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Blue Orchid

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They’ve been dancing around each other for weeks now. It had gotten to the point where it was just a matter of who would break first.

“Please, I’m begging, just fuck already.”

Izuku’s forehead smacked his desk when he heard Ochaco’s plea. He groaned more because of the desperation in her tone rather than the pain.

He couldn’t blame her if he wanted to, even he could tell he’d become unbearable. Nearly every text conversation they’ve had over the last couple of days have all been Izuku crying over dick. More like the lack of it. A specific dick, the one of their mutual friend Tenya.

“Beg a little more and I might actually cave.”

Izuku had been crushing on his friend for a long time now, however he expected to get over it as easily as he’d gotten over all his other crushes. Back in high school their class had no shortage of ridiculously attractive boys and girls, so he found himself obsessing over a different person throughout their academic career.

After graduation their class no longer saw each other so often but kept in contact. His childhood friend’s group of friends mostly stayed local and so they were still going strong. Even with Katsuki and Eijirou going to college in Tokyo, but that was still close enough to Musutafu that they hung out fairly often.

Izuku’s group of friends have spread out across the country, but with their group chats and constant sharing of memes (which Shoto and Tenya still have a hard time understanding but try their best), they didn’t feel the distance so strongly.

Although, at times like these, Izuku wished Ochaco was here to personally guide him instead of being a disembodied voice of reason over the phone.

“Izuku, honey, I know that it must be hard since we’ve been friends for years and you don’t want to ‘ruin it’,” Izuku has heard this before and started to roll his eyes, “but I can promise you he feels the same way. He just doesn’t express it the way you do.”

Groaning into the desk he finally peeled his face off and scrunched it in disgust seeing the outline of his face out of his sweat and breath. As he wiped it with the sleeve of his hoodie and responded to his best friend saying, “Nope, that’s not it.”

Releasing a frustrated groan at the memory and explained, “Before you say anything, yes he has given me looks that I can interpret as interest. But then he’d immediately start lecturing me and asking me when I was about to settle down with a nice ‘man or woman’. Someone who’s interested in another person wouldn’t say stuff like that.”

“That’s because you’re all about hook ups. See it from his perspective, he might think you just want a quick fuck instead of a relationship.”

“How could he think I’d just want to hook up with him? He’s one of my best friends, how could he think I’d jeopardize that for dick?”

“That’s why I’m telling you to change the way you flirt with him. Show him that you want more than just his dick and that you actually like him. Or, you know… confess like a normal person?”

A loud sarcastic laugh escaped Izuku’s mouth before he could stop it. Confess? Now that was worse. You can come back from fucking a friend, like when he hooked up with Hitoshi in their last year of high school and they’re still close friends, but you cant come back from a confession.

How different would things have been if he’d confessed to Ochaco when he had a crush on her back in their first year of high school? They probably wouldn’t be best friends right now. They would’ve either dated and broken up, or he would forever be known as the guy who confessed.

“Thanks Ochaco, sure I’ll just do that. Let me call Tenya right now, ‘oh hey buddy, hows it going? Yeah, not much on my end either. By the way, real quick, just wanted to let you know I’m in love with you and would like to be in serious boyfriends with you. Oh, you don’t see me that way? That’s fine, I’ll just go jump off Tokyo Tower, goodnight!’”

By the time he finished his hypothetical confession Izuku could’ve sworn he heard Ochaco roll her eyes, but he was definitely sure he heard her sigh in disappointment.

“Fine, keep doing it your way. But I’ll remind you again - its not working. Now I gotta sleep, early day tomorrow.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Love you Deku, sleep well.”

“Love you too, night.”

The call ended and Izuku just stared at the dark screen for a couple of seconds before standing up and heading towards his bathroom to clean up before bed.

Unbeknownst to him, someone stood outside his dorm room door, their arms and jaws hung limply.

