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Izuku remembers what his mother said when he asked her if he could be a hero. It was just after the doctor had declared him quirkless. He was absolutely heartbroken. Everything looked so dull. When they got home, Izuku was in tears. He looked up to Inko through misty eyes. "C-Can I be... A hero...? L-like... A-A-All Mi-ght?"

As soon as he said that, Inko crouched down and looked Izuku in the eye, a smile plastered on her face. "Oh, Izuku..." She pulled him into a tight hug. "You can be so much more...!"

That meant so much to Izuku. Even though everyone he knew beat him regularly and downgraded him for being quirkless, he stood up, remembering those words his mother spoke to him. At the age of 5, he asked his mother to sign him up for self-defence classes. Inko was a bit worried but did it regardless. If learning self-defence was going to help him feel safe, Inko would sign him up in a flash. And she did just that. She signed Izuku up to two different martial arts classes. Krav Maga and Shi Tsukamu.

And that's how he met Arisu-sensei and Hyousuke-sensei. Arisu had long black hair and dark purple eyes. It was clear to see that she was strong - her muscular build was something to look up to. However, despite her callous appearance, she had a soft interior. She cared deeply for her few students and could always tell when something was wrong. Unfortunately yet hilariously, Arisu is single and she is prone to complaining about how 'unfair' life is to her. She taught Krav Maga.

Hyousuke, on the other hand, was strict. He had white hair (completely different from Arisu) and Prussian blue eyes. Unlike Arisu, he pushed his students to their limits. Whilst he was still careful about not breaking his students, he was still merciless when it came to training his students. He was tall, but buff. Also, he had an aura that surrounded him. An aura that told people he was more dangerous than a woman on their period. And he taught Shi Tsukamu.

Unsurprisingly, when he revealed that he was quirkless to his fellow students, they began to treat him like glass. They continuously asked if he was alright. If he could handle the training. If he was sure that he wanted to take the classes. It was only when he beat his superior when he was six that they finally shut up. And, boy, was it refreshing. 

In school, he was still picked on a lot. Many still beat him up and Katsuki still burnt him a lot. It left a lot of scars which Inko had all but worried over. Every day, he would come home with a new injury and Inko always fixed him up. She would always tell Izuku that she wouldn't mind sueing the school. But Izuku would always tell her that he didn't want to add to her workload. Inko already had so many cases as one of the best lawyers in Japan. One wouldn't really affect her but Izuku still didn't like it. Inko really didn't mind - she wanted to. This is her son she was talking about! But she couldn't argue against those puppy dog eyes.

When Izuku was seven, a girl transferred into his class. She had short red hair with sunset orange fades. Her eyes were the same orange colour. The girl had introduced herself as Hachi Michiko. Izuku thought that she was nice. But she would never talk to a quirkless nobody. He was wrong. 

Day three of the transfer, she saw some boys ganging up on Izuku. Instead of walking away or joining in like everyone else, she revealed her true colours. Everyone was 100% sure that Michiko was the nice girl. She helped a lot of people and was always smiling. Michiko was smart and always answered questions correctly. She always lent her notes to those who were sick - and she had been there for three days! No one expected her to really be a complete hot-head with a more colourful dictionary that Katsuki. And that was saying a lot. As soon as she asked what the boys were doing to Izuku, she snapped. 


And that's how Izuku met his best friend. Michiko ("Call me Michi, Izu!"), unlike the teachers and everyone else, stood up for him. She didn't treat him like glass. When he told her that he wanted to be a hero, she didn't trample all over his dreams. She encouraged it. In fact, Michiko also took some martial arts knowing that she couldn't be a hero with only one trick up her sleeves. And so, they began sparring after school - with Inko's consent.

Speaking of, Inko loved Michiko. Michiko was nice - which was all Inko really needed to accept her - but she was also willing to protect Izuku. And Inko really appreciated that. Katsuki was a huge threat - but with Michiko around, maybe things wouldn't be so bad. And, she also swore at Katsuki after finding him using his quirk on Izuku.

Anyway, because of the after school sparring, Izuku and Michiko both gained a lot of experience with fighting for heroism. And to avoid getting too used to each others fighting style, they did ask the people in their martial arts classes to fight them. And they did - Michiko because she said that she's inexperienced and wanted help from her companions and Izuku because he earned a lot of respect after defeating his superior. 

