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Chrissy Martinez, Latina Stud
By Patty_Parker60©
Chrissy Martinez was supposed to be doing her Calculus homework, but
was daydreaming, as usual.The bright 18 year old high school senior isn't
too concerned about completing the assignment as one would think: she had
seduced her Calculus teacher, Mrs. Dalton, a month before, fucking her into
submission (that's another story!) and had her eating out of her hand. Gazing out
her bedroom window, Chrissy notices her new next door neighbor, Louise Parker,
dragging a wheeled trash-bin down her driveway.

The sexy teen immediately perks-up when she sees how VOLUPTUOUSLY STACKED
her mature neighbor is Mrs. Dalton is quite busty (double E at least), but Mrs. Parker
is even LARGER: at least a G cup, she's guessing. Christina Martinez is a better judge
of cups sizes than most, having bedded at least a dozen or more women since her
conquest of her Maths instructor, all of them in their thirties or forties and each of
robustly-built, especially in the bust area....

(She reckons that such a focus on bust size qualifies her as having a "tit fetish")...The
Parkers have three children, all of them out of the home; Mr. Parker is an accountant
in the city, his stay-at-home wife spends her time volunteering in civic and church
organizations. The Parkers took ownership of the home only a few weeks ago,
while Chrissy and her family are in Indiana for her grandmother's funeral, and
so this is the first chance she's had to have a really good look at her
luscious neighbor:

The Woman's long hair is brown and shoulder length, framing a very pretty, lightly
made-up face. Chrissy, though, is more interested in the area BELOW the
neck. Louise has on a cream coloured, button-front blouse, (which
strains MIGHTILY under the weight of those heavy, heavy mammaries.
A snug, black, just above the knee skirt accents the shape of her womanly hips
and ass. The high heels she wears cause the formidable shelf of her bosom
to bounce and jiggle to her mincing steps, causing Chrissy's blood pressure
to rise dramatically.

Shapley legs in smoke-colored stockings carry her toward the curb, where
she deposited her trash for the next morning's pickup. Chrissy gets an even
better look at her rear as she walks back toward her front door: she’s quite
likely unaware that that big and round, JUICY BUTTOCKS of hers is “switching”
in that way that big-rumped Women have: just the way the randy 18 year old
likes 'em!

Chrissy goes to her closet and digs through a box hidden way in the back,
retrieving one of the half dozen or so strap-on dildos stored inside; she chooses
one, and shucking-down her jeans, she quickly straps it about her slim middle,
pulls her baggy jeans back up, and scoots down the stairs. From there, she slips
out the garden door, through her huge rear garden (her Mom has a "green thumb"
un-matched by anyone with whom Chrissy's acquainted)...she skirts the pool and
and lawn furniture....

She takes a moment to glance about, and satisfied that she's un-observed, she jumps
the fence separating theirs and the Parker's properties, quickly and deftly, and carefully
as a cat, creeps up to to an open window: a quick peek inside verifies that the room, which
appears to be a guest room, is un-occupied. She moves down the side of the two story home,
and strikes 'pay-dirt'..there's an open rear entrance about half-way down, which she enters...

At the top of the stairs, Chrissy can see into the kitchen; Mrs. Parker rinses dishes at the
kitchen sink, humming a hymn as she works. The running water covers Chrissy's
entrance; she is able to creep-up behind the sexy wife, carefully unzipping her jeans
as she goes, freeing the big, thick rubber dildo she wears to poke through the opening
she's created..a few steps more, and she sidles up behind the cheerfully humming housewife,
and slides her hands up and around that lusciously-rounded body of to cup a mammoth tit
in each of her small hands, while pressing her the shaft of her rampant 'erection' against
that big (BIG!), soft arse she means to ravage...

Louise squealed in surprise, releasing the dish she was holding, shocked to be so
accosted in her own home, in the middle of the day, no less! "J-J-Jack?, the thoroughly
startled Woman stammers, is that you?" (Is that PERFUME she smells…it can’t be...can IT?)

"No, not Jack", Chrissy murmurs, kissing the other woman's soft neck. "Chrissy."

"W-WW-Who the hell are you?" she demanded, "What are you doing in my house?"

"Such language, for a bible-thumping Republican", the naughty high school senior
snickers nastily, according the weighty mounds her hands are fondling a salacious squeeze.
Louise Parker's treacherous nipples spring to immediate attention (ever since she
first "developed", this has been a nuisance and a bother for the super-stacked wife
and Mother (as well as an occasional source of embarrassment.)