While most of Izuku’s friends have spread out across the country, Izuku and Tenya went to the same college. This was one of the reasons Izuku had enough time to realize his crush on his friend was no longer just a crush. All the while Tenya had known this fact for himself for a couple of years.

Tenya was about to study for another one of his classes when he realized a textbook was missing. After nearly tearing apart his apartment he remembered that he brought it over to Izuku’s dorm when they studied together the night prior. His apartment wasn’t far from the on-campus housing and so he walked briskly over to his friend’s dorm. He was about to knock when he heard Izuku’s voice sarcastically declaring, “Let me call Tenya right now!” Tenya was never one for eavesdropping, but when he heard his name he froze wondering if Izuku somehow guessed he was on his way. However, by the next sentences it became quite obvious that wasn’t the case but by then Tenya couldn’t move even if he wanted to.

In high school they had become friends quickly. Tenya knew better than anyone how rigid he could be and he was put off by Izuku’s first, but after getting to know him he was easily won over by his charm.

For the first two years of high school they were good friends and everything seemed like it was going to continue being that way. Tenya didn’t plan on catching feelings, romance wasn’t something he cared much about much less while in school, but at some point things changed.

When Izuku came out as bisexual it wasn’t much of a surprise. The boy never shut up so things were bound to slip out when he was lost in one of his rants, his attraction to both genders became clear at some point to the people closest to him. Tenya didn’t think much of his coming out, he was proud of his friend for being brave but he mostly just wondered if worrying so much about things like this would get in the way of his studies.

The coming out made Tenya think about things. He started to wonder about himself and his own orientation. His friends noticed his silence and feared that something happened, since the last time Tenya behaved this way was when he learned his brother was hit by a drunk driver. They took him out to take his mind off things after they learned nothing had happened and he was simply introspective.

That night they were walking back to their dorms with ice cream and Tenya felt content. His friends were all talking and then Shoto said something that could’ve been a joke and Izuku chokes on his ice cream and doubles over in laughter.

Having seen Izuku laugh before he shouldn’t have been so starstruck. On that night somehow Izuku’s laughter brightened the dark street and Tenya felt his chest constrict with an unfamiliar feeling. He felt suffocated and warm, like his heart was trying to claw up his throat, and he felt his skin heat up.

That was when Tenya should’ve known what a crush was, but it still took him a while to figure out how his feelings for Izuku were different than the feelings he had for his other friends. He consulted Momo who opened his eyes, she explained that she felt the same for Kyoka. They bonded over their shared experiences with crushing on a close friend, but then she asked him if he was gay. He didn’t know and she nodded in understanding. At the time she discovered her feelings for Kyoka she wondered if she was a lesbian and sought to figure it out. By that point she had confirmed she was a lesbian but never explained how and so Tenya had to figure out for himself.

It’s safe to say now that he has figured it out, he’s definitely gay. Took a lot of introspection and even more experimentation before he could finally say he was a gay man. In all that time he had to pay witness to how Izuku charmed his way into many beds, each time leaving him feeling a little more hollow inside.

Over the years Tenya had changed a lot and in many ways hadn’t changed at all. Of course now Tenya was no longer a frigid, naïve, innocent boy, but he was still just as obsessed with studying and a stickler for doing things by the book.

Standing there frozen, hearing his long-time crush unknowingly confessing to him, left Tenya’s mind blank. After a whole 3 minutes he regained the feeling in his limbs and simply walked back to his apartment.

Time is a mysterious thing, it seemed that right as Tenya had decided to go to sleep for the night it was already morning. His alarm sounded and reminded him that it was another day and that time continued to move on even if he couldn’t. Tenya slept, but he did not rest, he simply left the bed and hazed through his morning routine.

Somehow his body made it all the way to the gym and there he was on the treadmill, right on schedule as he was almost every morning.

“Morning, Tenya!”

The voice caused him to nearly trip off the treadmill, he had forgotten that on Friday mornings they workout together. Tenya quickly glanced to his side to notice sunshine incarnate and he squinted his eyes at the burn of his dazzling smile. He cleared his throat and prayed to any and all gods that his voice wouldn’t give anything away.