Still, Izuku refused to hurt anyone who bullied him. Michiko never understood why - but never directly questioned him. She would wait for him to tell her. As such, Katsuki only got worse when he found out Izuku could actually fight. He continuously used his quirk to hurt Izuku to make him fight him. And because of his pacifist nature, Izuku never fought back. Which only served to anger Katsuki even more. One time, when Michiko defended Izuku, Katsuki left a scar on Michiko's face. That was the day he became 'Bakugou' to Izuku. 

Izuku's body was littered with scars. But there was never one on his face. Michiko's was ugly. It started from the side of her jaw and extended down to the middle of her neck and extended up to the bottom of her ear. It made Izuku sick. And that's when Izuku finally decided to ask Inko to sue the school. To no one's surprise, Inko won. Katsuki was still let off, which didn't surprise Izuku. Everyone always stood by his side because of his quirk. Because he has the potential to become a great hero. Apparently. Izuku couldn't see it. There was no way that he could become a hero. Hell, even Izuku had a higher chance. Katsuki's actions were villainous. If he did become a hero, he'd be even worse than Endeavour. And Izuku had no problem saying that out loud - to Katsuki's face - in front of the whole school. This meant even harsher bullying, but Izuku didn't care. Michiko was moved so much. Izuku was shy. He could barely meet anyone's eyes but her and Inko's. But he said "Screw it," and told Katsuki to basically screw off. It almost made her cry (it did). 

When Izuku was eight, he started to question it. The law that is. Because of the law, many have lost their lives from fear of using their quirk and being arrested. Many have ridiculed themselves for standing by as a villain attacks, unable to use their quirks. Many  - who have more morals than the current pro heroes - have been denied their right to protect people, even though that's all they really want to do. They don't want to become a hero for the glory or the money or the fame. They want to become a hero to save people, as a hero should do. And it wasn't fair. That's exactly how heroes like Endeavour came about. And he despises Endeavour. That's saying something because Izuku was a HUGE hero fanatic. He was only eight, but he had five books, analysing tons of heroes and villains alike.

Izuku consulted with Michiko. She had no problem stating that she was still going to be a hero regardless, and Izuku respected that. But, she did admit that he had a fair point. And then she said to him, "Then fuck them. Be a hero."

And that's when it hit him.

If he had 'no chance of becoming a hero' and didn't like the laws that made the world an even worse place, then he'll become his own hero. A hero that goes against the law. But a hero that people could appreciate and trust.

Why not become a vigilante?

And that's how Analyst was born.

"They say he's quirkless."

"They say his quirk is analysis."

"They say his quirk is speed."

"They say he's only a little kid."

Analyst loved how everyone was confused. He loved how people smiled and thanked him when he saved them. He loved that some had called him a hero. 

Then he thought about how heroes lived. For them, heroism is just a job. It's a government-paid job. It was a duty. Many only did it for fame and money. Most who did it to actually help people weren't recognised for their troubles. Many heroes were called out as fakes. Many heroes were scorned if they let even one villain go. 

He didn't need to worry about that as Analyst. Michiko and Inko were the only two who knew - and they were supportive of it. For Izuku, it wasn't just a job. It was a necessity. It was something he wanted and had to do. He didn't want fame. Or money. And he imagines that it's the same for other vigilantes. They were vigilantes for the satisfaction of saving people and changing society for the better. They were all recognised for what they did. They weren't recognised as fakes - because there weren't any advantages of being a vigilante. If anything, many called them true heroes. 

If he thought about it, heroism was kind of boring.

"No offence, Michi."

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It was his first year in middle school. Izuku and Michiko decided to go to the same middle school. Their parents had become good friends after Inko sued their school. It was also the end of the friendship between Inko and the Bakugou's. Even though Inko had proof of Katsuki scarring and bullying Michiko and Izuku, Mitsuki called her liar. They began yelling at each other, attracting the attention of Mitsuru. He tried to calm them down but ended up getting angry at Inko after Inko called Mitsuki a bitch. Izuku started to argue with them as Katsuki watched what he basically started. There was a lot of swearing and angry crying, which would normally scare Izuku - but he was the one doing most of the swearing. Michiko had influenced him a bit. Just a bit...


Mitsuki had the gall to tell Inko that Izuku was a little liar and Katsuki wouldn't hurt a soul. Inko just got even angrier, picking up some of Izuku's and Michiko's language.


Mitsuru then called Inko a slimy little cow and Izuku was so close to kneeing him in the balls. Fortunately, he didn't. He just argued back by calling him a stupid ass cunt that his mother never loved. 

That's when Mitsuki snapped Inko's final cord, "I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!"

Inko stared in shock before glaring coldly. Izuku also did the same but growled. "How could I be friends with a bitch who doesn't trust me?" That silenced everyone. Mitsuki and Mitsuru could only watch as Inko walked to her apartment, Izuku glaring back at them.

