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Journeys of a Soul

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During a car ride, many things can get fucked up very quickly.
But no matter what Jimin had been taught during driving school, his experience was on a whole other level of “fucked up”. That is, when you consider being fetched by the Grim Reaper after a fatal car crash at night in the middle of nowhere, only to be told that you don’t have a soul, as something unusual.

Believe it or not, this has actually happened to poor Jimin here.
“What the actual fuck are you trying to tell me?”, he asked. “Park Jimin, there is no soul for me to collect.”, the Reaper repeated, only louder this time, stressing every syllable.
This jackass of a mythical creature had to be fucking kidding, right?
“No, for fucks sake. You know what I meant.”
“Yeah I do, but I don’t know.”


“Don’t look at me like that I mean do you think this happens often? No, it doesn’t, in fact it has never happened before. What I meant to tell you was: I have no idea of what to do right now.”
Jimin could only stare at him dumbly, his irritated expression only growing tenser as he turns around to watch his car burn happily. Well, fuck.
If the fucking Grim Reaper himself has no idea what to do, then he is definitely screwed.
“First of, how about we go somewhere safer than here.”, the Reaper said.

To that, Jimin swiftly turned around to give him the most burning gaze he could muster up. Now he actually has to be joking. Does he think this is funny? How unsafe can this place be for him, he´s already fucking dead.
After Jimin voiced his thoughts, the cloaked figure starts to laugh. Oh, now he has the actual audacity-
“No, of course not. But humans can see me, you know? I am physically here, right now, just as I always am, no matter where I go. And being seen could let a few problems arise, which is completely fine, if you don’t think you have enough already.”, he cackles.
He isn’t given any time to properly respond as a rush of darkness and warmth envelops him, only for him to reappear in what seemed to be a living room. The whole interior is kept dimly lit by a bunch of candles. The warm light accentuating the dark color schemes. The floor is a dark wood, a scarlet carpet adorning the center. Everything that isn’t dark wood, is scarlet fabric of some sort. There are a few golden accents in some places, like some pieces of furniture or the thick and heavy looking curtains. This place acutally looks quite comfortable, Jimin thinks.
“Now, let´s see. There has to be a solution for whatever this is.”, the Reaper murmurs as he starts looking through several books. Jimin meanwhile, sits down on one of the scarlet couches. What else is he supposed to do? The books are probably written in a language humans don’t understand, or something.

After several minutes passed, he starts to feel the pressure of awkward silence slowly creeping upon him, beckoning for him to speak up. Which, of course, he ends up doing.
“So, do you have, like, a name or something. Or am I just supposed to call you Grim or Death or...?”
The Reaper turns to look at him, surprise evident on his face, but still pleased of some sort.
“You can call me Namjoon. Death or the Grim Reaper aren’t really names, they´re titles if anything. I didn’t even choose them myself. “, he replies, getting quieter towards the end.
“Ok so, Namjoon, have you found anything yet?”, he doesn’t like hearing the slightly desperate sounding undertone in his own voice. He doesn’t even believe this situation to be real, yet. It´s all a little hard to grasp, still.
Namjoon then turns around completely, slightly scrunching up his round face as he shakes his head no. Jimin only nods at that, but still can´t help but feel a little scared as he realizes more and more how grave his situation actually is.
Apparently, his growing worry is evident, as Namjoon goes to sit down on the couch across from him, facing Jimin. “Hey, just because this has never happened before, it doesn’t mean there´s no solution at all. There´s a first time for everything, right? We´ll find something I´m- “

Jimin looks up when Namjoon suddenly stops talking, expression blank but wide-eyed as he stared right ahead. “Uhm, Hey, are you- “

“Oh my god, yes! This is it!”
Jimin only looks at him blankly as he waits for further explanation. When Namjoon stopped doing his little victory dance, he looks at Jimin, glee mixed with hesitance in his gaze. “There is something we, no you, can do.”, he says, almost sounding breathless.
“And that is...?”. Anxiety makes Jimin´s stomach churn as he eyes the Grim Reaper expectantly.
Namjoon sits down again, before speaking up. “I´ll send you back to earth, granting you some of my powers to help you. Once you´re back on earth you can start simply looking for your soul.”, he explains. When Jimin´s reaction only is one of doubt and confusion, he adds, “Listen, I know it´s not ideal, but only someone with my powers can extract souls. And since I really do not have any free time, not even now actually, the only solution is to give you the powers so you can look for your soul yourself. You´ll be able to summon me after a while of getting used to the powers, and then I can help you a bit, maybe.”
Jimin averts his eyes as he thinks this whole thing over. He doesn´t really have a choice though, does he? “I mean, it´s the only way, isn´t it? If there´s nothing else I can do then I´ll do it, sure.” He isn´t sure why he agreed so quickly. Heck, he doesn’t even know where he would start looking. Looking for a soul.

His own soul.

Namjoon senses the worry and speaks up again, his tone reassuring but firm, “Jimin, there is little to no time to really decide. Actually, since I can´t leave you here or sent you to the afterlife, this is the only choice we have. You have to do this. I also really need to get back to work now, you know.”
As the blonde looks at the Grim Reaper, he nods slowly, signaling his final consent when he murmurs a barely audible “Okay”.

