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Go To Deku's

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It was a bright day- Katsuki had got up at 5am as usual- had gone on his run, as usual and had taken a quick shower afterwards.

Although because it was Saturday he didn’t have to worry about going off to school.

It was his day off and he was going to share it with Deku.

The pair had been dating for 2 years and were half way through 11th grade, Deku had confessed the day before joining 10th grade at only 15 years old. They were childhood friends, hit a rough patch at 13 and slowly became something more around 14. Katsuki only started realising he was pushing Deku away because he had feelings for him the day before Deku had confessed- they started off with a few hitches but alas stayed together.

The only problem being- their parents did not know.

They knew Deku fancied Katsuki for a while but thought he’d get over it and realise he liked women- that did not happen however and the boys were too scared to out themselves to their families.

Kirishima, Mina, Denki and Sero knew the moment the two lovers came to school holding hands one day- they teased a red faced Katsuki mercilessly about it then and have continued to now.

He pulled out his phone and sent Deku a quick text- a time and location attached.

The reply came a minute after with an emoji.

The time was set for 1 o’clock in a faraway town- he couldn’t risk his mother finding them whilst out shopping with her girlfriends.

He got dressed, made himself breakfast and lounged in his favourite spot on the sofa until he saw his dishevelled mother appear by the door way- only just then waking up. “It’s 12 o’clock how can you not wake up before then…” He said, teasing his mother’s sleeping habits. She would often stay up late to finish work and then head to bed around 4am.

“Shut up brat you’re mother works hard to keep food on the table.”

He didn’t know what she meant, his family was loaded- they had a massive house with a big garden, housing a fountain and all. Deku’s home was tiny in comparison and he hated coming to Katsuki’s house in fear of his mother looking down at him as if he were a peasant.

He packed up his stuff and quickly left the house whilst his mother shuffled her way into the kitchen to make herself breakfast.

On the short walk to the train station he got a text from the woman.

‘Just where do you think you’re going?’

He rolled his eyes- the beast was checking up on him again.

He quickly typed out ‘I’m going to go to Deku’s. Got a problem with that?’ and put his phone back into his pocket, totally forgetting that she had even sent him a text back. He simply ignored the constant vibrating in his jean pocket and met up with Deku at a nearby library by the station.

“Kacchan.” Deku whispered, practically running up to him and kissing him on the lips. “Missed you.”

Katsuki felt a blush creep up to his cheeks. “Missed you too.” He slurred, grabbing Deku’s hand and holding onto it tightly. “So, where to first?”

“I need to return some books to the library so we can get some more if you want?” Deku replied, holding up his plastic bag full of fictional books.

Something that Katsuki loved about his boyfriend was that he loved fantasy stories- Katsuki himself was a big fan of dragon and knight stories when he was younger and would pretend to save the Princess Deku from the evil dragon Kirishima in their play time.

That was before they grew up and he had the real princess with him every day.

As Deku mooched over the expanse of books Katsuki took a look at his phone- about a thousand texts and calls from his mother popped up on his screen and he bit his lip.

Had she had an accident? Was she mad at him because he didn’t do the washing like she told him to…?

He read the first and most recent message which said ‘Are you gay?’ He reared back. There’s no way she could know he and Deku were together- they had both been secretive about it.

That was unless Kirishima or any of his dumb friends hadn’t blabbed it out…

He scrolled down to his earlier text and he almost choked and died in the middle of the quiet library. The text meant to say ‘I’m going to go to Deku’s. You got a problem with that?’ actually said. ‘I’m going to go get dicked. You got a problem with that?’

He almost fucking fainted.

He hadn’t typed that!

He panicked only remembering a minute later he left his phone at Kirishima’s at the study session they had spent together. He called up the guy’s number only to have it engaged. “Fuck!”

How was he supposed to deal with his angry demon of a mother!

At the loud swear word Deku stuck his head out from behind one of the column of books. “What’s wrong Kacchan?” His eyes held a concerned expression and when Katsuki all but turned his phone text screen for him to see his eyes doubled in size. “Auntie Mitsuki knows…”

 Katsuki swore he would have punched his boyfriend there and then. “No dumbass. She knows I’m gay!”

Another vibration from the phone had the two looking at the most recently sent. ‘Does this have something to do with Izuku?’

Fuck, Auntie Mitsuki knows.

Going home was going to be awkward, unless he just admitted it was a typo…

Then again… he wasn’t ashamed to potentially being dicked (as he put it) - it was true and he hated liars, he felt wrong for keeping it from his family no matter what they said. Auntie Inko didn’t know about their relationship either but once his mother knew it was a given she’d gossip to her friend.

 He decided the best thing to do for now was to give her a call- to maybe calm her down…

The constant ringing on the other line had his heartbeat racing as he walked outside of the quiet library; he knew things would probably get loud soon.

“Katsuki ‘going to get dicked’ Bakugou, come home this instance.” Mitsuki answered on the tenth dial.

And once those words came out of his mother’s calm mouth he knew he was fucking dead.

“I-it was a typo!” Screw all that crap about hating liars, he didn’t wanna be grounded so he could never see Deku again!

Mitsuki hummed a hum that sounded like she saw through his bullshit excuse. “A typo, huh. Then why do I have Kirishima at the door bowing in apology and apologizing to you?”

That’s it, Kirishima was dead to him.

“Could I kindly speak to Kirishima Eijirou please?” He said in the calmest voice he could.

“Not until you come home, I’m keeping him locked up until then- come with Deku and explain oh and I don’t care if you were in the middle of getting dicked down you are to return home, both of you!”

“W-what makes you think I’m with that nerd?”

“W-Why would you stutter- brat you are my son. I know you inside and out.” She mimicked his stutter and he could practically hear her smirk.

He swallowed hard, finally admitting defeat- making eye contact with Deku who was looking at him in concern.

“We’re on our way.”