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Seokjin slid a hand around Taehyung's waist, eyes meeting momentarily before they kissed. "Let's just find one that's sweet, okay?" Taehyung said. "I don't really care. As long as he's well trained and pretty."

"We'll find a good one, don't worry." Seokjin told him. "One that's cute and won't bother us." He added. "And preferably one that can actually have pups." He paused momentarily as he gave Taehyung a small smile. "Young, then." He said after a few seconds knowingly, and Taehyung nodded, shifting in his embrace.

"Let's not talk about this here." He sighed. "This space is for us. We already said. The omega doesn't come in here."

"It's still going to be us, Tae. But we need him." Seokjin mumbled, a slight tone of urgency coming through in his words. "We need him."

"I don't even want pups."

"We need the omega, gorgeous, you know that." Seokjin reached up, tucking some loose strands of Taehyung's hair behind his ear. "It's okay. As long as we find one that's sweet and cute and not too annoying we'll be okay, and nothing will change."

Taehyung nodded, kissing the other Alpha in front of him again, lips moving slowly against each others. They needed the omega, as much as they didn't want it. Everyone within their close circles had been telling them for months to get an omega. It would reduce their chances of ever being discovered officially. It would make officials much more willing to turn a blind eye to whatever their relationship might be.

After weeks of putting it off, they'd agreed to go tomorrow to hopefully find an omega they could more or less take care of, maybe get some pups out of him too. They'd go from being the two that everyone was talking about, wondering if it was really true that the two Alphas were together and how no one had separated and imprisoned them yet, to role model Alpha's who were willing to share an omega for their country's good, doing the state a service considering how few there were.

"At least we won't stand accused of treason anymore." Seokjin mumbled, stroking Taehyung's cheek before pushing him onto his back, kissing him a little more intensely as he straddled him.

"You know my heart is always going to be yours."

"Of course. But it's much better to get some dumb omega in here than to let ourselves be separated, baby, you know that." He buried his face into the crook of Taehyung's neck. "I don't want it. But I can't lose you. We need to make this sacrifice."

"Wish we didn't have to." Taehyung replied as he tugged his fingers through Seokjin's soft hair. "Wish things were different."

"Me too." Seokjin mumbled. "But you know they won't change. You know no one will ever support us, baby. We're alone in this, and we have no other option but to hide and love each other privately."

"I know." Taehyung sighed softly, and there was genuine sadness as he looked up at Seokjin. "I wish it could just be us, Jinnie. Just us. No need to cover up like this." His hand moved from the Alpha's hair down to find his own hand, fingers clasping together tightly as he latched onto him.

It had been so hard for so long, and sometimes looking back he wasn't even sure how they'd made it this far. It had been mostly the fortune of being born into good families - in Taehyung's case at least, and in Seokjin's, that he had strived every day to make it to where he was. At first they'd been childhood friends, then co-workers, then roommates, now lovers. Most people around them knew the reality but stayed quiet - why, he wasn't even sure sometimes.

Still, he only had to look up into Seokjin's warm, loving eyes to know that it was worth it, that every second they'd struggled and everything they'd been through and even the constant threat of separation and imprisonment and losing absolutely everything was worth it as long as they got to be here together. So it was perfectly understandable that neither of them wanted an intruder, someone to come and interrupt their lives and take away their privacy and ruin this space that was theirs and only theirs.

In addition, neither of them cared particularly for omegas. Even when he was young he could already see his friends or Alpha brothers either looking out for or just admiring omegas, but he could never see himself in their place. The attraction to Seokjin had been instant, easy, uncomplicated. There was no one to tell them who they had to be or how they had to act. They made their own path and they made their own relationship - though only in secret.

Taehyung’s sigh was quiet as he tugged Seokjin down, closer, lips pressing together in a half-hearted kiss. The idea of losing this hurt, it hurt so much, and the childish, immature side of him, the side that wasn’t as well educated as Seokjin and didn’t like public speaking and hated this world felt angry, angry that the world couldn’t just accept that they loved each other and they didn’t need some stupid addition to their relationship. They didn’t need an omega. They had each other.

“We’ll make things work, Taebaby.” Seokjin whispered. “Don’t look so down. We knew this was coming.”

Taehyung nodded feebly, but he felt a little choked up. “It’s just… the reality… I don’t want anyone here.”

“He’ll stay out of the way. It’ll still just be us.”

“It won’t.” Taehyung mumbled. “I wish they would just let us be.”

“Me too. You know that. But what can we do? I’ll take the omega over losing you, and I know you would too.” Seokjin told him gently. “We already said. We’ll find a nice one, cute and quiet, and he won’t bother us, okay?”

“I know.” Taehyung sighed, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that nothing was perfect and he was losing his Seokjinnie already, to some weak-minded teenager that would be all unbearably quiet and meek and submissive. “We’ll work things out.” Taehyung spoke to Seokjin, but they both knew the words were directed more towards himself, mild comfort for the way their lives were going to change in just hours.

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They did find one that would do, eventually. They had both wandered around a little aimlessly until one of the beta caretakers had come to help introduce them to a few omegas, and eventually Seokjin’s eyes had settled on a tall but young-looking omega sitting on his own in a corner. Most of the others seemed to be quite sociable, but he was quiet and isolated from the group, so surely he would adapt okay to their environment?