The next day, Inko and Izuku moved to the same neighbourhood at the Hachi's. As a result, Michiko and Izuku started to hang out a lot more than before. They saw each other every day and started going to the arcade together. They started using an abandoned building to fight. Nobody ever came - apart from some drunkards who needed to take a piss and the occasional delinquents who sprayed some graffiti and tried threatening the two - but they simply beat them up. Sometimes, the two would hang out in Izuku's room and study or trying and failing to make a gadget that would aid in Izuku's vigilantism. They needed to work on that. Michiko also grew out her hair. It now goes down to the bottom of her shoulder blades.

Inko and Michiko's parents, Yukari and Takama, also started to hang out. Sometimes, when Yukari and Takama had the night shift, Michiko would sleep over Izuku's. Also, they'd go out at night cor the occasional drink, leaving their children in one of the houses. When Izuku and Michiko had martial arts lessons, they'd sit and chat, waiting to pick up Izuku and Michiko. Sometimes, they'd go out shopping - much to the despair of Yukari. She was more a boy than Takama, which made Inko laugh a bit. Sometimes, Inko would call Yukari the husband and Takama the wife. It was a recurring joke between them. 

When school came around, Izuku and Michiko were ready for the worst. They couldn't take any chances. The teachers in their previous primary were neglectful as fuck. No one could judge them for being paranoid. It was justified after all. And so, with Izuku's hacking skills, they made a dossier on each teacher. Admittedly, not many were cautionary. That didn't mean that they could let their guard down around all of them. One teacher had never believed a single student when they got a score of over 90% on a test. They'd question them and make them retake it after patting them down. One of the teachers had ridiculed a student in front of the whole class after he missed out an assignment no one told him about because he was sick. One of the teachers told a student that they were a disgrace after they got 70% on a test. That same student killed himself two days after. One of the teachers was accused of perversion by multiple girls, but there was no evidence supporting their claims. That's four teachers to look out for.

Izuku and Michiko ended up in different classes. Izuku didn't tell anyone about his quirklessness. Who knows how they'd react? And - like with the teachers - he couldn't take any chances. Not after what happened last time. Izuku's English teacher was nice. He was tall and slouched a bit. He had black hair and eyes. He seemed normal. His name was Monizona Yukiteru. Izuku remembers that many students who had him as a teacher had complimented him and said that he was the reason for their high grades. But some had called him a sloth who didn't care for his students. They probably said that because of his tendency to pick on people.

"Midoriya-kun." Like that. "What is the answer to this question?" Izuku looked at the blackboard and saw the question. 'Which statement is grammatically correct?' And because it's English, the statements are in said language.

'We was going to the movies.'

'We were gone to the movies.'

'We were going to the movies.'

'We is gone to the movies.'

Izuku blinked, "We were going to the movies." 

He smiled, "And why is that?" Oh boy. Reading English is hard enough - but explaining how grammar works in another thing. Especially when you have six different grammar systems running through your mind (Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Latin). 

Izuku gulped, making sure to not confuse English with another language. "The statement is in the past tense. So, the last one is not it. Also, 'we' makes it plural. Therefore, the top one is not it. 'Gone' could be used, but 'going' make the most grammatical sense." And it sounds better. 

"Correct!" Monizona smiled, clapping before going back to teaching past and present tense. Izuku could feel a few eyes on him as he took notes on the lesson. 

At break, Izuku was about to go to 1-B to get Michiko, but a girl stopped him. She had short black hair and purple eyes. Her earlobes were shaped like earphone outlets. "Hey - Midoriya Izuku, right." He nodded slowly as she smiled slightly. The girl held a hand out. "I'm Jirou Kyouka. Nice to meet you." Blinking, Izuku shook her hand. This was unusual. People would usually ignore him or beat him up. So, a girl smiling at him without any traces of maliciousness that wasn't Michiko, was very new to him. That's when Michiko walked in.

"Hey, Izu!" She walked up, smiling all the way. "You'll never guess what just happened! My teach--!" Michiko cut herself off as she spots Kyouka. The two girls stare at each other for a bit before Michiko smiles and waves. "Hi! I'm Hachi Michiko! Nice to meet you...!" 

Kyouka takes her hand. "I'm Jirou Kyouka. Pleasure's all mine." 

"Then Kyou-chan it is!" Michiko grins as Kyouka stares incredulously. Izuku sighs. "Call me Michi, Kyou-chan!" 

