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There's a month left until summer ends, and Izuku just arrived to this new and small town. A place where his mom grew up before moving to the city. The house was small, a little abandoned, it was too hot inside, the bugs are bothering him and his body is about to give up because of how tired he is. The skinny blue jeans and white t-shirt with rolled sleeves are suffocating him, but his mom looks so lively and happy of them moving to this place that he decides not to complain and just keep moving boxes. After all, she was the one suffering the most back in that house and divorcing was not something easy, that was for sure. The big step was going to help her a lot, Izuku wished for it to happen and finally let her have peace and be the woman she really was.
In the other hand, moving was actually relieving for Izuku. He hates his old school in the city, he hates the people and the rumors, he hates when they looked at him as trash or as a weird and sinful creature for being his true self. The only person who accepted him is his mom and moving seemed like a great idea to just start over. Yeah... That's what they need.

"Is there AC here?" Izuku asks when they are done taking the boxes out of the truck and setting them on a corner in the place that looks like the living room.

"Oh, yeah, but let's not use it tonight, my friend from here is going to send some people to the house to look if it still work and to check some other things." His mom, Inko, answers happily, moving around the new kitchen.

"Mooom." Izuku whines and lets himself lay against one of the walls, this one doing a soft "crack" that worries the teenager. "I didn't move to die because of how hot is outside."

"Oh, you're such a baby sometimes, Izuku." Inko says, approaching the boy and standing over the tip of her toes to softly grab his face and pinch his cheeks. "It gets cold at night, so stop whining so much and go take a bath, okay?"

"Is there hot water?"

"We will find out tomorrow!"

Izuku just whines softly once again and makes his way to the small bathroom of the room that was going to be his. The space of the room is not that bad, if he is honest, it's just too... Dark, like the rest of the entire house covered with dark wood and gray walls, it needs some color, the sealing is high enough and the window is also pretty big, enough for air to come in (if his mom was being honest about being cold at night). For the first time, he doesn't want to complain, he actually sees potential if he really dedicates himself to make that house their home and he is sure his mom was going to be more than happy about that. So Izuku just breathes deeply, goes for his luggage to take a clean towel and clothes, and decides to take a bath, maybe make a list of things to do inside his mind while the rain of water slides down his body. There was no hot water, but it was hot enough outside for him to just ignore the little jump he did. The rest of the day is something between unpacking and discover the house and what needs to be fixed, make a list for grocery shopping and sit on the floor to eat some curry.

"So... You're a couple of days away from turning eighteen, what are you planning to do?" His mom asks while he grabs the empty plates and makes his way to put them in the sink.

"If you just noticed, we just moved and it's not like I know people here to throw a party." Izuku jokes and feels the hands of his mom caress his back.

"I know..." He hears his mom say, her voice low and a little sad. It makes Izuku regret his words. "I'm sorry, Izuku, for bringing you here so soon and without much thought."

Izuku is already hugging her tight; the last thing he wants is to make her feel bad or guilty.

"No, mom, don't be sorry... You did the right thing and I'm happy that you brought me here." Izuku slowly takes a step back and grabs his mother's hands in his, just to squeeze them a little while he looks at her bright eyes with tears. "I'm sure this is going to be a great start for both of us, okay?" And he does his all to give her a genuine smile, because Izuku is hardly believing his own words when it came to him having a great start.

Is almost midnight and his mom is already sleeping when Izuku sneaks out of his house, making sure three times that he has the keys, just to put on his roller skates and go down the streets. The night is cold just as his mother said, he was wearing shorts, high socks and a warm jacket over a graphic t-shirt of his favorite comic book. Even in that weather, Izuku is not bothered or shivering at all, he just keeps rolling and rolling, turning around in the streets of the suburbs. Some houses are incredibly big, making Izuku wonder if a celebrity was living there, others small and more simple, all around him offers an incredible variety of things for Izuku to admire while he breathes deeply the clean air and hears music coming from some of the houses. A ton of different lives, families...

He wonders which one of them is falling apart just like Izuku's did.

Izuku doesn't like to think about it, because remembering how his mother found out his dad was fucking another woman on their own bed always makes him feel sick and want to throw up. Izuku loves his dad, that is true, he cares for him a lot but that? It's something that's going to take time to forgive. He hurt his mom, he broke their family and hearts, and a week after the incident they were signing the divorce and leaving Izuku to decide where to go.
Just in a blink of the eye, his small family vanished and he moved away from the place he knew since he was born. A city with an eternal night life but full of snakes and dirty mouths. A city that lost a place inside Izuku's heart and turned into his worst enemy. He doesn't want to go back. Yeah. Moving is nice.
Izuku is rolling around one of the many streets with bigger houses of the suburbs and looking at the pretty entrances and gorgeous front yards with small bushes and flowers, there are nice cars Izuku almost drooled for and some furniture the owners were throwing away for whoever wants them or just the trash. Izuku will have to go there with his mom, it would be great for them to save money that way.
Izuku's eyes move to the asphalt concrete when he hears a car coming closer, noticing the yellow lights under his feet, then a honk and finally the car is moving by his side matching Izuku's speed. Izuku doesn't look at the car.

"Fuuuck, I was sure I saw a nice ass rolling around so late at night, who would think it's a guy, huh?" He hears a masculine and young voice say and Izuku's looks at the car with the corner of his eyes.

There is a nice and clearly new Ford Mustang Cobra convertible from that year, it's black and Izuku is staring to drool with just looking at it. Inside of it, there are 4 assholes and a girl minding her business. Bless her. There is a guy with long black hair on the steering wheel, a blond guy with a choker on the passenger's seat, then the girl in the back hugging a guy with red hair and, finally, a guy with spiky blond hair and red eyes. Deep red eyes that almost make Izuku fall right there.

Damn, moving is amazing.

"And those legs are to die for... Give some meat here." The blond by the driver's side follows, to what he receives a smack on his head by the girl with pretty pink hair.

"Stop, both of you!"

Izuku laughs softly and his eyes automatically land once again on the guy with the pretty red eyes. He seems young, but strong and mysterious in his white t-shirt and a leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders. His face looks soft, but also mature, with a squared jaw and thin eyebrows. He is looking back at Izuku with a playful smile, but Izuku notices the apologetic look in his eyes. Probably because of the things the others were saying. Izuku just shakes his head and smiles a little.

"Don't worry, I've heard that before so thank you." Izuku finally decides to say something with that playful smile too.

"Oh, that's what I call confidence, man!" That's the guy with red hair.

"Are you new here? I've never seen your face around before and I was born here, sweetie." The girl asks him and Izuku shakes his head once again.

"Just moved." Is what he answers with a much nicer smile.

"Then you should come with us! We're on our way to a party, come as a welcome party for you!" The blond with the choker says again and Izuku lets out a laugh.

"I don't even know you all."

"Oh, I'm sure you will." The guy with black hair says and he then lets out a gasp after looking at the clock. "Gotta go, stay safe new kid!"

Izuku just waves the group goodbye while they start to speed up and stopps rolling right there, enough to notice that one last glance the blond in the back seat gave him before the Izuku decides to turn around and go back home.

The next day, Izuku and his mom are busy with the house. There was people checking the electricity, water, AC and the structure at 10 AM, which made it hard for Izuku to keep sleeping peacefully after falling asleep close to 4 AM. The sun was already out but the weather was still cold and nice enough for Izuku to not care that much about all the noise around the rest of the house. He just stayed in his own bedroom until he heard the last person go, too sleepy to go out there earlier and be a nice person for a bunch of strangers.
Izuku walks slowly out of his room when he decides it was enough and makes his way to the kitchen when he hears his mom sing while doing the dishes.

"Morning, mom." Izuku says in a raspy voice before kissing his mother's head and moving directly to make himself some coffee.

"Good morning, 'zuku." His mom says, making pretty obvious the good mood on her voice. It makes Izuku smile a little too. "You slept till late, did you see anything last night?"

"Where does that question comes from?" Izuku says, doing his best to act as if he doesn't know what she's talking about.

"You left your roller skates in the front door."


"Oh, that... Yeah. I went to do a little of sightseeing yesterday..." He slowly says while scratching the back of his neck and gave his mom an apologetic smile when she turns around to give him the look.

"You know I like that you do it as a therapeutic way to... Calm your mind. But, please, remember to tell me if you plan to do it."

"Will do, mom."

Is hot that day too, but they are lucky because the AC worked perfectly and the house is nice inside. Hell was outside, so Izuku doesn't risk much and decides to go out with shorts above his knees and a red button up with five buttons open, matching his most precious red shoes his mom was insisting to throw away. Not in a million years.
When their old but loyal pick up is moving around the suburbs Izuku already explored, he remembers two things. The furniture that was outside of some of the houses and red eyes. Those red eyes makes him go deaf for just a moment while his mother is asking him something.


"Ah! What?!" Izuku finally says, startled.

Inko looks at him with big eyes and starts to laugh a second later, shaking her head.

"Nothing... We arrived to the store, son." She finally says with a small smile and Izuku nods.

The center of the town is... Beautiful. Izuku finds himself speechless and captivated by the small coffee shops and buildings so well taken care of. The colors of each place is different, making it fun to look at them, from a vibrant green to a pastel blue or a soft pink, there are a lot of plants and tall trees providing a shadow with a bench for people to sit there while waiting for the bus or just to sit there and do nothing. The people walking past them would throw glances their way but also a bright smile and Izuku never felt such an immense need to smile too. Everything was lively and there was a particular and fresh smell of just baked bread and fresh flowers. Izuku doesn't feel like it was a puzzle and he doesn't have a place to fit in; he feels as if he always had a place there, walking through those streets, looking at the people living their lives. Girls with short hair and cute summer dresses, guys rolling on their skateboards with nice jackets on, the adults saying hi to each other. A small town in which, apparently, everyone knew each other and now it's his turn to start over again, for him and his mom. Because no one knows them and that is perfect.


No, no one knows him, his mother grew up there, of course.


Izuku raises his eyes towards the woman approaching them with a beautiful face worthy of envy, moving around with a blue summer dress and a headband of the same color. Her hair makes him think she looks like someone he already saw but his thoughts were interrupted when the woman turned to him to cheerfully greet the teenager and hug him. Izuku is speechless and a little taken aback for all that but it also makes him laugh a little.

"You look just like your mom!" The woman says, pressing a hand against her own chest. "I'm Mitsuki Bakugo, i met you when you were a baby but I'm sure you have no memories of that time."

Yeah, she is right.

"Oh, Mitsuki! Where's your son?" His mom asks and Izuku looks around, internally wishing for them to walk inside one of the coffee shops before he faints right there because of the hot weather.

"The brat is at the arcade with his friends, always doing whatever he wants."

"Oh, what a shame, I'd have love for him and Izuku to see each other."

They keep talking and finally walk inside the nearest Diner for Izuku's sake. The place is a small and nice decorated place stuck in the 50's, covered with black and white floors, red walls and a NOW HIRING! sign in the middle of the entrance. Izuku thinks it would be a nice idea to apply and makies his way to the counter while both ladies find a table to sit and wait for the waitress.
Is great to see his mother so immersed in a conversation with an old friend, smiling widely and letting all her worries go while drinking tea. But the negative part about that came when they realize it was already too late to go to other stores they had planed visiting, so the rest of the time outside was for grocery shopping and seeing if there still were some of the furniture outside of the houses. Luckily, they found a pretty dining table and three chairs in front of one of them and Inko didn't think twice before stopping the car and telling Izuku to help her put it in the back. The next day they finally focus on buying things for the house and Izuku walks out of some stores for home improvement with a vision of what he wants for his empty room and carrying buckets of paint, brushes and more things they need to finally give that house a makeover. They spend the next two days painting and starting to put more furniture in the areas that were ready to finally decorate. He trusts his mom when it comes to that, so he was there whenever she needed help and then continued with his own room.
He painted three walls with a really soft and dark tone of green, and the final wall was going to be covered with a wallpaper with leaves. It's a slow process putting the wallpaper, mostly because Izuku started to work at the diner he applied and he is also too lazy sometimes. Even in his birthday, the wall is half done and the room is messy with sheets from newspapers, some empty bouquets of paint and dry brushes. The only "furniture" in his room is a mattress and at least all his clothes are already organized in his closet. The rest? In the garage, waiting to be unpacked.

"Izuku?" He hears his mom say before she half opened the door with a small smile on her face, her long hair falling like a waterfall from her shoulder. His son sits up on the mattress and looks at her, curious. "I know you didn't want to invite someone here for your birthday but..." Izuku lets his shoulders fall, not too fond of the idea of having people over "I called Mitsuki, she said she was going to bring her son and husband!"

Izuku pouts a little, clearly opposed to the idea of meeting the son of Miss Bakugo, but her mom already called them and told her to come. It was too late.

"Well..." Izuku starts to say and slowly stands up from the mattress "Guess I'll have to change my clothes!" The boy tries to sound a little more excited and his mom sends him a little kiss.

"I'll let you know when they're here." And, after that, she finally closes the door and walks away.

