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Her First Love

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Standing barely over five feet in height, she walked through the crowded streets of the city. Her fiery red hair illuminating in the warm, Paris sun. She purchased macarons from a nearby shop and nestled down on a bench in the park near her hotel and watched as children played and couples rode their bicycles down the brick paths.  


This is incredible.

Dana Scully never thought she’d find herself on vacation in Paris just a few months after her eighteenth birthday. Her parents had let her come alone after weeks of insisting she needed the holiday before starting her first semester of undergrad in the fall. So here she was, alone in a foreign country, full of wanderlust and adventure; ready to take on anything this city was to throw her way. 


She finished her dessert just as dusk started to break. Dana had no plans for the rest of the evening so she gathered her things and headed back to her hotel. It was small and definitely older, her room. It was all her parents could afford. But she loved it. She set her small leather bag on her bed and undressed to take a quick shower, deciding she would go out for a drink since the night was still young. The warm water refreshed her nerves, solidifying her decision to go out and have fun that evening. She finished her shower and after a quick check-in call to her parents, she dressed and walked to a nearby tavern down the street. 


Dana walked boldly in her four inch black go-go boots and sleek black dress topped with a black leather jacket. Her mid-length hair was pulled in a low ponytail, with a thick black scrunchie holding it all in place. She sat herself at the counter and ordered a beer, grateful to be able to order a drink at eighteen. She downed her drink and ordered another, scanning the room for someone to possibly chat with. 


Dana felt her heart skip a beat as a young woman gracefully entered the room. Her long blonde locks curled loosely around her nearly makeupless face. She wore a tight, black turtleneck dress and an oversized burgundy blazer, with dark hoops dangling from her ears. Her nails were trimmed and polished in shiny black, while her delicate feet displayed dark red pumps. A new song blared on the jukebox and Dana quickly snapped out of her trance, turning back to her beer and hoping the alluring blonde didn’t notice her gawking. Sweat began to build on Dana’s brow. She had never seen someone so transcending and beautiful. She had never felt her heart skip a beat and a fire build beneath her bosom just by looking at someone, let alone a woman. Dana closed her eyes and took a breath, finishing her beer in one swift gulp. “Hi. I’m Stella,” she heard a delicate voice utter.


Oh my god.


“Um, hello,” Dana said in almost a whisper, losing all of the confidence she had earlier. “I’m Dana,” reaching out her hand shyly to gently shake Stella’s hand as she took the seat next to Dana. She looked down and tucked a loose strand of auburn hair from her face as Stella directed the conversation. 


“I saw you as soon as I walked in. You are very beautiful,” Stella confidently smirked.


“Oh, thank you. I, uh - think you are as well.”


“I know, I could see you admiring me from across the room.”


Dana laughed. “Are you always this bold, Stella?”


“Yes,” the blonde woman stated. 


“Ah,” Dana said cheerfully, “I like that. Clear and to the point. Where are you from, Stella? Your accent sounds British. Am I correct?”


“You are. American?” Stella asked.

“Yes. I’m from DC but I am here on vacation before I start my first semester of college. What about you?” 


“I’m here on holiday as well. From London. Though I’m not sure what my future holds for me just yet,” Stella conveyed, summoning the bartender over to order a drink. “A whiskey, neat for me,” she told the man. “And for my friend here -” she turned back to Dana. 


“Same, please,” Dana smiled.


“So, Dana, what are you majoring in?”  Stella asked. 


“I start pre-med in a few months,” Dana answered, taking a sip of her drink as the bartender brought it over. It burned her throat and she tried to play it cool in front of Stella.


“Impressive,” Stella winked, throwing back her whiskey in one go. 


Both of them chatted about everything and nothing for what seemed like hours, getting to know the stranger across from them. After awhile, they sat and stared at each other for a few moments. Dana could feel Stella’s deep blue eyes pulling her in. Stella reached her hand over and traced her fingers across Dana’s arm. She could feel a warm fire spark across her skin and she let out a soft whimper. Dana’s reaction made Stella smirk even harder than she had been that whole evening. 


Dana cleared her throat. “So, um, Stella, when is your birthday?” she asked. Hoping not to sound too desperate to know if Stella was indeed at least eighteen. 


“I will turn nineteen on November fourteenth. You?” Stella stated, returning her fingers back to Dana’s arm. This time tracing the skin higher on her arm, closer to her bicep and her left breast. 


