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Help A Buddy Out

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Link had been restless the whole way through the writers’ meeting, but when he ran off without so much as a “see ya later” before they’d finished, everyone just assumed he was sick and had been holding out as long as possible.

As soon as the meeting was over, Rhett went looking for him to check that he was okay. He wasn’t in any of the common areas or their office, but as he approached the bathroom he had the weirdest feeling he could smell Link nearby. He approached the door and knocked a couple of times. “You in there Link?”

“Yeah, I don’t feel well. I think I’ll have to go home,” Link said from the other side of the door.

“Okay well, come on then,” Rhett said, “I’ll drive you.”

Link didn’t speak for a few seconds. “No, that’s ok. I can drive myself,” he said eventually. It was obvious he was trying to sound casual but it just sounded strained.

“Link is something wrong?” Rhett asked, beginning to get worried. Link wasn’t usually one to suffer in silence.

“No, everything’s fine. I just want to stay in here a while,” Link replied unconvincingly.

Rhett put his hand on the door handle. “I’m coming in, okay?” he said, trying not to sound too worried. He tried the handle and found the door locked.

“No Rhett, I’m fine. I don’t need you here,” Link said firmly.

“Please let me in. I just want to make sure you’re okay,” Rhett said, allowing some concern into his voice.

Link didn't respond.

“Link!” Rhett said in a voice he hardly recognised himself. “Unlock this door.” He saw a couple of heads turn his direction at the commanding tone but chose to ignore them. Link didn’t speak, but Rhett heard him unlock the door almost immediately. Rhett opened the door and slipped in before Link had a chance to change his mind.

“Oh my gosh Link,” was all Rhett could say when he entered the small room. It was immediately clear to him what was wrong with Link. “You’re an omega,” he added unnecessarily. It was no wonder he could smell Link from outside the door. “And you’re in heat!”

“What? I’m not-”

“You are,” Rhett interrupted, “I can smell it all over you.” He was practically panting. He took a step forward, trying not to look too predatory. There was no escaping Link’s scent but he had always prided himself on his self-control.

Link took a step back, almost tripping over the toilet. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m probably just sweaty because of how sick I am,” he said dismissively. Suddenly his eyes widened in realisation. “Hold on… you’re an alpha?” he said, pointing an accusing finger at Rhett.

Rhett nodded, taking another step forward, that smell was irresistible. “How can you be in heat?”

“I missed a suppressant when I had stomach flu,” Link replied almost apologetically. “How can you be an alpha? Surely I would have known…”

These days, no one really talked about it much. The recessive were-gene was almost bred out of existence, and with medical advancements, it was never really a problem even for those who still carried it. “It’s not something I usually bring up in normal conversation,” Rhett said defensively.

Link took another step back and jumped when he hit the wall. “Me neither I guess.”

Rhett laughed nervously. “I’m suddenly trying to remember every comment I’ve ever made about omegas in case I said anything offensive,” he said, trying to lighten the mood.

“You haven’t,” Link said, waving a hand dismissively. “Not to me anyway.”

“Good,” Rhett said, stepping forward again until they were almost touching. He leaned down and sniffed Link’s neck, the scent going right to his head. “Oh gosh…”

“Rhett,” Link whispered, “what are you doing?”

Rhett stood up straight and physically shook himself. He hated the “predatory alpha” stereotype - he was better than that. “I should go,” he said suddenly, turning back towards the door.

“Wait…” Link said urgently as Rhett placed his hand on the door handle. “Stay. Help me.”

Rhett took a breath to steady his nerves, instead invading his senses with even more Link . “I can’t man, you know what will happen. I can barely stand to be this far away from you!”

“Yeah, I know,” Link said, inching forward. “I want you to help me .”

Rhett sighed. He deserved a fucking medal for this. “No Link, not like this. I’m going to send everyone home and you can come out when you’re ready. Drive yourself home and wait there until this passes. Okay?”

Link took another step closer and gave Rhett a pleading look. “It doesn’t have to mean anything, just… helping a friend out.”

Rhett looked down at Link’s desperate expression. “Listen Link…”

“No, listen to me,” Link said, locking eyes with Rhett. “I want you to do this for me.”

It was obviously the hormones talking, but by the time Rhett had processed the thought he was already pushing Link face-first against the door. Oh well, everyone already thought they were fucking anyway. What would they do? Send him to HR?