In a matter of seconds, Jimin is completely enveloped in darkness and warmth again. The last thing he sees is Namjoon´s comforting smile.
When the dark thick around him starts to grow thinner, Jimin looks around, finding himself on the road he had the accident on. He is shocked to see a burning body in the driver’s seat, the skin almost completely black by now.
So, he is still dead, in some way at least. This is his very own body, and he´s watching it being turned into ashes.
It doesn’t take long for the sight to become too much for him, so he turns around and looks ahead.
That´s when he realizes fully what his little quest actually is.
How grave it is in reality.
Jimin starts walking down the road, away from the still burning car.
He doesn’t know where exactly his feet are carrying him and he surely doesn’t know his plan.
All he knows is that he has a soul to find, and that that could take literally forever.
And even though this is where his death took place, little does he know, that this is where his actual life began.

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He wakes up with a gasp, wide eyes looking around his bedroom. Jimin rubs his eyes as he moves to sit on the edge of the bed.

He doesn’t remember his nightmare, he never does. Not that he minds, really.

Looking at the clock on his bedside table, he realizes that trying to fall back asleep just wouldn’t be worth it, definitely not for him anyways.

At the beginning of his journey, he was finding it very hard to get used to his new lifestyle.
ver since his return to earth, which occurred quite a long time ago by now, a lot of things changed, far more than what Jimin had excepted. He doesn’t need food or drinks to survive now. He sleeps only once a week roughly, which is quite practical, seeing as this way he has more time for his task.
Even though his actual body was destroyed in the car crash, he still has a physical form somehow. There must be something entirely different about his presence though.

Humans can see him, but they never really notice him fully. He could probably sneak in anywhere without anyone noticing. Cameras still catch him, though.
Jimin runs a hand through his blond hair as he looks out the window, his mind feeling restless but empty at the same time. On nights like this, his thoughts always stray to his human life. He has almost no memory of his past self, of where he lived, his family and friends, or who he was and what he was like. Emotional connections are also a difficult to remember thing, yet alone feel, for Jimin.

His train of thoughts is stopped when he decides to get some water. It still helps to ground him, even though it isn’t necessary for his survival.
Now sipping his glass of cold water, Jimin takes a seat on one of the kitchen chairs as his eyes sweep over the dark of his surroundings. He should probably think of a place to go next, to look for his soul and shit. Yeah that´s a good idea, he thinks as he moves to his desk in the living room.

Setting the glass down for now, he takes a few lists from one of thee drawers. There is only one place in this whole city left. Only one more place where he could potentially find something useful about his situation. One place and then he would have to move to the next city.
A rather dramatic sigh left his plump lips as he contemplated on just going now to get it over with. He hasn’t found anything in years, so the chances of finding something now are pretty low. The place doesn’t seem to be in the central area of the city, but rather closer to the borders.
Jimin gets up to get changed, going for a black T-Shirt, black jeans and his favorite coat, black as well, of course. And his shoes?

Well, they´re boots. Black.

He grabs his keys and an old-school city map before closing the door and rushing down the staircase. Why the fuck does he have to live on the 5th level again? He doesn´t know. Apparently, you don’t have to be human to make stupid decisions, Jimin rolls his eyes.
The hood of his heavy coat is pulled up quickly when he took notice of the rain, once he stepped outside. He walks for a few minutes until the rain suddenly becomes a lot harsher, the drops almost feeling like mini-bullets of some sort.
The blonde then makes his wise decision to take on of the early buses to get to his destination, or at least as close as possible

After getting in, he sees that he´s the only person in the bus, safe for the driver, who doesn’t even look at him. Probably didn’t see him get in, like expected. Guess who not once in his lifetime as a makeshift reaper had to pay for a single ticket. Or for anything.
The bus ride takes way longer than he expected. By the looks of it, the bus is going to leave the city and get into the quiet suburbs, or maybe even slums. Jimin takes one more look at the map he brought with him to find the name on the street he needs to go to. Yes, here it was, on the border of the fucking map. Damn, maybe he should have taken a closer look back at the apartment.
Well, he would have had to go that old library at some point anyways. So, upon further contemplation Jimin thinks that one closer look probably wouldn’t have changed that much.

Oh boy, is he wrong.

He looks out the window, into the darkness of the early morning hours. Then, the bus comes to a halt. Yup, definitely the slums.

Jimin makes no effort to be quiet or to sneak out as he exits the vehicle. Looking around, he starts to walk in the direction his supernatural intuition tells him to go. Along the way, he wonders how often places like libraries are to be found in places like this. Kind of hard to imagine a library amongst the ruins of this ghost town. If he weren’t used to walking through places like this, he´d ask himself if people actually lived in these houses.

After a solid 20 minutes of walking, it´s still raining, he almost walks by the street sign telling him that he´s reached the end of his little search. He wastes no time as he immediately walks down the so called ´Willement-Pike-Street´.
It doesn’t take long until his gut feeling makes him stop walking suddenly. Jimin looks to his right, to see a staircase, right next to what seems to be an abandoned house. OK, they all look kind of abandoned but still.
He slowly approaches the stairs, soon seeing that it leads to a bright red door. The door looks way out of place here, it seems way too polished to belong in an area like this.


Jimin instantly rushes down the slippery stone stairs, only to find the door unlocked. That, he didn’t expect. He doesn’t think too much of it, just opens the door to silently step into the dark place.
After his eyes got used to the darkness, first thing he noticed are books. Lots and lots of books.

Definitely bingo.

He swiftly closes the door behind him, his fingers already twitching with want to skim over all the books, in hopes of finding something. Anything. No matter how often he was disappointed in the past, deep down, he can never stop the hope within him from rising. Hell, that might even be one of the last truly human things left in him, not that he´d ever admit that.
Walking the different book shelves up and down, the hidden hope inside him slowly started to darken. That´s when his browns orbs spot a book that looks particularly odd. It doesn’t seem too outrageously big or small, but the cover seems to be made out of some kind of fabric or even fur. It´s like there is something written on it, too.
He walks closer and after picking it up from its place on an old wooden desk, in the far back of the library, he sees it.