The friendly beta introduced him as Jungkook, 17 and only recently put out for sale. He only looked so miserable because both of his friends had left him in a matter of days, but normally he was a cheery little thing, kind and polite and well-behaved.

Taehyung shrugged boredly and they completed the necessary paperwork quite quickly. He was surprisingly expensive, but nothing that wouldn't be covered for them, and it made sense seeing his age and looks. He was quite cute, Taehyung had to admit, with a babyish face and bunny teeth that only made a brief appearance when he smiled excitedly at them.

A couple of the beta caretakers prepared him as they finished the legal papers, and they could see through the glass that he looked excited, talking quickly to the caregivers who just chuckled and patted his head. It all felt a little too jovial and domestic for Taehyung and Seokjin, who struggled to see why the omega would even be so happy.

"Hi. I'm Seokjin, and this is Taehyung." He extended a hand, not entirely sure if that was the proper procedure to greet an omega (it probably wasn't, seeing as Jungkook stared at his hand for a few seconds before very tentatively shaking it). "I guess you're ours now, so, uh, it's nice to meet you."

"Yeah, we're so excited to finally have you." Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jungkook and ruffling his hair. "He's just shy, don't mind him. I'm Taehyung. Shall we go?"

Jungkook was a little tentative, but he couldn't deny that the embrace felt warm and nice and deep down he felt excited to meet these two Alphas! So he let Taehyung hold his hand and lead him out of the centre and towards a new life which he couldn't quite believe had come so soon, but he was so excited to experience.

Taehyung even opened the door of the car for him, helping him into it, whilst Seokjin watched with a hint of disapproval in his eyes. "Taehyung, I-"

"You idiot, didn't you see the looks they were giving us?" Taehyung groaned as he got into the front. "You trying to get us reported or something? They're not insiders, they wouldn't hesitate!"

"Calm down, Tae, no one's getting reported." Seokjin rolled his eyes, then craned his neck to look back at the omega looking bewildered in the backseat. "Hey. I guess we can talk a little more frankly in here."

"Yeah, we can." Taehyung interrupted without hesitation. "Jin and I are together and if we don't get an omega they're going to separate us." He said.

"Jesus, Tae, at least phrase it differently, I swear-"

"What? At least we're being upfront! Did you understand?" He turned to look at Jungkook, cocking an eyebrow, and the omega just nodded meekly, but didn't say anything. "Can't you speak?"

"I think he's waiting for permission to speak. Are you waiting for permission?" Seokjin inquired, and Jungkook nodded meekly again, eyes not wuit meeting. "Well, you can speak. We're not going to enforce any of those weird rules around here. Anyway, this is too secret. Our relationship, our jobs and even our life are at stake. You know that no one will listen to you if you have us reported, but regardless, it won't be appreciated."

"So… What do I do?"

"You're our omega, that's it. Legally we're sharing you. You'll be expected to give us pups at some point. You will live with us and you'll be provided for. We're not going to hurt you but we also need you to realise that Seokjin and I are more important to each other than you are."

Jungkook was totally wordless, and even with all the permission in the world he wouldn't know what to say.

"Well, now that that's out of the way." Seokjin sighed softly. "Let's get home." It was surprisingly easy to tear his eyes away from the omega's downcast expression and glance across at Taehyung instead, who just gave him a small comforting smile, a promise that things would be okay.




"Welcome." Taehyung said a little carelessly, and he felt a surge of anger at the omega, because this house was his and Seokjin’s space, their only space in this entire world, and now they had this kid that they didn’t even want invading their own private space. He scowled and stalked off into the kitchen to get himself a drink, leaving Seokjin with the shaky omega.

Seokjin sighed at Taehyung. He felt the same way, but at the same time, they needed this omega to be on their side. He was a necessity right now - they desperately needed to get an omega into the house to blow off rumours, and preferably get him pregnant pretty fucking soon, too.

"I'll show you to your room." Seokjin offered, and the cute boy nodded. He was still very young, Seokjin observed, as he walked him up to the spare room they'd just about fitted for him to sleep in and keep his clothes. “You can sleep in here. Uh, you can have some time alone. Bathroom’s there. You’re getting some clothes delivered tomorrow. And toys and stuff too.”

Jungkook sat on the bed alone once Seokjin had left the room, staring at the wall for a few seconds. Maybe this was a nightmare. Maybe they were downstairs preparing some sort of party for him. Maybe this wasn’t actually happening and he was just sleeping badly because he missed Hoseok and Jimin.

He rubbed his eyes, then fell back onto the bed, willing himself not to cry. This is not what he wanted, and his senses were screaming out at the rejection.




They first knotted him that night, one after the other, even though neither of them seemed particularly interested in him, even kissing each other after it was done, giving him a brief once over to check he wasn't hurt, and Seokjin carried him back to his room and left with nothing more than a chaste peck on the cheek.

Jungkook cried himself to sleep because he just wanted to be loved, but they already had each other.

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Jimin had visited him at the center a few times because Jimin had been lucky and he'd gotten a good Alpha, a nice one. He was sweet and smiley and had cute dimples, and it was lovely to see the way he handled Jimin, gently and lovingly with just a hint of sternness, enough to keep him in his place but never make him uncomfortable. Jimin was lucky.

