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Help Me, Help You, Heal Us

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Cream-colored walls hung with pictures, decorated the small outside office. White curtains, pulled back, allowed for light to shine through, where a male dressed in a white long sleeve, black-tie adorning his neck, watched the view. The sky was beautiful, none his thoughts though. His black blazer laid forgotten on the chair beside him, hands pushing back golden locks.

“Kim Namjoon-ssi?” The voice of a male pulled the man from his thoughts, and he quickly stood up, to address the man. The man was a tad shorter than Namjoon but older. And a man whose scent was that of a Beta.

“Is he..?”

The man gave a nod, looking over at the open door, where a small child sat, crayons in hand. “He’ll be alright. The emotional trauma of losing an important member of his development stages impacted him badly.” A pause. “Not to worry though, just sit with him, and explain things to him again. Talking about what happened, and in your everyday lives, will help him to speak again.”

Another pause and Namjoon glanced at the boy. It was partially his fault everything went downhill. Always busy with work this, and work that, he could now see how it had ruined everything. Namjoon was quiet for a long while, that the male had to call his name a few times.
“Kim Namjoon-ssi?”

“Y-yes, sorry. You were saying?”

“Yes, well, like I was saying,” A cough before the male continued. “We did several speech tests, and other activities to test his cognitive development. And well, aside from his muteness, in which, I tell you again, he can get through it, you have a genius of a child. The tests were done to various other children, but only your son reacted to them with the capability of an older child. He was able to understand egocentrism even before we started. With more work, I believe that your son will be a prodigy, Kim Namjoon-ssi.”

The male nodded with a smile, while Namjoon just stood there, in silence. He wasn’t surprised, he himself was a genius. So to hear that his son may very well be one, made him proud. But it would also be a burden. His child would suffer like he, if they discover, and schools would try to push him to skip grades, and, no. He had enough of that. His child would choose whatever he wanted, regardless of being smart. He would not let what happened to him, affect his very own son. Turning to the doctor, Namjoon gave a small nod, before speaking.

“Thank you. I’ll be sure to take care of that.” Grabbing his blazer, Namjoon walked to the young boy who could be no older than 5 and kneeled down.

“Hey, tiger.” Namjoon gently smiled, his hand caressing soft wavy blonde locks. He received no response, but the male had gotten used to it. Turning to what the child was doing, Namjoon waited a few moments, before he spoke again. “Can Appa see what his little tiger was busy drawing?” The small child gave a shrug but put his crayon down. He pushed the paper towards him, and Namjoon took it gently. Namjoon’s brow furrowed upon looking at the drawing. He knew this scene very well. It replayed every night for the past year. The same night he lost his mate and half his pack. The same night he allowed his inner Alpha to come out to protect what was dear to him. And that same night he lost his half and almost his life. Turning to the young boy, Namjoon gently patted his back.
“I don’t think it has enough red, tiger. We can fix it later. Come on, up, up.” Nudging the boy down, Namjoon stood up, placing the drawing in the folder he had brought, and took the child’s hand. The doctor watched them leave, before calling out.

“I’ll let you know when’s your next appointment, but until then, take care, Kim Namjoon-ssi.” A smile, before he waved to the young boy. “You as well, Taehyung-ah.”


“Well? What did they say?” Was the first thing Namjoon heard when he entered the building, Taehyung in his arms, happily eating ice cream. The second thing was the wave of pheromones that hit him. He knew his friend was worried, but still.

“Calm down first, you're smelling the whole place up.” At that, Taehyung made a face. “See, even Taehyungie agrees.” With a huff, his friend nodded, before taking a few small breaths. When he knew the smell was mostly bearable, he spoke.

“Sorry, it’s just, I’ve been so worried. This was an important appointment.”

“I know it was.” Closing the door, Namjoon put Taehyung down, watching as the 5-year-old waddled towards the giant windows on the back, and sat down. The ice cream was all but forgotten in favor of viewing the city down.

“Good news, Taehyung will recover his speech. We don’t need speech classes, as he used to talk before. It would just be him and I, one on one talks before bed and during the day. The doctor said that talking about what happened during our day, may prompt him to talk.”

“Okay, that’s good. That’s good. And the bad news?”

“Bad news?” Namjoon paused, watching his son, before looking back to his friend. “He still remembers, vividly might I add, how I killed his mother.”

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The resounding slap was heard across the otherwise empty room. A young boy trembled from his spot inside a closet. It was locked, and all he could do was whimper at the noises.

“You fucking whore!” The voice was anything but kind, the sounds of hitting and crying heard through the faint wall. Red eyes glared down at the male beneath him, bloodied and bruised, a kitchen knife lying limp on the floor beside him.

Another slap. Another cry. Another whimper. The male kneeled down, and picked up the knife, turning to the bloodied man, knife dangerously close to him. He could smell how scared the male was. For it was acid, and his nose wrinkled before a sigh escaped him.

“Pull that shit on me again, after I so graciously allowed you to use the kitchen for once, and I will not hesitate to hurt that pest you call pup.” The man spoke, eyes flashing red again, and the male-only whimpered, a small nod barely managing from his sore body. The man only huffed, before standing up. “Fucking omega,”

He spoke, before leaving the room, the male’s eyes widening that his only opportunity to finally escape, was crumbling. Brown eyes full of tears watched as the heavy iron wall clicked the last lock before a sob broke through his body. Wrapping himself, he now remembered that his clothes were not on him, and as best he could, the male shakily got up and dressed in the clothes he knew had come off rather roughly on him. He stood there for a moment, sobs quieting when a small whimper shook him “awake.” Wiping tears away quickly, the male rushed to the closet, not having to go far, for they were trapped in a one-room. A room he had called home for the sake of the person he needed to take out. Quickly unlocking the door, the male kneeled down and scooped up the young child in his arms. The young boy quickly sobbed into his chest, face covered in snot reaching his neck to scent him. It brought a calming peace when both scents mixed. One scent being of roses after a rainy day, while the other a nice minty smell. It did wonders to calm both of them down.

“Shh, Jungkook-ah, shh…” The male rubbed gentle circles on the boys back, being patient until the crying turned to soft sniffles.

“B-b-but Da-da...da..ddy..” The young boy gave a small cry, looking up at his dad. Wide chocolate eyes red and brimming with fresh tears. “A-a-ppa, ppa, h-hurt...hurt d-da...daddy, y..” At this, the male tensed, before being quick to wipe the unshed tears.