"Ta-take your hands off me!" Louise screeches, struggling to free herself from
the younger, stronger Woman's grasp.

"Ohhh", she moaned, as the young woman's knowing hands knead her melonous
breast-mounds, limber fingers plucking at the big, sensitive nipples, so
prominently-poking through the material of her bra and blouse. "
PLEASE dooon't
!,"The squirming Mother of three cries desperately.

"Do you really want me to?" Chrissy whispers, nuzzling Louise's throat and
continuing to play with her ‘Victim’s’ ever-thickening, ever-hardening nipples
and areolae. "Stop? Is that really what you want? I don't thinkTHAT IT IS...and

"I-I" Mrs. Parker begins, then gasps, "Ahhh!" as the combination of the other woman's
deft, expert fondling of her breasts, kissing of her throat, andsomething
(WHATEVER IT IS), SO big and hard, poking at her bottom (what in the world!?) causes
a bolt of pure lust to knife through her like a sword.

"What-what are you doing to me?!" she whimpers, as her cunt begins to moisten.
What was happening to her?She’s NOT A LESBIAN!! (IS SHE??!) She
has a HUSBAND…CHILDREN…she has REJECTED SATAN and all of hisvile

"I'm playing with your big titty-jugs" Chrissy replies, condescendingly.
"Your nipples are trying to bust through your bra and blouse, so I
that must make you a BULLSHIT ARTIST, wouldn't you say?" Hearing no
response, the younger Latina's fingertips tighten on the breast-tips she's been
so lovingly caressing, pinching HARD, and she says, 'What was that? I didn't

"I...I...YES, I am what-what you said...Oh Please," she groans, her breathing ragged.

"Please WHAT, Darling?"

"Y-You're a WOMAN!" the distraught housewife wails. She raises shaking hands
to try to push the younger woman’s hands away; Chrissy easily brushes them
aside, and allots another, harder pinch to her Prey's tender udders. DON'T DO THAT
AGAIN!, she warns, in a no nonsense tone. Then, so as to mitigate the punishment, as
a GOOD MISTRESS does, she resumes pleasuring the woman's huge, pliant globes,
her caresses once again sensuous on the bloated, fully-erected nipples (Chrissy simply
CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM-she suspects that they are quite magnificent!


"I can smell your cunt," the high school student hisses, "So I know this making you
hot, little wifey. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

Louise Parker is certain that she must have misunderstood: "But, b-but how?"

"Feel this?" Chrissy presses her strap on into the crease of Louise's sumptuous ass.

"That's not a..a..??" the confused wife stammers, turned-on almost beyond belief.

"It's a strap-on cock. 10 inches long, 3 inches thick."

"10 inches long..." the dazed housewife echoed. ‘It’s…It’s so BIG…so long…”

Chrissy laughs aloud. "That's right, baby. I bet your hubby is nowhere
near that length. What is he, about 5 or 6 inches?"

Louise blushed furiously. "That's personal" she whispers. Jack is probably 5
and a half inches, at best.

"Guess what, little wifey: you're gonna suck my cock, then I'm gonna fuck
you in your ass. What do you think about that?"

"P-P-Please don't talk like that," the weakening brunette pleads.

"Just stating facts. I'm gonna put you on all fours with those big juicy
titties hanging down and tear you a you a new asshole...There's No One
here to stop me...certainly NOT YOU"

“OH…LORD HELP ME,” Louise Parker moans. Then, as Chrissy tightens her embrace,
she flinches, and cries-out: "BUT I’M MARRIED…I TT-TEACH SUNDAY SCHOOL!",
she sobs, pitiably.

"Turn around; face me," Chrissy orders.

Dazedly, Louise obeys.

"Unbutton your blouse and take it off…and hurry it up."

Hands shaking, the other woman's fingers fumble at the buttons of her blouse.

Her eyes wander to the big dildo poking out of Chrissy's jeans.

"Are-are you really going to do that to me?" she whispers.

"Oh, yes," the depraved Latina replies. "Oh, YES."

“Oh noooo…No, you mustn't…Let’s PRAY TOGETHER, lets pray for
the Lord to vanquish this Demon possessing you; Let’s…”

That’s all that she manages to stammer before Chrissy closes the
distance between them, one hand raised threateningly…