Shaking her head, Kyouka smiles, "Alright then, Michi." She then turns to Izuku. "If it's alright, I'm going to call you Izu. Well, I'll do it regardless." In return, Izuku blushes and buries his face in his hands. 

Michiko laughs and smacks Izuku's back. "Don't mind him! He's okay! I did that to him too!" She continues to laugh as Izuku groaned. That's when Kyouka notices the scar on Michiko's face. It looked pretty bad. What happened to cause that? Kyouka decided not to ask. They only just met after all. "Well, Kyou-chan, wanna hang out with us?" 

That's how they formed their friendship. 

It didn't take long for Kyouka to join in with Izuku and Michiko's secret training. She did feel guilty that they postponed the fighting to teacher Kyouka how to actually fight. They both said that it helped them too by learning another martial art so Kyouka didn't feel as guilty. But she still did. It had only been about three months until she was ready to fight them. They had sped up a lot of stuff seeing as Kyouka was pretty well built. And so began the sparring. It was safe to say that Kyouka had almost regretted meeting them. Almost. Every time she thought about just giving up, she remembers how much this will pay off. She and Michiko were aiming to be heroes, and this training will help them.

Oh, after those three months, Izuku confessed. He confessed to being Analyst. And her respect for him skyrocketed. She already respected how smart and strong he was. And how kind and understanding was. But now - oh, boy. She gushed about how Analyst had once saved her mother from a mugging. And Izuku remembered! She remembers how most heroes don't remember everyone they've saved. By now, Izuku has saved hundreds - maybe even thousands - and he remembers saving her mother from a small mugging. That was when Kyouka made a promise. A promise to never abandon Izuku. Because he was a true hero.



Analyst was out. He was patrolling the streets of Yongen-Jaya. It was a couple of neighbourhoods away from his own. It was so small compared to others. But he had to patrol it. There was no way he couldn't. His conscience wouldn't allow him to skip out on a neighbourhood - it only had one police officer, for god's sake! There were many alleyways - a lot that leads nowhere. He stops on a rooftop, watching as a tipsy woman waddles in. She looks around, looking a bit confused before groaning and turning around. Just as she's about to walk out, a man walks in, blocking her path. Analyst's eyes narrow as he gets ready to jump in as soon as something happens. The woman glares and shouts. 

"Hey! Move out the way, basta--!" She gets cut off as Analyst moves her out of the way of some really sharp rocks. He places her behind a bin, telling her to hide. Terrified, she nods her head and stays quiet. Analyst glares at the man, glaring as he gets into a stance. The man looks up, revealing a crazy smirk. Rocks begin to float around him. He swings his hand as they all fly towards him. Analyst tries to dodge them but some do manage to nick him, cutting through the fabric of his clothing. He clicks his tongue as begins to sprint to the man, dodging some of the rocks he throws and ignores how the rest cut his arms and legs. 

The man starts to panic as he realises that Analyst is much much closer than he originally was. "S-Stay back!" He forms a whole wall full of the sharp rocks, making Analyst freeze. If he continues to run, then he'd be cut and pierced everywhere. But if he doesn't do anything, the man will be able to get away. Before he can make up his mind, a surge of blue flames hit the man and the rocks. 

"Stupid pervert." Analyst watches as a boy, only three years older than him, steps on the man's head. The boy has black hair and blue eyes. He has a huge scar on his face that goes up to his mouth and goes down past his collar bone. There are also big scars on his wrists that go up to his arms. That's even worse than Michiko's. Oh boy... The teen looks at Analyst. "Oi! Got any rope?" As the teen ties up the man, Analyst goes back to the woman he saved. 

The woman is shivering like crazy. She's tearing up as she stares at Analyst. It was long before she hugs him and cries into his shoulder. Analyst smiles and lets her. He looked over to the teen and finds that he has tied him to a lamp post. The teen walks over as the woman stops crying. She's still trembling so Analyst helps her up. The two vigilantes (or is the teen a vigilante?) walk the woman home, making sure that she's safe. As soon as they leave the block, the teen speaks up. "So, you're Analyst? I didn't think they would be a kid." 

Analyst grumbles. "Right back at you, Dabi." He raises an eyebrow before asking him how he knew he was Dabi. Or even how he knows Dabi existed. "Fighting isn't the only thing I'm good at. I can hack too, you know." 

Dabi smirks, "Is that so?" That smirk turns into a grin. "Then, can you hack anything?" 

"Hey, I'm confident in my ability to hack but all too confident... So yes."

"Even UA's firewalls?" 

"Even that."