It´s not grey fabric or fur, it´s fucking dust.

Every single splinter of hope inside him ignites again as he thinks that that is an incredibly good sign, even though it´s kind of disgusting.
Jimin carefully frees the scripture of most of the dust, only to reveal a brown cover made of leather. Even without the thick layer of dust, it looks extremely worn.

Just to be sure not to have it come apart in his hands, he sets it down on of the desks which are illuminated dimly by moonlight, the rain seemingly having passed by now.
He opens it very slowly, the cover groaning dangerously, he eyes eager to find the first words to read. At first, he thinks it´s simply too dark for him to make out the actual words, but then he comes to the conclusion that the book is written in a language he doesn’t understand, or know. In fact, he doubts any human does, examining the letters more thoroughly.

That, mixed with the apparent ancient age of the book, is a very good thing. Sadly, he has no idea how he is supposed to read it. Well, he´ll just have to ask Namjoon about that one. They haven’t met in forever it seems.
Deciding to take a closer look at this possibly major clue at his apartment, Jimin wastes no time and walks out quickly, hurrying up the stairs. The sun is beginning to rise, already.

Comfortably walking back the way he came he breathes in the fresh and crisp morning air, detecting a hint of petrichor as he let a small smile show up on his face. His little discovery finally letting him feel a little happiness again.
Turns out, that happiness ends up being short-lived.

“You need to give me that book!”

What the fuck.

Jimin flinches at the sudden yell directed at him and turns to look at the owner of the voice.
Black leather jacket, grey jeans and converse. All of that paired with a face that almost looked too child-like in addition with a strong build.
And wide, brown, doe-eyes looking at him with evident desperation. Jimin squints his eyes in return and clutches the book closer to his chest. “Excuse me?”.

How did he even see him in the first place? Is this perhaps the person whose library he stole the book from? No, this guy looks way too young to be a librarian. “No, I´m not the librarian but I broke in at roughly the same as you, for the same book it seems.”, the dark-haired explains.

Oh god help Jimin, it´s a demon. That´s what seemed so off about him. Also explains him being able to read emotions. Sometimes, his luck is simply amazing.

He sighs as he looks at him more sharply, “I don’t ´have´ to give you anything, Ok? This book might be very important to me.”

“Might be? So, you don´t even know what book this is?”
Fuck, Jimin thinks, he should´ve chosen his words more carefully. As if the demon noticed the small glimmer of regret inside Jimin, which he probably did, he starts to smirk.
“Oh, how delightful, you can´t read it, am I right?”, he slowly starts to approach Jimin, his confidence making Jimin shrink just the tiniest bit. Whoever this demon is, he´s got a solid point, he admits to himself in defeat.
The demon seems to sense this as well, now sporting a full-on grin across his handsome face as he looks down at Jimin. Why does everybody have to be taller than him?

“Listen, “, the hell-spawn speaks up, “this book is practically useless to you. At least it is right now.”

At that, the blonde looks up at him, damn the height difference. What was just said gives him unexplainable vibes. “What do you mean, exactly?”, he asks, feeling suspicious.
The demon turns away, sighing dramatically. “Well, that depends on just how important this book is to you, exactly.”. He turns to face Jimin again, a smirk starting to tug at the corners of his lips. “Maybe I could help you. We could help each other.”

“Ok, you listen now. I just met you, demon. I don´t trust you or your kind. So, the book stays with me, thank you very much.”

Jimin doesn´t wait for a response before swiftly walking away from the stranger. Of course, that little shit has to follow him. The blonde rolls his eyes and subtly speeds up. This is exactly why he doesn’t like demons. Or must supernatural creatures. They tend to be so pestering, never letting lose until they get what they want.
As he hears the footsteps behind him speed up along with his own, he finds himself very easily imagining the shit-eating grin of the stranger behind him.
It may or may not have taken a little longer than necessary for Jimin to decide that he has to face this now, whether he wants to or not. “Leave. Me. The Fuck. Alone”, he grits out, his eyes spitting poison.
The demon laughs right at him, “How cute, what will you do if I won´t, hm? Going to curse me? Give me the supernatural flu?”.

Wait, he thinks Jimin is a mage. He is the one to smirk now, “You have no idea, kid. Now fuck off into the hole you crawled out of and leave me to my own business.”
The demon doesn´t seem to take him very seriously, seeing as Jimin´s threatening stance isn’t able to tear that taunting grin off of his face. “You can call me Jungkook, by the way.”, the demon says.

“Why the fuck are you telling me your name?”. “Ha, I´m not letting this go so easily. It took me a long while to find this book and if you don’t want to be sensible and give it to me, we´re going to spend a little while fighting over it. So I might as well give you my name.”, his smile isn’t teasing anymore, which offends Jimin even more. Because it means this imbecile, Jungkook, is being serious.

Jimin is just about to give in, when an idea strikes him. Demons, all kinds of demons, are the same when it comes to contracts. So if he manages to bind Jungkook to a contract, both sides could actually benefit.
Before the blonde is able to hide the idea from Jungkook´s demonic senses, the demon promptly speaks up. “No way, little one. Not gonna happen.”. Well, at least he finally stopped smiling, thank god.
Oh, Jimin really enjoys this, the way he took control of the situation. Jungkook notices the shift of power just like Jimin, his eyes losing every hint of humor or cockiness, now slightly glaring at the blonde. Jungkook knows what’s next to come and he doesn’t like it, at all.

