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Finest in the Office

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The pleasant laughter that filled the modest country home, in the small town they lived in, always put a smile on Remus Lupins face. His son was already 11 years old, but still found the most pleasure in little things like playing with their Huskey and watching ants carry crumbs ten times their size. Teddy Lupin was a wonderful child: smart, honest, kind. All the things Remus had raised him to be. He gave his boy everything he could. Teddy wanted for nothing. Except for his father to find love again. Of course, Remus knew this and always told him that he was very happy with his life as it was.

Dora Lupin had passed away when Teddy was but one year old. She had been in an unfortunate place at an unfortunate time and was caught in the middle of a thief and his escape route. It had been devastating losing her, and he had from then on dedicated his life to making a great life for Teddy, making sure he felt as loved as possible despite the loss of his mother. And loved he was. Teddy was surrounded by family; a cousin who doted on him, a grandmother who adored him, Remus’ closest friends who were family in every way that mattered, and a godfather who was at times the best help Remus could have asked for.
It was Friday, the regular night that Harry Potter arrived to care for Teddy while Remus went out with Peter and Marlene.

“Teddy! Your godfather is here! Come say hello!” Remus called up the stairs. It was seconds later the young boy was charging down the stairs screaming hello and throwing himself at Harry.
Harry’s mother Lily had been one of Remus’ closest friends growing up, his father James was another close friend. Time and life had taken its toll on the group. Though they were all still friends and considered one another family, it hadn’t been the same between James and Remus after highschool. He made other friends and Remus just didn’t fit in with them. Lily on the other hand, had coffee with Remus every Saturday afternoon when she came to pick up Harry.

“Hey there, pup! Missed you!” Harry said fondly and squished the boy in his arms. “What do you want to do tonight?”

“Dad said I can finally dye my hair blue! can we can we can we?” Teddy begged, his eyes light brightly with excitement.

Harry gave Remus an amused look, because yes Teddy has finally worn him down. Remus nodded sheepishly and grabbed his coat.

“There had better be no mess when I get home, if I find any blue anywhere young man, I’ll dye your hair back to brown myself.”

Teddy nodded frantically and pulled Harry towards the bathroom that he had set up perfectly for an evening of bleaching and dyeing his brown locks. Remus shook his head and smirked before heading out the door to meet his childhood friends.

“We are too old for this!” Peter complained as he usually did when Marlene ordered a third round of whiskey shots for the table.

It was the same every weekend. Marlene would have them drink too much, they’d all stumble back to Remus’ where the couple would crash into a guest room and in the morning they’d all have bacon sandwiches while watch morning cartoons with the minor. They may be too old for it, but Remus lived for Friday nights, adult conversation and letting loose a little after a week of suits, ties and keeping his kid alive.

“40 is not old, Peter. I resent the accusation that it is. You’ll pay for that tonight,” Marlene glared at her husband as she shot another drink down her throat.

“Yes, dear,” he smirked over his own drink before he too downed the amber liquid.

“No one is paying for anything in my guest bedroom,” Remus groaned.

“Prude,” Marlene coughed.

Remus glared at her but smiled happily anyways. He was happy. It had taken a long time, but here he was enjoying time with people he loved. Happy.

Loud, barking laughter broke the silence at their table and the three turned their heads towards the sound. Remus prickled in annoyance, eyes narrowing at the figure laughing happily in a group. Sirius Black, a coworker at his office, and a complete jerk. It probably didn’t help that the man was James best friend, and the reason he and James hadn’t spoken properly in 8 years.
He was also a slag. It was well known at the office that he had worked his way through the beds of half the female employees and he was constantly pulling idiotic pranks on some of the employees on the floor down from them. He was worse than Remus’ 12 year old child. He had the maturity level of a 6 year old and the attention span of a 3 year old.

“What a prat,” Remus muttered.

“You don’t even know him, anymore,” Peter said pointedly.

“Oh come on, that guy is a menace!” Remus insisted.