"Then, " Dabi stops making Analyst stop. He stops grinning as looks at Analyst with a serious gaze. "Could I ask for your help?" Analyst stares as Dabi walks up and whispers in his ear. "I need to bring a certain hero down. No matter what." 

"..." Analyst knows exactly who he's talking about. He knows everything about Dabi. Or should he say Todoroki Touya? "I've already started a dossier." He side glances at Dabi as he does the same. "My mother is starting a case, Todoroki-kun." Dabi's eyes widen for a split second. Then he laughs.

"I should've known, Analyst!" He smirks, "Okay. But, you'll need a witness." 



"Guys!" The next day, Izuku, Michiko and Kyouka ("Stop calling me Jirou. It's Kyouka!") all meet up in their base per usual. But Izuku has a special guest. "So, in my patrolling, I met another vigilante. As it turns out, he's related to Endeavour." The two girls are out on edge. They had both found out about Endeavours abuse when Izuku started researching him. "He wants to take him down. So, he's volunteered to be a witness." They relax, knowing that if Izuku trusts him, then he's trustworthy. "Introducing, Dabi! Otherwise known as Todoroki Touya!" On cue, Touya walks in, confident as he walks next to Izuku. 


To Izuku's relief, the two are perfectly fine with Touya. Michiko loves his sense of humour and they already have a lot of inside jokes. It's been ten minutes. Kyouka is just outright saying that he's hot. It doesn't surprise Izuku. He did have to admit that Touya is pretty hot. 

Izuku watches as the three jokes around and jokingly hit each other. Well, maybe more friends are exactly what he needs. After all, the more the merrier, right?

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Inko had to prepare herself. It had been a week since Izuku asked Inko to deal with Endeavour. She was happy to do so. An abusive ass like him deserves to be taken down. Somehow, Izuku met a Todoroki who was willing to go against their father. She always knew that her little boy was special - quirk nor no quirk. 

Endeavour, or Todoroki Enji, was a filthy monster. Inko wasn't that far into the case, but she was still so disgusted. From what she could gather, Enji abused his youngest child regularly and claimed it was just training. The kid isn't even twelve! Not only that, he had his only daughter fulfil the role of housewife. It's bad enough to treat your wife as a slave - but his own daughter too!? And to top it all off, he pushed his wife into hurting her own son. He drove her insane. So insane, that she couldn't stand looking at any reminders. And her youngest suffered the consequences. When he was five! Inko couldn't even stand the thought of people calling Izuku names. She was so close to snapping whenever Izuku came home with a burn or bruise. She doesn't have to worry about the school now, but his vigilante work still meant some injuries. Either way, it was better than his old school. Anyway. Moving onto what Endeavour did to his wife, Todoroki Rei. What happened? She was so far gone that she poured boiling water over the left side of her youngest sons face. And she was pretty sure that Endeavour didn't even care! Inko tried to settle her boiling blood, but then she remembered what that monster did to Touya. It was when the youngest was three. Touya, after a particularly rough training session, finally stood up for himself and yelled at Endeavour. He tried to tell him to stop abusing him. And you know what he did? He burned Touya. All of those scars on his body? Those weren't from his own quirk. It was from his poor excuse of a father. 

Now, Inko and Hisashi - they got married. They had Izuku. But they found that they didn't work. So they had a divorce when Izuku was one. It was swift because they both agreed to it. But, that didn't mean that Hisashi was a terrible father. He still spends some time with Izuku and her - Izuku as a father but her as a friend. Hisashi made Izuku the only dish he could make without burning every time he visited - and it just happened to be Izuku's third favourite dish (nothing beats burger king, but katsudon comes close), Sukiyaki. Hisashi spent time with Izuku and treated him like a son. 

Endeavour is a piece of crap who thinks that everyone is like some sort of rook in a game of chess. Like he can command them to do whatever he desires and it makes Inko sick to the core. 

Shaking her head, Inko walks inside of the mental hospital - where Endeavour had sent Rei after the incident - and stalks up to the front desk. The woman there smiles sweetly, "Welcome. You must be Midoriya Inko, yes?" Inko nod her head. The attendant looks down at sheets of paper. "We've already notified Todoroki Rei of your visit. She's in Room #XXX. Have a nice day." Inko smiles and walks up to the second floor where Rei supposedly is, her camera set hitting against her leg. 

When she gets in front of the room, she pauses. She had no idea how stable Rei is. After burning her son, being abused and getting sent to a psychiatric ward, Rei could be a completely different person. Inko couldn't imagine being forced to leave her son in the hands of an abusive monster. 

Slapping her cheeks, Inko steels her guts. She's been doing this kind of thing since she graduated from the general education course of UA. There's no way that she's stopping now. 

