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At Least It's Over

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 The next thing the teenage boy knew what a weight smashing into him and curly hair everywhere.

 "Oh Jeez. Hey, Henderson. Ready for school?"

 "Yeah, just gimme a sec, mom told me to feed Mews."

 "Your mom working?"

 "Yeah she had an early shift this morning. Here Mewsy. Want your breakfast? Here ya go. Good kitty."

 "Mewsy?" Steve held back a laugh.

 "Shut up. To be honest, I'm kinda scared of this cat. It's tried to eat Yertle at least four times now."

 "What, so you're like sobering up to this cat so it won't eat your pet?"

 "Pretty much. Oh, can we pick up Lucas on the way? His dad's car broke and it's too cold for him to ride."

 "Yeah, sure. Anyone else need picking up?"

 "Nah, Will's getting a lift from Jonathan and Hopper's taking Mike and El. I Must say, me and Lucas got the best deal." Jonathan...

 "Okay, kid, what do you want?" Steve pressed, grinning.

 "Nothing. Just really like my Teenage Mom. And I'm excited for school – we've got double science with Mr Clarke. Oh, and can you drop us off at the arcade later?"


 "Alright, brats, out the car. You're gonna be late. I don't care if you wanna miss Mrs List's English, you need your education." 

 The two boys huffed in annoyance.

 "Wait! Here. Give one to the other three as well." He handed five candy bars to the two kids, looking like they had just been given $100. Or a new video game. Or whatever it was these nerds liked.

 "Thanks, Steve!" Dustin said, ruffling his perfectly tamed hair.

 "Dude!" Steve tried to be annoyed, but he could never be with these kids. They were his everything, he didn't care how corny that sounded.

 "Yeah, thanks Steve. And thanks for the ride."

 "No problem, kiddo. Have a good day!" he called as they walked away.

He sighed, turned off his ignition and grabbed his bag from the floor of the passengers seat.

He was about to step out, but then he heard a roaring engine and loud music. He vaguely recognised it, Scorpions, he concluded.

A small, RedHeaded girl jumped out the car, a skateboard in hand and grinned to whoever was still in the vehicle, flipping them off. She then proceeded to skate down towards the Middle School. The radio was turned off, making everything sound as normal as it could for a High School, before the person stepped out.



He didn't even make it to his locker without being harassed.

"Hey there, Little Stevie." Thefreckled idiot smirked from beside him.

"What do you want? If it's nothing useful, and it never is, go away."

Tommy gave him a shove into the locker that to anyone else would have seemed playful, but Steve knew that look and it said, "I am one step away from beating your face into next year."

It totally didn't frighten him. Not at all.

"I just came to tell little Baby Steve that there's a new King. From California. I've known him for prescisely 8 minutes and he's 10 times the man you ever were. Hangin' around with a bunch of nerds is gonna turn you into one, Harrington."

"So what, Tommy? It's not like you ever cared so don't start now." He slammed the locker shutand walked down to class. He didn't care if he was 10 minutes early.


"Guys! Steve bought us candy!" Dustin threw a candy bar at each of the other members of the party.

"Man, Steve is the best!" Will cried. And El had a really huge grin on her face.

"Yeah, Steve's pretty good but I wouldn't say he's 'The best'."

"Oh really, Micheal? Name someone else who gives you money for the arcade, buys you candy and let's you have pool party's in their backyard."

"Well there' OKAY FINE! Steve's the best! But he still dated my sister so it's bound by law that I have to hate him at least a little bit!"

"Well that's really mature, Mike." Will rolled his eyes.

"Woah." Lucas gazed over the parking lot. The rest of the party followed his gaze.

 A girl with red hair zoomed past on her skateboard, her hair blowing behind her due to the speed.

"Ooh, Lucas! Is someone falling in looove?" Mike taunted, making El laugh.

"Shut up, Mike. You can't talk."

"Yeah I can, I've got a mouth."

"And you never close it apparently." Dustin chimed in.

"Ooh, burn!"

"C'mon, let's get to class before Mrs List throws a fit."

"God, Will, you're such a teacher-pleaser."