It wasn't that Izuku hates the idea of meeting new people, not at all, that's something he is excited about... But he is also nervous. Meeting new people means they'd want to know more about him, it means being in the other's person mouth and the start of a sequence of opinions about him. Those opinions can easily turn into them trying to figure out more about Izuku than he'd like. Why does he wear something like that? Why did he move? Where's his dad? Does he have a girlfriend? And Izuku is really scared of someone trying to figure out more in that part of his life. He ran away once, he doesn't want to do it again.
But, at the end of the day, he needs to fight that need of hide himself and find friends. True friends.
Izuku steps out of his room when his mother finally calls his name, walking through the small corridor to the open living room while his mom is inviting the family to walk in and get themselves comfortable. He recognizes the woman, Mitsuki Bakugo, in an instant. She is wearing more casual clothes and holding a casserole with both hands, greeting his mom and automatically looking around until she finally sees Izuku and approaches the guy to wish him a happy birthday (still holding the casserole). Then a man with brown hair followed, presenting himself as Masaru Bakugo, and Izuku feels himself a little more light when the man apologizes for all the noise. But, when the final member of the family walks towards him, all the air inside Izuku's lungs goes away and he is greeted with a small smirk and bright red eyes.

"Booty shorts." The guy says and Izuku blinks twice, saving in his memory the view in front of him.

Is him, the guy Izuku saw that night while rolling down the suburbs, and he honestly thought that night was going to be the last time he would be able to see that was that took his breath away in the first moment. Now that he is there, standing in front of him, Izuku wants to go back to his bedroom and scream internally until everyone is gone. Katsuki is just standing there and Izuku realizes he hasn't said anything until the blond guy raises an eyebrow towards the shorter guy.

"Izuku Midoriya, not booty shorts" Izuku finally is able to speak and the blond guy laughs.

Izuku feels his heart wanting to jump from his chest.

"Katsuki Bakugo."

Izuku smiles without thinking. He has a pretty name, Izuku thinks, it reminds him about something explosive and unstoppable, with a fire always dancing inside his eyes and his smile exploding tons of fireworks inside Izuku's chest and making a mess of his own self in just a second of standing there in front of his eyes. For Izuku, Katsuki turns into a mystery he's instantly hesitating to know more about, it's not as if there's a 'DANGER' sign over his head, shining and telling Izuku to turn around and walk away, instead, there's nothing preparing him to what and who Katsuki really is. There's nothing to warn him about Katsuki's eyes laying on him for more than what you'd assume is /normal/, or the times he laughs at him with his eyes, shares a glance or two and Izuku is just feeling too much, or when they're siting on the floor in Izuku's room and Katsuki laughs loudly when he suggests to call the blond guy 'Kacchan'.

"Really?" Katsuki says, letting himself back against the mattress on the floor. Izuku wants to say he didn't notice how Katsuki's black tank top was pulled up a little exposing pale skin and a perfect V line but he did and now he was looking at his unfinished wall with red cheeks.

"Yeah, why not? Your mom said i used to call you Kacchan."

"Do whatever the fuck you want, then." Katsuki sighed, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand before following Izuku's gaze. "What happened with that wall?"

"Laziness happened." Izuku points out, accepting his defeat against the wall half done.

"Ha! How useless..." Katsuki stays a second in silence and then turns his head towards Izuku. "Deku! That's how i'm going to call you from now on!"

"What, why?!"

"Because you're useless! You can't even finish putting wallpaper yourself."

"That's so mean! I have things to do, if my wall concerns you that much then come and do it yourself." Izuku says back, grabbing his pillow and throwing it towards the blond guy, who grabbed it and pressed against his chest.

"Kay, then, i'll come here in the morning to help you finish your wall." is what the blond guys tells Izuku while standing up and letting the pillow fall on the mattress.

"Are you serious, Kacchan?" the guy sitting on the floor asks and looks at Katsuki shrug while making his way to the door.


Katsuki had already left Izuku's room when Izuku finally remembers something important and stands up to run to the door of his bedroom and open it, shouting Katsuki's new nickname. The blond guy stops in the middle of the corridor to turn around and look at the shorter guy,

"I work tomorrow morning..."

"Where and at what time are you out? "

"3 o' clock and the All Mighty Diner in the Downtown ."

Katsuki nods and then returns to walk away. "I'll pick you up."

