see Stella again and the last few months had been stressful to say the least. She needed to see her and feel safe in her embrace again. As she glanced back at her mother, she reminded herself to play it cool. She had told Maggie only a very brief and not-so detailed story about her relationship with Stella. She had told her that they had met in Paris and had immediately became friends and that they kept in contact often. She, for many reasons, omitted the rest of their story. Dana knew her mom was a kind woman and that she’d love her no matter what her life choices might be, but her deep religious roots kept her from telling her mother about their sexual relationship. That, and the fact that she still wanted to keep her and Stella’s love just to themselves. She wasn’t particularly fond of telling her mom about her love life, either, regardless of who it was with. 


Her heart skipped a beat as she saw a cab pull up and a beautiful, blonde young woman step out of it. Her mouth pulled up in a gummy-toothed grin, one she never usually displayed, as she watched her elegantly trot to the door, luggage in tow. 


“She’s here,” Dana breathed. 


Maggie pulled out a bottle of pain medication and turned away to give her daughter some privacy. 


Dana rushed and opened the door, swinging it open as quickly as she could in order to see her. When she saw Stella standing in front of her vision, she soaked up every inch of her presence. Her blonde hair glistened in the bleak December sun as white flakes began to fall softly upon their strands. Her pools of blue stood out brightly against the snow piled on the ground around her. She wore all black, including black boots, and her peachy skin glowed against her clothing. 


Dana gasped softly and paused for just a moment to look at her. “Stella,” she whispered faintly. “Hi.” Her voice was shaking slightly in her excitement to see her after so long. 


“Dana,” Stella beamed as she pulled her by her blouse out to the front steps, covering her in a tender embrace. 


She hummed softly as the smell of Stella’s perfume filled her nose and her arms encompassed her. Stella never failed to warm her body to the core, even on a freezing winter day, and that warmth spread happiness through her along with it. 


“I missed you,” Stella whispered with hot breath into Dana’s ear, heating her even more. 


“I missed you too, Stella. Thank you for coming here,” she said as a shiver shook her spine and tingled her limbs. 


“Can I kiss your cheek?” Stella asked after smiling from Dana’s reaction to her. She peered around to see if Maggie could see them, not wanting to make Dana feel uncomfortable in any way. 


“Mhmm.” Her reaction came out with a hum. 


Stella nuzzled her cold, red nose into the crook of her partner's neck, showing her without too much affection how much she missed her, before planting a brief peck of her lips onto Dana’s cheek. 


A soft whimper snuck out of Dana’s throat. “We should go inside,” she said, trying to shake herself out of Stella’s trance. “It’s too cold out here.” 


As they made their way inside, Dana tried to hide the mixture of love and lust on her face before her mother could see it. 


Stella closed the front door behind her and set her luggage aside and she locked eyes with Maggie who was grinning at her from ear to ear. 


“Mom this is Stella,” Dana stated, introducing them. 


Stella walked over and shook Maggie’s hand delicately. 


“It’s so wonderful to meet you, Stella.” Maggie’s face lit up. “I can tell how much your friendship means to Dana. I have never seen her as happy as she had been when she first told me about you. And ever since. Thank you for coming for the holiday and make yourself at home.”


Stella could feel how grateful Maggie was to finally meet her and her throat began to close up as she tried to halt the tears from forming in her eyes. She instantly felt at home here. She could feel the love this family had for one another and the thought of being included in such a loving environment made her heart burst. She was embarrassed at how quickly her usual non-existent emotions came out and she took a breath through her nose to calm herself. Something she found herself doing a lot when it involved Dana. “It’s so great to meet you too,” Stella replied. “I am glad to hear you’re doing well.” 


Maggie thanked Stella and relaxed her head onto the couch, feeling overtaken by sleep as her medication kicked in and the warm soup settled in her belly. 


Dana draped a blanket over her mother and turned to Stella. “Come on, Stel. Let me show you around.” 


_ _ _ 

“This is exactly how I pictured your room,” Stella said with a small laugh as she looked around Dana’s room. “Cute and simple,” she continued. “I like it.” She settled herself on the bed as Dana closed the door. 