He leaned against Link’s shoulders, held his wrists above his head so he couldn’t move and sniffed a line from his collar-bone, up the side of his neck. “Fuck,” he moaned and switched to the other side. He threaded his fingers through Link’s hair and closed his eyes. “Gosh Link, that smell is unbelievable. I just want to lick it off you!” And he licked a stripe up Link’s neck to his ear, just to demonstrate.

“Yes,” Link gasped, “Just do it!”

Rhett pulled Link’s wrists down behind his back and held them together with one hand as the other crept under the hem of Link’s shirt. He ran his hand up Link’s belly and up to his chest, flicking a nipple roughly as he passed, producing a cry from Link. He released Link’s wrists long enough for him to take off his shirt before shoving him back against the door with Link’s wrists either side of his head. Rhett pressed his chest into Link’s back and tried not to get too lost in the sweet scent.

“What do you want me to do?” Rhett asked, his voice rough.

Link gave a strangled moan and tried to push his hips back against Rhett’s groin.

“Tell me!” Rhett growled, practically kneeing Link in the back.

“Knot me, please! I’d give anything to have your cock in me. I’m so wet. Please, I can’t stand it anymore!”

Rhett grinned and dropped to his knees, releasing Link’s hands in the process. He leaned down so his face was level with Link’s ass and the smell of slick invaded his nostrils. He was barely able to control himself as he dug a thumb in each of the other man’s ass cheeks, spreading them through his jeans. He took another deep breath before he stood up and turned Link around, shoving him back against the wall. He leaned in to Link’s ear and muttered, “Wanna fuck you against the door.”

Before Link could respond, Rhett claimed his lips with his own. He hadn’t intended to kiss him. He wanted to keep things as impersonal as possible, but when he heard the gasps escaping Link’s mouth, he couldn’t resist. He bit down on Link’s bottom lip, stopping before he drew blood -  he tried to remember if he’d always found Link’s lips so irresistible. He pushed his tongue into Link’s mouth and Link sucked it, pulling a contented hum from Rhett.

Rhett pulled away with a loud wet sound and Link whined. Rhett dropped to his knees, frantically opening Link’s fly as he went and pulled down his jeans. Link was rock hard and leaking, and to Rhett, the smell was overwhelming. He held Link’s leg for balance and grabbed his cock with his other hand.

Link was pretty well endowed for an omega - it wasn’t really surprising Rhett hadn’t noticed before - but he was still fairly average, for which Rhett was thankful. He’d only ever been on the receiving end of a blowjob and he didn’t want to embarrass himself. He rubbed the precome off the tip with his thumb before closing his mouth around the head. He sucked out as much of the bitter liquid as he could before inching forward, little by little, and tracing his tongue along the throbbing vein on the underside. His lips were about halfway down the shaft when he pulled back completely, getting a guttural cry from Link.

He risked a look at Link’s face. His head was leaning back against the door and his mouth was hanging open, but he was staring down at Rhett. His face was wet, either from sweat or from sobbing and Rhett wondered how his body could possibly be producing so much liquid. Keeping his eyes locked with Link’s, he slowly took Link’s cock back in his mouth. His lips easily slid along the length. His cheeks hollowed and he bobbed his head, spreading his saliva.

Link laced his fingers through Rhett’s hair and tried to pull his head down further onto his cock. Rhett took a breath and allowed himself to be led. His nose was soon buried in the dark curls at the base of Link’s dick and he tried not to gag as it curved down the back of his throat. He only broke eye contact with Link when his eyes started to water and he had to pull off. Link seemed to forget he was holding Rhett in place and Rhett had to slap his hands away. He pulled away completely with a gasp and shot Link a dirty look.

“Presumptuous little omega,” he heard himself say. Being so close to an omega in heat seemed to be forcing some sort of instinct to kick in. He stood up and glared at Link who was trying not to meet his eyes. “Look at me,” he barked. Link complied immediately, his face showing nothing but desire. Screw it, he clearly liked being dominated. Rhett reached round behind Link and slid a finger between his ass cheeks. “There’s that tight hole, just gasping for me. Ever been knotted Neal?”

Link shook his head. “Never even been with another guy before,” he panted.