Those works kept repeating the rest of the day and night inside Izuku's mind, eating him alive and wondering if Katsuki was /serious/ about picking him up and finishing his wall together. They barely know each other, even if their mother's told them they used to be always together while they were kids, something Izuku didn't quite remember, it feels weird and unexpected coming from that guy to just automatically accept helping Izuku and even pick him from work. Izuku doesn't want to think much about and end up creating scenarios that will never happen, or maybe think Katsuki is making fun of him, so he tries his best to shut down all his thoughts inside his mind with the noise of the people and the music in the diner, he puts all his attention in what his boss Toshinori teaches him and tells him to do, he shares big smiles with everyone in the place and everything is great. He has never felt that calm and happy until now, moving around the diner and not thinking about anything. Not even about how close he is to finish his shift until he's standing behind the register and saying a sweet:

"Welcome to All Mighty! What can i get for you?" he says, eyes narrowed and a wide smile on his face.

"A shitty Deku to go."

Izuku looks at the register a little... confused. There's no-

"Kacchan!" He finally says while abruptly looking up to find the guy with blond hair standing in front of him, hiding his eyes behind black sunglasses and wearing a similar tank top the one he had yesterday at his house. Katsuki must be laughing at him. "Wait, what time is it?"

"Three o' clock." Katsuki was not the one who replied, but Izuku's boss, Toshinori was a really tall and skinny man, with long blond hair and bright blue tired eyes. "You can go, young Midoriya! We are going to be okay." The man says with a warm smile and Izuku finally nods and takes off his apron with the logo of the Diner, makes his way to mark his shift as ended and finally walks out with Katsuki by his side. The hardest part of the day is getting on Katsuki's motorcycle, but the blond guy is already putting Izuku a helmet on.

"You trust me?"

The question is unexpected and makes Izuku feel his cheeks and ears hot, but what surprises him the most is when he answers "Yes." and gets on the scary motorcycle without thinking twice.

Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku's new mystery, is more than what he expected and just thinking about him makes Izuku feel... warm. Yes, he has a big mouth, always saying things with a harsh tone and throwing insults about anything that goes through his mind and in front of his eyes, he always has an opinion and sometimes you just act as if he never said it, sometimes he will laugh too loud the neighbor's dog starts barking to nothing at all. He'll look at you up and down and keep for him what he thinks about you (in rare occasions). But that is the bitter part of who Katsuki is. He has a sharp-eye and is strangely attentive, he has a weird way to tell you to take care and he always has something interesting and new to say. Oh! and he cooks. Izuku discovered that the day both finished Izuku's wall and Inko said she was going to be out till late that day, so Katsuki just volunteered to cook and... almost made Izuku burn alive but it was just too good to stop eating. Katsuki became a part of Izuku's daily life that he never expected. He started to call to his home and visit whenever Izuku was free, take him to the arcade and play games until they had played the last one in the place (something he liked because Katsuki's friends were always there), sometimes he was waiting for him until he was out of work to just walk around the downtown until late or show Izuku some place he liked and most of them involved hiking and being so high Izuku couldn't look down. His mother Inko was happy, looking at him go out, enjoy, having a job, always asking him where was he going the next day. And one of those nights, she hugged his soon tight and whispered a soft "I'm so proud of you." that made both cry.

Katsuki was helping Izuku start over again... without even noticing.

So that's how time goes by, and there's not a day in which Izuku doesn't wonder if Katsuki is going to come visit him or wait for him, until Katsuki never gets out of his mind and Izuku realizes something, something that makes his heart hurt, something that scares him to death and breaks him the first day of high school. He's falling in love.

Katsuki calls his name when he's walking in the corridor towards their first class, even if there is still time until it starts, and Izuku tries to put on his best face when he approaches the group of friend he already knows. But there's someone else there, someone he doesn't recognize. Is a short girl, standing by Katsuki's side, she's laughing and Izuku thinks she's a beautiful girl. Short brown hair and eyes, wearing a cute outfit and a jacket that's obviously too big for her.

"Hi, Kacchan, hi guys." Izuku looks at the group with a big smile and is surprised when the unknown girl jumps closer to him with her bright eyes wide open and a friendly smile on his face.

"Is this him?" She asks. Her voice is crystal clear and soft.

"Yeah." Katsuki says, eyes on Izuku.

"It's so nice to finally meet you! I'm Ochako Uraraka!" She extends her hand towards him and he takes it in a way of greeting. "My boyfriend has been talking about you non-stop since last month."

Izuku feels the color disappear from his face. "Heh, really? Your boyfriend?"

"Yeah, i've never heard Katsuki talk about someone so much. Not in a nice way, of course, it surprised me!"

Of course. It wasn't as if he hadn't been expecting the worst.