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Spirit finished moving some of the baby furniture in the room while Maka sat in the glider with her hand on her belly. "Papa, you haven't heard from Mama, have you?" She asked.

"Not for a while. Have you?" He wondered as he made sure the changing table was sturdy where she had asked him to move it to.

"No, I'm getting really worried. It's been almost a year since I last got a postcard from her." Maka looked upset. Spirit walked over closer.

"I'll see what I can do." He said making her smile. "You just worry about resting up and following the doctors orders." Maka looked at him with a bright smile. "Where's Soul?"

"He's probably talking to Wes. Trying to get through to his family is work since they're usually out on some concert tour with Wes. And then there's the battle of them telling him he needs to go home and how he should have a better life as a pianist like Wes is a violinist." Maka gave a little sigh. "I wish they would be able to make a little more time for him."

"Well maybe now that they're going to be grandparents and an uncle they'll want to be apart of their life and be a little more involved."

"Maybe." Maka sighed. They heard Soul walk into the house, shutting the door behind him.

"Yeah, whatever, tell my brother to call me. I don't care about that." He said as he walked farther into the house. "I've been trying to get Wes on the phone for the last year, what's the big deal about me talking to my brother. Yeah, whatever." Spirit looked at Maka as she rubbed her swollen belly sadly.

"Looks like it's you, me, your papa and grandpa for now on." She said softly to her unborn child.

Spirit sighed, he hated seeing Maka upset and Soul wanting to just tell his family the good news. "I better be getting back to work. If you need anything you let your Papa know."

Maka gave a small smiled and nodded. "Thanks so much, Papa. We'll be okay but stop by any time." He smiled happily and gave her a quick hug before walking out as Soul put his phone on the kitchen counter. "If you need help moving anything else let me know." He told Soul.

"Yeah, thanks for taking care of moving that stuff in the nursery. I had to try to deal with my family, who think they're above everyone else." Soul said as he pulled a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Don't worry too much about them." Spirit said making Soul look at him. "If they don't want to be apart of all of this and know how amazing my granddaughter is already then it's their loss." He smirked as Soul rolled his eyes.

"Where's Maka?" Soul asked.

Spirit pointed down the hall. "She's in the nursery." He watched Soul nod. "I'm heading to the academy, let me know if you two need anything."

"Thanks." Soul said as he walked down the hall to find Maka in the recliner. Spirit knew not having their whole family during one of the best times of their lives bothered both Maka and Soul. He took a breath, he knew what he needed to do. He left and headed straight to the place he knew he could get the help he needed.


Spirit stood at the large oak doors with Marie beside him. The door slowly opened to reveal a tall man, the stereotypical butler. "Yes?" He said.

"I'm Spirit Albarn and this is Marie Stein, we're from the DWMA. We need to speak with Mr. and Mrs. Evans." Spirit said looking at the man who stared at him, ready to shut the door then they heard another voice.

"DWMA?" The door opened more as a man who looked very much like Soul, pulled it open more. "Soul… is Soul okay?"

"Soul's fine, but he is the reason we're here." Spirit said. "You must be Wes. Soul's told me about you." He smiled. "Are your parents free? We'd like to discuss something with you and them."

"Yeah, Larry, tell mother and father I need to see them in the study." Wes told the butler who nodded and wandered off. "Follow me." Wes led them to a large room with a desk and walls of books about music. "You said Soul's okay?"

Spirit nodded. "What's the disgrace done now?" They heard a deep gruff voice shout as a tall man with grey hair and orange eyes walked in followed by a woman with her blond hair pulled into an elegant style bun. She looked over Spirit and Marie with her grey eyes as they stopped to wait for the answer. "Well?"

"Father, this is Marie and Spirit from the academy Soul attended." Wes said. "They said they have something important to talk about."

"Did he send you?" The man eyes Spirit. "Says everything's important but in reality he is being over dramatic and selfish to ruin his family's good name and his potential. He could have had such a bright future, but he decided to throw it in my face and run off to some fighting school." He ranted glaring at Spirit and Marie as he finished.

"Father." Wes said but the orange eyes turned on him with a hard look.

Spirit stepped forward. "We are not here because Soul did something wrong, he doesn't even know where here." They looked at the two. "How much do you know about the DWMA or your son?"

"I know enough." He crossed his arms.

"It's a school for those with weapon abilities." Hs wife said. "Soul was able to access a power that we didn't know existed in our family line, and to control it. He went to study at the school."

Spirit resisted the urge to laugh at the thought of Soul studying. "Have you ever heard of a death scythe?" Marie asked.

"Of course they're Lord Death's weapons, they are the powerful weapons among those from the DWMA." Wes said looking at the two.

Marie nodded. "Did you know Soul became a death scythe when he was fifteen?" They looked at her. "He and his meister, Maka, are part of the powerful of the powerful. They're one of two teams that could rival even Lord Death."

"Are you serious?" Wes asked. "I… I knew Soul was part of a team and would fight, he was part of the DWMA but I never thought…"

"You've heard of the battle on the moon? The reason the moon is dark?" Spirit asked and watched the woman and Wes nod. "Soul and Maka were one of three teams who defeated the Kishin. They stood beside that other team and Lord Death himself and they fought. They are the reason humanity still lives. He has done more for the planet and his comrades then you could ever know."

"He's saved so many lives at the risk of his own." Marie said as the woman and Wes looked shocked while the man stood looking at them, his curiosity peeked.

"How so?" He asked and watched Marie look at Spirit.

