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Quidditch Balls and Wizard's Chess

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It was honestly a bit odd for Ginny and Luna to be back at Platform nine and three-quarters. Especially when Ginny had two small hands clutched in hers.

Eleven years had gone by since the battle of Hogwarts.

Peace had seemed to wash over the magical world. Or, at least, as much peace as a society grip by lost could contain.

The magical world's focus had started to shift towards the upcoming generation of witches and wizards. The ones who fought in the war looked at them vicariously, wanting nothing more than to make sure their children didn't go through the same loss that they did. That these young magical folk would live grief-free and never know the pain of losing dozens of classmates in seconds.

After the war, dozens of children were left orphaned, from both sides. The ministry tried to get as many of these children in the guardianship of magic families but there were quite a few who were given to muggle orphanages due to lack of space. Ginny and Luna, who were married shortly after they graduated Hogwarts, decided to adopt twin girls, JJ and Kenzie, a few years after they tied the knot (hehe). The girls were around four when the Weasley-Lovegood family adopted them. Some days it hurt Ginny to see the bond between the two girls. It was eerily similar to Fred and George.

Harry Potter and his husband, Draco, had also adopted a little girl named Mallory. Even Ginny's brother, Ron, and his wife, Hermoine, had two little girls named Kristie and Sam. Kristie was a little older than Sam and had already started her career at Hogwarts.

JJ tugged on her mom's arm, "Mommy, Aunt Stacy," the young blonde girl pointed to the captain of the Holyhead Harpies, the quidditch team Ginny played for. The woman had three young girls surrounding her. The oldest girl had her shoulders held high, wearing blue and bronze robes proudly. The girl in the middle was in all black robes, signifying that she was a first year. The youngest of the bunch was in her normal clothes, most likely too young for Hogwarts. Stacy gave Ginny an exhausted smile, the red-haired woman chuckled and gave her a big hug, doing the same to her husband, Cody.

"Christen!" Kenzie belted, lunging at the girl in all black robes. Christen let out a choked cough and hugged the girl back. "Alright Kenz, don't choke her," Ginny said, worriedly. JJ, then, jumped on Christen from the back and the girl let out another choked cough. "That's enough you two!" Ginny groaned at herself internally. She sounded just like her mother. "It's time to let go, my little bowtruckles," Luna's airy voice spoke out. Kenzie and JJ let go of Christen's next and gave their mother a sheepish grin. Christen rubbed at her red neck for a fraction of a second.

Christen's older sister, Tyler, rolled her eyes at the twin's shinanigans. She was a third-year and much too cool for them. Channing, the youngest Press, jumped on JJ's back, demanding to be given a piggyback ride. JJ happily complied.

"Ginny! Luna!" A hurried voiced called out. It was Hermoine, literally dragging her husband and two daughters behind her. Kristie was in her red and gold robes, her hair looked perfect. Kristie looked well put together, her tie straight and tight against her neck. The same couldn't be said for Sam. The girl was sporting a mask that made her kinda look like a bird due to a quidditch injury the week prior. She looked like she had just been dragged out of bed, just like her father who stood next to Hermione, yawning. Ginny noticed Harry, Draco, and Mal walking towards them. She made a big waving gesture at them. Harry perked up and was quickly giving Ginny a big hug. Mal was a quiet kid, especially around adults. She cowered behind Draco's leg as she looked up at her Aunts. "Hi, Mal," Luna crouched down and whispered. Mal gave the woman a shy wave.

A loud train whistle broke them out of their conversation. Ginny felt her heart spike with fear. She was letting her precious children go to the play where their uncle died. The place where she was tortured and processed by a demon in a human's body. Ginny gulped hard, her eyes fogging over. Luna noticed, quickly, and with one touch to her wife's back, Ginny was brought back into the present. She looked down at her twin daughters, excitement written over both of their faces. She sighed and kneeled down to be eye to eye with them. Two pairs of intense green eyes looked at her intently.

"Be good," Ginny stated, eyes welling up with tears. "Please write to your poor mothers. If it's just to get Freddie some exercise," Ginny motioned to their shared pet owl sitting on Kenzie's trunk. He was lovingly named by the girls after their late uncle. Ginny whipped a few tears from her eyes and stood up.

"Make sure no wackspurts get into your ears," Luna pucked an invisible wackspurt from JJ's ear. The girl giggled. "Please write or your mama will go crazy." Ginny gave her wife a light, playful slap.

"Bye moms!" The two girls yelled out, racing each other to get on the train, Sam, Christen, and Mal chasing after them as well.

Ginny felt the tears sting at her eyes again.


The girls picked the first compartment that was completely empty.

"I call window seat!" JJ and Kenzie yelled at the same time. They gasped, gave each other a quick glare, and tackled each other, trying to get the good seat.

"Guys! There are two window seats!" Christen yelled, her arms crossed. Kenzie looked up from her place on the floor with JJ's hand in her neck. "But we wanna sit next to each other!" JJ screamed from underneath Kenz.

"You guys better get up before someone gets us in trouble," Sam said, nervously looking around. "One moment," Kenzie exclaimed, flipping her sister over and pinning her to the ground. "Ha! I win!"