Rhett couldn’t help puffing his chest out a bit. “Mmmmm, I can’t wait to fuck your virgin hole. Stretch you out and fill you so full of come it’ll be coming up your throat.”

“Gross,” Link laughed.

“You love it,” Rhett teased. He nodded towards the sink. “Now, present for me like a good little omega.”

Link inched around Rhett like he was afraid to touch him. He spread his legs slightly and leaned forward over the sink, his forehead making contact with the mirror above the washbasin.

Rhett couldn’t resist any longer. He leaned over to Link’s hole and inhaled as much as he could before pressing his tongue to the pucker. The smell was one thing, but the taste was quite another. He dipped his tongue past the entrance briefly before his stood up and removed his jeans and boxer briefs. His cock was huge and it throbbing and it bounced against his stomach as he positioned himself behind Link. He could see Link eyeing it hungrily in the mirror.

“Gonna fill you up and ride you til you can’t walk,” Rhett muttered.

“Just shut up and fucking do it,” Link whined.

Rhett laughed to himself and with his hands on Link’s hips, nudged the head of his cock towards Link’s ass. Link was already wet and loose but it was still a tight fit. Link let out a small yelp but pushed back towards Rhett nonetheless. Rhett eased back and forward slowly, spreading Link’s slick along his shaft and eventually he was totally buried in Link’s ass. Rhett didn’t move at first. He just held Link’s hips in position and moaned as the muscles around the rim clamped down on his cock.

He eased out slowly until only the tip was still inside before easing back in. Link half grunted, half laughed, sounding almost hysterical. It sounded like he wanted to speak but nothing was coming out. Rhett ignored him and gripped his hips tight enough to bruise. He pushed Link forward slightly so he could see himself sliding out of Link’s hole. He held back as long as he could before Link whined and tried to push back.

“Gosh Link, you’re so tight on my cock.” Rhett stared at his dick disappearing inside Link. “Your ass was so ready for me, taking me like a good little bitch.” 

“Yeah...” Link mumbled, “Uhh, so big. So full.”

“That’s right. Gonna breed you real good. Paint your insides with my come.” Rhett couldn’t hold it back. The filth started pouring out of him. He told himself it was mostly instinct but the fact was, he really liked having Link panting and begging under him. He pulled out slowly again and drove back in sharply. “So fucking tight.”

“Faster Rhett, please,” Link moaned. “We can take it slowly another time.”

Rhett chose to ignore that. He started pumping into Link, settling into a relentless rhythm after a few strokes. “Are you hard Link?”

“Nnnyes, so hard,” Link managed.

“Are you gonna come on my cock without touching?” Rhett said, his voice stuttering in time with his thrusting.

“I can’t! I need to touch it,” Link moaned, reaching for his hard member.

“Nuh-uh. Come from my cock or not at all,” Rhett commanded. Link just nodded and kept his head down.

Eventually he felt his knot start to swell. The pressure was unbelievable, but knowing he was going to be tied to Link was almost relief enough. “You ready to take my knot Link?” 

“Ple-ease,” Link panted.

Gradually, it became harder to get the base of his cock past Link’s ring of muscle. He grabbed Link’s shoulder with one hand and managed to get his knot in with one hard push. Both men sighed audibly and Link’s muscles contracted against the base of Rhett’s cock. 

“I’m so close Rhett,” Link groaned.

Rhett grunted and gave an experimental pull, feeling an unfamiliar tug at his groin. He leaned forward and pressed his chest against Link’s back, feeling the other man’s heavy breaths. He wrapped one around Link’s chest and planted the other on the counter top beside him. Instinctively, he sunk his teeth into the back of Link’s neck and started rutting as hard as he could with such little movement.

“So full,” Link marvelled, locking eyes with Rhett in the mirror “I didn’t think it could get any bigger.”

“Yeah? You like my big cock tearing you open don’t you?” Rhett’s voice had become a growl from arousal, exertion and animal instinct. He could think of nothing but filling his bitch with come. He watched Link’s face in the mirror, completely debauched. They seemed to go together so perfectly. “I’m gonna come Link, I’m close!”

“Yeah. Wanna feel it in me!”

Rhett felt his balls tightening and his breath hitched as he finally climaxed. Come poured out of him and Link gasped and dropped his head. Rhett kept rutting against Link, his balls hitting him with the slapping sound of skin on skin.