Inko twists the handle of the door open and walks inside. The first thing she sees is a beautiful woman staring out of the window, her straight white hair shining in the sun. Her pose is modest and so elegant. The woman - Rei - doesn't give off any red alarms. She doesn't look like a person who loved the fact that she permanently scarred her child. Rei looks more like a woman who deeply regrets her actions - who accepts being in a psychiatric ward. Because she believes that this is her punishment. 

Rei turns around, "Oh..." Inko feels entranced. Her voice is soothing and smooth. It sends shivers down her spine. Rei's brown eyes settle onto her own emerald green ones. And it's beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful. And then Rei smiles, "You must be Midoriya Inko. It's nice to meet you." Inko almost breaks down. 

Her whole life, Inko though she was straight. She only had crushes on boys and married a guy. Inko had a kid with a guy. Now... She wasn't so sure.



Izuku was sure he was gay. He held no feelings for Michiko or Kyouka. The first time he met Touya, he thought that he was pretty hot. He could admit that Bakugou was hot. Many guys in his class were hot. He knew that. He has never had a crush on a girl.

But here he was. A girl on top of him, a knife plundered into his shoulder. And he could only say one thing. "Cute." Everything about her caught his eye. The blond hair tied up into two messy buns. The dried blood on her clothes. His blood on her cheek. Her cat-like golden eyes. The blush that dyed her face pink. Her sharper-than-usual canine teeth. The crazed look in her eyes. The eye bags under her eyes. Everything. 

Somehow, the blush on her face deepened - and she somehow became even cuter. "Y-You think I'm cute?" Her grin became a bit sloppy, adding to her whole aesthetic. "I think that you're pretty cute~ I mean, you'd look even cuter in red but then again, everyone looks cuter in red." Izuku just stared at her as she rambled off, talking about cute things and how crimson is her favourite colour. Now, a person who is normally freaked out by these things, the fact that he was completely calm, despite the knife that is still in his shoulder, freaked himself out. Well, he couldn't blame himself. The girl on top of him was just way too distracting - it was almost unfair. But when was life fair? "But, but~" She smiled sweetly, making Izuku blush. "Why aren't you screaming in pain?" The blond pouted slightly and - god she was so adorable. 

"Oh..." It was then that Izuku managed to tear his gaze away from the girl. He looked back and smiled, "I guess how cute you are distracted me." The girl grinned and blushed even more.

"Aww~" She places her hands on her cheeks. "Now I don't know if I want to kill you~! You're too cute!" Izuku couldn't help but think about the similarities. He could easily take her down with his martial arts, but he didn't want to hurt the pretty girl. After a while of thinking, the girl takes the knife out and stands up. "Nope! Can't do it! It's a crime to kill a cutie like you!" She smiled as Izuku stood up, holding onto his shoulder, only now feeling the pain. "Hey, hey~! What's your name?" 

Izuku smiled, "I'm Midoriya Izuku! It's nice to meet you..." 

She grinned back at him, "I'm Toga Himiko! But you can call me 'Himi-chan', Izu!" 

Izuku nods his head and sticks his hand out for Himiko to shake. "Then, it's nice to meet you, Himi-chan!" 

... Maybe Izuku was bisexual.



Inko was in the room for two minutes now, just barely concealing her blush. She's currently setting up her camera for video evidence. Rei is smiling warmly as she gazing into her cup. Just when Inko thought that she couldn't be any more gay, Rei looks up and smiles with her eyes shut. Inko almost knocks over the camera stand as she tries to smile back. 

Eventually, Inko gets her shit together and sits opposite Inko. "For the record, I will have to ask you some questions about yourself." Rei hums and agreement. "Your first name is?" 


"And you're family name is? Before you married... Enji." Inko tried not to sound biased, but she couldn't help but flinch at the tone she said his name in. 

Rei herself tensed slightly. "Yashiro." 

"And the name you inherited...?"

"... Todoroki..." 

Inko gulped. She doesn't think that she has hated someone so much. "And can you name your children for me?"

Rei nods her head, "My oldest is Natsuo. Then my only daughter, Fuyumi. Then T-Touya..." Inko can practically feel the guilt. "And... Shou... Shouto..." Okay, if Inko could feel the guilt with Touya, then she was suffocating in the guilt surrounding Shouto's name. 

"Thank you. From what I've gathered so far, your husband" Rei flinches, "has been highly abusive towards you and your son Touya and Shouto. Is this correct?" 

The woman nods, face full of regret. "Yes. He... He would hit me for protecting Shouto and Touya... And he would abuse them and disguise it as training..." 

Inko felt her anger rise. And it wasn't just because it was Rei who was abused and her children. It's because anyone was treated like that. It's unforgivable. "Could you describe what your children had to go through, and why?" 

"I assume that as a lawyer, you've heard of quirk marriages, correct?" Inko nods before paling. That shit is illegal. "My parents had me marry Enji. The only reason he wanted to marry me was because he wanted to 'create'" Rei had spat out the word in disgust. And Inko couldn't blame her. "a child - or weapon as he would put it - with both fire and ice quirks." A child born to fight... How disgusting. "And he did that just to beat All Might...! It - He - He has no right to do that!" Tears pricked at the corner of her eyes. She bit her lips before taking a few deep breaths. "I'm sorry..." Inko shook her head. Rei's right. Enji has no right to force his child to go through such training and abuse just to do something he couldn't do. "When Touya turned 4, he gained his quirk. Hellfire. It was like Enji's but much hotter and blue. Of course, Enji decided that it was a good idea to 'train' his quirk. It was pure abuse. If Touya didn't get the temperature of his fire up, Enji would hit him and sometimes burn him." Inko can imagine how horrible it was for Rei to see burn marks on her son. Especially when Izuku came home every day with a new burn. "And then, when Shouto was three, T-Touya started... Started to fight back... And - and then... That bastard...! He..." Seeing Rei begin to cry, Inko panicked. 

"He burned him." Rei nods her head as she wipes her eyes, her voice not coming to her. She held a hand over her mouth to force down the choked sobs. Inko's eyes softened at the sight. There no doubt about it. In front of her is a remorseful mother who wants the best for her kids and carries too much guilt on her shoulders. 

Rei took a minute to calm down before continuing with her story. "After that, Touya ran away. I - I don't blame him. If anything, I blame myself. I should've protected him more..." 

Inko shook her head, "You did what you could."

"Thank you." She smiles at the fellow mother. "A-Anyway. Then came Shouto's fourth birthday. He - His quirk manifested exactly how Enji wanted. Unfortunately. This meant Shouto was abused even more than Touya. He was trained so much that... That he would throw up... H- He... He wasn't allowed to interact with Fuyumi or Natsuo... And Enji would throw him around. Shou... Shouto has more scars than Touya did. And that's from what I can remember. Six years ago... Who knows how many he has now... That leads me onto Shouto's fifth birthday..." Rei let out a shaky breath, unsure as to how she was going to say this. "He - Umm... I - I was on the phone to my mother... I'd been talking to her about me wanting to divorce Enji... I was talking about how the kids looked so similar and it scared me. A umm. A - A kettle was boiling. And - And then Shouto walked in. And then... Then I just snapped. And..." Her breathing quickened. "Then... I... I'm so sorry..." Tears threatened to fall as her chest tightened. Inko could recognise what was happening. She'd seen Izuku go through this so many times. "I hurt him. I - I poured the - the boiling water... On Shouto. And I --!" Rei held a hand over her mouth and grasped her chest with the other. 

She was having a panic attack.

Rei leaned over, head on the table as her whole body trembled. Inko jumped next to her, one hand on Rei's back. "Hey, hey. You're safe. It's okay. Enji's not here. It wasn't your fault, okay? Shouto doesn't blame you. Neither does Touya. Touya's safe." The white-hard woman continuously licked her lips, mouth-drying over and over again. Inko almost shivered as Rei began to lose control over her quirk, the temperature of the room dropping. "Breathe with me. In." Inko took a deep breath, held it and exhaled. "Out..." Rei tries to follow suit, but her breathing is much shakier and quick. "Come on. In... Out... In... Out..." The process was repeated over and over again until the tears stopped running down Rei's face and her breathing became neutral. "I'm sorry for reminding you of this."

"No, it's fine..." Rei shook her head, sniffing a bit. "It's to take down Enji, so it's okay..." Inko smiled and walked to the camera. She turned it off before returning to her seat. Rei raised an eyebrow. 

"You know... My son used to come home with burns on his body." Her eyes widen as she realises what Inko was doing and the fact that she can relate. "He was bullied for being quirkless. His only friend turned his back on him and began to assault him. Every day, Izuku would come home with a new scar and most were from burns. I could tell that his friend had a hand in it. His friend had an Explosion quirk. It's self-explanatory. I would always say that I'd sue them... But Izuku would say that he's okay and he didn't need help." Inko smiled bitterly. "Didn't believe a single word. But, " Inko closed her eyes, smiley sweetly, "he'd look at me with such cute eyes and I'd fold." Then, she frowned and averted her eyes. "Now, I feel so guilty, because his best friend, Michiko, was assaulted big time. That brat gave her a big scar on her face and it was only when it was too late that I decided to sue them - regardless of what my son said..." Inko pushes her long hair over her left shoulder as Rei stares at her in awe. "Then again, as mothers, I think we both can relate to not doing enough."