“H-he didn’t bunny. Daddy made a mistake, and, and," A slight pause, the next word leaving a repulsing taste in his already abused mouth. "Appa,"


A nod. "Appa had to let Daddy know he did wrong. Don’t worry sugarplum.”

They stayed in silence for a moment, before the male lifted him and the child up, small but quick steps taking him from the closet to the bathroom. If one could even consider it being a bathroom. A small sink and toilet at the corner, the tub connecting to the toilet. The male had arranged it for there to be a small curtain to hang and give a bit of privacy, but besides that, the small mirror he was allowed to have, showed his reflection, but the man staring at him, was not the same Kim Seokjin of five years ago.

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“C’ mon Taehyung, wake up tiger, or we’ll be late.”

Namjoon gently shook the boy awake, watching as small chubby hands swatted him away and silenced whines passed his mouth. Taehyung hated waking up. He hated it more when it was very early. But nothing he did could stop his Appa’s advancements, and the child found himself soon sitting up, grabby hands towards his Appa. Namjoon watched with a small fond chuckle, before picking up his five-year-old child, letting the boy rub his scent gland. Soon the two were engulfed in if Namjoon would say so himself, a mixture of heavenly scents. He loved the way his pine and sandalwood scent, mixed in right with Taehyung’s cinnamon one. He had smelled cinnamon before, but it was something else when his own child emanated that and filled both of them with calmness. Staying like that for a few more minutes, Namjoon soon pulled away and stared at his son’s wide blue eyes. Another trait he had from his late mate.

“Okay, tiger. Since we showered last night, let’s get ready. We have at least an hour before leaving to the airport and I would like for us to be ready. How about on our way, getting breakfast from that diner you like?”

The mention of a diner had Taehyung perking up and giving a furious nod, the boy jumped down his big bed and ran to the walk-in closet he had to himself. Namjoon chuckled, watched his son before walking out his room. He stopped though, turning to him.

“I’ll be getting ready. If you need me, let me know..”

Nodding again, Namjoon left and decided that a quick shower for him would wake him up fully. He could faintly hear the sounds his son was making, no doubt he knew there would be clothes strewn on the fluffy floor.

Taehyung was not stupid. He knew how high his Appa was, and even his past self was subjected to looks and talks. Mostly people telling how cute he was, or how lucky he was. But he knew. Looks where important. Even at his young age of five, Taehyung was aware of the social hierarchy and how their system worked. Kids like him where expected. That is why trying on different coats was a big deal. He soon found the one he had been looking for and put it on, a black long sleeve underneath it. His jeans dark and paired it with a black beret. The young boy stared at himself in the mirror, plaid jacket going well with him. One chubby hand lifted and placed itself in the mirror, mouth opened and talking, but no sound came out. Closing his eyes, Taehyung opened them again when he saw red. His eyes frantic as they looked around. With no other reason to be here, Taehyung left his room, and ran to his Appa’s room, struggling to sit on the bed. Why did it have to be so high? The young boy thought, before a gentle hand wrapped around him and pulled him up. Taehyung starred as his Appa gave him a gentle smile, before disappearing to his walk-in closet. As if sensing his thoughts, Namjoon called out.

“It’ll take me a moment, so why don’t you play with my phone? If there’s any calls or messages from Uncle Yoongi, ignore them.”

Taehyung only nodded, reaching over and chubby hands grasping the phone on the bed, charger plugged in. To lazy to unplug it, Taehyung rolled on his tummy and unlocked his Appa’s phone. He quickly went to the pictures, and just scrolled and stared at the pictures of him and his Eomma. Pictures that his Appa must have not deleted. Pictures that he desperately wanted to come to life. And pictures of smiles that were no longer warm. He missed his Eomma. Taehyung didn't quite understand what had happened a year ago, but he knew he had been terribly scared. It was a fight. A fight of what? He didn’t know. But seeing his Appa turn into a wolf, teeth-baring pearly white, beautiful black fur standing on edge and eyes as red like strawberries, Taehyung had been scared. He didn’t remember much. Just bits and pieces. A lot of growling and biting. A lot of blood, and a flash. A flash that when cleared, his Eomma was not protecting him, but rather bleeding on the ground. And his Appa’s face in realization of what had happened. Taehyung had been so scared. So scared he lost his voice, and would not let his Appa touch him. Until a few months later. Until he could no longer stand it, and his voice was all but gone. Taehyung was so caught up in himself, that he failed to notice how gentle hands pried the phone away, and those same hands picked him up, holding his head to his chest. Taehyung gripped his Appa’s grey long jacket tightly and let out a silent sob. Namjoon just stayed quiet, rubbing gentle circles, before soothing the boy with warm words and a calming scent. Taehyung shivered, and after a small moment, gave a nod.

“You ready tiger?”

Namjoon’s spoke in a voice above a whisper and listened as his little pup nodded. Taking that as a yes, Namjoon was quick to walk back to the open living room, setting the boy down. He grabbed his keys, sunglasses, before making Taehyung sit on the stool, and put his brown loafers on, tying them up. He did the same soon after but wore black shoes. Making their way to the door, Namjoon made one more glance over at his son, and then their home, before putting Taehyung’s backpack on him. A small one, with the whole galaxy printed on it. He himself grabbed his black bag and before he forgot handed him his suitcase. A small blue one, before pulling a larger blue one for himself.

“Ready for real?”

And with that, Namjoon ushered his son out, wheels rolling out, before closing and locking the door. They wouldn’t be back for about a month, and that made Namjoon curse inwardly. The second time he’ll have to homeschool Taehyung. It couldn’t be helped though. With him being the CEO of one of the biggest entertainment companies, and a single father, that meant lots of flying, and unfortunately, lots of taking Taehyung wherever he went. He was not risking leaving his child in some strangers care, no matter if it was familial. He tried it once, never again. With one last look behind his shoulder, Namjoon shook those thoughts away, and the two of them left their apartment, to the airport.

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“O-okay. Okay.”
Seokjin’s fingers trembled, grip tightly on the phone in his hands. Seokjin had taken his Alpha’s phone when the elder had come to their room, drunk and pissed. He had raped Seokjin until his heart's desire, having locked Jungkook up beforehand, and drank more while at it. Seokjin still felt filthy from that night, but the phone in his hands had been worth it. Seokjin had known his Alpha passed out, and with it, came the opportunity. He’d searched for it when he had woken up, but Seokjin had hidden it in the one place the man would have not dared to check. It had been painful to take it out of his body when the man had left, a few hours later, but now he had it, and it was their only chance. But of course, there was no signal. Not now, or the days following after. Seokjin felt the tears come up, but he knew he had to be strong for his child. One who stared at his Daddy with big wide eyes. The child was only three, and yet, Seokjin could not give him what he needed. Gripping the phone again, Seokjin head started coming up with a plan. He opened the phone, Jungkook’s eyes widening at the screen.