This had made Jungkook almost excited. He missed Hoseok, and he missed Jimin, and he wanted a nice Alpha like Jimin too. He was excited to meet his own dimpled, kind-hearted Alpha. More than that. He could hardly wait.

But this wasn't anything like what Jimin had described. Firstly, Jimin's Alpha had been visiting for months before he claimed him, coming to see him at the center a couple of times a week and he even took him out on dates once or twice, Jimin returning to the dormitories late and giggly because Namjoonie had let him have a sip of champagne. That was uncommon practise, so Jungkook was okay that his own Alphas had foregone that.

But Jimin had looked so excited when he’d finally taken him home, and the next time he’d seen Jungkook he’d gushed about the Alpha’s lovely home and his amazing bedroom and how nice the first night had been when they’d made dinner together and eaten and the Alpha had given him his first collar and he’d felt genuinely happy. Then Jimin was very glad to tell him, in extreme graphic detail, how good Namjoon had fucked him into the sheets.

Jungkook wasn’t as bothered about that part. But where was his dinner? Where was his collar? Where were his rules, his cuddles? Jimin had given him false hope, false hope that everything would be okay for him too.

He felt lonely as he cuddled his bunny to sleep.




It was a few days before Seokjin and Taehyung could even gather the strength to interact with him again. He was quiet and reserved and hadn’t spoken much to either of them. He didn’t meet their eyes and he didn’t speak unless directly addressed, either.

Taehyung returned from a meeting the other side of town with a white stuffed rabbit. “He’s got that old thing he seems to cling to.” He explained to Seokjin. “You give it to him.”

So Seokjin trudged on up to the omega’s bedroom. “Here, you seem really attached to that.” Seokjin smiled slightly. “But it’s a bit old and tattered, so we got you a new one. Exchange?” He held out a pretty, fluffy white stuffed rabbit in brilliant white, clearly new and expensive.

Jungkook frowned, then lowered his gaze because he wasn’t meant to make eye contact with them until they’d given him permission, which they never had. “No.” He said in a quiet voice, clutching his own bunny tighter to his chest. It was falling apart at the seams, but he would never let go of it, no matter what. And this Alpha was definitely not here to rip away his last comfort.

“Oh, well.” Seokjin sighed quietly. “I’ll leave him here with you, it’s a present.” He said to the omega who seemed to have retreated into himself, curling up around his tattered bunny protectively. Seokjin set a hand on his head gently, ruffling his hair. He felt a little sorry for the omega, who seemed eternally miserable.

Jungkook didn’t speak up again, not even a ‘thank you’ as Seokjin left the room, walking back up to his lounge where Taehyung was waiting, focused on a fashion magazine.

Seokjin shrugged as Taehyung looked up at him questioningly. "He’s just not responsive.”

“He’s starting to get annoying. And why isn’t he pregnant yet?” Taehyung huffed as he flicked the magazine closed, inviting Seokjin over and pulling him close down beside him.

“Jesus, Tae, it’s been like three days, how fast do you think this works? We wouldn’t even know. We have to give him a couple of chances at least.”

“How long is that?” Taehyung sighed, fingers crooking under Seokjin’s jaw, tugging him closer to give him a kiss. “I can’t take much more of this.”

“You’re exaggerating. He’s hardly bothered us.” Seokjin muttered. “And he smells quite nice. He’s just a scared kid, give him a chance. It’ll be a few months at least, maybe a year. We can’t even test him for a month or two yet to know if he’s conceiving.”

“Ugh.” Taehyung huffed. “I want it to just be us again, Jinnie.”

“It’s still just us. Anyway, doesn’t seem like he wants to have anything to do with us. He didn’t even want the rabbit.”

“See? I tried.” Taehyung replied. “I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with a brat.”

Seokjin sighed softly, reaching over to ruffle the Alpha’s hair. He understood him, in a way. He also wanted to be sulky and miserable like Taehyung because this wasn’t fair, not at all, it just wasn’t! They didn’t want the omega and they shouldn’t have to have him just because they weren’t allowed to love each other. “He’s not a brat, Tae, he’s just young and scared and we’re probably not what he expected.”

“What did he even expect? Is he that naive that he really thinks everything is rainbows and butterflies? At least we’re not beating him and he actually gets to eat.”

“Not setting the bar very high there, gorgeous.” Seokjin said, but chuckled regardless, and dropped the conversation, because if Jungkook wasn’t opening up to them, they weren’t going to bother talking about him when they had so much more between them.

Jungkook stared at the white rabbit for a while, still clutching the old one in his hands. It was special, more special than anything else could be. He and Jimin and Hoseok had made it together at the centre. Hoseok had made a sketch for the shape and size, giving it a bit of a strange twist that made Jungkook giggle, Jungkook had chosen the fabrics to stitch it with (Hoseok had managed to find some filling, somehow!) and Jimin had sewn it together carefully. It was a symbol of the other omegas' love and he didn’t want to forget it or leave it, ever.

They’d made it years back, way before Hoseok had even begun to think about leaving, way before Jimin got courted by that handsome Alpha. Jungkook was only fourteen, still adapting to life at the center, and Jimin was sixteen, wisened and almost ready for an Alpha. Hoseok was nineteen then, quick to hug and comfort both of them when they felt down because he was more than used to it. He missed his friends.