Jimin takes his sweet time, reveling in the feeling of being in complete control again. “Then, it looks like you´ll just have to look for a copy or something.”, he states, swaying slightly to show just how comfortable he truly is. The demons rolls his eyes as he lowly states, “There is no copy, and you know that. Come on, you don’t want to make this overly complicated, do you?”. Jungkook strained his voice while gritting the question out, trying too hard but miserably failing to sound casual.

Now it is Jimin´s turn to smile slyly back at the demonic entity before him, “I´m the one being simple here. It´s fairly uncomplicated you see; I take the book and you get nothing.”.
Jungkook´s jaw tenses when he hears Jimin´s next words.

“Or, we make a contract, of course.”

He smiles, as obviously fake as he can, and turns around.
“But since you don’t seem very eager to engage in a contract with me, it looks like you do end up with empty hands, Jungkook.” He looks back over his shoulder as he lets the demons name roll of his tongue for the first time, pronouncing it extra clearly.

He is aware of the poisonous stares directed at his backside, but he doesn’t turn around. Jimin knows he will track him down in the near future. The book did seem very important to him after all.
Jungkook didn’t seem dismissive enough at the mention of a contract. He will come back, because he knows that that is his only chance of ever getting his hands on the book.
When Jimin returns to his apartment, he takes of his heavy coat and boots. He grabs the unfinished glass of water from his desk and goes to the kitchen area to wash it.
After finishing he sits down on one of the kitchen tables, again. His thoughts drift to Namjoon.
That´s right, even if Jungkook doesn’t show up ever again, he can still ask Namjoon to help him translate. He calls out to him with a spell, the ancient words leaving his lips in a soft murmur as he concentrates.
It takes a few minutes after the call, but then he finally appears in his living room.

“Jimin! It´s been so long!”, Namjoon calls out, pleased grin on his face, “Come here, gimme a hug.”
Just like he always does, he doesn’t wait for Jimin´s consent and just pulls him up from his sitting position and into a tight bear hug, lifting him off the ground a little. Jimin hates his small size sometimes, he really does.
The blonde does allow a small smile to break through his tough shell when his friend lets go.
“Anything specific you need me for or did you just miss me?”, he jokes. Jimin doesn’t join the banter though, and goes straight for a serious answer. “There is something. Something I found.”

Namjoon is quick to hide his disappointment as he instead asks about Jimin´s discovery.
He doesn’t answer straight away, but moves to his desk to show the Grim Reaper the book.
As Namjoon´s long fingers skim the rough surface of the leather cover, his eyes widen slightly, “Have you looked inside it, already?”.
“No, you know I just it looks old as shit and that that is enough for me to steal it.”, he deadpans.
“Geez, sorry.”, Namjoon chuckled, raising his palms jokingly. “So, what´d you find, hm?”
“That’s the problem”, Jimin sighs, “it´s written in a language I don’t know. It´s something supernatural, I think.”
“May I?”, the reaper asks. “Sure, go ahead.”
The cover´s anxious groaning echoes through the almost empty apartment, the process of opening the book up being very slow. Jimin only looks between Namjoon and the first page of the old book, anticipating an answer. “Yes, definitely supernatural. Not only that, but it´s a non-existent language practically.”, he says.

“Uhm, what?”, the blonde asks. “I mean, it does exist but you have to decipher it. It´s a cypher language, Jimin. If I look around a little, I might find the key.”
Jimin looks up at him, hope shining hesitantly in his chocolate brown eyes.
“Here we have another problem.”, Namjoon stops to cup his chin with his fingers, “I´m kind of the grim reaper and as much as I´d like to do that for you, I have so little time, it´d take forever.”
At that, Jimin looks down, “So you´re saying that I need to decipher it?”.


“I mean, that´s ok. I just need the- “

“Eh, there´s another problem, sorry.” Jimin frowns at that. What now?
“The only key for this cypher language is written in a language that you will need a translation for, since you don’t happen to be fluent in Ancient Teylaa´r, do you?”. Namjoon waits for a response, visibly cringing at the situation.
At first Jimin just looks at him, expressionless. A few minutes pass before his friend breaks the silence again, “Chim? Are you- “

“Just bring me the key and the translation or dictionary or whatever.”, he heaves out a sigh, his hands coming up to stroke over his whole face. “This needs to be done.”
When he doesn’t say anything else, the Grim Reaper speaks up yet another time.
He clasps his hands together, “Hey, uhm, I kind of need to go now. Job´s calling, y´know?”.
Jimin just slumps down at his desk, nodding.

Not one second passes before Namjoon is gone again. He looks at the book. Especially at how thick it is. Even thinking about all the work that was ahead of him makes his head hurt.
Just as he was about to give up on himself mentally, Jungkook pops up in his head.
Maybe, he needs Jungkook just a little bit more than he expected.

Well, this is going to be fun either way, right? Jimin thinks as he looks back at the book and can´t help but cringe at the only two options he has. He cringes even more once he admits to himself which option he prefers over the other.

Damn you, Jungkook.

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Jimin is sitting on the couch, staring of into space, again. The afternoon sun barely peeking into the living area as his chocolate colored orbs skim over the scarce amount of furniture there is.
It´s already been a week since his little encounter with Jungkook. The demon whose help he might just end up needing a little bit.

