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One thing I've learned at this point in life is to never piss a special someone to you off. Ever since Bella Cullen was changed to a vampire by her husband Edward of the lovely but weirdly cold-blooded freaky pacifist family clan she’s been… let's just say “short-tempered”.

Now I know should be giving her some slack but when the situation has to deal with her daughter. Renesme, my purpose, and ‘imprintee’ she has no leash on her. 

“Jake don't tell me you've lost my daughter!” 

It was a normal day out in the city of Forks and id somehow managed to lose track of Renesme on a stroll in the woods.

“Yes, I've temporarily lost your-agh!” I was in the middle of explaining--well, to be honest, delaying my beating when I ran outta luck and was chucked aside by Bella a furious look on her face. Speeding off in a blur Bella backtracks through the forest. 

I hated to not be able to tell her I already went looking high and low for Nesme and I believe… Renesme’s ran off on her own. 

Recovering quickly as more of the Cullens gravitate to see what the commotions about. I turn to Edward whos approaching quickly. 


“Yeah, im just as worried as you guys are” I justify as Edward sums up the situation judging my thoughts. I really find his mind-reading thing a little intrusive. 

“You couldn't sniff her out?” He asks a little annoyed. 

“Not when she runs off too fast, she always moves when I track down a whiff. It’s like her game of tag” I say to the concerned man following him into the brink of the trees. “Bella’s sported ahead” I note as we take the same path I took to search for nesme. Fear has settled into my stomach but I have a strong gut feeling the 15 yr old girl is safe.. Edward is next to leave in a blur and I grumble left alone. Picking up into a sprint through the greenery I get my head brainstorming on where Nesme could've run off to. 

She’s very very easily distracted and fascinated by anything that moves, in addition to that she has a very bright mind that needs to do more than just absorb things visually. It would've been too easy for her to see a butterfly or something and run off. Renesme is just that kind of girl that does her own thing... she's my one of a kind. 

Sometimes her doing just that isn't for the best though, the chase goes on and on my gut feeling beginning to fade the more times moves on and she's not by my side.

Imprints do that to you. Not that I hate it but it's an itch you just can't scratch and it can at times get annoying. 

I need her, she needs me. End of story.

Rustling behind me in the greenery brings me to a stop. Casting an inspecting eye to the shivering bushes yonder im glad to find a large familiar shaggy hazel wolf. 

“Seth” I call the that protrudes out from the bushes out with relief. I wasn't in the mood to confront anyone else.

Seth the young member of the pack makes a happy huff my way. “Have you seen Renesme around?” I ask right off the bat, he to my surprise nods dragging his head onward. I hadn't thought of phasing for a sharper sense of smell, the clothes issue is why. 

“Lead the way” I command chasing after hazelnut colored wolf. We slip through the forest in quiet, I of course despite my gut feeling hope Renesme’s safe as this chase for her has gone on long enough in my opinion. I began to feel a little shitty about the whole ordeal. I felt stupid for losing her in the first place. I definitely need to have a better eye out on her when she’s in such a curious phase.


I perk up out of my daze listening to Seth's heavy paw steps and the forest inhabitants shuffling about. Just up ahead at the end of the tree line is the creek that runs through the forest to the bend separating the boundaries between landlines for the quillets and the vampires. 

There she is, out of her green overcoat with her parents who have found her quicker than me and Seth. Out of breath, I stop as she comes to greet me nearly moving as fast as her parents when they race past. Seth is delighted to see the girl as well. Meeting Nesme in a tight hug I perch her on my shoulder with ease as we head back towards Bella and them. I was already planning my “you know better than to run away speech”

“Where did you go?” I ask like every time. I always turn my eye somewhere for a split second and she’s gone. 

“There was a mother deer and I wanted to pet it, Jake, I didn't go anywhere dangerous I’m a young lady now..” she answers in her overly mature choice of words. I sigh. If she didn't grow up so fast I would be able to keep up with her. She only gets closer to her adulthood. More beauteous and elite, curious and mature in all aspects day by day. 

“You know you can't just take off like that though Nesme, for your safety you never know what's out there my young lady” I advise tenderly. Her pretty dark eyes train on mine as I speak and she just like a sponge absorbs the brevity of my pressing this warning on her yet another time. 

“Im sorry Jacob, I won't do it again...I promise to stay with you” 

Smiling in relief I stop to set her on her feet, she takes a moment to hug onto me once more in apology and I, of course, return her embrace in all appeasement. It was cheesy but I called every moment with her like this heartfelt. 

I promised to stay with her forever as well.