“Nobody else is home right now,” Dana blurted out as she turned from her closed door to look at Stella. Obviously ignoring Stella’s attempts at small talk as her body ached to be held. 

“Come here.” Stella’s voice sizzled with raspy luster. 


Without holding back Dana jumped into Stella’s lap, straddling her, each knee squeezing Stella’s hips as she pushed them into the mattress. Her arms wrapped around Stella’s neck. Stella’s hands swiftly moved to tangle her fingers in Dana’s hair as she pulled her face into her own. Their mouths danced together as Stella’s tongue fought Dana’s for dominance and Dana quickly submit, letting Stella’s warm muscle explore her mouth. 


Her pulse was thready, her desires intensified and all she could think about was sex. Sex with Stella. Her body took on a mind of its own as her hips began to move, grinding her aching center against Stella’s lap. 


“God, I’ve missed you,” Dana moaned. She could feel the heat of her sex get hotter with each grind against her and she couldn’t stop. 


“Dana,” Stella moaned back robustly. She had waited so long, visualized returning to this moment more than any other. She removed her hands from Dana’s hair and planted them firmly on her hips, helping Dana glide her body atop of her own. 


Suddenly, Dana heard her name being called and it wasn’t from Stella. She immediately stopped her motions and the two of them froze, panting and listening. 


“Dana? I’m sorry, can you help me?” her mother’s voice echoed. 


Dana reluctantly peeled herself from Stella and shot her a look of apology before she headed down the stairs. 


_ _ _ 

“Is everything alright?” Stella asked. She wanted to know if Maggie was okay. 


“Yes. She’s fine. Just needed help reaching something. She’s still pretty stiff and sore and it’s hard for her to reach for high things. But all is well,” Dana replied. Her face melted from concerned to desirous as she walked her way back towards Stella. “Now where were we?” 


Stella laughed. She loved seeing this side of Dana but her body was jet lagged and exhausted. “I’m tired, love,” she admitted. “Can we rest for awhile?” She removed her boots and tucked herself between Dana’s sheets. 


Dana crawled in next to Stella and sighed. “As long as you let me be the big spoon this time.” 


Another chuckle came from Stella and she rolled her body around, pushing her backside into her partner as Dana wrapped her arm around Stella and held her close. 


“Mmm this is nice,” Stella hummed. 


“Mhmm.” Dana didn’t realize how tired she was, too. How much her body needed rest. And with Stella in her bed, she quickly drifted off to sleep faster than she ever had before. 


Stella closed her eyes and kissed Dana’s hand that rested beside her face. She scooted herself as close as she could, letting Dana’s warm body begin to swaddle her into a slumber. And as Dana’s soft snores began to ripple in her ear, Stella let herself fall into a peaceful sleep in the arms of her lover. 


_ _ _ 

They slept for longer than that should have but being wrapped together as one had them in nearly comatose states of tranquility. As Dana began to open her eyes, she could she that darkness had overtaken her room. She softly shook Stella and kissed her cheek to wake her. As Stella’s eyes fluttered open, she hummed in thanks as she remembered where she was. 


“That feels nice,” she hummed again and Dana kept up her feathery kisses. She enjoyed the heat that radiated from Stella’s body and loved the goosebumps that rose on her skin as she kissed behind Stella’s ear. 


“Come on, Stella, I’ll make us dinner,” Dana commanded, pulling the covers from her body and tugging Stella by the hand out of bed. 


Stella didn’t want to leave her cocoon of blankets and Dana’s warmth but she was hungry and she thoroughly enjoyed watching Dana’s domesticity.  


“Great I’m starving.” 


_ _ _ 

“What do you think?” Dana asked as she blew seductively on a wooden spoon that cradled spaghetti sauce and lowered it to Stella’s mouth. 


Stella followed Dana’s seductive manner and licked the spoon enticingly, not breaking eye contact with her as she responded with a moan-like “mmm.” 


Dana raised her eyebrow. 


“Very good, Dana.” Stella’s eye contact still never broke. “I always long to taste what you have for me,” she continued with a whisper. 