“You are just a few months older than me,” Dana paused, a chill running up her spine from Stella’s touch. “I’ll be nineteen on the twenty-third of February.”


“I guess it’s fate then,” chirped Stella.

“Is this alright?” Stella asked after a few minutes, noticing the goosebumps on Dana’s arm flare up over and over again. She ran her fingers up Dana’s neck and tucked the rebellious strand of hair back behind Dana’s ear. 


“Mhmm,” Dana hummed, staring back into Stella’s eyes, another shiver running through her body. 


She didn’t know where her confidence suddenly came from. Maybe it was the alcohol. It was most definitely the alcohol. But she wanted this. Dana leaned in, placing a soft hand on Stella’s thigh, and kissed her hard on the lips. It was fast and beautiful and before she knew it Stella was leaning back in for another. This time entangling her tongue with Dana’s. She could taste the whiskey and a slight tang of peppermint in her warm mouth. Dana could hear her heart pounding in her ears. 


Stella pulled away before Dana was ready. A look of disappointment obvious on her face as Stella smiled, knowing what she was to say to Dana next. 


“Take me back to your hotel, Dana.” Stella whispered in her ear.


Dana gulped, sweat forming in her underarms. She had never kissed a woman before tonight, let alone taken one back to her place. But she knew she wanted this. She really wanted this. And she was ready. 


Grateful for her liquid courage she set some money down on the counter and grabbed Stella’s hand, leading her out of the tavern to walk down the road to her hotel. They walked hand in hand through the short walk, ignoring some dirty glances they received from an old couple passing them by. 


“Are you nervous?” Stella asked, noticing the slickness of Dana’s hand against her own. 


“Yes,” Dana admitted, grinning at her feet. 


They walked in silence into the building and to Dana’s room. Once inside Dana locked the door and turned to Stella. 


“Would you like anything to drink?”


“No thank you. But I would like to use your bathroom and freshen up,” Stella answered.


Dana ushered her to the bathroom door. Feeling gratitude for a moment of solitude she took a deep breath and gulped down a glass of water. 


You can do this, Dana.

A few minutes later Stella emerged from the bathroom. “Oh my god,” Dana whispered. Stella stood in the doorway, clothes almost completely shed, wearing nothing but a creamy lace bralette and a matching thong. 


“Oh my god,” Dana said again, this time louder.


“Come here, Dana,” Stella pleaded. “It’s alright.”


Dana walked over, placing her hands nervously on Stella’s hips.


“Have you ever done this before?” Stella asked her. “With a woman I mean.”


“No, not with a woman. Just with a guy I dated in high school. Have you?”


“Yes. With both. I haven’t been with as many women as men, but I prefer to sleep with women.”


Dana was grateful for Stella’s openness and honesty. Somehow it made her feel a lot better about making herself vulnerable in front of someone she had just met. But something about Stella made her feel safe. She felt like she had known Stella for a lot longer than just one short night. The connection she had already felt with her was the reason she had agreed to bring Stella back to her hotel in the first place. She was already feeling things for this woman. Another thing to add on her list of firsts tonight.


Stella wrapped her arms around Dana’s neck and kissed her softly, pulling her close to her own body. Dana reciprocated, tightening her grip around Stella’s hips and grinding her own against Stella’s. They both kissed in euphoria. Intertwining their bodies as soft whimpers escaped through both of their open mouths. Dana kicked off her boots and pushed Stella closer to the bed. 


“Teach me, Stella,” she whispered.


Stella, feeling awakened with her need to please and show Dana everything she knew, slowly peeled off her partner’s dress, realizing there was nothing underneath but a small, black piece of fabric around Dana’s wet sex. A gush of wetness filled her own panties.


 “Lie down on the bed,” Stella ordered. 


Dana obeyed, tucking an arm underneath the back of her neck and spreading her legs, eagerly awaiting the blonde in front of her. 


Stella climbed on top of Dana. Running her hands over her skin, already knowing she liked that. Stella could see her breasts heaving heavily in anticipation. She moved her fingers from tracing along Dana’s abdomen and moved them to her perky breasts, teasing around her areolas until her fingers pinched down on both of her hard nipples. Dana let out a moan of excitement. “More,” she pleaded. Stella kneaded her tits and leaned down to sloppily kiss Dana, their tongues sliding together in a harmonic rhythm. 


