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While buying this nice upgrade was an impulse purchase, he couldn’t help but think about how fucking amazing it was.

Pathfinder has never had any use or want for sex attachments previously. He went along with his life, totally fine to have nothing hidden beneath his gears and parts. But some upgrades later, with a larger body, he’s gotten…. attention.

The adrenaline of the games was something always lingering beneath his parts, and he was often too afraid to touch at his core alone. In case he passed out or something horrible! But now the fans jokingly call him ThiccFinder and asking Mirage gets him a couple laughs and a recommendation to google it.

He finds…. lewd things. Of himself. Of his new body. Coupled with the constant burning in his core for… more, he did what logically was next.

He’s all too eager when he impulsively buys the stim programmes and looking over the possible attachments. When he couldn’t decide on what parts, he decides to get something with possibilities for all attachments, complete with a modesty panel.

He’s too shy to ask anyone other than Mirage to help get it all set up. Mirage seems a bit more jumpy as he does it, his gaze lingering before the modesty panel is attached firmly. Path can’t deny that it makes him… feel weird. All the attention is super nice.

He’s quick to get back to his room and by the time he slides his panel open, his cunt is dripping. He decides to leave the… phallic attachment aside for now, opting to brush his fingers over the soft lips. It’s unbelievably pretty: a pretty blue that matches, leaking similar colored lubricant, and a glowing little node at the apex.

His pointer finger curiously brushes over it, and he jerks so violently the bed shakes. That feels amazing. His core is bright behind his screen, and he moves one hand to rest on his chest, to feel the heat it radiates. His other moves away from the node for now, instead to circle the slick pretty hole leaking onto the bed. His body is shaking, his system blinking warnings of rising temperatures and the stim programme taking more of an active role.

He ignores it all.

A finger circles the wet hole, and he curiously plunges it inside. A mistake, he finds. The stretch is painful, in a sort of twistedly pleasured way, and he whimpers, voice box glitching slightly. As wet as he is, he’s never…. never used this, so obviously, it’s more on the virgin side. As much as he wants to…. feel more of the soft insides, he decides to wait. Right now, the glowing node pulses a bit brighter through the pain, so he rubs it in slow circles.

His legs are trembling as he arches his back, whining soft. “Oh– oh– fuck–” Profanities are rare, but he finds himself unable to find any other word. He needs to just– make noises. Especially when he flicks at the node and jerks again. His cunt gushes more slick onto his sheets, and he spreads his legs wider.

A hand runs over his round thighs, thinking he should add some padding to the inside. His fingers rub over his clit faster, his core heating up more. Plush thighs, so maybe– maybe, he can ride someone– yeah, he wants that. Wants to be filled with a nice fat cock and stretch out his virgin valve. His fingers move faster, drooling more and more lube onto the dirtied sheets.

He wants to have his virginity taken, he thinks.

It’s that thought that sends him over the edge, crying out– voice box glitching– as his cunt gushes fluids over his hand and onto the blankets. He sobs, hips bucking wildly against the air, core bright as he overloads.

He’s only out for a moment, quickly rebooting and whimpering. His hand goes back to rubbing his clit, addicted to the feeling, head falling to the side.

His doorway wide as his legs, with an audience of a few legends watching him with wide eyes and obvious arousal. Pathfinder keens.

“Please– friends, I want– I want to be filled– please– I want to know what it– feels like–”

They’re all quick to scurry inside the room.