“Good morning, Izuku.”

“Always on schedule, I like a reliable man.”

Tenya had also forgotten that for the last couple of weeks Izuku had been flirting with him. He had been dismissing the advances, chalking them up to Izuku being in one of his moods. Now it made sense, but he wasn’t about to do anything about that while they were getting dirty and sweaty in the gym.


This morning Izuku was determined to make Tenya cave in. Not by dropping hints that his ass was ripe and ready for the taking, but by showing Tenya that he was real boyfriend material.

Not that Izuku has ever had a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or been in a real fully committed relationship.

Even so, Izuku would settle down if it was for Tenya. Not just because he really liked him, but because Tenya deserved that.

“Ah, yes Izuku, consistency is key! It is good to have a set routine, everything flows much easier when there is a clear order to things.” Izuku smiled and bit his lip, Tenya was so oblivious sometimes.

“Yeah, I can be very reliable…” he mentally facepalmed, did he just try to make reliability sound sexy? It was definitely going to be harder to flirt if it wasn’t dirty, Izuku’s mind was just permanently in the gutter. Or he maybe because hadn’t had a quality fuck in ages so he was getting really desperate.

Fortunately for Izuku, Tenya did not catch that, he wasn’t completely mentally present.

The rest of their workout went by in a similar fashion. Tenya was lost in thought, but somehow doing all of his workouts perfectly, Izuku tried to flirt and it would appear to go over Tenya’s head.

In reality, Tenya caught them all, but now that he knew how Izuku really felt he didn’t know how to act. This should’ve been ideal, his crush liked him back! For some reason, Tenya felt lost.

The rest of the day they didn’t see each other. This was normal because they haven’t had any classes together since they got done with their general courses, now they were well into their respective majors and would only see each other when they were not in class.

It was almost nighttime and Izuku stared at Tenya’s contact information on his phone while he laid in bed. He wanted to figure out what was up with Tenya but he didn’t know how to bring it up. Maybe he just got fed up dealing with Izuku’s thirst? He couldn’t blame him, but then Tenya shouldn’t blame him either when he just lived his life looking like that.

The times they set apart to workout together are the times he breathes for. Seeing Tenya in his fitting tops, tight track shorts, god those legs.

While the legs are the real showstoppers one cannot ignore the broad shoulders, huge arms, a back that appeared to be carved by the gods, and his sculpted torso. His body alone would make any dick-thirsty person drool. Then there’s his shiny, perfect hair, his squared jaw, and those sharp dark eyes.

Before Izuku could even process what was happening he had his dick in his grasp and he groaned Tenya’s name. His phone almost slipped from his hand so he quickly threw it on top of his desk.

What Izuku didn’t realize was that in his haste he pressed on Tenya’s phone number and the other man had answered the phone.

When Izuku’s name popped up on Tenya’s phone he was startled but quickly breathed in to regain his composure. If he didn’t answer he’d appear suspicious, like he was avoiding him and he didn’t need Izuku questioning him now when he was trying to figure out the best way to confess.

“Good evening, Izuku.”


“Hello, Izuku?”


Tenya brows furrowed in confusion, Izuku called him, right? He checked his phone and the call was ongoing. He heard a sharp intake of breath and then wondered if Izuku got hurt.

“Are you hurt? Do you need help?”

“…Mm, Tenya…”

“Yes, Izuku, I’m right here. Where are you? Are you okay?”

“… Ah!”

He jumped up from his seat and knocked it over in his haste, Izuku sounded like he was in pain! He was about to run to his dorm but he wasn’t sure if Izuku was even there. Was he mugged? Drugged? Beat up? Did he fall down the stairs on his way back from the library? Izuku was prone to accidents so that seemed the most likely.

“Izuku, tell me where to go and I’ll be right there!”

“Mhrg… Ah, yes Tenya… fuck me please!”