“Light, Daddy?” The young boy asked, and Seokjin chuckled.

“It kinda is a nightlight, huh bunny?” Now Seokjin was determined. They needed to escape. Tonight. He had a plan. It was all he had and all he would bet on. Finishing typing, Seokjin turned the phone off and placed it inside Jungkook’s diaper. Immediately Jungkook started squirming and whining at the discomfort, but Seokjin calmed him down.

“It’s okay baby. I need you to be brave. Tonight, you will be a hero.”

“Hero?” Jungkook perked at that. He had seen heroes before. His Appa would let him watch tv if he had been a good boy sometimes. One time he even put a movie, and it was of a superhero in red. He liked it a lot. “Like the movie?” A nod.

“Like the movie. But you have to listen to Daddy okay?” At the nod, Seokjin made quick work of changing Jungkook. He put him in his dinosaur pajamas, and a pair of overalls. Remembering how he had begged his Alpha to get them, before putting shoes on. Another night of filthy pleasure for them. He felt like such a whore. Pushing that thought back, Seokjin was quick to put a pile of clothes right by the door.

“Okay bunny, Appa comes tonight. I will tell him you are asleep, but you will be hiding under those clothes.”

“Like hide and go seek?”
“Yes, like hide and go seek.” Seokjin nervously smiled, looking at the heavy locked iron door. “Appa will start to punish Daddy because he did wrong, and when he does it, and you hear me say go, you run out the door, and don’t turn back. It will be open. You remember how it stays open until Appa closes it?” A small nod and Seokjin continued. “Well, Daddy will shout go, and you crawl from the clothes and run. I want you to run far away, and when you see a shop, you go in.”

“What’s a shop, Daddy?”

“That’s where you get candy. It will have a big sign in blue that says open.” Seokjin spoke, feeling his nerves spike up when the clock ticked the hour. “I want you to go inside, and give whoever you see the phone. Tell them to turn it on. They’ll keep you safe.”

“And what about Daddy?” Jungkook spoke, tears forming at the thought of leaving his Daddy behind. Seokjin was quick to reassure him, pulling him into a tight hug, feeling the way his little pup snuggled into him.

"Daddy," Seokjin started, breathing in deeply, before kissing his son's face. "Daddy will be safe."


The heavy locks came down one by one, Seokjin stood there waiting, in only a long black shirt, his legs bare and exposed. He needed to do this as soon as his Alpha walked in. Seokjin glanced at the bundle before eyes went to the door that opened and in came a tall male of red hair and piercing features. Seokjin was quick, for as soon as the man walked in, he whined and ran to him. Seokjin kissed him and pulled him more inside the room. He felt disgusted by doing this. Submitting to this man, was like death, but it was the only thing he could do. The Alpha above him chuckled and was quick to grip Seokjin.

"So needy you whore?" He said in between kisses. "Don't worry. I'll fuck you so good, you won't be able to even walk."

"P-please...Alpha, please fuck me...Claim me…" Seokjin's needy whiny voice did wonders to the Alpha, and he soon found himself tearing the shirt. Exposing Seokjin in all its glory.

"Shit, already so wet. This'll be easy." But before he continued, he spoke. "The kid?"

"A-asleep." Seokjin breathed out, pulling his Alpha to another kiss. "Locked in the closet."


Seokjin nodded, before spreading his knees softly so his Alpha could touch him better. "Now go…!" Seokjin moaned hard, and Jungkook, wide and in fear of what he was hearing, quickly crawled out, and just as his Daddy had said, the door was open. He was scared. His Daddy hated how his Appa touched him, but he said he was fine. Jungkook was a big boy, he would do this. And with the last cry from his Daddy, Jungkook ran.


Jungkook was nervous. He understood why his Daddy wanted him to run. His Daddy didn't want to hurt anymore, and he didn't like seeing his Daddy all hurting and in pain. They had gone over what he needed to do a few times, and when the last tick of clock caught them both, Seokjin had been quick to smother his pup in kisses, before making him curl into a ball and pile the clothes on top. To mask the nervous scent, Seokjin placed a jacket the man had left behind on top and whispered one last, 'I love you.' There was no point in waiting, so Seokjin left that spot, to not arouse suspicion. Jungkook could feel how nervous his Daddy was. He couldn't help but leave a tiny whimper when the locks started to come off. He was a big boy. Big boys were strong. Staying still, Jungkook listened and waited. He didn't like how his Daddy sounded. It was horrible. Especially how he cried out for his Appa. It didn't feel right, but Jungkook was a good boy. It was their only chance, his Daddy had said. Of what? He didn't know. But he knew he didn't like it there.

Jungkook whimpered loudly when his Daddy cried out, that he almost failed to hear the word. He heard it though, and with it, Jungkook crawled out. Though the boy paused his crawling and turned to look, the scene was anything but happy. His Daddy crying and his Appa hurting him. He wanted to run to him. Tell him to stop, but he stopped, he was a big boy. He needed to leave, and with that resolve, Jungkook ran.

The cries got fainter the more he ran, and soon Jungkook was met with something he'd never seen before, besides in cartoons, stairs. With much struggle, his chubby body managed to climb up them, and he pushed the door open. Happy it was not closed, Jungkook walked out and immediately had to cover his eyes. The light was far too bright. It hurt him. A small cry escaped his lips, which he immediately covered, in fear of his Appa hearing. Staying still, Jungkook adjusted his eyes to the light, and he was met with something much greater than he had never seen. A bigger room.

There were windows. A large one that brought in light from the moon. His window was small, and not reachable. This one, Jungkook stood in awe, watching as things he did not know, moved. The light still hurt his eyes, and turning away from the windows, Jungkook looked more around. He needed to leave this room too. He ran up to the nearest door, but could not reach the knob. No matter how much he tiptoed his body. That was for every door he tried. Pushing did not work either. Suddenly, he heard a loud cry, and Jungkook flinched before running away. He hid behind a couch, waiting. But not seeing anyone come out, Jungkook slowly crawled out, before stopping. There, on his right, was a door, but that wasn’t what he was concerned for. The door, had another door?

