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Katsuki is seventeen years old when officers arrive to remove him from his home. He’s told he has been deemed by his high school officials as becoming too aggressive, too feral. It is determined that a normal alpha conditioning program won’t work on him.

“Per document 56-C of the Japanese government, your son has been selected for our breeding program. Though not yet of age, his combative nature has been seen as troubling in the eyes of officials. Please say your goodbyes,” a tired looking pro-hero had said flanked by two officers.

Katsuki had scowled. What kind of bullshit was this bastard going on about? There was no way his old hag would take this lying down.

He was shocked when his mother put her arms around him and buried her face into his hair.

“Don’t fight them, Katsuki,” she whispered.

Pulling roughly out of her arms, he opened his mouth to shout at her when the officers reached in to grab him.

“Don’t touch me!” Katsuki yelled, lifting a hand up to blast the offending hands away from his person. He was stunned when nothing happened and the officers were able to grab his arms and wrangle them behind him.

The pro-hero’s black eyes were now red, his black, long hair standing up as he stared at Katsuki. “Don’t make this more troublesome than it already has to be.”

An erasure quick?!

Katsuki’s kicking and screaming and throwing profanity at the fuckers who are dragging him towards an ambulance where paramedics are waiting to sedate him. Katsuki screams for his mother to help him while on the inside he’s crying for her to save him. Mitsuki stoically watches as her one and only son is forced onto a gurney while one of the paramedics skillfully plunges a syringe into the side of the alpha’s arm.

Tears prick at the corners of his eyes because, despite what society thinks, Katsuki is still a child and he’s scared as fuck.

The last thing he sees is the smiling face of the omega paramedic cooing softly at him that he’ll be “just fine.”

“Mama....,” Katsuki croaks before his whole world turns black.


When Katsuki comes to, he’s dizzy and disoriented. His throat is dry and his tongue feels so heavy in his mouth. He tries to move but something is restraining his limbs. They feel so heavy. Katsuki realizes a little late that there's an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth and whatever he's breathing in is not pure oxygen. It has an underlying sweet scent to it.

His head lolls from side to side trying to make sense of where the blonde is. An IV is attached to his right arm, pumping something clear into him. Katsuki shifts and notes that he's not wearing his clothes but a hospital gown instead. His arms are spread out with leather restraints keeping him in place.

Katsuki can hear the beeping of other machines but he's not sure what they're for. Where are his clothes? Where are his mom and dad? Where is he?

The whoosh of a door opening along with the approaching footsteps alerts the alpha but due to the machines, he can't see where they're coming from until they are at his side.

A middle-aged male, dressed in scrubs and a lab coat, stands at Katsuki's side, looking at a clipboard in his hands. The doctor (?) Is not much to look at with no distinguishing features. He's...bland. Plain and simple. There's no discernible scent coming from him- not that he can smell much with the oxygen mask in the way- which leads Katsuki to assume he's a beta. After a moment, the man looks up from the clipboard, surprise crossing his features to see Katsuki staring at him.

"Well, well, you're awake! I didn't expect you to wake up for at least another hour or so. You truly are a wonderful specimen!"

Katsuki tries to snarl but it comes out pathetically and with no bite. It's not made better by the doctor laughing at him, clearly amused at Katsuki's antics.

"Now, my boy, no need to be so hostile. You alphas are so prideful," he tuts.

"Wh...ere…?" Katsuki forces out of his dry throat, voice muffled by the mask.

"Ah, you don't need to concern yourself with that. Rather you should wonder where you're going! If you're lucky, it'll be a high-class ranch!"

Ranch? A breeding ranch?! Katsuki had heard of them...hell, all alphas heard of them! It was a warning to the aggressive; if you couldn't be trained to be domesticated, you were destined to be nothing more than a breeder. A life with no chance of freedom.

Then why wasn't Katsuki panicking?

As if sensing what the alpha was thinking, the doctor gestured to the IV.

"Serum. A new formula, actually. Helps us tame alpha instincts and aggression. We had to give you a stronger dose than normal due to your unusually barbaric nature,” the doctor hummed, turning to what looked like a heart monitor, “And judging from these readings, it’s working the way it needs to! Excellent!”

“Let...g-go...fucker!” Katsuki forced out.

The doctor ignored him, jotting down something on his clipboard. Hot tears pricked at the corners of Katsuki’s eyes and he bit down as hard as he could on his bottom lip to stop them from falling. Like fucking hell he’d let this smug-faced bastard see him cry!

“Now, let’s up the omega pheromones in your oxygen tank and we’ll see just how well this new formula is working.”

As the knob to the oxygen tank was twisted, a sudden rush of pheromones hits Katsuki’s nose and mouth. It’s sickening how sweet it is but the alpha can’t do anything but take it even as he gags. The change to Katsuki’s body is almost immediate. His body suddenly feels hotter and heavier as if a sudden weight was placed over him. His gums itched and ached with the need for his fangs to drop down and his mind muddled up further.

To his absolute horror, his cock began stirring between his legs, rising up until it was fully hardened, pressing up against his stomach. The need to mate and breed screamed in Katsuki’s head. It was deafening. He was in a full-blown rut.

The tears fell after that. He wanted his mom! He wanted his dad! His pride was being shattered right in front of his eyes and so desperately he wanted it to stop! His body was betraying him in the worst ways.

“Come now, where’s that fire you had just a minute ago? Our clients do like a bit of fight left in you alphas, you know,” the doctor admonished, shaking his head.

“Fuck you!” Katsuki grounded out, tugging weakly at his restraints. He wished that he could use his quirk right now and blast that smug smirk off of the bastard’s face.

The stress of his situation and being forced into a rut was finally starting to take its toll on Katsuki. His vision swam, the doctor’s figure becoming blurred and disfigured.

“That’s much better. Do try and keep some of that fire or you’ll end up used and discarded much sooner than you anticipated.”

The doctor’s cruel laugh is the last thing Katsuki heard before darkness took him into its sweet hold.