For what seemed like the millionth time in the last 24 hours Tenya’s mind blanked. His mind jumped through hoops trying to figure out what was happening on Izuku’s side. He hears the panting, the soft moans, sharp intakes of breath, and then the calling out for him. After what seemed like an eternity Tenya’s mind finally came to the correct conclusion.

Izuku was masturbating, while thinking of him.

Then why did he call? Was this another flirting attempt? If so this was especially bold. Then once again his mental gymnastics brought him to the correct answer. It was a mistake.

He felt dirty for listening in on Izuku’s private time, but now that he heard these pretty sounds he couldn’t stop. Izuku’s voice was perfect, even the cracks in his voice sounded godly. His dick was responding very easily to those sounds and there was nothing he could do about it.

“God please, I’m so open for you just take me please…”

It sounded like Izuku was holding back a whine or a sob, while the idea of Izuku being sad or in pain would fill Tenya with sorrow in this context all it did was fuel his lust. He could almost imagine Izuku’s normally bright eyes look dark and full of lust, filling with tears from the overwhelming pleasure. His breath short and quick, his moans filling his ears, his mouth open and drooling like a dirty slut.

Something dark and twisted burst from Tenya’s chest. Somewhere deep inside him this part of him lay in wait, and now hearing Izuku’s filthy sounds it was finally out.

Tenya jogged over to Izuku’s dorm, all the while keeping the phone by his ear listening intently for Izuku’s voice.

Right in front of his door he breathed in deeply, hung up the phone, and knocked hard.

Izuku was just getting to the good part of his imaginary sexy time with Tenya when the sudden knock made him nearly rip his dick off. Startled he yelped and then cursed whoever was interrupting his happy time.

Angrily putting his pants back on he huffed all the way to the door and took a deep breath to calm his annoyance.

“Yes, hello - Tenya?!”


Stepping in calmly he pushed past the shorter man and stood there with his hands fisted at his sides. Confused, Izuku closed and locked the door and then turned to find Tenya’s body tense. His tone was deep and clipped when he spoke his name and he feared something happened.

“Tenya, whats wrong?”

Without saying anything he grabbed Izuku’s wrist and pulled him into the bedroom. The door was slammed shut and Tenya pushed Izuku against the door. Stunned and a little scared Izuku just stood there and suddenly a phone screen was shoved into his face. Izuku squinted at the screen and saw a phone call history. Seeing his name at the top of the list he didn’t think much of it. Next he noted it was a call received, the length of the call, and the time the call was made. For a couple of seconds Izuku tried to make sense of this, when he took note of Tenya’s aggression his eyes widened in realization and a horrified gasp escaped his mouth.

“Oh god, Tenya I’m so sorry, I didn’t - ”


Tenya’s tone of voice shut him up. The phone was away from his face and now all he could do is stare at Tenya in front of him. He didn’t appear angry, he seemed eerily calm. However, Izuku couldn’t ignore the way he hovered over him and his dark eyes felt like they were staring right through him. He’d rarely ever felt so vulnerable, and the last person he’d thought he’d feel so intimidated by was his sweet friend Tenya.

“Little Izuku,” something about the way Tenya enunciated those words sent shivers down his spine, “you’ve been flirting for weeks, you call to me to fuck you as you touch yourself, but here I am in front of you and you just stand there?”

Izuku’s mind shut down and he felt his jaw drop, he wanted to say something or move but he couldn’t. All he could do was stare into Tenya’s sharp eyes and listen to his perfect voice.

“Hm,” Tenya removes his glasses and Izuku forgot how to breathe, how could a man be so gorgeous, “if you’ll allow me then, I’ll make the first move.”

Pressing himself against Izuku he cups the freckled face in his hands, closing his mouth, and kisses him. Something just clicks when their lips met and they melt into each other. Izuku’s arms snake around the taller man’s neck as they deepen their kiss.