Of course, he doesn’t need his help that bad, seeing as he technically could decipher the book by himself. With the help of the translation sheet and the key, that is. He even imagines it to be quite easy once he has the papers he needs. Quite time-consuming, but not hard.

Well, not that hard.

But that would still take forever and Jimin doesn’t know how much longer he can stand waiting to get his soul back, especially when he´s so damn close.
Just before his thoughts start to drift to some really dark places, Namjoon appears in the kitchen. He always seems to come just at the right time, these days.
“Jimin, there´s bad news. Like really fucking bad.”.


Frankly, Jimin is so sick and tired of bad news already, that he can´t even properly react to this statement. He doesn’t even have the energy to roll his eyes, anymore.

“You hear me? Wait, are you alright?”, his friend asks, sitting down next to him, looking concerned.
The blonde takes a minute, but then ends up looking up at Namjoon as he speaks up quietly, “Yeah, sure. So, what is it this time? Needed papers are… lost or something? Oh, wait! Maybe they´re- “.
“Let me stop you right there, buddy. “, he chuckles, “Let me explain it that way, lost comes a little close. Really close actually. Do you know about supernatural creatures do you?”, Namjoon asks suddenly. Jimin is perplexed by the random question, he doesn’t like where this is going, at all.

“Uhm, yes. Why? Oooh, I get it. They were stolen, right? Was it the pixies? I swear to god I- “

“Fucks sake, let me finish, man.”, his friend laughs. “Not stolen, but rather right where they belong, actually. You see, there´s a different dimension of some sort, it´s called the “Magic Realm”. The scriptures we need are all there.”, Namjoon explains slowly, his amusement vanishing quickly, wary of any change of expression on Jimin´s soft features.

Over time, Namjoon has learned just how easily can blow up and how sensitive he really is. He definitely doesn’t want to cause an outburst, which might ne inevitable, considering what he needs to tell Jimin.

Upon hearing that, and letting it sink in a little, Jimin stands up. He calmly walks to his desk to stand in front of it, looking out the window for a bit.

Suddenly he turns around, his eyes spewing flames of rage. Namjoon flinches, already foreseeing what´s about to come at him. This is bad, he thinks, shit wasn’t supposed to hit the fan that early.

The actual problem has yet to be addressed, after all.

“What the fuck do you mean “another dimension”, Namjoon?! Are you serious? How the fuck are we supposed to get them now? Please tell me we can still get them.”. It is quite fascinating to see how Jimin´s voice went so smoothly from sounding like the roar of a dragon to almost a whimper, all in a matter of seconds.

Namjoon knows him well enough to know that the fit of rage isn’t over yet, one just has to look Jimin in the eyes to know that. Well, in this case however, Namjoon also knows that he needs to tell Jimin the really really bad news as quick as possible and then get the fuck out of here.

Even though Namjoon is the actual Grim Reaper, he doesn’t ever want to fuck with Jimin and his powers. Damn, this kid can get scary, sometimes.

“So, I mean, you surely can get to the “Magic Realm”, right? What´s the fucking problem?”. The blonde mockingly makes quotation marks and looks more than pissed. You can still tell he´s a bit scared, as well. At least Namjoon can.
Oh boy, he doesn’t want to do this.

“Ok so I could technically, but I can´t because my job doesn’t allow me enough time and after I get there, I have no idea how long it´ll take to find it. “Before his friend really gets the implication, he takes a deep breath, tightly closes his eyes and stands up from the couch before moving on,

“You need to learn how to properly practice magick, since your powers don’t have anything to do with magick and thus can´t get you there alone. This however, could take quite the time since I don’t know how talented you are and we need somebody to teach you. If we find nobody, I´ll have to do that but since, I barely have any time as you already know, it could take years to teach you even the basics, for all I know. Speaking of the devil, since my profession can be literal hell sometimes, I really gotta go now, see ya!”, he yells at the end before vanishing in a split second.
Jimin just stares for a second, wide-eyed. He is aware of how easily he can get mad and how intensely mad he can get, too.

But this time was different.

His anger went so overboard, his mind apparently couldn’t take the intensity and just transformed it all into sadness. To say he is absolutely overwhelmed would be an understatement.
He doesn’t know when he has last shed tears, but he just doesn’t know what else to do as he slumps onto the floor, moving to lean against the wall next to his desk.

He covers his face, pulls his knees up to his chest…and cries.

Letting every bit of self-control go, he lets every sob out without even trying to be quiet anymore, not caring about being an ugly-crier, or about any neighbors maybe hearing him sob through the thin walls.

What should he do? What can he even do?

Jimin doesn’t know how much time has passed since he started his little mental breakdown, but he eventually gets up to walk to his bedroom.

Even though the situation seems to carry little to no hope on his part, he strives to find something, anything, there is. He plops on his bed with his old laptop, and googles.

This is going to be a long night; he thinks as he sighs.



In the following weeks, Jimin hasn’t gotten any sleep. Namjoon hasn’t visited him yet, he doesn’t know why. Probably his fucking job, Jimin thinks, rolling his eyes. There is something slightly amusing about such a normal and human word being used to describe what the Grim Reaper is doing.

The word human isn’t really a word to describe Namjoon with, if anything he takes every human thing away from people. Jimin smiles bitterly.

Or maybe he´s just scared of Jimin, wouldn’t be the first time, even if Namjoon never really admits to it when Jimin asks him.

The blonde stretches his legs and arms, still in bed. Audible cracking sounds come from his joints as he cringes. He hasn’t left his bed in three weeks. Sadly, he also hasn’t found anything.