Making his way, his chubby fingers running over a wooden kitchen chair, the young boy kneeled and curiously pushed the door. It pushed forward, before flapping back. A smile broke his face, as he found a way out. Gently, he stuck his hand through, before poking his face, and his other hand. Using them for walking forward. Jungkook quickly climbed out, before falling down with an ‘oof.’ That caused him to whimper a sob, but he stopped when he looked up and saw the moon. The moon was pretty. It was bigger than what he had seen, and the stars too. They were shining pretty.

Jungkook’s face formed an ‘o,’ staring at the beautiful moon. He felt the breeze and shivered. Thankful that his Daddy put him in a long sleeve, Jungkook carefully stood up, before he waddled down another set of stairs, chubby hands touching the grass. It was wet, and green, that from his mouth, a giggle was left loose. He continued to giggle happily before he heard loud barking. Jumping, the young boy turned to his side, watching as a dog, bigger than him, growled and barked, chain rattling dangerously. Now fully scared, Jungkook cried out, before running behind the house, his body stumbling over boxes, his body hitting something made of wood. A door, he saw through tear-stained eyes. Silently Jungkook cried because he was not a big boy. He wanted his Daddy, and everything was too much. But the barking sounded closer, and Jungkook’s only way out was blocked. He didn’t know what to do, his body slipping and he fell, getting mud on his clothes and hands.
He cried. The barking got closer. He was in trouble. Jungkook looked up, body seeing boxes stacked up. He stared. He watched. He climbed them. The way over was big. It was scary, but he needed to do this. For his Daddy. For him. So Jungkook jumped.

His knees landed on the ground, scraping them, and Jungkook cried more. It hurt.

“D-da...daddy...ddy…!” Jungkook whimpered, his body in pain. He didn’t know how long he sat there, but it got colder, and Jungkook just wanted the warmth of his Daddy’s arms. But as he looked, he saw. He was outside. Fully outside. He could help his Daddy now! Be a hero! With that thought, Jungkook got up and ran to the gray part. There he took his hands out. What had his Daddy said?


“Listen Jungkook, bunny. When you reach outside, they’ll be a gray area. It’s called a sidewalk. I want you to be brave and stand on it. When you do, stick your hands out, like this.” His Daddy had shakingly spoke, showing the young pup. Jungkook had nodded, and done the same.

“Like ‘is?”

“Like that.” Seokjin smiled and kissed his cheek. “N-now, when you do, I want you to lower your left. It’s going to be the one that does not have the hair tie.” Seokjin had spoken, quickly untangling his long locks, and placing the hair tie over Jungkook’s wrist. It was red. “Your right hand will still be up, and you will run that direction. Towards the blue sign, I said early. Can you do that, bunny? For Daddy?”

Jungkook most certainly could. He loved running. His Daddy and he would run a lot in their room. He could run. Looking at his hands, Jungkook saw the red band and turned right.
That way. He ran.

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Hoseok hated working night shifts. It was slow, and no one came at midnight to order a milkshake. Oh well. Hoseok supposed it wasn’t so bad. He worked two jobs to support his only son and the first one he produced all day. Thankfully they were about to close, and Hoseok could go. He had left Jimin sleeping, and he needed to cuddle his pup. With that thought in mind, Hoseok started his closing duties, sweeping and wiping down tables. The bright blue sign of the diner he worked at, shining brightly.


Jungkook’s body felt heavy. He was breathing funny, and he had to stop to take in breaths. He didn’t like this. Jungkook didn’t know where he was, but he kept running. Now he needed to stop and look around him. He spotted a lot of moving things. A lot of bright lights. But none were the ones from what his Daddy had said and shown him. He walked to the street, and looking around, he spotted it. The shiny blue light, with the Open sign. A giggle escaped his lips, and Jungkook clapped, before running towards it. He had been lucky.

Some time through his running, the light from up above switched from red to green, and the boxes of different colors started to move again. Jungkook had just reached the other side when a car honked right next to him, and the boy flinched, his whimpering loud, but Jungkook refused to cry. He was here. Waddling up the three stairs, Jungkook pushed the door open. It didn’t budge. Huffing, the child looked up and saw a handle. He was too small to reach it. A whine, before he looked through the door, and saw a man moving about. He banged the door.


Hoseok was alone. That meant he could play music. And that is what he did. Turning on his favorite playlist, the young man began dancing as he worked, unaware of anything going outside. He was deep into his mopping when a loud bang caused him to jump and drop his mop. The young man looked around, before noticing a very young boy at his door. That caused him to frown. It was past midnight. No child should be out. Looking around and not noticing anyone else, Hoseok walked over and pushed the door open, the young boy quickly entering, shivering. Hoseok waited a bit, for maybe his parents would enter, but upon them not showing up, Hoseok turned to the young boy. What he saw made him gasp. Worse than what he smelled. A scared pup. A hurt pup. His Alpha in him wanted to protect the child, but he needed to know why a child so young was outside and alone.

“Hey, there puppy.” Hoseok smiled gently, locking the door, and turning the sign-off. He didn’t want for the young pup to get scared and hurt himself. “Can I ask where are your parents?”

Jungkook had entered the candy place! He had done it! But now he was truly scared. His Daddy wasn’t here, and this man did not smell like his Appa. He hated it, and he wanted to cry, but the man asked him a question. He needed to answer. Looking up and him, eyes wide in fear, Jungkook broke down in tears.

“I-I don't know…!” He said honestly, and Hoseok was quick to scoop up the boy and nuzzled his hair. He felt the pup visibly relax, and Hoseok breathed a sigh in relief. The kid was lost, and Hoseok knew what to do.

“Okay, okay. It’s okay puppy. I’ll help you find them. But first, can you tell me your name?”

“J-jungoo…” The boy whispered, sniffling softly. He rubbed his eyes, but Hoseok was quick to pull his tiny hand down.

“They are dirty, Jungoo. Let’s wash them first.” Helping the boy wash his hands, Hoseok set him down on the counter and pulled his phone out. A quick call to the police will get him out of this situation soon. Jungkook watched silently before his eyes widened. He had a phone too! Chubby hands helped him stand up, and he was quick to stuff his hand down his diaper, watching as Hoseok yelled at him to take the hand out. Huffing, Jungkook found the phone and pulled it out, watching the man’s expression. It was funny. Hoseok was at disbelief. The child had pulled a phone from his diaper. Wasn't that uncomfortable to the child? Before he could say something, the child thrust the phone to him. Now that was just gross.