As their tongues meet Tenya’s hands felt the body against him. His big hands smoothed down his sides down to his hips and around to grope his ass. Izuku moans into the kiss and grinds against the muscular thigh between his legs. The hands left his ass and snuck under his shirt and relished the feeling of hard muscle. His fingers found his nipples and the freckled man gasped and moaned at the assault. At this point he was grinding against the thigh like a bitch in heat and Tenya took note of the neediness.

“I’ll give you what you want,” he whispered against Izuku’s lips and smirked, “all you have to do is ask.”

Whimpering at losing the warmth of Tenya’s body his back slumps back against the door and his knees go weak with want. To offer Izuku some encouragement he slips off his shirt and Izuku’s mouth waters at the sight, his pupils blown, his breath short. He falls to his knees and looks up longingly at this crush, now appearing more imposing than ever.

“Please Tenya,” his voice cracks so he clears his throat, “fuck me, please…”

Looking down at him he smiles and then sits at the edge of the bed, he gestures at Izuku to come over with his finger.

“Show me how badly you want it.”

Izuku crawls over and settles in between Tenya’s thick legs. His hands feel up the clothed thigh muscles and travel up his body. The warmth of his skin and the hard muscles felt glorious on his palms, he couldn’t resist and started pressing hot, wet kisses all over his torso. His lips and tongue met with almost every defined muscle and Tenya relished in the worship.

Making his way lower Izuku tastes his navel as his hands work Tenya’s pants off. He hums in approval and pushes his butt off the bed long enough for Izuku to pull his pants all the way down. Tenya kicks them off and watches with bated breath as Izuku stares at the straining bulge in his underwear.

Before Tenya could say anything Izuku furiously pulled his underwear off and frees his dick. Tenya groaned being released from the fabric while Izuku salivated at the sight of the dick that until now was just a dream.

“Holy shit,” Izuku marveled and then looked up at Tenya with big, sparkling eyes, “is this all for me?”

Tenya damn near forgot that they were about to have sex, considering the way Izuku looked up at him with those eyes he would’ve thought he was a little kid getting to eat a whole banana split sundae by himself. Smirking, one of his hands cupped Izuku’s cute face and said, “it’s all for you, my little Izuku.”

The hand that was gently cupping his face pulled him towards the erect member and rubbed it against his lips and cheek. The hand then moved to dig into the messy curls and massage the scalp, Izuku moaned and grabbed the dick with one hand and rubbed his tongue flat against the erection, all the way from his balls to the tip.

Shuddering Tenya continued to witness as Izuku rubbed his pretty face and pink tongue against his dick. His soft lips left desperate kisses along his length, while Tenya enjoyed the show he needed more.

“Mm, my little Izuku,” the hand massaging the shorter man’s scalp turned vicious as it gripped the curls tightly and pulled his head back. His breathing erratic and with his tongue still sticking out Tenya couldn’t have imagined a more perfect view if he tried.

“Stop teasing and take my cock.”

Izuku didn’t need to be told twice and swallowed a couple of inches in one breath. Tenya moaned feeling Izuku’s warm wet mouth immediately sucking the life out of his dick.

He proved himself to be quite adept at blowjobs, one would never think that such a cute and bright boy could behave like such a slut. Of course, having known each other for years Tenya was aware that Izuku was many things but a virginal saint was not one of them. His tongue rubbed him so good, he sucked on his tip with such vigor, one hand worked the rest of his length expertly, the other hand played with his balls.

Tenya knew he wouldn’t last long with Izuku’s mouth taking really good care of him, so he tightened his grip on his curls and pulled. His mouth detached with such a dirty wet pop that Tenya almost slammed his mouth back on him just to hear it again.

“You’re so good Izuku,” Tenya praised and Izuku smiled at him brightly as if he hadn’t just done something incredibly dirty, “now go get the lube.” Izuku hummed happily and hurriedly crawled over to the drawer by his bed and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“Good boy,” Tenya smiled and Izuku’s whole body shuddered in pleasure.

I guess I got a praise kink now, Izuku thought and waited for his next order.

