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Sensual Storytime

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“You’re taking it so good. Just a little more… I know it’s big, but you can take it baby girl, just relax and let me open up that sweet little pussy. Yes , fuck, just like that. God, you’re so tight. Look at you stretched around my thick cock.”

Rey moaned as she slid her dildo all the way inside. It was a lot to take, but she was incredibly wet, and the stretching burn of accommodating the massive toy was half the pleasure. She pretended it was the cock of the man currently muttering filth in her earbuds: Kylo Ren, the mystery man who recorded and released filthy audio online for seemingly no purpose but genuinely wanting women to get off.

This clip was a brand-new release called “Cum Inside Mr. Ren’s Office.” Since Rey was starting a new job at Resistance Consulting tomorrow, a screaming orgasm felt like the perfect way to celebrate her last night of freedom.

“You like being fucked over my desk, don’t you?” His voice was so deep and commanding it made her shiver.

“I do,” she whispered back, as if he could actually hear her.

“You like me sliding my big dick inside your pretty little cunt. I bet you want it harder. Tell me you want me to fuck you hard, baby girl. I won’t move until you say it. Come on. Say it. Say it.

“Please fuck me hard,” Rey sobbed. She held the toy still inside her, waiting for his permission before she started moving it again.

“Good girl,” he murmured. “I’ll give you whatever you want, baby. Whatever you need. And right now you need a hard, deep dicking.” Little squelching noises punctuated the last three words, and, as always, Rey wondered if Kylo jerked off while recording these or if he was using audio clips from pornography.

“God, you feel so good,” he moaned as the wet, slippery sounds sped up. “I love fucking you like this, seeing your ass jiggle when I pound into you. I love the way you arch your back and moan for me when I hit that spot inside you just right. Do you feel it, baby girl?”

“I feel it,” Rey moaned, sliding the dildo in and out as she rubbed her clit. “Kylo, you’re so sexy.”

“I’m going to wreck you,” he growled in her earbuds. “Going to fuck you so good and hard, you won’t want another cock ever again. Going to slam into you over and over until you scream and gush all over my hand.” He was panting now, his voice cracking with the intensity of his passion, and when Rey closed her eyes, she could almost feel him in the room with her.

This was why Kylo Ren audio had been her stimulation of choice ever since she’d discovered him a year ago. It was just so real.

He hadn’t shared full photos of himself on his website, but there was a crop of him in profile that showed muscled, tattooed arms, broad shoulders, and the faintest hint of longish dark hair. She imagined that hair brushing her neck while he thrust into her from behind, imagined watching the tattoos wreathing his biceps flex as he braced himself over her.

“Take it, baby girl. Take all of it.” He groaned, long and filthy hot. “You’re wrecking me with your tight, wet pussy. I’m gonna fill you up with my cum until it drips out of you, and then I’m gonna take you home and tie you to my bed and keep you there for days.”

Rey was close to orgasm. She rubbed her clit in circles, arching her back as the pleasure grew so close she could almost taste it. She needed just one more bit of stimulus to tip her over, one more dark promise from that whiskey-rough voice…

“I need you so much, baby. And I’m gonna take care of you. Forever.”

Rey tipped over the edge with a scream, her body pulsing and shivering as her orgasm wrung her out. Kylo talked her through it, whispering filthy compliments and promises of devotion, and by the time Rey finally stopped shaking, there were tears in her eyes from how intensely she’d come.

As she hit pause on “Cum Inside Mr. Ren’s Office,” Rey wished, for the thousandth time, that she could meet the real-life Kylo Ren and see if he was as tantalizing in person as he was through her headphones. If he, too, was reaching out for human connection, if maybe he was as lonely as she was.

If he was also looking for a place to belongand a person to belong to.