Spirit took a breath. "My daughter is Maka, his meister partner. He was always lazy and quite annoying, however as he learned techniques and became not just a coworker but a friend to my daughter I saw his potential." Spirit paused as he shook his head slightly, remembering how Soul had irked him but how he was also strong and brave. "I'll give you an example. When he was fourteen and she was thirteen they went on a mission in Italy. They completed the mission but before they could leave My daughter felt something wrong with the souls that were nearby. She and Soul entered a church and confronted a meister and weapon who had been created and raised by a witch. It was the demon sword Ragnorok."

Wes gasped. "I heard something like a rumor in Russia a few years ago. This Ragnorok attacked some powerful people."

Spirit nodded. "That was another instance your brother showed his strength, but in Italy… Maka was being attacked fiercely, and when she used Soul in his scythe form to block an attack Ragnorok was able to hurt him. It's almost never heard of being able to damage a weapon when they are in weapon form. Maka didn't want him to be hurt so she stopped blocking and tried to get them out of there only to be trapped. The pair attacked her, and she refused to use Soul, so before the attack hit her he transformed into his human form and took the hit. It nearly killed him. A meister and I arrived and were able to force them to retreat, we got Soul the help he needed right away, and he was saved but during the attack he was infected with what is called the black blood. It's what gives Ragnorok that insane power."

"Soul…" Wes said softly.

Spirit smirked. "Soul and Maka were able to find a way to use it to their advantage though. It's part of the reason they are one of the top teams."

"And how they were able to enter the Kishin to defeat him and manage to come back alive." Marie smiled. "He was there to help rescue Lord Death back when he had been taken by the enemy. He's a hero, he's become an idol for students in the DWMA."

"He's truly done these things?" The woman asked looking skeptical. "My son, Soul Evans, has risked his life for others and the world and has come out a hero?"

Soul's father laughed. "This is truly a poor attempt to make us listen." He laughed. "It is not possible that Soul, the disgraced run away, has done any of those things." He looked at the two. "Prove it, show me this power you've spoken of the skill that he and that meister use to protect people."

"I'd love to but it won't be possible to show you anything for another month at least." Spirit said.

"Oh? Need time to think of a way to fake it?" He laughed and shook his head. "pitiful."

"No." Spirit looked at him. "It's because Soul cannot be wielded by anyone but Maka and she is nearing her due date."

"His partner's pregnant?" The woman asked making Spirit nod. "Aren't there rules for if someone cant be used by anyone by one person? Isn't it dangerous that he isn't able to do his job?"

Spirit smirked. "His job is being a good husband and father." All three looked at him in complete shock. "He's been trying to talk to you about this for a while. He and Maka got married almost a year ago, and they're expecting their first child."

"Soul's married? And a father?" She looked utterly lost for words as she looked at Spirit and Marie who both nodded and smiled.

"That's why he was so upset when I cut him short months ago." Wes shook his head. "I was on a very tight schedule, I couldn't really talk…" He trailed off.

"He's covered it up, and tried to hide it but my daughter has a deeper connection to him than any meister and weapon have. The other day I was helping them place the furniture in the nursery when she told me what was going on. It was the day he was trying to get through to you." He said looking at Wes. "And no one would let him through. I could see a glimmer of it when he hung up, before he knew I was there. Like I said he covers it well, but I know he wants you there, he wants you to be there and share this special moment when his daughter is born."

"Daughter?" The woman asked.

Spirit nodded. "They're having a little girl. She due in a week. I thought you'd all want to know that you will have a new member of the family in about a week, and that it does bother your son and even my daughter that you seem to want nothing to do with Soul, even after he's risked everything to help others." Spirit turned to leave with Marie behind him.

"Wait." Wes said. He turned and looked at his parents. "I know Soul wanting to go to that school was a shock, but he really never was happy when he was here. Didn't you ever notice how he would run from the banquets and parties, how he would avoid having to deal with the public? He wasn't happy, but he is happy working with the DWMA, can't we be happy for him?"

His father crossed his arms with a hard look at his mother looked at him then her husband. She sighed. "George, Wes is right." George turned to look at her making her shake her head. "We've missed a lot because he left our family, but he's always tried to stay in contact. He left to find his happiness, his path, not to hurt us or abandon us." She sighed again. "I've missed a lot of my son's life, I don't want to miss my granddaughter and her life as well."

George looked at her. "Margot, do you even realize that he destroyed any future he had when he ran off? He will never have a place among the great pianists, he disgraced our family when he left all those guests waiting for that concert. He tarnished our family name."

"I don't care." She locked her silver eyes with his. "George, he is our son and we've left him on his own. We're the ones who abandoned him. If we don't stop this, we will never know our grandchildren and they will never know us." Her grey eyes hardened. "Please. I want to meet my granddaughter." George and his wife glared at each other, a battle of the wills.

George sighed in defeat. "Fine, do what you want, Margot." He turned away. "Don't expect me to care about any of it." He walked away.

Margot smiled happily as she looked at Wes then Spirit and Marie. "We will come."

Spirit nodded. "Thank you. If she goes into labor before her due date, I will contact you." He said making her nod as he and Marie left the Evans estate.

"One down, one to go." Marie smiled as Spirit nodded and smirked at her.

"She's going to be the hardest to get to listen." He said. "She hates me and she apparently wasn't very happy when Maka wrote her bout them dating. She's going to lose it when she finds out they're married and about to have a child."

Marie gave a small nod. "Well it's like Soul's family. If they want to be apart of their lives they'll all listen." She smiled. "I'm sure she'll come around just like they did."

"I hope you're right." Spirit said as they made their way to the next destination.