“Strip and then lay down.”

Hurriedly Izuku did as told, ripping off his clothes and laid down on his bed. For some reason his heart thumped nervously, it felt more real now that he was in bed. He was about to have sex with Tenya, one of his best friends and crush, it was really going to happen.

“Finger yourself for me,” Izuku breathed in sharply and whimpered, “open yourself up nice and good for me, my little Izuku, show me how much you want me.”

With slightly shaky hands Izuku poured a generous amount of lube on his right hand and started to rub it against his aching hole. He let the bottle fall out of his hand and grabbed on to his asscheek to spread it open. Tenya hummed approvingly and watched Izuku’s hands intently as he stimulated himself. He found the forgotten bottle of lube and coated his dick, then loosely jacked off to the tantalizing view.

Izuku watched Tenya work his dick and he swallowed realizing he would soon have that entire length inside him. His own dick twitched at the thought and fucked himself with his fingers.

“Good boy, Izuku,” Tenya’s voice was low and dangerous, his large body cast a shadow over him and he felt so exposed and helpless, “you’re so open and wet for me, do you want this dick?”

A weak moan escaped Izuku’s mouth and he vigorously nodded, “yes sir, please give it to me.”

Tenya’s eyes glowed ferociously and he loomed over Izuku’s figure, he kissed him passionately and teased his entrance with the tip of his dick.


“God please, please, fuck my dirty hole,” Izuku’s eyes watered and he felt a lump rise in his throat, he had never wanted anyone this desperately in his life, “please, give it to me, sir.”

Growling he traced the perky nipples with his tongue and his freckled companion choked back a sob, “please! Fuck me, daddy!”

Any semblance of control Tenya thought he had over the situation disappeared in a flash. He pressed his dick against the entrance and slowly started to push in, the sounds Izuku made gave him goosebumps and the tight heat surrounding him made his eyes roll back. He moaned deeply just as Izuku’s back arched and his fingers dug into the bulging biceps.

Trying to catch his breath, Izuku managed to cry out, “yes daddy!” His ass felt so full, after Tenya finally bottomed out he managed to take his first real breath. A few tears escaped his eyes and for a second Tenya worried he was hurting him. Then he noted the intense blush and lustful gaze, his mouth pulled back in a weak but satisfied smile, and Tenya smirked at the vision.

This was what he wanted to see. This is what he came here for, and reality once again proved far superior to his imagination.

It was like Izuku was made to be fucked by him, everything about him was perfect.

His body was faultless in his eyes. So tough and strong, but also lithe and flexible. A tight, perky ass and even his dick was pretty to him. The soft, freckled skin, plump lips, big dazzling eyes, and the soft head of curls.

Then there was Izuku on his own. So clever but stubborn, selfless to a fault, but also not afraid to fight for what he wants when he really wants it. Loyal, charming, and radiant.

Izuku started to grind against Tenya, pouting and whimpering, making it clear that he wanted Tenya to pick up the pace.

“Greedy little Izuku,” Tenya lightly chastised as he worked his dick in and out of him in a maddeningly slow pace, “is this not enough for my Izuku? You need more?” Izuku nodded and stared at Tenya with those big pleading eyes, how was he expected to resist?

“Tell me what you want.”

“I - I want more…”


“Please, sir, give me more… Fuck into me harder, ju - just use me daddy please!” Izuku yelled the last part since Tenya had nearly taken his entire length out, only his tip was barely inside.

“Use you?,” Tenya’s ghost of a smile was nearly imperceptible, but Izuku caught the look of approval and interest in his eyes, “Hm, I see, remember you asked for it little Izuku.”

His soul almost left his body, his mouth hung open in a silent scream and his eyes rolled back as Tenya thrusted his entire length inside him in one strong, fluid stroke. Without giving him a chance to catch his breath he gripped Izuku’s hips and hammered his dick into his asshole.