Nothing that he considers authentic enough at least. You´d be surprised to see how many different web-sites there are, concerning magick. Most of them seem fake. The difficult thing is, even with the authentic looking ones, everyone says something entirely different than the last one.

There is no way to tell who is right and who isn’t. Jimin stares at the ceiling. Maybe he should try to go asleep, again. By now he barely can hold his eyes open, so maybe his tiredness and exhaustion can finally take over him entirely.
He turns of all the lights, not even the moon providing light now. He looks at the clock, it´s three a.m. right now.

Jimin spontaneously decides to get himself a glass of water to calm his still racing mind before attempting to go to sleep, hoping it´ll help.

Taking a seat in the kitchen, he sips on the cold clear liquid.

Yeah, that definitely helps.

He feels even more exhausted now that he has calmed his worries a little. He chugs the rest before setting the glass into the sink, he´ll wash it tomorrow, fuck it.
Suddenly, he stops dead in his tracks, having heard a sound break the silence. It came from his front door. Jimin squints his eyes, listening closely now.

All his tiredness vanishes in the blink of an eye when he hears it again.

Somebody is trying to pick the lock. There is somebody right outside his apartment, trying to fucking break in. Before he has the chance to even think of what he should do next, the door opens with a small creak.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh, hell no.

He doesn’t use his powers on humans and he surely doesn’t want to use them now. Extracting somebody´s soul can be very painful for the individual if done by force. And Jimin doubts that whoever just broke in, broke in because they know about Jimin´s powers and want their soul taken away.

His thoughts disappear when he hears careful steps making their way down the short corridor.
Jimin stops breathing entirely, standing motionless with his hand still on the glass in the sink, when the dark silhouette of the stranger comes into view. They don’t seem to notice Jimin standing there though, as they make their way straight into Jimin´s bedroom, not even looking in any other direction.

Strangely enough, whoever this is must know exactly where to go to in order to find what they need.
He frowns slightly in confusion, then he hears one of the drawers being opened, directly after that person walked in.

“Ha!”, they whisper-yelled.

Not prepared for that, Jimin flinches violently, luckily not making a sound with the glass he still held the edge of. Whatever that person wanted; they must have found it.

He lets go of the glass finally, before hearing the sound of leather creaking.

Wait. Isn’t that-

Then the sound of book pages being flipped.


The fucking book.

Jimin´s eyes are about to pop right out of their sockets as he slowly makes his way to the doorframe to his bedroom.
“Are you serious!?”, he suddenly yells.

The person holding the book in their hands turns around swiftly, wide doe-eyes looking at Jimin in shock.
“Jungkook, what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?”, Jimin hisses through his teeth, anger clearly visible in his expression. He looks like his eyes could burn Jungkook alive if he looked at him long enough.

“Uhm”, he laughs. Laughs.
“I think you know what I´m doing here, little one.”, he gets out through his giggles.

Oh, he has the audacity to-

“Jungkook”, Jimin grits out, “Put the fucking book back. Why did you have to break in right now, huh? Why not yesterday, or last week? Why tonight? I was just about to fucking go to sleep, come on.”. Towards the end, Jimin sounded more frustrated than mad. The adrenaline is gone too now, maybe he´s just too tired to be properly furious. All of a sudden, all the tiredness and exhaustion catch up to Jimin.

“What makes tonight so special? Are you an insomniac or what?”, the demon asks, sounding way too casual for Jimin´s liking. This sly fucker just broke into his apartment. Why does he have to act like a fucking five-year-old, someone please explain to Jimin.

He almost catches sight of his own brain, that´s how strongly he rolls his eyes at Jungkook.

"I sleep like, once a week. Not an insomniac, it´s natural for me, so shut the fuck up, put the goddamn book back and just leave.”, he sighs, defeat and exhaustion making his shoulders slump a little. Of course, he doesn’t want the little shit of a demon to think he´s letting him win this, he´s just too tired.

Jungkook´s widen the slightest in surprise, he didn’t expect Jimin to give up so quickly.

Still, he ignores the rest of what Jimin has said and chooses to ask about something that sparked his interest. “How come it´s natural to you? The sleep cycle of mages and witches matches the one of humans.”, he ponders.
Jimin groans in annoyance, sitting down on his bed. He combs a hand through his hair before looking up at Jungkook with sleepy eyes. Hopefully, his look still showed enough anger, Jimin thinks.

He doesn’t want to appear weak. Ever.

“I am not a mage, Jungkook. It´s kinda complicated so please, just leave now. Please.” Come on Jungkook, he even said please.

Sadly, the only response Jimin got was not the one he so desperately wanted, of course.
The demon looks at him in curiosity now, a small genuine-looking smile showing what seems to be actual interest. The blonde doesn’t think about that for too long, though.

“Well, are you human?”, Jungkook asks, leaning back against the drawer, crossing his arms loosely with the old book still in his left hand.

“Oh my god, Jungkook, no I am not. I said it´s complicated, ok?”, Jimin doesn’t care anymore about looking mad or intimidating, he just wants go to sleep already.
“Oh, so you must be a hybrid, then? There´s lots of them, these days.”, the demon continues. Again, completely ignoring Jimin´s pleas.

He flails a little out of frustration, “Jungkook”, he whines. He tries hard to keep his composure, to try and not completely embarrass himself.

Jungkook must have noticed the regret after the whine of his name left Jimin´s lips, grinning slyly, enjoying the current situation a little too much maybe.

