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Mamma Mia

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Jungkook caps his pen after finally finishing the three identical letters, the only difference in them being who they’re addressed to, and stands up from his desk. Clutching the letters in his hands, the omega looks over towards his bed, smiling at the sight of his alpha sleeping away, before quietly exiting the room, making his way through the night towards the island’s post office to leave the letters in the drop box to be sent out first thing in the morning.

“Let’s hope this works~” Jungkook mutters to himself as he slips the letters through the slot, stating the names of the intended recipients. “Jung Hoseok…Kim Taehyung…and Min Yoongi~”

Once his deed is finished, he heads back to his room at the hotel his father owns, being hit with the scent of a worried alpha as soon as he opens the door. He steps inside to see Yugyeom in the process of climbing out of the bed, presumably to go look for Jungkook. “Where did you go?” Yugyeom asks while sighing in relief, walking over to the omega and wrapping him in a hug. “I was so worried!”

“I’m fine, Gyeomie~” Jungkook assures the taller male, rising up on his toes so he can run his nose along the alpha’s scent gland. “I just had to go do something.”

“Next time, wake me up.” Yugyeom insists, squeezing Jungkook lightly before leading him to the bed. “Now, let’s go sleep~” Jungkook allows Yugyeom to lay him on the bed, the alpha even going so far as to tuck him in which causes the omega to giggle at the adorableness. Yugyeom climbs into the bed next to Jungkook and immediately wraps his arm around him, pulling him into his chest. “Goodnight, Kookie~”

Jungkook whispers his goodnight, leaning up to press his lips to Yugyeom’s briefly before snuggling back into his chest, letting the alpha’s scent calm and lull him to sleep. His last thought before he drifts off is that he hopes his plan works.


Hoseok claps as his current group of students finishes running through their newest routine. “Great job, guys! There are a few tweaks that need to be made, but for now, take a quick break, and we’ll regroup in ten.” Hoseok walks over to the back corner of the studio where his office sits. He grabs a bottle of water from his mini fridge before walking over to his desk and picking up the stack of mail he had just dropped on the furniture that morning as he had been running late to open the dance studio.

He falls back in his chair, using the break he’d given his students to look through what he knows is just a bunch of bills and sort them into piles of ‘important’, ‘can be put off’ and ‘utter bullshit’. He stops as he comes across an envelope that is very obviously not a bill, considering it’s from Nagwon Seom. Instead of tossing the letter onto one of his three piles, he opens it right then, his curiosity getting the better of him.


Taehyung enters the small house that serves as his home on the rare occasion that he is not traveling around the world. “I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon!” Bogum, Taehyung’s technical roommate, although he’s never there long enough for the term to truly fit, exclaims as he sees the alpha.

“Yeah, I was on my way to Casablanca after leaving Milan when I realized I had no clean underwear left.” Taehyung explains, dropping his bag on the floor. “Decided I might as well stay a couple extra days before going on to the Philippines.”

Bogum nods. “Well, perfect timing, because a letter came for you this morning.”

Taehyung looks at Bogum in confusion. “A letter?” The beta nods, holding out the item for Taehyung to take. Taehyung carefully opens the envelope, a part of him paranoid that its contents include some kind of airborne poison meant to kill him as no one ever sends him letters, due to his nomad lifestyle.


The door to Yoongi’s studio bursts open, causing the alpha to jump awake, hitting his knee on the underside of his desk. “Did you seriously sleep here again last night?” Yoongi turns around to glare at Kihyun, his friend and also his assistant. “I don’t even think you’ve seen the outside of this studio in a week!”

“I went out to dinner a couple of nights ago.” Yoongi grumbles, rubbing his eyes as he turns back to his computer, ready to continue working on the song from the night before.

“That was a company dinner, so it doesn’t count.” Kihyun deadpans, throwing a stack of papers on the desk in front of Yoongi. “There are your letters and memos for today.” Yoongi sighs and starts flipping through them, not in the mood to get scolded for missing out on important information again due to his tendency to just toss his letters in the corner to never be opened. “And don’t forget, you have a meeting with…”

Kihyun’s voice fades away as Yoongi’s eyes fall on a letter, the sender address causing a fluttering in his stomach from the memories suddenly rushing through his mind.


Dear Yoongi/Taehyung/Hoseok,

It’s certainly been a long time. How have you been? I’ve thought about you a lot since the last time we saw each other.

I know this may seem very sudden and unexpected, but my son, Jungkook, is getting mated on August 8th, and I would very much like to an extend an invitation to you to come spend the next few weeks here on the island as we prepare for the ceremony. We could use this chance to catch up and relive our memories together!

I hope to see you soon!




Hoseok walks back out to his class, hands shaking slightly. “I have an important announcement to make,” he states after getting everyone’s attention. “I know this is very short notice, but next week I will be going out of town on some very important business for a few weeks and I will be closing the studio for that time.”

His students start complaining, so he explains a little bit further about the closing of the studio and how he will make up a referral list of open studios where his students can go to get some practice in while he’s gone. Once his students are appeased, he starts the rehearsal back up.


Taehyung is furiously throwing his dirty clothes in the washing machine, trying to get the laundry going as soon as possible so he can get it done quickly. “What’s going on?” Bogum asks, leaning against the door frame and watching Taehyung practically turn into a feral being when he struggles to get the cap off the detergent.

“Forget me staying a couple of days, as soon as my clothes are clean and dry, and as soon as I finish repacking, I’m heading out.”

Bogum can’t even feel disappointed over his friend running off again, due to being used to Taehyung’s behavior, so he just nods. “That must have been some letter.”

“Yeah,” Taehyung says quietly, shutting the washer and pressing the button to start it. “It really was.”


Yoongi practically runs out of his studio, pushing his arms through his hoodie sleeves as he walks briskly down the hall, Kihyun following after him in confusion. “I’m taking a vacation, put that on my schedule.”

“You, a vacation?!” Kihyun asks incredulously, not believing that the alpha who practically lives out of his studio is willingly taking a break. “For how long?”

“I have no idea~” Yoongi says honestly as he pulls the garment over his head, stepping into the elevator. “I’ll let you know when I decide.” He presses the button to take him to the ground floor, leaving a dumbfound Kihyun watching the doors close.

Kihyun blinks as he finally turns away from the elevator that took Yoongi away. “He must be sick or something.” He mumbles to himself, lifting up his tablet to put Yoongi down for a vacation of an undetermined length of time. “It’s a good thing he has so many vacation days built up.”