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My Mione

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Hermione Granger shouldn't be doing this but she wanted it and it just happened. It was late at night at Hogwarts where students and teachers should be asleep.

It was within the Room of Requirements where the action was really happening. Hermione was naked from top to bottom as she shows off her huge racks to the person above her.

He was drooling at the sight as he thrusts in and out from her pussy. Hermione was moaning as her tits would sway and jiggle with each thrusting.

"Harder, Severus, please!" Hermione begs.

Severus Snape indulges her as he increassd the pace as the bed continues to creak and hit the wall behind it.

Her pussy was so tight and wonderous as his huge, thick cock was able to go inside. Severus was horny and it had been days since he had sex.

He didn't care as he was having sex with his student, as long as he/she wanted it, that would be fine with him.

It didn't took long for Severus to be able to cum inside of Hermione as she screamed out loud as she came right after.

Hermione was breathing heavily as she gasped and then moaned as she looks down to see Severus suckling on both of her breasts.

Hermione was enjoying the sensation as she sees Severus caressing one breast as he would suckle the other before going to the other one.

She couldn't take it anymore as she knows that she'll be having another orgasm if he kept that up. Severus suddenly stops as he looks up at her.

The two stared at one another as Severus slowly removes his cock from the pussy that he had been fucking earlier.

Hermione whimpers at the loss as she stares at the man above her. "Severus?" She asked almost too softly as she wasn't sure what he would do next.

Severus didn't say anything as he just went down on her again as Hermione shouted: "oh fuck!" Hermione never swears but this was a different feeling as he felt the man's lips and tongue on her pussy.

This was her first time of having sex with anyone and she knew that Professor Snape was experienced with the rumors floating around.

It was just rumors but she decided to go so boldly and see if it was true or not. It was there she landed a detention just for asking and that was how it ended up between her and Severus right now.

Hermione's head was thrown back in pleasure as she put her hand on top of Severus head as he ate her out.

She was toying with the hair that was in her hand as she was already coming. The man was enjoying it as he licks her clean and greedily laps up the cum that was given to him.

She had already came twice that night and she knows for sure that there was more to experience.

"Anal or orally?" Severus asked as he had sat up and was now looking at her.

Hermione was surprised that the man was patient enough for her first time on sex. She licks her lips as she decided to give him a reward for waiting, "oral," she said as she sat up.

She knows what oral sex was, she may be a virgin before, but sex talk was quite common within the girl's dormitory.

Severus nodded as he got into position on the bed as he spread his legs, "anal sex is last, Granger, unless you want me to rim you," he said huskily.

Hermione wasn't sure what he meant as she had a bewildered look on her face. She blushed embarrassed as she saw Severus smirked, "not this time, Granger," he said.

"Why not call me by my first name like I do to you?" Hermione asked.

Severus glared, "It is one of my rules when I have sex with someone. I can call you 'baby' if you like," he said as he had during many occasions before with different women.

Hermione didn't liked it when he said he was having sex with someone beside her. However she sighed as she nodded so that he can call her 'baby.'

Hermione got into position on the bed as she was facing the cock that was in front of her. She licked her lips as she got ready to sevice him.


The following morning, Hermione went down to see her two friends waiting by the couch with Ginny sitting on the floor.

"Hermione! Are you alright?" Harry asked worriedly as soon as she went over to them.

"Of course I am, why shouldn't I be?" Hermione asked surprised.

Ginny frowned, "aren't the rumors true? I hear from Karen that he does something more than writing lines or cleaning cauldrons," she said.

"It's probably just a rumor," Hermione lies shrugging as the sex last night was the best, "come on, don't we have Transfiguration soon? I don't want to be late," she said.

Ron sighed, "I didn't finished my essay," he complained as the group left the common room to go to class.

"What? Why?" Hermione asked.

"You weren't there to help me," Ron explained.

"It was an easy essay, brother," Ginny replies shaking her head.

Ron didn't say anything as they continued to walk towards Transfiguration classroom but were soon stopped by Cho.

"Hermione, can I talk to you?" Cho asked as she was quite nervous.

Hermione didn't want to be late for class but she wanted to help Cho as the Ravenclaw was shaking a bit. She nodded as she looked at her friends, "go on ahead, I'll see you there," she said with a smile.

She looked at her friends leaving as she turns back to look at Cho, "is something wrong?" She asked.

"I got a detention with Professor Snape tonight," Cho said and Hermione just looked at her surprised.