“N-no, thank you..”

“Take it!” The whine of the three-year-old was humorous, but Hoseok was not going to take a dirty phone.

“No puppy. It’s okay-”

“Daddy shaid you could help! Pwease!” That whine. Hoseok saw the fear. He saw the frustration. Even more, he smelt how scared the child was. As if something was going to hurt him. Frowning, Hoseok took the phone. Still disgusted, but he decided to play along. If what his gut was telling him was true, maybe the boy was running away.

“Daddy shaid t-to turn it on..” Now with a thumb in his mouth, the slurs of words were more prominent. Hoseok nodded, and pressed the home button, happy that there was no password. But what appeared in front of him was not a wallpaper screen with apps over it, but a yellow notes page, with the words ‘HELP,’ in big black ink. He read. The more he read, the more he got sick. The more he read, the more he needed to help. The more he read, the more he came to find out. This was not just a simple kid running away.


“If you are reading this, that means my son managed to escape. Please HELP US! I’ve been held kidnapped for over five years, conceived my son here, and have been done horrible things to. Please, my son’s name is Jungkook. He’s 3, and very smart. Please HELP. I, I know where I have been kept held.
Address: 0613 Eclipse Hope Blvd.
Please, if not for me, then for my son.”

Hoseok turned the phone off and closed his eyes. His inner wolf was mad, and he more than anything wanted to hurt whoever this child’s kidnapper was. But he suppressed it. Hoseok could hear the pup starting to cry and that could not happen. He needed to know more. Quickly opening his eyes, he calmed the boy down, before dialing his phone.

“Hello? This is XXXX police department. How may I help you?”
“Hello. I’d like to report a case of a kidnapping. I have the child who managed to escape, but his mother-,”
“Daddy.” The child cut off, and Hoseok nodded.
“His Daddy is still being held.”

“...Let me have your address and we’ll be right there, sir.”
“Thank you. And can you also send police cars and an ambulance to 0613 Eclipse Hope Blvd? I believe that is the house where the kidnapper lives.”

“..Noted. Thank you. We’ll be right there.”

The line cut off, and Hoseok sighed. Well, his night was not boring anymore. Turning to the child, he inspected more clearly and frowned. The child looked worse for wear. Dirty muddy clothes and red spots in his overalls. Must be blood. Frowning, Hoseok tried to reach and pull the pants up, to see if it really was blood, when the child flinched and hit his hand. Rather hard.

“N-no, no! Don't ...don't t-touch, touch me!” A cry.

Hoseok pulled his hand back quickly and his inner wolf growled. That kidnapper will die by his hand. How dare he defile such a young pup. Baring his teeth, he noticed how Jungkook was on the verge of panicking, and autopilot senses, Hoseok quickly went to the fridge, pulling out a small carton of milk. Tantrums he’d dealt with. But not panic attacks. Sticking the straw in, Hoseok placed the carton of milk in front of the child.

“Look Jungkook, milk. You like milk, yes?” As quickly as he said those words, he regretted them. It was possible that bastard never gave the child the necessities to grow. But Jungkook’s blotchy face lit up and chubby hands were quick to grab the carton, wide eyes widening more at the taste.

“S’good..!” The young pup said in between gulps and Hoseok breathed in relief.

“I’m glad. You drink it often?” The boy shook his head.

“No.” A pause, “Appa only let Jungoo drink, if-if he wash good…” Jungkook spoke as if it were normal, and continued drinking. “Daddy would get hurt if I wanted milk. B-but then Appa would bring lots!”

Now that Jungkook had calmed down, Hoseok could hear the little lisp that would form from certain words. It made him want to coo, but the answer he got, got him shaking in himself.

“Hurt? How puppy?” Hoseok frowned, knowing, but he wanted to confirm his suspicion. Jungkook seemed to frown before his slurping came to an end. He had finished the milk. Big chocolate eyes looked at Hoseok, and he made grabby hands.

“More pwease?” And who was Hoseok to say no? Especially after what the child had been through. So he went and grabbed another, plus a cookie. The pup was worth it. When Jungkook saw the cookie, he was quick to munch on that. His Daddy was right. This place had lots of candy!

“So puppy, how does your Daddy get hurt?”

“I dunno..” Jungkook licked chocolate chubby fingers, before speaking. “I wash in the cl-closhet. Daddy would, would always cry as Appa hurt him.” A small frown. “He said Daddy was a horse and shlut..only pwetty for Appa and would hurt him.” Hoseok felt like gagging. A child should not know those words.

“Okay…” He breathed silently. “Your Daddy will be safe soon, I promise.”

“Okay! Because Daddy pwomised he be fine.” Jungkook smiled, and they both turned around when the wail of a siren sounded, and people dressed in blue barged inside the store.

Chapter Text

“Daddy!!! DADDY!!!”

Jungkook pounded on the window, chubby fists hurting. “Open dwoor! Pwease!!! Daddy…!!!!” Tears slipped down his swollen cheeks. After the police had taken him from the Candy Man, Jungkook had told them what happened, and the nice lady said they’d go get his Daddy now. But they were here, and his Daddy was nowhere in sight. They had taken his Appa out earlier, with his hands back, and shoved him in another car, but his Daddy was not out yet. His face was filled with snot and tears, as he begged for his Daddy to come out, and his breathing stopped when a tall figure emerged from the door.
His Daddy.


Seokjin had lost count how many times they’ve done it. His body at the man’s mercy. Pliant and needy for him, and him only. The man had been rough. Pulling all the way until the tip, before roughly thrusting in. Seokjin could no longer cry. Only let his body be pliant for his Alpha. The male had glanced at the clock and noted that it had been roughly two hours or more of non-stop fucking, and he only hoped for Jungkook to be safe. Giving a cry, when he felt his Alpha spill, Seokjin fell limply, struggling to breathe. He hurt and wanted to just cry, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t give this man the satisfaction. He could feel how come and slick fell down his legs, and he felt disgusting. On the other hand, the Alpha grinned and kissed Seokjin’s back.

“Such a beautiful slut. Pretty just for your Alpha.”