“Ok, listen”, Jimin spoke up after a short period of awkward silence on his end, “I don’t want to do this but if that’s the only way, then I´ll do it.”, he looks up at the demon with desperate and tired eyes.

The black-haired demon cheekily lifted one full brow, inviting Jimin to voice his proposition, smile not faltering the slightest.

“I promise, no, I swear, I´ll explain everything tomorrow, we can discuss what to do with the fucking book, too. But I´m begging you, please just let me go to sleep now. Leave the book here, too please. Or, “he sighs, “if the only way for you to finally fucking leave is for you to take the damn book, then go ahead, if you'll return it tomorrow. But still, I´d much rather have the book here. That would be very very fucking nice of you, but looking at everything I´ve seen from you so far, being “nice” or “obliging” aren't things I can expect from you. “, out of sheer frustration, Jimin´s eyes started to water a little by the time he is finished.

While he was going off, Jungkook´s expression turned a lot softer, any form of amusement gone.
He can sense how serious and genuine Jimin is, he´s not just pissed or frustrated. There seems to be something deeper going on with him, something Jungkook´s supernatural sense couldn’t quite pick up, yet. He sighs, putting the book on the drawer. He stops to look out the window for a minute, before turning around.

The sight before him makes him snort quietly, barely containing the laugh that wanted to come out.

On the bed, Jimin´s already curled up on his side and sleeping safe sound. Jungkook smiles softly at the peaceful look on Jimin´s face. The demon can´t shake the feeling that the non-mage-non-human doesn’t look this at ease most of the time and he truly wonders why.

He decides to think this over at his own place, tip-toeing silently out of the foreign bedroom.
Suddenly, the demon hesitates in the doorframe for a second, looking back at the silently snoring body on the bed.

He isn’t sure why he does it, but he creeps towards the bed and promptly lifts the sleeping person up, then manages to fit the rather small body on one arm, kind of. Jungkook then pulls back most of the blanket before very gently and carefully bringing the sleeping body down on the bed. He then proceeds to tuck him in as well.

Again, he can´t help but smile when he watches him curl up into an event tighter ball than before, letting out a snored sigh ever so quietly.

Well, fuck that was kind of cute.

Jungkook shakes his head before at last walking out of the other´s apartment completely. Whatever has been going on in the other´s life, it is seems to be very important.
Whatever the blonde´s story would be, Jungkook will there to listen, tomorrow.


The next morning, Jimin wakes up with a groan. He doesn’t remember the last time he has slept this long. Looking at the clock on his bedside table, he realizes how long exactly.

It was fucking 4 in the afternoon.

He stretches his stiff limbs before sitting up. Wait, how did he end up in this position? Meh, he must have woken up for a minute or two. Yeah that must be it.

The blonde doesn’t allow himself to even consider the idea that Jungkook could have done this. He wouldn’t ever touch him, right? Doesn’t seem like it, at least.

He´d like to remember when he fell asleep but he can´t. The only thing he clearly recalls is kind of inviting Jungkook to come again today. OH, fuck no why did he do that.

At that memory, he cringes a little, finally getting up from bed. His form usually doesn’t need any showers, but he is simply so in the mood of one right now. A little later, he steps out, feeling clean and refreshed. Damn, he needed that. Walking into his bedroom again, he goes for a grey hoodie with some black sweatpants.

After that he sits down on his bed again, reaching for his laptop to continue his seemingly endless research.
He types in the same stuff as usual, looking deeper and deeper into the search results. It´s starting to feel like some people make whole ass websites just to spread bullshit. But hey, for all he knows about magick, the seemingly bullshit websites might be the ones who are actually in the right. Maybe he should check a few libraries in the area.

Books probably tend to be a safer source when it comes to stuff like this, he thinks. Well, maybe he should have thought of that a little sooner. Jimin then spontaneously decides to grab some water, so he groggily walks into the kitchen, only to get half a heart attack when he spots Jungkook on the couch.

Said demon now looks back at Jimin, grinning like an idiot. “Did I scare you?”, he teases.

After Jimin calms his heart rate down, he glares at the intruder. “Why are you like this?”.

He swiftly finishes his walk towards the sink and ends up using the same glass as last night. Now holding a full glass in his left hand, he slowly turns around to look at Jungkook who still hasn’t left his spot on the couch, just like the smile hasn’t left his face.

“So, uhm, how long were you planning on sitting there? What if I´d never came out?”, Jimin asks, squinting. “Supernatural intuition. Just really felt like it was the right thing to do, kinda.”

“Kinda? Ah, Ok.”. The blonde just nods, still noticeably weirded out. Awkward silence kicks in, which would definitely be less awkward if Jungkook finally stopped fucking grinning at Jimin as though he had just told him a joke.

The demon is the one to finally end it when he slaps his thighs, “So, why don’t you come here and sit down so we can have a little talk?”. In response, Jimin just chokes on his water, coughing violently.

He looks at Jungkook in bewilderment and sputters, “What the fuck? No way I´ll sit on your lap are you crazy?”. He sets his glass down in the sink again and instead moves to sit on top of the table, still looking mildly disgusted. The demon sputters right back, “What? No, no! I didn’t mean it like that, I swear! I just wanted you to sit on the couch, not on me!”.

Jimin is a little surprised, he didn't expect Jungkook to be that panicked over something so trivial. It was kind of cute, almost.


“Well, thanks but I´d rather sit right here, it´s ok. “, Jimin smiled wryly. A flash of something quickly appears on Jungkook´s handsome face after hearing that, but it´s gone just as swiftly as it came.