“Is that why you stare at his arse when he walks past your cubicle?” Marlene says in a (not so innocent) innocent manner.

“I’ll give you that he’s fit, but he’s still a prat!” Remus sighed and trailed his finger around the rim of his glass.

Marlene hummed quietly looking intently at Remus’ expression before turning and-
“Oi! Black! Did you know you got a fine arse but your annoying as all hell?” Marlene yelled across the room.

Remus froze and all the colour drained from his face. The liveliest group in the pub fell silent, Sirius turned with a bright smile lighting up his face and winked at her.

“Of course, McKinnon! Second finest ass in the company,” his brows waggled suggestively at her.
“That’s my wife, Black.” Peter called in a half hearted frustration but mostly amusement.
“Not who I was talking about,” Sirius yelled back with a suddenly soft smile and then turned back to his friends to continue his animated storytelling.

“Hmmm. I wonder who he could possibly have meant, love,” Marlene said to her husband but looking right at Remus.

“Yes. A complete mystery,” Peter grinned.
“I think it was Janice this week, or was it Linda? I can’t keep track.” Remus muttered under his breath. But not quietly enough it seemed.

“Oh but it seems you are,” Marlene smirked. “I want poutine! You boys done nursing your drinks, or can we get out of here?”

Remus nodded and downed the last of his whiskey and followed his friends out of the pub and into the night.


Remus was exhausted, the week had dragged and by Friday he wasn’t even sure he had the energy to go to the pub. He had worked on a merger for the first half of the week, pulling over time nightly. Thursday and Friday was full of lawyers meetings with clients and a whole lot of back and forth that made remus’ head spin.

When he finally got home on Friday afternoon, he had managed to settle the case and make his superiors happy, but he was just ready to curl up with Teddy and Harry to watch a film. Of course Marlene and Peter wouldn’t hear it, and soon his phone was ringing constantly till Remus had no choice but to meet with them.

“Go on, you deserve it! Have a nice night, I’ll see you later,” Harry smiled.

Remus nodded with an apologetic smile on his face as he left the house and made for the pub a few blocks away.

The room was oddly quiet when he arrived, and he quickly found Marlene and Peter sitting at their usual table. The usually rowdy group wasn’t in their regular booth it seemed and it dramatically changed the atmosphere.

“I say we have a couple drinks and head over the matinee in the park down the road! I even brought something along,” Marlene grinned cheekily and pointed to the two large thermos’ in her purse.

“The fresh air could do you good Remus, you look wiped,” Peter said after searching Remus’ face.
“The merger is over, that’s all that matters. I’ll catch up on sleep this weekend.” Remus sighed running his hand over the back of his neck.
They chatted about work a little more and then, their drinks finished, they headed towards the movie that was playing against a large building in the park. It wasn’t overly crowded with people, just a few sparse individuals and a couple large groups chatting with eachother while an image of David Bowie clad in tights and 80’s metal hair paced around a room filled with little goblins played on the wall.

“Damn you, Padfoot! My shirt is soaked now!” A familiar voice yelled to their right.

Marlene passed the thermos and they watched as Sirius fell over laughing and James Potter was covered in some kind of purple liquid and gel. Remus smirked, forgetting his annoyance with Sirius Black, and appreciated the amusing scene in front of him.

He found himself watching Sirius again. As if he could ever really get the infuriating man out of his head to begin with. This week alone Sirius had walked by his cublicle 8 times a day, that’s 40 times in a week. Way too many times for Remus’ sanity. Sure the work week had been hectic but forcing himself into a state of indifference and calm after each time Sirius walked by was what really exhausted him.

The long black hair that fell to just above his shoulders in a sexy shaggy way, the piercing grey eyes and the sultry smirks that were always decorating his aristocratic features. Remus was done for, and he knew it too. Of course, he’d never admit that to anyone. Least of all his so called best friends.

He chugged back the sweet drink, and turned back to the movie. Soon he’d be at home in his soft bed, no longer thinking about a certain man. No. Because he never thought about Sirius Black at home, alone. In his bed.