“Shit Link!” Probably with some kind of instinct, Link started contracting and releasing his muscles around Rhett’s cock.

Link shouted wordlessly as his orgasm followed soon after, coming untouched over his stomach and the cabinet under the sink. His insides clamped down on Rhett’s dick, milking him through his continued orgasm. Rhett shook violently as the come finally stopped spurting out of him.

Completely spent, Rhett collapsed on top of Link, careful not to crush him against the sink. He instinctively wrapped an arm around Link’s chest and stroked it absent-mindedly as they lay there for a few minutes, still locked together. He could feel his own come against his shaft and Link’s muscles were still spasming around him.

As Rhett’s mind started to de-mist, realisation began to set in. He’d just knotted Link ... this wasn’t going to be awkward at all. It wouldn’t be long before he got hard again and all rational thought would be gone. He tried to decide if he should say something now and risk making the next four or five days more awkward or ride it out and risk forming a more intense bond.

Link spoke first, taking the decision out of his hands. “So. That was... helpful. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” he said automatically and almost laughed. “I don’t think either of us had much choice to be honest.”

Hopefully Link would see this as ‘helping a buddy out’ and not get too attached. Rhett kept his arm hooked under Link, a hand resting on his chest, Link gripping it with his own. Rhett told himself things would be fine. Once Link’s hormones went back to normal he’d be able to control himself.

“It won’t be a problem you know,” Link said, practically reading Rhett’s mind. “We were just acting on instinct... it’s evolutionary. Once my heat has passed, we’ll be able to go on like this never happened.”

“If you say so.”

“So you’ve never been with an omega before, huh?” Link asked, smiling at Rhett in the mirror.

“Nope,” he said and paused. There was no point denying it; that was the best sex he’d ever had. He had no doubt the pheromones Link was emitting had a big part to play in it... but no one had ever let him knot them before. It was made for an omega. “It’ll be hard to go back,” he said quietly.


“Yeah man. Everything about that was better. The way we fit together, the way you just submitted to me, your scent... oh God, that scent.” He sniffed the back of Link’s neck to remind himself and the smell went straight to his cock. That didn’t take long... “Mmm, I love being inside you.”

“Oh God, already?” Link said, half laughing.

“Are you ready?”

“I’m in heat Rhett, I’m always ready.”

The swell of Rhett’s knot had gone down enough for him to pull out of Link’s ass. He eased himself out, drawing a whine from Link, and helped the other man straighten up. 

“I already feel empty without you,” Link said and then laughed. “That came out more sentimental than I meant.”

“I think we need to try and get to our office or something,” Rhett suggested, and pressed his ear to the door, checking that no one was around. 

Link grabbed a handful of paper towels and tried to stem the flow of come and slick leaking out of his ass. He pulled his jeans back up around the makeshift plug and nodded. “Or we can drive home separately?” he suggested - the implication being they were going home together.

Rhett pulled his own pants back on and handed Link his shirt. “Let’s at least get out of this room. It’s going to stink of sex. I’ll just send an all-staff email to say the toilet’s blocked or something.”

They checked each other one last time to ensure they were mostly decent before venturing back out into the hall.

Just as Rhett was beginning to think they would make it without being spotted, he rounded the last corner and came face to face with Stevie. She gave a small smile when she spotted them. “You feeling better Link?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah. Much better thanks,” he said, sounding flustered. “I’m just going to rest for a while and then Rhett will drive me home.”

“Yeah,” Rhett agreed, “and he’s probably going to be out sick for the next few days… me too actually.”

Stevie eyed them suspiciously for a moment before a look of realisation crossed her face. “Wait… oh!” she said, looking embarrassed. “I’m sorry. Hey, take all the time you need.”

“Hang on,” Rhett said, “It’s not like that!” But she was already rushing down the corridor to escape. 

“I’ll just tell everyone we’re closing early. You two take your time!” she called over her shoulder. 

“Man… now everyone’s going to know.” Rhett moaned. 

“Forget her,” Link said, stepping up to the door of their office. “I’m losing my mind here. You need to hurry up and fuck me.” 

“Always so bossy,” Rhett grinned as he followed Link into their office. “Let’s see if we can fuck that out of you.”