Dana gulped as she felt her cheeks flush with color that matched her hair. She knew her mother couldn’t hear her from the other room but suddenly she was feeling bashful. She wondered how something so mundane could turn them both on so vigorously. She slowly turned around, letting Stella see the smile that snuck up on her face before she continued her work stirring the sauce. “It’s ready.” 


_ _ _

Dana plated three portions of spaghetti and set three different places at the kitchen table. She helped her mother into one seat and took another next to Stella. The three of them shared small talk, which was mostly Maggie asking Stella questions to get to know her better. After they finished eating, Dana helped her mom into bed and returned to the kitchen.


“That was really great,” Stella stated. She had never had a nice family dinner before in her life. She envied how regular this was for Dana and she felt herself drawn more to wanting this life for herself; for her and Dana together. 


“Just wait until tomorrow night when the rest of my family gets here,” laughed Dana. “You might change your mind.” She cleared the table and began filling the sink to wash the dishes. 


“Let me help.” Stella walked over and began rinsing and drying the plates and pans from the bubbly water. 


The pair of them stood and washed together in silence as they enjoyed the company. When Dana reached to put away the last dish, Stella swooped in and hugged her tightly, wrapping her arms around her waist. 


“I’m so happy to be here,” she whispered into Dana’s ear.


Dana sighed contently and settled her head against Stella’s shoulder as she rested her arms on those wrapped around her hips. She wanted nothing more than to do this every single day with her. “Me, too, love,” she said. “Me too.” 


_ _ _

Dana grabbed a bath towel from the hallway closet and returned to her room where Stella was waiting. “My mom has said she’s fine with you sleeping in here with me,” she giggled. 


“Well I can see why,” Stella replied with a raise of her left eyebrow. “She has no idea.” She curled Dana into her body and kissed her sloppily on the mouth. 


“Lucky for us,” Dana beamed as she pulled her lips away from Stella’s with a ‘pop'. “If you were a boy, you would most certainly be sleeping on the couch and would have to keep a two-foot distance from me at all times. Especially around my father.” 


“Lucky,” Stella repeated. She grabbed the towel from her partner with a grin and then collected some of her belongings from her suitcase. “Will you help me with the shower?”


Dana bit her bottom lip and was thanking God that her parent’s bedroom was downstairs and away from her room and bathroom. She nodded and led Stella down the hall. 


Once inside, with the door fully locked, Dana started the shower and peered over as she watched Stella begin to completely undress. Her eyes glued themselves to her body and she couldn’t help but stare longingly. 


“Oh,” she moaned. “I almost forgot how amazing you look, Stel.” 


Stella walked over to Dana slowly as she tied her hair up and cupped Dana’s face with her hands. She kissed her once more before walking away and shooting a teasing glance over her shoulder. She stepped into the shower and closed the curtain without uttering a word. 


A groan came from deep in Dana’s throat as she looked towards the obstructed view of Stella with hooded eyes. 


“Are you going to join me or just stand there gawking?” Stella asked after a moment of silence. And Dana couldn’t have undressed quicker if she tried. 


The shower was hot and invigorating as Dana stepped inside. She watched as the water cascaded down and dripped lavishly from Stella’s body. She traced her nails against Stella’s flesh and stopped them at her hips. Stella hummed in approval and stepped back, allowing her ass to tease Dana’s pubic bone as Dana pushed her erect nipples into Stella’s back. They both moaned in unison at the feeling of their warm, naked bodies conjoining again. 


“Touch me, Stella,” Dana whined. She couldn’t wait a second longer.


Stella willingly obeyed and reached around the back of her body, the back of Dana’s, as she grabbed her ass forcefully, pulling her even more into her body. Dana moaned as she used the pressure to grind herself against Stella. 


“More,” she whined even louder. 


Stella turned around to face Dana, returning her grip on her ass, pulling her in again. This time letting her breasts rub moistly against Dana’s as they started to breathe heavily. Stella hitched up her knee and Dana straddled it, rubbing her clit and swollen folds against the wet skin of Stella’s thigh. She could already start to feel herself coming. 


“God. Stella! God,” she breathed, speeding up her grinding. 


“Mmm yes,” hissed Stella. 


