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Class-1a's Chaotic Chatroom

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12:01 AM      


- Iida Tenya Has Added 20+ People to the Chat! -

Iida Tenya: Good morning class! I want to let you all know that this Group chat was Created for School purposes only. 

Iida Tenya: So here are a couple of rules: No swearing, And absolutely no inappropriate Words or anything that will break the rules!

Iida Tenya: Hopefully you'll all Understand that!

Iida Tenya: Now if you will all excuse me, I will be walking out for a little while so I deeply Apologise if I don't Respond quickly.


- Iida Tenya Has Logged Out!- 



 Midoriya Izukuhey everyone!


Mina Ashido: aYYYY


Mineta Minoru:  *uwu's in hello* 



Midoriya Izuku: o(^-^)o



Kaminari Denki: izuku! sup my dude!



Midoriya Izuku: hey kami!



Jirou Kyouka: oh hey midori



Midoriya Izuku: Hey jirou!



Jirou Kyouka: oh and also



- Jirou Kyouka Has Changed Their Name to: Gothic Earphones -



Gothic Earphones: (- ω -)



Midoriya Izuku: hmm..what should my name be guys?



Gothic Earphones: anything



Mineta Minoru: were not in charge so you can change your name to Something fitting if you'd like!



Midoriya Izuku: aww thanks mineta!



Mineta Minoru: ( ꈍᴗꈍ)



Midoriya Izuku: hmm..ooh I know!



- Midoriya Izuku Has changed Their Name to: Little Might -



Little Might: well, what do you guys think of my name?



Little Might: (´ • ω•`)?



Mineta Minoru:

 Little Might: /)/////(\



Kaminari Denki: aww! Cute name!



Shouji Mezou: how cute.



Little Might: thanks shouji!



Shouji Mezou: •uwu•



Tokoyami Fumikage: hello.



Shouji Mezou: