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Promise to each other

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They both knew their relationship would not be easy because for Han Chen the fact he works with the police and the fact that the background of the family of Luo Fuosheng.

Their relationship is not like the other, because they both thought they were both Dom, but Luo Fuosheng was more dominant, they liked to use collar and the dom-sub in the bed.
They didn't use the handcuff that he have at his work but another handcuff.
Because they have been a little turned by this when one of their first meetings was about catching Luo and put him with a handcuff and then after they had the game of cat and mouse.
Until they finished by having sex, it's was consensual.
First, it's was only dom sub but after have come love.

They fight a lot about this because he can't protect Luo all the time because if they catch the family maybe him too will be taken too.

Luo doesn't consider them as his family he only considers Han Chen as his family and especially his lover.
So he have been kicked out of the family.

"You know I'm not with them anymore since they kicked me out" say, Luo Fuosheng

They kicked out Luo Fuosheng when he have arrived one day because he was caught with Han Chen by one of the friends of his adoptive father.

"I know but if they want to take revenge of you because of us," says Han Chen who was a little upset and scared.

He knows he is a fighter because he saw him fight before they were together and when some people bother them when they are outside.

"You know that I'm trying to help you for this case so maybe I would come clean and maybe have a work or own one company with no dirty money"

Han Chen kiss Luo Fuosheng

"I know this but please be careful"

"You too be careful"

"I will be careful and no matter what happens you are stuck with me, we have promised to each other," said Han Chen

Luo Fuosheng kisses his ring then kiss him.

Because they have made a promise to belong to each other