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whoah me wanting 2 write but having no motivation for it so im taking requests? its more likely then u think!

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Hi, welcome to the rules. Please read and follow them in your request.
1. Nothing super smutty. A make out session I can do, I will not write the horizontal tango. Sorry.
2. Please specify a ship and/or a scenario you'd like me to write. If you have a scenario, but no ship, I'll see what I can do. Same with a ship but no scenario.
3. I'm reserving the right to deny/ignore/delete requests that I feel the need to or that I feel uncomfortable having visible.
4. Please be polite and respectful. I'm a high schooler, I'm taking time out of my life to write these and I'd like to feel like you guys feel like I'm a person, and not a fanfic writing robot.
That's about it for now, these could get updated as Life Happens.