He eventually picked up the new one. It smelled faintly of his Alphas, and somehow that was comforting, just the tiny whiff he got from the few moments they’d handled it. He wanted them to scent him, so badly. Maybe he just didn’t deserve it.

That night he cuddled both of the bunnies, tightly, his past and his present held tight against his chest. But he wasn’t worried about either of those things anymore. His past had been nice, and he had good memories, of his family and of Jimin and Hoseok and all the other omegas. His present wasn’t nice, but he’d adapted, and he knew he could be much worse off. But his stomach felt awfully flat, and he was scared about his future.

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“Jimin!” Jungkook exclaimed, hardly resisting the urge to burst into tears the moment he saw his friend, and Jimin rushed to him, pulling him into a tight hug.

He couldn't believe it, couldn't believe this was his friend here in his arms. For a few seconds, Jimin felt like the only thing that was real. Like nothing existed apart from Jimin's beating, living body in his arms, and Taehyung and Seokjin definitely didn't exist, not their scent or their house or their existence. He felt happy to be back with the omega, felt relieved that they were back in each other's arms. The center hadn't always been the nicest, but they were together there, him and Jimin and Hoseok, and Seokjin and Taehyung didn't even exist.

"How are you?" Jimin mumbled into the hug, lips pressed against Jungkook's neck as he clung to his fellow omega. "I missed you so much, Jungkookie, I thought about you every day." He pulled away just to look up at Jungkook's teary eyes, heart almost melting when he truly realised how distraught Jungkook was. "Namjoo- Alpha." He called out softly. "Can I take Jungkookie to my room?"

"Of course, baby." Namjoon replied with a kind smile and Jungkook was seconds away from bursting into tears because he really did look nice, and- "Is that okay with you?" Namjoon's voice rung out, and it was clear he was talking to Taehyung and Seokjin, and it hurt that they were still here and that they were here at all.

Neither of them spoke, and he didn't turn to watch them nod or shrug, just buried his face into Jimin's shoulder.

"It's cute they're so excited to see each other." Namjoon's voice carried through the hallways of the warm house even as Jimin led him upstairs. "My Jiminie absolutely wouldn't stop talking about him all week, he was so…" The voice disappeared as Jimin led him into a lovely white-walled room, touches of pastel pink and green and yellow dotted across the room, gorgeous baby blue bedsheets on the plush double bed.

"Jungkookie." Jimin whispered as he watched Jungkook look around the room and then burst into tears. "What's wrong? Are they hurting you? Are they bad?"

"They're together! They're together!" Was all Jungkook could cry out for a few moments as Jimin rushed to hug him tightly again. And it was all coming out now, his genuine surprise, shock that that was what it was, the horror he'd felt that it had to be him, that he was the one unlucky enough. This didn't happen to anyone, to anyone, Alphas didn't love each other, they were meant to love him, love omegas, and he was still in shock. "It's not fair!" Jungkook cried. "They're together! It's not fair."

"Jungkookie…" Jimin mumbled. "They… they love each other?"

Jungkook collapsed onto the bed, feeling almost faint as he covered his face with his hands, sobbing into them unabashedly.

"I… Jiminie. I can't. I just miss you and Hoseokie and I… I wanted it to be like you. Like you and your Alpha. He's so nice." His eyes met Jimin's, and the other omega felt his heart wrench as he saw the desperation in his friend's eyes. "I… I should tell on them." He murmured.

"You can't tell on them, Jungkookie." Jimin told him urgently. "You can't. They're both very powerful and you're… just an omega. They could hurt you." Jimin mumbled. "Don't. It'll be better if you stay. They'll want you at some time."

"Only if I get pregnant." Jungkook mumbled. "Until then, they don't care about me."

"You'll make it, baby, there's nothing to worry about." Jimin cooed softly. "You will. At least… at least you're safe, okay? They're not doing anything, Jungkookie. I know… I know it sounds bad. But they could be hurting you, it could be worse."

He knew deep down how feeble his attempts to defend the Alpha's were, and he also knew he hated them deeply for treating Jungkook in such a way, but the most realistic part of him had to admit that Jungkook could've ended up worse. He was living in a safe environment, for the time being, had his room and space and by the sounds of it they were feeding him and clothing him and he was physically in good condition. He hated putting the bar so low, especially when his own Namjoonie had been such a wonderful Alpha to him, but maybe it was what Jungkook needed to hear right now.

"It'll be okay, baby. I promise you." Jimin mumbled as he placed small hands on Jungkook's cheeks, giving them a gentle squeeze. "It will. You'll see. You'll get through everything."

It clearly wasn't that okay, though, because Seokjin and Taehyung sent a beta to come pick him up instead of coming themselves.

Namjoon, Jimin's kind Alpha, feebly tried to explain that maybe they were just really busy, but Jungkook just nodded meekly and got into the car and hugged Jimin tightly and said he hoped they would see each other soon. Hopefully they would let him. Hopefully they'd let him see Jimin again. He wasn't sure what he'd do if he lost Jimin again.

He fell asleep in the car ride back, because somehow the sedan with the neutral beta scent felt more homely than his own room back home. He'd only noticed how miserable it was after seeing Jimin's own room, seeing all his collection of knick-knacks, souvenirs from around the country, pictures of him and his Alpha. He knew maybe that was too much to ask for, but he needed that, he needed something like that. He wasn't sure if he'd even survive with these Alphas.