“God, you’re so wet,” Stella hummed, cupping her hand around Dana’s pubic bone and slipping a finger past the dampened fabric, teasing her folds. Dana breathed deeply and arched her back as Stella inserted a finger into her pussy, and then another. “Fuck,” Dana cried.


Stella removed Dana’s panties in one swift motion and returned her fingers to Dana’s entrance. “Do you like this?” Stella asked. “God, yes!” Dana shouted. Stella slid down until her face was in Dana’s pussy. She flicked her tongue across Dana’s clit, still pumping her fingers inside of her. 


“Fuck, Stella, I’m already ready to come.”


She smirked up at her partner and then returned her tongue to Dana’s clit, stroking the soft bud until she could feel Dana’s warm walls clamp down around her fingers. 


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” Dana yelled. Stella continued to slowly finger her, letting her come down from her high point. 


“That was fucking amazing,” Dana whispered.


Stella relaxed her body next to hers and they both lie there breathless. Dana couldn’t believe what was happening. She was having sex with a young, beautiful woman in Paris. She was so profoundly happy. She didn’t know she could be that turned on, like ever. She didn’t want to stop. She wanted more. She wanted Stella to show her how to please her.


 “Show me what you like, Stella,” Dana said, moving her hand towards Stella’s underwear. She traced the top of the lace, feeling Stella’s soft brown curls through the fabric. “Teach me,” she whispered. 


“I think you’re starting off just fine on your own.”


“Mmmm,” Dana hummed joyfully, slipping her fingers past the fabric and slicking her fingers through Stella wet cunt. She was so nervous but she couldn’t stop.


“Yes, right there,” Stella urged as Dana found her clit. “Harder.”

Dana circled her fingers, desperate to please Stella and eagerly wanting to know what she liked. 


“Like this?”


“Fuck. Yes.”


Dana removed her fingers and turned to Stella so they were both lying on their sides facing each other. Stella took off her panties and Dana resumed her work on Stella’s pussy. Her other hand pushing Stella’s bra down. 


“You’re so beautiful,” Dana said, taking a mouthful of Stella’s breast, sliding her wet tongue over the hardened nipple.


“Dana you’re going to make me come.”


A shot of pride ran through Dana as she kept up her work on Stella’s clit, and before she knew it Stella was shaking and moaning in release. When Dana could tell she was finished she wrapped her arms around her partner’s chest and they both breathed silently. 


“Was that okay?” Dana asked after a few moments of silence.


“Very much okay,” Stella laughed. “Are you sure that was your first time?”


Dana giggled as a blush of rosy red spread across her face. “Thank you,” she said to Stella. “You’re a great teacher,” she laughed again.

“Like I said before, Dana, you did just fine on your own,” Stella grinned, pulling Dana in for a kiss. “That was lovely.”

Dana pulled the blanket up and let Stella return her fingers to trace her skin. She loved the warm feeling of Stella’s skin against her own. They both lie unmoving in a puddle of their victory.

“You’re amazing, Stella. I’m so glad I met you,” Dana sighed, pulling her in and hugging her tight. But Stella pulled away slightly, immediately regretting the instinct as she rested her head against Dana’s and hoping she didn’t notice.

“Is everything okay?” Dana asked with concern.


Stella never even opened up to anyone and yet this tiny redheaded woman lying next to her was making her come undone. She sighed. “I just - I really don’t make connections with people. Especially people that I sleep with.. And I don’t know.. But something about you, Dana, it makes me feel differently. I’m really starting to like you already. It’s new territory for me and it’s kind of frightening. I’m sorry that probably sounds so stupid,” Stella said, shaking her head in embarrassment. 


“No not at all,” Dana responded honestly. “I don’t really know how you feel exactly, and I don’t really know your situation, but I think I feel the same way. I’m not a very open person. I don’t make connections very easily either. I close off, I take too long to show emotions and affection. But… I really like you a lot already, too, Stella. More than I thought I could.” 


They both looked at one another and laughed nervously, feeling very vulnerable yet comforted by what they were feeling and doing with each other. Both accepting it. They cuddled for a while, talking more about nothing and everything until the two of them were exhausted.  


“I should probably go,” Stella stated after looking at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Not wanting to leave but knowing she had to eventually. Habitually trying to end the night early.  


“You don’t have to...” Dana trailed off nervously.


“I know,” Stella frowned. “But I leave back home tomorrow afternoon,” she trailed.


“Oh.” Dana’s heart dropped.


