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need that honey

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Luka hadn’t intended on kissing you to go this far, really, he didn’t.

You had a dollop of frosting on your upper lip, and Luka just couldn’t control himself! In the heat of the moment, he had leaned forward just to kiss it off of you, and things took… a very intimate turn.

Luka retracts from the kiss and takes in the sight of you. Your hair is tousled from him gripping it, cheeks flushed bright red, and even the sleeves of your blouse have lowered a little, giving Luka a rather nice eyeful of your chest. He unconsciously licks his lips at the sight of you all flustered. He thinks it’s quite adorable.

“Luka,” you breathlessly gasp his name out. Instead of replying verbally, Luka hoists you up by your thighs and gently sets you on top of the kitchen counter, so he doesn’t have to lean down to make a further mess of you.

“Is it…” he pauses, unsure of the words to use. Once he’s collected himself, Luka continues, “Is it okay if we continue here?” He gestures to your surroundings.

Your answer is immediate, grabbing him by the lapels of his uniform and tugging him closer to you. You whisper out a “yes” before pressing your lips to his. He feels your tongue slide gently across his lips, silently asking for permission.

Luka grants it when he opens his mouth, and your tongue dances with his before he takes control of the kiss. The two of you stay like that for a couple of seconds, just making out in the Black Army kitchen before Luka decides to pull away from the kiss. You’re both panting heavily from the lack of air; Luka, being the trained soldier that he is, catches his breath before you’re able to, and he sticks to kiss and nimble on the soft flesh of your neck. The mewls of pleasure coming from your mouth are music to his ears, and he wants to drown himself and you in pleasure.

And at that moment, he would love to. Luka would be more than happy to kiss you senseless all night, and even do more than kissing if you were up for it, except he freezes in his tracks when he hears the kitchen door open.


There’s all too familiar gasp and low whistle coming from behind him, and Luka doesn’t even need to turn around to now who just walked in on him and you.

Why Seth and Fenrir of all people?

Then again, maybe making out with his girlfriend in the Black Army kitchen wasn’t a very smart idea, to begin with. However, Luka shouldn’t ponder on thoughts like that at the moment. He should deal with Seth and Fenrir first, at least.

He looks at your face before he moves to turn around, your face now red and flustered from embarrassment and you look mortified. Once he makes sure you’re decent, he turns around to face Seth and Fenrir with cheeks that are just as red as yours and he’s just as mortified. Just in case, Luka makes sure he shields you from Fenrir’s and Seth’s gazes.

Fenrir, of course, says the worst thing to say in this kind of situation.

“Hell yeah, Luka! Get some!”

You cover your face in embarrassment and exclaim, “Fenrir!”

Seth then says the second worst thing, “I can’t believe how adventurous our angel Luka has gotten! I’m so proud of you!”


Both Fenrir and Seth are grinning stupidly, and Luka knows he’s never going to hear the end of it from those two. Maybe he’ll put a tomato slice in Fenrir’s meal if he ever teases him about it.

Luka grabs at his scarf and tugs it upwards to cover his mouth, “The both of you are so embarrassing…”

Both you and Luka are still flushed bright red but you hop off the counter once you’ve readjusted your blouse. “S-sorry you guys walked in on that,” you mumble, not quite meeting the eyes of anybody in the room.

“There’s nothing to apologize, dearie,” Seth chirps, “we wouldn’t have barged in like that if we knew you and Luka were... “ he pauses to think of the right word, “occupied.”

Luka wishes anybody else but these two were the ones who walked in on them.

Maybe not anybody. Luka doesn’t know what he would do if Jonah or worse, Edgar, walked in on him kissing the daylights out of you in the kitchen, of all places.

Luka huffs. “Did you guys need something?”

“Yeah, actually,” Fenrir turns to Luka, “Ray was lookin’ for ya. Didn’t mention what it was, he just said it was somethin’ urgent. He’s in his office right now.”

He looks back at you to make sure you’re okay. Your cheeks are still flushed red in embarrassment, and if Fenrir and Seth weren’t just a few feet away from you both, Luka would compliment how cute you look in the moment.

“Could you tell him I’ll be there soon?” Luka grumbles. He hopes they don’t say anything about what they witnessed to Ray.

Fenrir opens his mouth to reply, but before he can say anything stupid, Seth reaches out to clasp his hand over Fenrir’s mouth. His other arm has wrapped itself around Fenrir’s waist, and he flashes you and Luka a bright smile. “Of course! Don’t take too long,” and with that, he drags Fenrir away. And you and Luka are left alone in the kitchen.

Neither of you are sure of what to say, and an awkward silence stretches between the two of you. Just as Luka’s about to break the silence, he hears you giggle, “That certainly was embarrassing, wasn’t it?”

You’re both really awkward, but it’s okay, Luka thinks. It’s just something you find endearing about each other. Luka’s stiffness at the beginning didn’t bother you a single bit, and even though you’re still sometimes oblivious, it’s just a quirk of yours that Luka thinks is adorable.

Luka gives you a shy smile. “Yeah, it was,” he agrees.

“How do you want to get back at them?”

“I was thinking we put tomatoes in Fenrir’s food,” he suggests, “I’m not too sure about Seth, though.”

You ponder momentarily. “Sneak into his room while he’s out and hide his makeup products?”

He thinks it’s a good idea, but pulling it off might be difficult. He chuckles and places a kiss on your forehead. “We can discuss it later, alright? I’ll see you later.”

“Okay.” You return his affection by planting a kiss on his cheek. “See you, Luka!”

When Luka walks in it Ray’s office and sees Fenrir hunched over the desk, chuckling about something, he gets a little suspicious. When his and Ray’s eyes meet from across the room, and his boss flashes him a grin and a thumbs-up, Luka knows Fenrir is going to be eating nothing but tomatoes for the next week.