Rei looks into her cup, contemplating what she had just heard. "Yeah... We can." She smiles at her. "Thank you, Midoriya-san."

"No no! Please, call me Inko, Todoroki-san."

"Then you can do the same, Inko."

"W-Well... I should get going, Rei! I'll visit you again!" 

Inko rushes to pack her camera set and races out, fighting a blush. It was NOT a good thing to develop feelings towards a client. Ever. 



Izuku smiles to himself as he walks home, his new crush friend next to him. Not only is his friend cute, but she's also very nice. Ignoring the fact that she stabbed him, she is a good person ("I killed a guy, you know! Shouldn't you be... Afraid?" "But... Wasn't it in self-defence? When you stabbed me, you also looked a bit frightened." "..."). He's sure that his mom would let her stay. She was homeless and needed the warmth of a family. 

When they get home, his mom isn't home yet. Well, she did say that she needed to speak to Todoroki Rei. Either way, it only provided more time for Izuku to get Himiko washed up and changed. He pushed Himiko into the shower and told her to get changed. She did tease him a bit. "You sure you don't wanna peak~" Izuku simply blushed and spluttered. Himiko laughs and takes off her clothes. "Izu! How do you work this?" 

"Turn the knob to 'Econ' and turn the bottom one to seven! Also, be careful! The water starts off--" 



"IT'S FREEZING!! Wait! ... Oh, that's much better..." 

Izuku forced down a blush as he hears Himiko moan. He slaps his cheeks before yelling again, "I'm going to the store nearby! I'll only take five minutes!" 

As Izuku runs out, his allowance in his pocket, he suddenly realises what he's going to do. He's going to buy Himiko some undergarments... Oh boy. 

One mess of a shopping trip later, Izuku comes back and Himiko is still in the shower. He reckons he was gone for about seven minutes. And honestly, he couldn't blame her. He does the same. He ended up just getting some briefs and a sports bra. It's not as if he would know her size. 

"Izu! What do I use to dry and cover myself with!?" Izuku blushes for the umpteenth time today. Himiko knows no modesty.

"Th-The towel! It's hanging! The white one!" Shaking his head, Izuku gets a shirt and shorts out and leaves it in a pile with her undergarments. "I-I have some clothes for you! You can get changed in my room! I'll wait in the lounge!" 


Izuku felt like he was waiting for an hour - but it had only been ten minutes. Himiko stepped into the lounge, allowing Izuku to see her. And wow. Her hair was down because of the shower. It stuck to her skin, some bead of water dripping down. She was wearing a black shirt that said 'pants' and some red shorts. And boy, was it a sight to see. 

"Izuku! I'm -- oh..." Inko blushed as she looked to see a girl in Izuku's clothing. "I -... I... I thought you were gay..."

"So did I," Izuku replied nonchalantly. "She's just a friend mom!" He smiles. "I met her in the park. Her parents kicked her out and she has nowhere to go!" Inko knew what that meant. And she loved it. 

"Oh! Why didn't you say so! You can stay here...?" She trailed off.

"I'm Toga Himiko! It's a pleasure to meet you! But..." Himiko fiddled with her fingers. "Are you sure you want to keep a girl who needs blood...?" Her voice is low, almost like a whisper. 

Inko smiles, "Of course! You know, the government issues blood to those who need it to sustain!" Himiko blinks. No. No, she did not know. Why didn't she know? "We'll go and get some tomorrow! We have a guest room that you can sleep in!" Nope. She will not cry. She will not. "Why don't you have Izuku lead you there." Shakily, Himiko nods her head as Izuku takes her hand and goes into the corridor. 

Izuku smiles, "Himi-chan?" Himiko smiles at him. "Welcome home!" ... Goddammit. That smile did her in. Tears began cascading down her face as she hugs Izuku. The boy seems shocked before he relaxes and wraps his arms around her as she buries her head into his shoulder. "Shh... It's okay... Let it all out..." 

It takes a couple of minutes, but Himiko calms down, completely exhausted. Izuku carries her into her new room and places her on the bed. 

When he faces Inko again, he grins. "Hey, mom!" Inko raises an eyebrow. "Girls are great too, you know!"

She smiles, blushing to herself. "I know.