“I’m sorry. I wasn’t going to say anything...but then this all happened,” she laughed, squeezing Dana’s hand.


“I understand,” Dana sighed.


The look in Dana’s eyes made Stella feel pained. “Do you want me to stay?”


“No, it’s okay, Stella. You probably need to pack and get things ready.”


“I don’t want to leave,” Stella admitted, and Dana smiled. They were both still lying naked under the covers, Stella’s hand in Dana’s. “I have had an amazing night with you. Why don’t I stay and you can see me off in the morning.” Dana nodded and nuzzled her nose into Stella’s collarbone.  


“Goodnight, Stella.”


“Goodnight, Dana”


* * *

The next morning both women woke up happily in the arms of the other.

“Good morning,” Dana breathed. Blissfully content with the events that had unfolded the night before.

“Morning,” Stella smiled.

“When do you have to leave?”

“My train leaves at half past 1,” Stella answered.

Dana glanced at the clock. “Well we still have a decent amount of time. It’s only 9:15.”

“We do have some time. What would you like to do?” Stella asked, biting her lip and looking at the breathtaking red head next to her.

“Teach me more, Stella.”

Stella needed to hear nothing more before she was on top of Dana. Her hands around her breasts as Dana squeezed her ass.

“More, Stella, yes.”

Stella took each of Dana’s breasts in her mouth one at a time, giving each nipple special attention as she circled her tongue gleefully around each lustrous nipple.

“You have amazing tits,” she mumbled.

Dana deepened their kiss, smacking the firm backside of her partner as she let out a quiet screech.

“So that’s how you want to do it, huh, Dana?” Stella laughed, arching her back and pushing her ass further into Dana’s grip.

“Mhmm,” was all Dana could muster. Lust filling her brain to maximum capacity.

“Who knew you were so naughty, Miss Scully.” Stella said, lifting Dana’s leg across her and throwing her own over Dana to scissor her. She slowly began to grind her sex against her partners until she had a steady rhythm.

“Oh my god,” Dana cried in response. “Oh my god I’m already close.”

“Fuck. Me too,” Stella yelled. Grinding faster and gripping Dana’s leg against her shoulder.

It was like something out of a perfectly timed dirty movie and they both came at the same time. Both of them moaning and sweating in unison. The sound of their rubbing pussies ringing loud in their ears.

“Wow,” Dana exclaimed.

Stella giggled with pride, resting next to Dana as they both recovered from their staggering orgasms.

After catching her breath Dana turned to Stella and kisses her on the cheek. “We better get going. We still need to eat and get your things.”

“And shower,” Stella stated. Touching the sticky juices on her inner thighs.

They got up and quickly (at least they tried to make it quick) showered, planting kisses all over each other, neither of them taking it to the next level. They just enjoyed each other's company, running their hands over the other’s skin, kissing the other’s lips and neck and shoulders. They dressed even quicker than they showered and walked to Stella’s hotel which was just a few blocks away. Dana helped Stella pack her things. She enjoyed being in her company even if it meant doing something as monotonous as packing a suitcase. Once they were finished they headed to a small cafe down the road. They each ordered croissants and berries, once again talking with the other about nothing and everything. They stayed as long as they could, soaking up each moment before Stella morosely asked for the check. 

A car took them to the train station as they exchanged numbers and addresses. They held hands in the back seat until the car reached the station. It was only a few minutes before Stella’s train was to depart.  


“Promise me you’ll write, Stella? Truly?” Dana asked as the cars brakes squealed to a halt.


“I will,” she promised. Grabbing Dana into a long, tight embrace. “I think it’ll be easier if we say goodbye here,” she finished. Dana nodded and pulled Stella into a passionate kiss, ignoring any embarrassment her former self might have felt from the lingering eyes of the male driver. 


“I hope to see you again, soon, Dana.” 


“Me too, Stella.”


And after one more kiss Stella closed the car door, grabbed her luggage from the trunk and sprinted off. Dana wiped a tear from her cheek and urged the driver to take her back to her hotel. Though she had only known Stella for less than a whole day, she already knew she was falling for her deeply. Though she didn’t believe in such thing she until now, being here at the right place at the right time was fate. She was destined to meet Stella. She hoped she would hear from her soon and hoped even more that she would see Stella again in the near future. She didn’t know how she was going to make that happen but she knew she wanted to more than anything.


I think I’m in love with Stella Gibson.