But he still had to hope. He still had to hope. There might still be a change. Things might still get better. He had to keep hoping, otherwise… There was no other way he could think. Jimin had told him that it would be okay. Maybe it would be.


His birthday came and went in practical silence. He didn't see either of his Alphas until the afternoon, when they appeared in his door, dragged a huge basket and a couple of wrapped cardboard boxes in together, asked him briefly if he needed anything or wanted anything changed in his room, and then disappeared again. They only just wished him a happy birthday and Seokjin tentatively ran a hand over his hair. Jungkook tried to lean into the touch, touch-starved, half crazy with desperation to be loved and held and touched, but then Seokjin's hand pulled away and everything was dark again.

He was of age now, as little as that meant in this world. His Alphas didn't care, after all, he'd been mature for a while now, and this coming of age meant little to them. As much as Jungkook himself meant to them.

The omega cried quietly as he looked through the things they'd given him, clothes and toys and little stuffed animals that they easily could've given him themselves. It would've been so easy, just to sit with him whilst he opened the presents, so easy that he almost felt tempted to run and get them and ask them to look at his things with him. All he wanted was for them to sit there with him for a few minutes. It wasn't too much to ask. It wasn't it wasn't it wasn't, he repeated to himself, like a mantra burned into his mind.

But they wouldn't take kindly to him going up to their personal rooms, as they'd already made clear, and neither of them were interested enough or knew enough about omegas to understand how important this was to him.

He folded everything neatly and put it in the cupboard, left folded boxes outside his door. He tiptoed up to their bedroom, stood out the door for a few seconds. Their scents were thicker here, and part of him just wanted to rub his scent glands all over the door in the hopes of picking up something, the semblance of having been scented by his Alphas. They were driving him almost crazy, to the point where he returned to his bedroom with a shameful wet patch on his shorts and a desire that only they could really soothe.

He didn't go into the bedroom, hardly even breathed when he was outside him. He knew he was leaving a scent of distress everywhere but knowing them, they wouldn't even recognise it. He wanted, needed, so badly, so badly he just cried on the floor of his bedroom when he got back, wishing their scent had stuck to him properly.

Maybe there was still hope. Or maybe there wasn't.

Chapter Text

It was that time of the week again, and Jungkook wasn’t excited. It wasn’t that they didn’t treat him well - he grudgingly had to admit that they did. They were kind and they checked in on him, and they weren’t too rough, not doing things he didn’t want. But it hurt because they were only ever focused on each other. Even when Jungkook was mewling in ecstasy on Seokjin’s knot, the Alpha was still concerned for his partner, giving him the little kisses and attention that Jungkook wanted for himself.

Jimin had said that being knotted was one of the best things ever, because Namjoon just held him against his bare chest and they would cuddle or kiss lazily or speak about stupid little things. But to Jungkook, it was like torture, because it trapped him in a room he didn’t even want to be in - and that his Alphas clearly didn’t want him in, either.

“You can come in!” Taehyung called out in response to the knock on the door. Jungkook opened it tentatively, surprised to step in and see that Seokjin wasn’t there, only Taehyung. The younger Alpha always seemed colder towards him, always seemed to resent his presence more than the elder of the two, who was a little more accepting of him. He wasn’t sure what hurt more, the outright coldness, or the semblance of normality Seokjin seemed to feign around him.


“He’s still out at an event, but we thought we could do it separately this time. You always seem so miserable and that’s probably not helping, huh?” Taehyung cracked a small smile, and even if the Alpha didn’t appear particularly enthusiastic, Jungkook lapped up that small gesture of affection. “Come over.”

They didn’t kiss him. That seemed to be their number one rule, even if it wasn’t actually in any rules Jungkook had seen for omegas. It definitely wasn’t in Jimin’s. No, kisses were reserved for each other. If he was lucky, Jungkook got a peck on the cheek or forehead after a session or on the rare nights when they came to say goodnight to him (Seokjin usually came to tuck him in and gave him a peck on the cheek, he seemed to have warmed up a little more to the vulnerable omega).

Taehyung didn’t kiss his lips, but it felt a little more intimate than usual as he undressed both of them and asked Jungkook to present himself. He toyed with him a little, actually teasing him as he stretched him open. His fingers felt good, enough to push Jungkook to a first orgasm within a couple of minutes.

“S-sorry, Alpha.” He whimpered once he came to, realising what he’d done.

“It’s fine.” Taehyung replied in what Jungkook willed himself to believe wasn’t a bored sounding tone. "You can cum again, right?"

Jungkook was a little stunned. Did the Alpha really understand him and omegas so badly that he didn't even know about their absence of refractory period? Their bodies were made to take multiple orgasms, not being satisfied with just one. "Yes." He mumbled, nothing else, because he felt shocked. They really didn't want him, didn't want to know anything about him, wanted nothing to do with him or omegas.

He wasn’t even sure how he still had the ability to be shocked. He should be used to this by now, surely. Part of him understood, understood perfectly. He wasn’t wanted here. But another part of him just couldn’t… didn’t want to. Didn’t want to accept that the two Alphas would choose each other over him.

He lay stunned beneath Taehyung, letting him use him the way he wanted, bend his body this way and another. He wanted to sit up and engage, wanted to be kissed and held, but it was pointless, deep down he already knew it was. His hopes dwindled with every second that passed.