She suddenly dropped her leg, causing Dana to groan in protest, before sucking on two fingers and then plunging them into Dana’s opening. 


“Oh! Don’t stop!” Dana was surprised and flushed and so, so close. 


Stella smiled as she watched Dana come undone. While keeping her fingers steadily curling into her, she began to flick her thumb across Dana’s clit, moving it up and down and circling it with pressure. 


“Fuck!” Dana threw her head back against the shower wall as she came hard, clenching her walls tightly against Stella’s fingers. 


Stella removed her fingers from inside Dana and stroked the back of her head where it had hit the wall. She licked Dana’s bottom lip and sucked it into her mouth before kissing her passionately. 


“Stella. Oh. Wow. Wow,” Dana managed to get out with each breath between kisses. 


Stella reached around and turned off the flow of water. “Your room. Now.” 


They dried off it a hurry, quickly checking to make sure the hallway was clear, before shuffling off to Dana’s bedroom and locking the door behind them. 


“Bed,” commanded Stella with a muffle. Her mouth was full with Dana’s breast. Her hands gripped at Dana’s abdomen, needing more of her. 


“Yes,” Dana hissed. “Yes.” 


Stella pushed Dana onto her back on top of the bed as she watched her eyes glaze over with desire and tenderness. 


“Stella,” she urged as she arched her back, breasts heaving, and opened her legs longingly. Exposing every part of herself to Stella. 


Stella gracefully moved to the bed and straddled her hips on top of Dana, soaking her belly with her arousal. She pressed her hands on either side of Dana’s head, pushing them into the bed and dropped her face, kissing her, lapping her tongue against Dana’s. It was her turn this time. Her turn to get what she needed. But Stella wouldn’t be Stella if she didn’t want to give everything she had. And she wanted to give Dana more. She raked her nails down her chest to Dana’s nipples and pinched them sternly, earning her a favorable yelp from her partner. 


“More!” Dana urged again, lost in the heat of the moment. 


Stella grinned and bared her teeth and then lowered them to replace her hands as she bit down softly on each of Dana’s hardened buds. 


“God.. I can’t wait anymore Stella. Fuck me. Please,” she pleaded. She hungered for more. She needed another release, more connection with Stella. And she needed Stella to come too. 


She nodded in agreement at Dana’s plea as she looked into her eyes and sucked in her bottom lip. She needed this too. She slid herself down Dana’s body and parted her legs, taking Dana’s left knee in the crook of her right elbow as she pulled it up and wrapped it around her side. Stella threw her own left leg over Dana’s hip bone and aligned their sexes together, teasing once more as she gently rubbed her clit against Dana’s before settling down and speeding up into a fast rhythm. 


The bed began to knock into the wall with each of Stella’s thrusts and both women started to vocalize their pleasure. 


Bang. Moan. Bang. Moan. 


“You feel amazing,” Stella cried, her eyes locked tight on her partners bouncing tits. 


Dana could feel herself on the brink of her orgasm. She wanted so badly for Stella to come first but she couldn’t stop it from overtaking her body as her pussy slicked against Stella’s, her body flooded with heat as she spiked with intense pleasure. She immediately grabbed Stella’s breasts and began kneading them with her palms.


“Oh god - “ 


“Shhh.” Stella cupped her hand over Dana’s mouth as she wriggled in ecstasy underneath Stella’s body. She softened her movements to quiet the bed too. The last thing she wanted was for Maggie Scully to hear her fucking her daughter. 


She kept her hand around Dana’s mouth as she suddenly started to come herself; higher and higher until it came crashing down. “Fuck!” Stella whispered in Dana’s ear and they both lay silent and still, breathing heavily as they recovered. 


Stella removed her hand and kissed Dana tenderly. They untangled their legs and laid side by side, staring up at the ceiling.


Dana laced her fingers in between Stella’s and held her hand. “That was amazing,” she bellowed happily. 


“Mmm,” Stella agreed. She rolled onto her side and planted one more kiss to Dana’s jaw. “Thank you for having me here.” She traced her nails against Dana’s skin like she always did.


Dana turned her sights to Stella and whispered back to her. “Always. Remember?” she said. “I love you, Stella.”


“I love you, Dana.”