"Whatever," JJ growled, taking her seat in the middle. Kenzie cockily sat down in the window seat. A quiet knock at the door caused the girls to shift their attention to the small, brunette girl hanging out in the doorway.

"Hi, could I, uh, sit here?" The girl asked, quietly.


"That's a bad word!" Sam hissed, Kenzie rolled her eyes, "heck yeah."

"I'm Kelley by the way." The girl stated, stuffing an old beat-up bag with clothes in it above where they sat. "Top of the morning to ya, Kelley." JJ tipped a fake hat.

"Where you from, Kelley?" Christen asked politely, offering a jelly bean to the girl.

"I'm from Ireland," Kelley reponed, taking a jelly bean from the bag. "What do your parents do?" Mal asked quietly

Kelley scratched the back of her neck awkwardly, "I, uh, I don't have parents." A quiet spread across the cabin.

"Oh, well," Christen thought of something to say, "sorry."

"It's fine," Kelley shrugged, "this whole magic thing is new to me." Christen's eyes raised at that, "you're muggle-born?"

Kelley shrugged, "muggle raised at least." Christen flushed a deep red, "Oh, right. Sorry."

Kelley gave her a small smile to let her know it's okay. "So, you probably don't know anything about the houses then!" JJ peeped up, Kenzie, also, getting excited.


"Well, there's Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin," JJ began, "Gryffindor is obviously the best--"

"Uh, false," Christen spoke up, "Gryffindor is where all the dumb kids go--"

"No, that's Hufflepuff," Kenzie interrupted, "Gryffindor is for the best kids. Uncle Harry is a Gryffindor and so is Mom and Aunt Hermoine," there was no mention of Ron.

"But your other mom is a Ravenclaw," Christen pointed out, Kenz was stumped for a minute. "You're not wrong," JJ said, shoving a whole chocolate frog into her mouth.

"I hope we're put in the same house," Kenzie turned to her sister, a worried look painted over her face. JJ shrugged, "They won't separate us, I'll make sure of it."

Christen sighed and turned her attention back to Kelley. "I'm Christen Press," Kelley nodded, shaking the girl's hand, "that's Sam Mewis-Weasley," Sam gave a tight wave, "Julie and Kenzie Johnson-Weasley," the twins grinned wickedly at Kelley, chocolate painting their teeth, "and this is Mallory Pugh-Potter," Mal gave a tight wave.

"I'm Kelley O'Hara," Kelley stated, the smiles dropped off of the rest of the girl's in the car's faces. Kenzie leaned over and whispered into JJ's ear, "did she just say O'Hara?"

'What, did I say something wrong?" Kelley asked, anxiety spiking in her chest. "No! Not at all," Christen said, a fake smile plastered on her face. Kelley wrapped her arms around herself. The rest of the ride was spent in an almost awkward half-silence. Mal and Sam were whispering to each other, obviously about Kelley. "It could be a different O'Hara," Sam whispered, loud enough that Kelley could kind of hear. Mal shook her head, glanced quickly at Kelley, "How many O'Haras do you know in the wizarding world?"

Kenzie and JJ were oddly silent, showing each other their new chocolate frog cards without any verbal communication. Christen was trying to make awkward conversation with Kelley about her favorite hobbies and activities. Kelley couldn't help but feel like she was wrong for just being there. When they finally got to the Hogsmeade train station, Kelley tried to book it out of the train car but ended up crashing into an older student. "Watch out, freak," the boy said, shoving Kelley so she landed hard on the ground. A hand reached out, offering to help Kelley up. Kelley looked up to find another first-year looking down at her, a silent smile on her face. The girl had long brunette hair and very pretty blue eyes. Kelley grabbed the hand and allowed the other girl to help her up. Kelley thought she was really nice to look at.

"That looked like it hurt," the girl said, dusting a little bit of dirt off of Kelley. She blushed, embarrassed that this girl had just watched her get shoved to the ground by a seventh year.

"I'm Alex, by the way," she stuck her hand out. Kelley shook it gently.

"Kelley O'Hara." Unlike before, Kelley saying her name caused a giant smile to spread across Alex's face. "Nice to meet you, Kelley O'Hara."

"ALEX C'MON!" A scrappy looking blonde first year called out, waving her over. Alex gave Kelley a shy smiled, "I'll see you around." She ran off to join the blonde girl and a few other first years in a small group heading towards the castle, Kelley assumed.

"Hey, thought we lost you," A fake cheery voice called out. Christen was back, JJ, Kenz, Mal, and Sam standing behind her, all looking slightly grumpy.

Kelley didn't notice the number of stares that were directed at her and the group she was with until they were halfway to the boats. Older students and other first years were whispering to each other and pointing to them. Kelley felt nauseous, she didn't even know what she did wrong. Christen must've noticed her uncomfortableness because she put a hand on Kelley's shoulder.

"Don't worry Kell," Christen's eyes told a different story, "we're gonna have a great time, just look at the castle." She pointed in front of them.

Kelley looked up and her breath was taken away for a second. The castle was sat on a hill that looked over a lake. When the kids arrived, the sun was just setting over the castle casting a pink and orange light onto the lake. The reflection of the castle on the water combined with the boats full of students, first-years Kelley figured, that were sailing across the lake caused the scene to look like something more out of a painting than real life.

Kelley thought that maybe that was the happiest memory thus far in her time on earth.