"You take a knot so much better than Jin." Taehyung groaned as he hooked his chin into Jungkook's shoulder, chest pressed against his back.

He almost choked on his own saliva, coughing so hard his chest seized up and the Alpha even reached up to help him open up his shoulders. "You…?"

"We switch around." Taehyung replied. "It's a bit of a fight, usually. We usually don't knot because it's so much hassle. Takes a lot of prep and stuff. And it hurts! But you take it so well."

Jungkook wanted to bask in the praise, but it hurt a little when he was being compared to who Taehyung really cared about. He wanted to latch onto it, but he knew that pretending that things were okay would only hurt more in the long term.

"You feel good, Jungkook." Taehyung moaned softly when he shifted. "Let's flip, my arms are going to give out if I hold this position any longer.” He chuckled softly, but Jungkook didn’t want to laugh, part of him wanted to cry, but he forced himself to show the Alpha a meek smile as he rolled onto his back, Jungkook resting comfortably on his broad chest.

He allowed himself to relax a little, feeling a little more soothed and a little less angry now that they were here, and he could smell Taehyung’s scent closer than he ever had before.


"Have you been playing with yourself?" Taehyung questioned.

"Only once or twice…" Jungkook mumbled. "You gave me the toys so I thought I could…"

"It's okay, we don't care." Taehyung said quickly, and Jungkook supposed it had been said to soothe him but it only made him more nervous and antsy. "I heard it's good to have, like, stimulation and stuff. You can play with yourself as much as you like."

Jungkook nibbled on his lip nervously. "'m not really used to it." He said very quietly. "But it's… okay." He corrected himself quickly.

"You're not used to playing like that? I thought you guys did at the center."

"Not on my own." Jungkook whispered, squeezing his eyes shut, partly wishing Taehyung wouldn't hear him, wondering whether it was worth ripping himself off his knot just to get out of the awkwardness of the situation.

Taehyung spoke tentatively. "I'm sure we could… arrange something." He said after a while of silence. "If you maybe wanted us… to help you." He said. "Maybe we should talk again when you're not on my knot anymore." Taehyung sighed, shifting his hips slightly, relieved to find his knot had gone down, and within a few minutes it was easy to pull out and leave the omega panting and whining on the bed.

"Do you want me to get your bunny? You can sleep in here tonight." Taehyung couldn't help but feel a little moved as he looked down at the curled up omega. He felt a rush of guilt, something he hadn’t felt before about Jungkook. He’d felt anger, and frustration and envy and rage, but now, seeing him vulnerable

"S'okay, Alpha." Jungkook slurred, pushing himself up slowly, looking a little dizzy. "I'll go back."

“Lay back down. Sleep here.” Taehyung repeated, tone strict enough to make Jungkook’s elbows buckle underneath him. “I’ll get you your, uh, toys.”

Jungkook didn’t even look at him, just curled back up on his side, feeling dazed and woozy from Taehyung’s heavy scent (mixing with Seokjin’s lingering one) and from the sensation of actually having been given some attention during the intimate moment. It was overwhelming.

It was a little less overwhelming when Taehyung came back and handed him the two bunnies and Jungkook drew them protectively into his arms, giving them a tentative sniff. Part of him wanted to give in and ask Taehyung to scent them for him, at least the new one, but he was terrified of what the Alpha’s reaction could be to such a request, so he just held them to his chest.

“Hey, you can sleep. Are you comfortable?”

Jungkook let out a miniscule sound of approval, and Taehyung sighed as he lay back down beside him. He hesitated before patting him gently on the shoulder, but drew back his hand once the omega tensed up beneath him. There really was no way, he huffed to himself, and he was trying and all!

It didn’t take long for Jungkook to drift off, albeit uneasily, though feeling happier than usual that the Alpha had actually let him stay in their room. Taehyung, though, stayed awake, waiting anxiously for the return of his boyfriend.

It wasn’t until Seokjin pushed the door open quietly that he finally felt happy and relaxed and at ease once more. The presence of the omega, of the foreign yet alluring scent, was unsettling, and he felt almost naked without the other Alpha at his side. He needed him, the same way he imagined an omega needed their Alpha, and he didn’t doubt Seokjin felt the same way, too.

"I felt sorry for him." Taehyung mumbled, inviting Seokjin down for a kiss. "He's attention starved." He giggled softly as Seokjin leant over him, kissing him deeply.

"Did he take it well?"

"Yeah, he feels so good." Taehyung smiled. "Better than you." He giggled as Seokjin slapped him lightly on the shoulder. "Lie down, baby, how was it?"

"Good." Seokjin mumbled. "I'm tired." He groaned as he lay down carefully beside Taehyung, giving him a playful kiss on the cheek. The omega stirred beside them but Seokjin didn't pay him any attention, too engrossed in Taehyung to care what was happening beside them.

Jungkook shifted, whimpering quietly as he cuddled his bunnies tightly to his chest.


"He's cute. You've got to admit that much." Taehyung said as he stared down at the sleeping omega. He hadn't stirred, sleeping with the toys grasped in his arms and nose buried into a pillow, taking in deep breaths of the Alpha's swirling scents. "I swear, I got him that toy to try and get rid of the old one and now he's just got two instead!"