The man smirked, biting flesh, and Seokjin could do no more but cry in pain. It was only until he heard faint yells, that the Alpha stood still. No one moved, and no sound came out, but the yells got closer and louder. Seokjin gave a cry, and the man was quick to slap him shut. "Be quiet." Turning to the door, the man made way to shut it, when it was forcefully opened up, and men clad in blue and gray from head to toe surrounded them. No way. How did they… He turned his gaze to the naked Omega in bed, who gave him a smirk. That bitch. But before he could, the men roughly shoved him down and pressed him against the cold floor.

"Jeon Lee Hyun, You are under arrest for the sexual assault of Kim Seokjin.”

One man spoke, voice gruff and angry. Another spoke, but it was muffled, as handcuffs were pressed behind him. When they pulled him up, Lee Hyun managed to hear;

"Still conscious, but barely breathing. Bring an oxygen tank."

Seokjin saw from his spot on the bed how the police took the man away. He couldn't even cry from happiness. He was in too much pain, but he was happy. He truly was finally free. Now, came him panicking. His son! Struggling to sit up, he flinched when arms were on him but forced himself to relax when the voice from a female called to him.

“Hey, hey. Calm down. It’s going to be alright.”

The female voice tried, and although Seokjin was flinching every single time one touched him, he managed to relax, somewhat. The point where he panicked though, came when they placed the mask on him, and told him to breathe. A flashback of his mate forcing him to smoke and choking on the fumes replayed his mind, and his screams had the team of officers holding him down.

“We’ll have to sedate him.”
One seemed to say, but Seokjin shook his head, forcing his crying to a stop.

“N-no.. p-please, no..” He weakly spoke, making everyone turn to him. Now that he got his bearings straight, his eyes blinked in unshed tears. He was naked, for all of them to see, and the choked sob had the female barking out orders.

“Leave us two. Questions can be asked later.” She seemed to say, before turning to Seokjin.

“You’re okay. See, just you and I? You’re safe now-”

“M-my son. Where, where…”

Seokjin couldn’t finish for his paranoia kicked in and even through a pained cry, the male got up and put on a pair of sweats. It wasn’t the first time he had to go through this. It was certainly the most painful, but he’d done this before. Masking his pain for his son. One that he needed to find. The female tried to tell him and grab him to stop, but Seokjin was too far gone to answer her, let alone let someone help him. Finding a white shirt and a cardigan, Seokjin ran out the door, two men stopping him.

“Please!” He cried out. “M-my son!!” His sobs echoed through the dim-lit hallway before the female spoke.

“Help him outside. He won’t let anything in.”

At a nod, the two men helped him, but Seokjin would swat hands away when they got too close. The stairs had been excruciating. Seokjin was in no condition to walk, let alone climb. The male could feel how the stickiness ran down his thighs, but he finally allowed for help. He flinched when the pair of hands grabbed his arms, but forcing all his weight on them, alleviated his pain somewhat. Seokjin was sweating and crying by the time he reached the top. It was just how he remembered.

When he saw the living room, his knees buckled and if it weren’t for one of the officers holding him, he’d fallen headfirst. The living room was the same as five years ago. When he came back. Nothing had changed, and he cursed his fragile mind for even thinking of the relief he felt. Steadying his hold, Seokjin let go of the man when he heard him. The pained cries of a child. One that he was familiar with. Scanning his surroundings, Seokjin made for the open door and ran outside. It was blinding. Blinking lights everywhere, that had his hand shielding his eyes. But he still searched.


Jungkook’s crying only got worse, but when he saw his Daddy, the little boy used all his force to make his Daddy hear him. The window gave a small crack, but when brown eyes looked over, Jungkook cried louder and he jumped when the door was opened, into his Daddy’s arms.

“Daddy..” Small hiccups, but Seokjin just held him, crying in relieved happiness.

Chapter Text

Noise. Everywhere he turned there was noise. There was also a lot of white. As if that was the only crayon they had. And the smell. Jungkook didn’t know, but the smell made his head hurt and his nose scrunch up cutely. Jungkook agreed; He did not like this place.

After his Daddy came and held him, Jungkook did not remember much of everything else. Just basking in the scents of his guardian, while sirens wailed around them. He did see though, how upon reaching this building clad in white, his Daddy was placed upon a bed, and he, carried in the arms of a lady, whose outfit was the blue he often found past the window. Jungkook would say no, but when they took his Daddy away, he cried out. It wasn’t until the lady carrying him told him they would wait for his Daddy in his room, that Jungkook somewhat calmed down. He calmed down, even more, when a male in blue, too, came in and gave Jungkook some juice and grapes.

“While we wait, okay pup?” His smile had Jungkook nodding and diving unto the grapes. They were sweet. He loved sweets.

The boy didn’t know how long he waited, but as his eyes started to droop, he heard a noise. More people started coming in, and his Daddy was rolled inside, before being placed on the bed. The one Jungkook was previously sitting.

“Daddy!” Jungkook squirmed from the lady’s hold, onto Seokjin’s arms, and Seokjin being a good Father, grabbed him close before scenting him.

Seokjin looked horrible. He felt horrible.


Upon reaching the hospital, he was whisked away towards an empty room. There were officers with him at all times, and that made him feel somewhat at ease. Though they stayed outside when the nurses started prodding him. Seokjin was not going to lie, he cried a few times, because he didn’t want anyone to touch him, but he knew it was supposed to happen. Thankfully the nurses understood, and let him lift his shirt to examine outward bruises. They were bad, from what he heard. He wanted nothing more than to hide them.

“O-oh my..” One nurse said, and from her smell, Seokjin could understand. He had bruises everywhere. He knew, judging from how his breath came in erratic painful chokes, that his ribs were probably broken. Covered in purple and sickly yellow. His chest hurt, but the hickey marks branded him as someone else’s.

“Let Dr. Choi know that an X-ray should be made. If the chest is this black and bruised, I do not doubt there might be more than a few ribs broken..”

The other nurse nodded, furiously scribbling down, and Seokjin took in a shaky breath, his hands letting go of the shirt, covering his body from the horrible canvas.

“Seokjin-ssi,” The nurse who spoke looked at him, and Seokjin gave a shaky nod. “I’m going to go ahead and take your vitals. Height, weight, blood pressure. I will call each out, but will you be able to continue standing up?”

“I-I, y-yes...I think I c-can..”

In all honesty, Seokjin just wanted to be over and done with. He was in pain and wanted nothing more than to curl up with his pup and sleep. His pup, that reminded him of Jungkook, but before he could go into a full-blown panic, another nurse walked in, holding what appeared to be snacks.

“I’m not about to give someone else’s pup something that his parent has not given permission. Even if it is a hospital.”

