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Royal Red

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'I... I can no longer see.... I can't see anything....but, i can hear.'

The screams and scent of foul iron was thick in the air.
A pungent cover of fear had settled onto the valley of my home.

' Even if i can't see.... even if hear... there is noone out there to hear me.'

"Where?... ...... ...."
"... Where are you? "       

"..... hey...... why can't i see you?"

My heart is detached.
Everything is a mess of confusion and insistant pain, I cant think much as i flail around. 
I can only cling to what i can't see... my will to survive.

For how long i waited.
Everytime i would hear movement my heart would soar with hope then immediate fright. 

"Why can't i see you?"

(Around 5 years later: Clear hills church orphanage)

"Carol, Carol are you over here?"
The elderly lady calling for a young girl seated under a large tree holding a picture book in her hands.
Despite being blind and unable to see, The young girl brushed her fingers over the pages with a peaceful smile on her face.

They had always calmed her heart and sent her to a far gone place only remembered in her fondest and vaugest dreams.
The girl looked up from her daydreaming to locate the elderly woman's voice.
"Mother?" her voice light and melodic.

"Oh, Carol my sweet child"
The elderly lady known as Leilya fondly smiled.
Leiyla helped her child up from the newly trimmed grass "What story has captured you today?" Saying so.
The elderly gently led the blind girl back to the safety of home.
The stroll was leisure and a clear moment of bonding.

"Only a distant picture mother, a journey of an isolated prince, a lost soul looking for home, a young adventurer, and a noble knight holding them all together."

Leilya chuckled "Such a fantasy my child"
Leiyla gently brushed through the girls blonde locks fondly. "A prince, a lost soul, a adventurer and their noble knight"
The girl pouted "Mou~ mother! stop teasing"

Leiyla laughed 
her daughter was the light of her day alongside her siblings.
Leilya still remembers the day Carol came into her life... such a young poor girl, all lost and on the verge of death.
Her eyes brutally stolen from her battered and dehydrated body.