“Ok, then. Go ahead, I´m all ears.”, the demon leans back and makes himself comfortable. Jimin on the other hand tenses up. He doesn’t really know where to start now, he´s never told his story anyone before, after all.

Jungkook senses his hesitation and reacts, “Hey, you don’t have to tell me everything. Just tell me what you're ready to say.”, he tries to soothe Jimin from the couch. Damn, he looks way too good when he doesn’t grin like a creep; Jimin doesn’t like that.

“What I´m ready to say? Ha, you make it sound like there´s going to be a definite future where I´m going to tell you everything.”, the blonde scoffs.

Now, Jungkook isn’t that good at hiding the slightly hurt expression on his face. It´s still gone in a second though. “Geez, I´m sorry. It´s not like I meant to sound friendly or anything, right?”, he scoffs right back.

Another silence sets in, this time heavier than before. Surprisingly, Jimin is the one to break it.
“Here´s the thing: I was human, perfectly fine, lived a happy-ish life of some sort. Then, I died.”, he pauses to look at the demon on the couch, only to see him stare right back at him with interest.

“Nam- uhm, the Grim Reaper came to collect my soul. Long story short I didn't have one, and I'm still looking for it.”
“Wait what, how does that even work? And what are you now? A ghost?”, the demon is quick to sit up on the couch, forgetting his comfort in an instant. Jimin sighs, “I don’t know how that´s possible, really. I'm not a ghost, even though I am technically not in my body. It was destroyed during a car accident. The Grim Reaper ended up giving me some of his powers so I can roam the world myself, to hopefully find my soul.”

When looking at the demon, Jimin sees him looking deeply in thought. “So, that´s why you wanted the book. You wanted to see if there was something useful for you.”. That was less of a question and more of a statement.

The blonde replies, “Yes. I was indeed hoping to find something in there, but- “

He abruptly stops talking with a gasp, jumping from the kitchen table with wide eyes. The demon springs up as well, looking alarmed. “What happened? What´s wrong?”, he asks frantically.

Jimin just keeps on staring at him, his lips forming a perfect 0. When he averts his gaze, he turns around slightly and combs both of his small hands through his blonde locks. Jungkook approaches him carefully, frown only deepening with each step. “Little one? What's wrong?”

Suddenly the blonde spins around, his hands over his mouth now, eyes still matching the ones of an owl. Then he murmurs something unintelligible.

“Pardon? I didn't quite catch that.”, the demon is starting to become genuinely worried. The other´s emotions are a complete blur, he can´t sense a single thing except for chaos.

“You need to teach me magick.”

Now Jungkook is the one to gape with his mouth open. “I-I, what? Teach you magick?”
Jimin frees his face from his hands as he takes a step closer to the demon. “Yes! Please it might be the only way to get my soul back!”, he exclaims, dropping his pride and letting all the desperation out. Come to think of it, he doesn’t like how often he's already done that with Jungkook.

“Wait, wait, wait. Let´s just sit the fuck down now, and you tell me why exactly you need me to do that. I'm still kinda confused about the situation as a whole, you know.”, he says, not waiting a second before grabbing the other´s arm and dragging him towards the couch.

After they both sat down next to each other, facing one another, he speaks up again. “Before you say anything else, can you please tell me your name first?”, he smiles sheepishly, bunny-like teeth showing.

“I-my name is Jimin.”, the blonde hesitantly replies. “Ok, Jimin”, the demon smiles warmly, “Now go ahead.”

“So, in order for me to be able to read the book, I need a key to decipher it, but I also need a translation sheet for the key, since it´s in a language I don’t speak, obviously.”, he explains, “Problem is the needed scriptures, key and translation sheet, are in the Magic Realm and I need to learn how to practice magick so I can get there and look for everything there.”

Jungkook looks over Jimin´s face when he finished talking. The blonde is looking at him with a pleading look. “So, will you help me with that? We can like, share the book in the meantime or something, if that’s helpful.”, he says softly.
Then the demon smiles at him, “I mean, my magick is a little rusty. But if you give me some time to get back on my level, I´d love to help you by teaching you. But I suck at teaching so we´ll see-”

He doesn’t get to finish talking when Jimin swings his arms around his neck, giving him a surprise hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much! You have no idea how much this means to me!”.

Before Jungkook has the chance to hug him back, Jimin is up on his feet, leaving the demon with his arms in the air.
Jimin doesn’t know what just got into him. He touched another person.

On his own.

Pressing the weird feeling the hug just gave him back down, he clasps his hands together. He looks down at Jungkook who seems to be just staring at him. “Uhm”, the blonde starts to fidget a little, not used to this much personal attention at once.
The demon then averts his gaze, clearing his throat as he stands up. “Well, looks I got a lot of stuff to recap, I better get going.”, he smiles at Jimin.

“Yeah sure, bye.”, the blonde replies. This is when Jungkook notices that he´s never seen Jimin smile before. He instantly put it on his mental check-list to make Jimin laugh sometime.

The demon gives Jimin one last smile before walking out, leaving the door open. Jimin rushes after him, only to see him running down the staircase.

“Jungkook, what the fuck?!”, he yells down. He hears a laugh from further down the staircase, not able to see the demon anymore.

“Fuck you! You didn't hug me goodbye!”, Jungkook yells back up, laughing heartily.

Jimin couldn’t repress it and he doesn’t know why it even happens, but he feels his cheeks warming up slightly at that. He walks back into his apartment, closes the door and tries to get his face to cool the fuck down.

Damn you, Jungkook.