“I-,” Seokjin was taken aback by that. But nonetheless agreed. Jungkook was probably hungry and grapes and juice was not the worst thing to give him. Especially since his pup loved grapes as much as apples. Giving a quick bow, the male left and Seokjin allowed the nurse to take his weight and height. The moment he was given the okay, he felt himself landing hard on the wheelchair they provided him after the bed. Easier to transport him, he guessed.

“Alrighty, now the last part, your pressure, and then we can go back. I figure you’d like to be back with your pup, yes?”

“More than anything.”


Getting back to what would be his room, for now, was exhausting. To him, at least. Seokjin just wanted the asking and touching to stop. But he knew they couldn’t if he wanted to get better. And damn well will he. He wanted to be good for his son. A son which he now had to provide everything for. Wincing slightly when they lowered him to the bed, Seokjin closed his eyes, fists clenched tightly at the needles felt on his arm.


Oh, he knew that voice and ignoring the pain from below his body as he moved to grab his little fluff ball, Seokjin smiled and held his son close. It wasn’t until he heard noises that he understood, he’d dozen off. The nurse was worried as they monitored his heart. Was it that low? Shaking himself awake, Seokjin noticed how a nurse, the same from the beginning took a now sleeping Jungkook and quietly left the room. Seokjin tensed, but he’d rather have his son out before they worked on him. No more trauma for him.

It was a few moments until Dr. Choi entered the room. Sunken, wrinkled eyes held an older wisdom to them, though the man was likely only in his late 40s. Greying hairs tinged the sides of his hair just above his ears. Beta, by his rather calming scent.


he greeted them with an underwhelming voice. Dr. Choi looked over the bed for only a moment, before his eyes fell entirely on Seokjin.

“How are you feeling?”

A clipboard was in the man’s hands, with short, stubby fingers gripping and easing up on the wrinkling pages. Unintelligible writing was scribbled in messy notes.

“Like I’d rather sleep. In pain, and gross.”

A shaky breath.

“Will I be able to clean myself now?”

The male pleaded with eyes brimming with tears. He didn’t want to be here. He wanted to shower and drown in his own misery, but he wasn’t in that room. There was no more room. That, in itself, was scary. Seokjin was used to that, but being out in the open, he felt hopeless. Drawing another shaky breath, he pleaded a, please.

“..I’m afraid not.”

With a sigh, Dr. Choi sat on the edge of the bed - carefully as not to upset him. He let his dark gaze scan the floor thoughtfully as he chose his next words.

“I know you want to shower and forget what happened, but we need to perform a rape kit. It’s very important that we do so.”

Still going over the fact that he cannot shower, the next words he heard had Seokjin tensing and his pulse rising. He didn’t want anything in him anymore. And the male made it clear when he started shaking his head and pulling away. The nurse was suddenly there, trying to calm him down.

“No. It’s, not necessary, please no..” The male cried out.

“I’m sorry, I know this is very difficult for you,” the doctor continued gently. “But the man that did this left behind important evidence that we’re going to need.”

Taking in a shaky breath, Seokjin’s eyes closed for a moment before he looked at the doctor, and gave a small nod.

“O-okay, just, quick, please.”

Dr. Choi nodded, before standing up.

“I’ll try my best to make it not hurt as much, but if what your folder says is anything to go by, you are underweight and anemic. I wouldn’t doubt for you to have any parasites, but we’ll go ahead and search for those after you had gained at least the weight you are supposed to have.”

“I, okay.”

A nod, Seokjin watching the man closely. It was just him, and one nurse. He hoped it wouldn’t hurt.

“Now then, before we start, it is important that you answer as truthfully and thoroughly as you may. I would like to know the extent of your injuries. I imagine it’s painful and you do not wish to say, but if it gets too much, we’ll stop.” Another nod, watching as the short man took a pen and grabbed his clipboard tightly.

“Do you remember how long you were there?”

“More than five years.” Seokjin furrowed his brows, remembering that exact day. “ I was 18-years-old.” The man nodded, before writing down, his fingers a tight hold on the clipboard.

“Do you remember when the abuse started?”

“When I got taken,” Seokjin answered so fast, even he was surprised. But it was true. His Alpha had started as soon as Seokjin had opened his eyes.

“Did you have your pup there?”

“I, y-yes..”

Seokjin squirmed. That wasn’t something he wanted to say. Having Jungkook had been the worst day of his life. His Alpha had fucked him until he was ready to pop, and left Seokjin to take care of the rest. He remembered the pain, the blood, the anguish, and the crying. It had been hard, but Seokjin remembered holding the child close to his chest, while he bled. He almost wished for the sweet embrace of death, but that never came. Instead, although moments from passing out, Seokjin remembered someone entering and writing down notes. Then he remembered how hands did their best to clean him up and feed his child.

“D-don’t want t-to talk about it.” Seokjin’s breath hitched, and he moved to cover himself up more. The doctor nodded but frowned. If the man said yes, then that meant that he had the child naturally. For male omegas, that was always a more high risk than by C-section. He’ll make sure to examine down there more closely. Instead, he continued.

“How was the abuse? Everyday? Or..?” Closing his eyes, Seokjin took a while to answer. Not because he didn’t want to, but because everything was getting a little too much, and he just wanted it to be over.

“Three days..” The male finally said but had to elaborate at the Doctor’s look.

“He’d come e-every three days. W-would fuck me t-till almost sunrise. It varied..”

“I see, You must have been through a lot.”

Understatement, Seokjin thought.

“While, on those nights, did the man do anything else? Other than sexually abuse you? Did he hurt you, or make you do things you didn’t want to? How about, did he put anything else inside you?”

There it was, what Seokjin was fearing all this time. That question. Drawing a shaky breath, Seokjin just managed a small nod. God, why did he have to talk about this? The silence was uncomfortable as the doctor waited patiently. It wasn’t ideal, but most of the injuries were proven correct, by their cries.

“I, n-no..” A shake of his head. “M-mostly he was rough. A lot of, of ch-choking, hitting, a-and drugs..”


“Y-yeah, he’d come d-drunk, o-or make me smoke. N-no more please..”

“Alright.” Placing his pen down, Dr. Choi stood up and the sound of the sink was heard. “We’re going to start with the easy stuff. Check your heart, lungs, your blood pressure again.” Nodding, Seokjin was silent while the doctor worked.

