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Redemption: Making Things Right Again:

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*Summary: Steve receives a surprise, when he gets sole & legal custody of his daughter, What happens when things turn deadly?, Stay Tuned, You don’t want to miss this at all!!!!*


Commander Steve McGarrett was doing his usual workout routine one particular morning. He feels like life is giving him a second chance, & he is taking it by the horns. The Five-O Commander will not be wallowing in a self pity party.


As he got to the house after his swim, He sensed that something was off, but, decided not to worry about it, til there was something to worry about. The Hunky Man saw a car pull up, & knew that something was up. He quickly dried off, & put on a shirt, & quickly let the person or people in.


“Commander Steve McGarrett ?, My name is Constance Coyne, I am from DCPS, May I come in ?, I got a matter to discuss with you”, “Yes, Ma’am, Come on in”, He moved out of the way, so she, & the little girl that came with her, could come in.


Steve got some lemonade for them, & milk & cookies for the little girl. Once, They saw that she was set with her snack, they went on with the reason of their visit. “I am here, Cause Serenity, She lost her mother, Lt. Catherine Rollins on a mission for CIA, She went further into explaining what happened to the beautiful brunette.


“She didn’t want to lie to you, or leave you, She had planned on telling you that she was pregnant, when she was here for your friend’s wedding, but her handlers threatened her to have you taken out, If she didn’t finish her work, Before she retires officially”, Steve’s eyes glistened, as he was listening to the story.


“She was hoping for a second chance, She had a feeling that you had something big planned, before she left, She would’ve said, “yes”, & stayed”, The Social Worker said, as she was getting ready to leave. She handed him a card, & said, “Call me, If you have any questions”, She hugged the little girl “goodbye”, & left.


Steve saw that Serenity was getting a little tired, & he smiled at her, “Do you want to take a nap on the couch ?”, He asked with a smile, & she nodded, “yes” in response. As soon as she was asleep, Steve called the one person, that he knew that he could trust. He called his partner, & lover, Detective Danny “Danno” Williams over to the house.