"It just comfort him or something in some way." Seokjin explained. "Omegas are very tactile, some of them need objects to feel grounded and comfortable and at ease."

"Ah, look who's been doing some reading!" Taehyung teased.

"Well, I figured we should at least make sure he doesn't die on us or something. We know nothing about omegas, Tae, baby, and like, the point is that he gives us pups. We need to make sure he's taken care of in order to get there."

"Hm." Taehyung shrugged slightly. "We should speak to Namjoonie. He seems to know what he's doing."

"Yeah, cause he actually wanted an omega." Seokjin rolled his eyes. "Listen, baby, this isn't ideal, and I know neither of us want him here, but we have no other choice. He's here to stay, unless he proves himself to be infertile, so we've got to get used to him. And I'm pretty sure being miserable 24/7 isn't going to help his chances of conceiving either."

"He said that he wasn't used to playing with himself. On his own." Taehyung mumbled as he watched Seokjin brush his fingers over Jungkook’s forehead, smoothing some hair out of the way.

“Yeah? Did they do it for them or something?”

“I think the omegas all… I don’t know.” Taehyung sighed as he looked down at him, still looking small and vulnerable on the bed. “I just… I resent him, you know? We didn’t want this.”

“I know. I feel that way too.” Seokjin nodded. “But we need to consider this in more than one way. He’s a nice kid, at least he’s quiet and he keeps to himself. But if he’s always so miserable, surely that can’t be good.”

“But what can we do?” Taehyung protested. “We’ve been nice enough.”

“Maybe he feels lonely.” Seokjin shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ll speak to Namjoon, you’re right. Maybe he can help a bit.”

“S’not fair they try to take us away from each other.” Taehyung mumbled as he glanced up at Seokjin through his messy fringe. “It’s not fair that we have to take him in like this, Jinnie. And I know we’re not doing things right with him but I just… I just wanted you.”

“You’re always going to have me, Tae.” He replied as he gestured the other Alpha closer, dropping a tender kiss on his head. “We’ll just have to… figure things out.”

Chapter Text

It felt good. Really good. They were going out for the first time and Jungkook felt happy. He walked between them and their touches and kisses were for him, not for each other.

He'd woken up late that morning - they often let him sleep in and then he'd eat alone, and retreat back to his bedroom to read or just stare at the wall. He hardly interacted with them, didn't know their schedules very well, didn't speak much to them unless they came to say goodnight or if they wanted to 'try'.

But this time Seokjin had been there to wake him, rousing him gently from his sleep. "Good morning, sleepyhead." His smile was soft but his words felt poisoned. This feigned familiarity all of a sudden felt weird, but it was also welcomed by the omega as readily as any other sign of affection they displayed, no matter how small.

He didn't question why Seokjin had come but he knew there must be a reason. He felt even stranger when Taehyung was there to eat with them, and they actually sat him down and shared breakfast.

"We're going to an event today." Seokjin said after a while of small talk between the couple and Jungkook refusing to meet their eyes and trying to make himself small. "You're coming with us, Jungkook."

"Oh." He let out a soft exclamation, almost too quiet for them to hear.

"Uh, we got you this, cause apparently omegas are meant to be collared." Taehyung looked a little sheepish as he slid a slim, square box across the table, and Jungkook's stomach did a little flip. He was getting a collar? For him? From his Alphas? Jimin loved showing off his collar - he had lots, plenty of them, and he was always eager to show Jungkook. They were pretty, too, and Jungkook had always wanted one for himself, because Jimin had explained how they were one of Namjoon’s ways of expressing he loved him and claiming him as his omega and showing him off when they went out together. He said Namjoon told him he felt proud to have such a lovely, pretty omega and he wanted the whole world to know who his little Jiminie belonged to.

He picked up the box tentatively, still not looking them in the eye as he opened it and thanked them both quietly. Neither of them moved to put it on him, so he figured he’d just do it himself later when he was trying to feel like all of this was okay.

Still, it was nice to get a collar, his own one. It wasn’t as pretty as any of Jimin’s, just a simple black leather collar with the initials of his Alphas inscribed on a little tag that hung at the front, but he still felt proud to have it.

“We’re leaving at two, so you’re free until then, but we’re going to have a stylist visiting you at about one to touch you up and bring you a nice outfit to wear.” Seokjin told him, and Jungkook just nodded, feeling miserable again, the excitement of the collar having easily waned in the face of the Alphas simply not caring about him. Jimin said his Alpha had taken him shopping. He was getting a stylist.

Still, he was excited, and still, he kept his hopes up, tucking his collar safely under his arm and almost skipping back upstairs, trying his hardest to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach telling him that this wasn't all so good.

It was definitely nice when they were out. Taehyung's arm gripped his waist a little too tightly - almost fearfully - as they walked amongst throngs of people and cameras into a large hall, and Seokjin stooped to give him a kiss on the cheek and ruffle his hair gently, and to the outside world he knew he just looked like the spoiled, loved omega of two Alphas who had done the state a service by sharing such a valuable resource.

Jungkook couldn’t deny that he felt… at least a little satisfied, sitting there between them, Taehyung on his left, Seokjin on his right. His inner omega felt at peace for the first time in months.

It wasn’t until a few minutes after they’d sat down that Taehyung’s expression began to change. “Jin.” Taehyung’s hand slid behind Jungkook to grab onto Seokjin’s arm tightly. “Jinnie.” He mumbled through gritted teeth, and Seokjin knew that look and that tight hold and he clamped his mouth shut to stop himself from gasping.

Extending a hand to Jungkook, he reached for Taehyung with the other one. “Toilets, now.” Seokjin mumbled discreetly, but it was enough for Jungkook to rise to his feet and walk beside him as Seokjin helped Taehyung out.

There were tears in his eyes by the time they got to the toilets, and Seokjin just closed the door firmly behind them, locked them in a stall and let Taehyung hold onto him tightly as he took deep breaths, almost like he was wheezing.

“Ah- is he - is he okay?” Jungkook’s eyes widened with worry at the sight of Taehyung’s sudden distress, but Seokjin was totally concentrated on him, eyes

“It’s okay. It passes. We’ve learnt.” Seokjin muttered back, and it seemed more like an order to stay quiet and out of the way than a reassurance to Jungkook, who couldn’t help but panic as he watched the two of them, Taehyung looking more and more distressed by the second. “Baby. It’s okay.” He mumbled, drawing him tightly into his arms.

Jungkook felt another rush of worry as Taehyung choked on a sob. He couldn’t see his face, but he could see his hands fisting the back of Seokjin’s jacket, holding onto it so tightly that his knuckles were almost white. He’d never imagined that the colder Alpha could be so vulnerable, so sensitive, so emotional, yet here he was, almost hyperventilating in Seokjin’s arms.

"Taehyungie, it's okay, it's okay." Seokjin mumbled as he pulled him closer, letting the Alpha rest his weight on him. "It's okay, baby, sh, sh." He stroked his hair gently as he tried to coax him back to normality, pressing gentle kisses to his cheeks. "Come here." He turned suddenly to Jungkook, who perked up instantly, scurrying to their side. “Let him hug you.” Seokjin whispered and Jungkook did, stepping closer and letting Taehyung wrap his arms around his chest and bury his face into the crook of his neck.

"No, no!” Taehyung seemed even more hysterical now, and Seokjin looked apprehensive as he Jinnie, I don't want him, I don't, I just need you-" Taehyung was almost in tears again by now, semi-hysterical.

And it hurts more than anything had ever hurt before. Because this was Taehyung's most innate response to him, recoiling at his scent, disgust at his very presence. This wasn't a cold facade being put on, or a calculated insult. This was the most genuine reaction, of distress and disgust at Jungkook's very existence, and all it did was confirm what he'd known all along. They didn't want him, they really didn't want him. Taehyung hated him, not just from his mind but from his very heart. Seokjin too, probably, deep inside, was totally repulsed by him.

He wanted to cry, too, but he didn't, just took a few steps back and coughing to choke down the knot in his throat and watched Seokjin do his best to comfort the hysterical Alpha who was sobbing in his arms.

He wanted to help.


“Hey, Jungkook.” Seokjin peered into the room to see the omega resting on the bed, a white bunny in each arm, cuddled up into a little ball. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

Jungkook gulped, a sudden wave of fear washing over him that this was it, they were getting rid of him, but he just nodded feebly, pushing himself to a seated position.

“Just. About earlier.” Seokjin sighed quietly as he walked closer, perching at the foot of the bed. "Taehyungie has… panic attacks, sometimes." Seokjin explained. "It's from. A while ago. He, uh…" He sighed softly. "It's to do with us."

It always is, Jungkook wanted to retort, but he kept his head down and his mouth shut and didn't meet Seokjin's eyes.

“It’s… it’s complicated, Jungkook. It always has been. The two of us. It’s never been easy.”

And Jungkook wanted to look up and nod and agree and say that he understood and he was just here to help, but just couldn’t bring himself to formulate the words.

“Taehyung… Taehyung has been through a lot. From his family, from people around him. He’s suffered more than I have after - after we first got together.”

“You don’t have to explain.” Jungkook mumbled. “I understand.” And he hoped deep down that Seokjin knew what he meant, that he saw how genuine and sincere he was being, that he could see that Jungkook really did understand. He knew that it wasn’t easy for them. He could sympathise with them, to some extent, or at least his more rational being could. But he also wanted to explain that it wasn’t easy for him either! They were both in terrible situations. They could be helping each other.

Seokjin sighed. “Thank you.” He mumbled. “I’m sure he’ll… he’ll want to talk about it some time. He’s very… he’s still dealing with the trauma. And he has panic attacks sometimes, especially in public, so we just learn to… to get him through it.” Jin sighed. "I'm sorry about him earlier. He wasn't thinking."

No, he hadn’t been thinking earlier when he pushed Jungkook, and that was what hurt the most, because if he was thinking he could more or less bring himself to be agreeable, to put up a facade where he accepted the omega’s presence. He could reason in his head that maybe the pleasure of knotting was worth the trouble of keeping him around, or that his scent wasn't that bad after all, and he could be civil to him.

But he hadn't been thinking and the facade had totally slipped, and it had exposed how Taehyung genuinely felt about him. He was absolutely disgusted.

"I hope… I hope you sleep okay."

And part of him wanted to ask if he could come sleep with him but he knew Seokjin was going back to Taehyung because even if he was trying to be nice, Taehyung was always going to be the priority.