“Heart sounds okay. Lungs, not so much so I’m assuming a broken rib is the cause of it.” A slight frown, before continuing. “Blood pressure is a little high, but that must be due to the stress of everything that has happened.” Taking the stethoscope off his ears, Dr. Choi washed his hands again before putting on gloves. “We’re checking mouth now. Just in case. Did he make you do anything with your mouth?”

“Y-yes. A lot of Oral. I-I remember t-throwing up.” A slight nod, before Dr. Choi took a hold of his jaw. Seokjin tensed, but the doctor spoke again.

“Does it hurt?” A shake of the head. “Alright,” Grabbing a wooden depressor from the nurse, Dr. Choi instructed Seokjin to open up slightly.

“Teeth seem fine.” Moving Seokjin’s face a bit more upward, the doctor frowned.

“He has Strep throat. Aside from an X-ray, also set aside some saltwater. It’s slightly, so it should be fine with plenty of rest and liquids. We’ll prescribe him with penicillin of 500mg pills twice a day. Take them regularly, and don’t skip.” The nurse nodding along as she wrote.

“Seokjin-ssi, can you move your head to the side? Time to check and see if your ears are alright.” Seokjin trembled slightly as he moved his head. It was too much. The hands holding him, moving him. But, he knew he was safe. It did nothing to calm him down. Grabbing the otoscope, Dr. Choi looked inside the ear canal.

“Hmm..” After pulling the otoscope out. “Both ears are okay. Seems like you kept clean.”

“Y-yeah, hate, f-feeling gross.”

“I would imagine.” Taking the gloves off, and washing his hands again, it was a moment before the doctor spoke again.

“But, Seokjin-ssi. The initial examination is over, you know what comes next?”

“T-the kit..” A nod.

“I’m going to tell you what I will be doing. Both the nurse and I will step out, I want you to take your clothes off and stand on that white sheet of paper that’s by the corner of the bed. Next, the nurse is going to collect that and take it away for examination. It is important because any DNA will help us to get the man to pay for his sins better. Afterwards, I’m going to inspect you. Your bruises, and collect any or all bodily fluids. I want to make sure that not only you are fine, but nothing ruptured inside. We’ll be taking pictures of your body, for more evidence.”

Seokjin’s eyes widened, and he shook his face. He didn’t want others to see his body. He didn’t want to. No. No!

“Ss-i! Seokjin-ssi!” The nurse was beside him, hands on his shoulders gentle. “It’ll be okay, you don’t have too if you don’t want too.”

“Though it will make the evidence easier if you do say yes, it’ll just be your chest and back. Nothing else.”


“I promise.”

“T-then okay..” Resigning, Seokjin just agreed, and soon he was alone. Not after they helped him stand up and onto the white sheet. He felt disgusting. Taking his clothes off, made him feel like such a whore. And that made him shiver in disgust. As the last drape of clothing fell off him, Seokjin had to close his eyes. His body was horrendous. A canvas of yellow, purple and tints of black. From his arms to his legs. His brown locks, smeared in dirt and blood, covered past his neck and shielded his eyes. He wasn’t ready. He didn’t want to. But, if his son was able to give him this freedom, then, by gods will he suffer through this hell.

And hell it was. Seokjin was not going to lie, but he cried and screamed. The tears that fell down his face had done no mercy as the doctor had continued his examination. He found the burn marks of the cigarettes littered down his spine. Heard the snap! Of a picture being taken. But every touch was just a memory of a time he’d rather forget, and so he cried to stop. They did. Small little breaks to let him regain his senses and breathe again, before starting again.

“Okay, a little warning now. I’m about to examine your penis. I promise to be as fast as I can.”

The warning was a heads up to Seokjin, who gave a nod, but the hands that grabbed him right after the warning ruined what his mind had prepared itself for. Latex wrapped around him and his whole body twitched, flinching.

Seokjin let out a sob, his head flying back. Instinct told him to close his knees, knowing how distressed he was right now. To just protect itself so bad.

“Please open your legs.”

Dr, Choi urged him, frivolously prying at his legs. He knew that forcing open the legs of a sexual assault survivor was not the best way to go, but it needed to be done. Quickly finishing up, Dr. Choi was quick to swab and grab, before letting go.

“Okay, okay. We’re done. Done.” Putting his arms up quickly so as to let Seokjin know no more was going to be done. “You’re doing great. Just a bit more.”

“N-no.” A choked sob. “No more..”

“I know, I know, but we’re almost done. After this, you can rest, okay?” Not waiting on a reply, Dr. Choi put on a new pair of gloves and motioned Seokjin to lay back again.

“I’m going to help put your feet on the stirrups, alright?” A small nod, Seokjin feeling how he got handled. He didn’t like it. “Good job.”

The Dr. said, before continuing. “Imma need you to relax as much as you can. I know you can do it.”

No. No, he couldn’t. He knew he couldn’t, but he’d try. A shaky breath and the doctor got to work. He was not going to lie. Every touch of latex brought a new whimper and he wanted nothing more but curl up.
“He has an infection.”


“Yes, that is why it’s hurting. No matter how gentle I am, it will hurt.” A small sigh.

“I’ve seen worse, but this definitely isn’t the worst case. There's no pus formation, thank god, but there’s still some irregular discharge there. We’ll put him on antibiotics.” Dr. Choi informed, before grabbing a hold of the speculum. He bathed it in a lubricant, before heading in.

The scream was anything but human. Seokjin tried twisting to get it off, but the nurse held him still, muttering words of encouragement.

“H-hurts..” Seokjin all but whimpered, tears running down his blotchy face.

“I know. I know it does. It’s gonna hurt to make it better. You’re doing good.” Grabbing his light, Dr. Choi switched it on, starting the anal cavity search. He hummed.

“There’s a couple of anal fissures from rough penetration. A little red. Not a hundred percent infection, but could be a risk.” After a bit more inspection, Dr. Choi deemed it good and looked at Seokjin.

“I’m just going to apply antibiotic ointment cream to the fissures and we can close you up.”

“N-no more..”

“No more. Just this last part and we’ll be done.” Giving another nod, Dr. Choi was quick to apply the ointment on a long cotton swab, before he applied it. After that, he threw the swab away, helped him down and snapped the gloves off.

“There we go. All done. You did well. Better than others.”

Too out of it, Seokjin just gave a nod, his eyes falling shut. He vaguely registered the doctor saying something else, but with everything he'd had to endure, the male was more than happy to enjoy the sweet succumbing of sleep.