Izuku’s body was completely under Tenya’s control and he didn't want it any other way. Tenya was enraptured, by the sensations the man around him helped him experience. Izuku was a vision, all his darkest fantasies laid bare and encapsulated by one incomparable man.

Tears fell from his eyes and his mouth was constantly releasing beautiful erotic sounds, his pretty dick bounced against his toned stomach and Tenya licked his lips.

“You’re so perfect my little Izuku,” he breathed, he slowed down his assault opting instead to impale the smaller man with strong, backbreaking thrusts. Izuku’s arms wrapped around his lover, his mind pleasantly vacant, he was overwhelmed by everything that was Tenya.

“Lo - love it…” Izuku’s words were slurred, his eyes staring dreamily into Tenya’s dark gaze, “ahmaz-ING!”

“Mm, you’re right,” Tenya growled into Izuku’s neck, his breath sending shivers right down his back and making his dick twitch, “amazing indeed.” Tenya tasted his neck and his ear, making Izuku whine and whimper with pleasure.

“God I want to cum inside you,” Tenya moaned and flipped the freckled man over, pressing his head against the pillow and pulling his ass up, his slow thrusts were now avoiding his prostrate and Izuku sobbed in frustration. Trying in vain to wiggle and push his hips against Tenya.

“Puh - Please! Please, daddy, help me cum! Daddy, I wanna feel good…”

I definitely have a daddy kink now too, Izuku thought through the haze of pleasurable torture.

Tenya growled and his grin turned ferocious, “I’ll make you feel good my pretty little Izuku…”

A big, strong arm trailed up Izuku’s torso and wrapped around his soft throat, pulling his body up so he was once again impaled on the thick rod. He tried to breathe but he could barely manage short gasps with Tenya’s grip. His other arm went under one of Izuku’s thighs and towards his leaking dick.

“Fuck, my little Izuku is so hard,” Tenya moaned against the back of Izuku’s neck causing the small hairs to stand up, “cum for me, my dear...”

The big, hot hand rubbed the throbbing dick and Izuku spasmed. His moans were short and ragged because of Tenya’s hold. Izuku experiences the roughest and most profound orgasm of his life, heightened as Tenya continued to piston his dick up his ass and beat his prostrate.

“Tenya!” He managed to squeeze out his name as his eyes rolled back and warm spurts of cum shot out coating his stomach and Tenya’s hand.

Not far behind Tenya laid back on the bed and held Izuku’s body close to him, hands on his hips holding his ass in the air as he fucks into it.

“God, you’re perfect, I’m going to fill your dainty ass with my cum… take it all.” Tenya growled into Izuku’s shoulder and pushed his dick as deeply as he could and came inside. Izuku moaned softly, not that he could feel the sperm coating his insides, but the knowledge that he was being filled by his crush made him happy.

“Mm, my pretty little Izuku…” Tenya purred against sweaty green curls and the object of his affection cooed, his fingers digging into Tenya’s scalp.

“S’dirty… gotta clean up…” Izuku mumbled against Tenya’s jaw, nodding he holds on to the smaller man tight and carries him over to the bathroom.

Still holding on to Izuku he turns on the shower and waits for it to be a suitable temperature. When he feels the water is warm enough he sets Izuku down on the shower and starts turning to leave, but a hand grabs on to his wrist and he turns to look at Izuku coyly smiling at him.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I was going to offer you some privacy,” Izuku cocks an eyebrow at him, “however, I see now that’s not what you prefer.”

With a satisfied smirk Izuku makes space for Tenya in his shower, and the taller man is momentarily startled when his lips and tongue are claimed by his shower companion.

After a few moments of kissing Tenya gently pulls away and asks, “I thought we were supposed to clean up.” Izuku smirks and pulls Tenya’s hand against his cheek and purrs rubbing it against the wet palm. Tenya’s pupils dilate and he licks his lips, Izuku notices this and bites his bottom lip.

“We’re in the shower already, we’re bound to get clean, but I still wanna have more fun…”

“Naughty Izuku, when will you be satisfied?”

“Mm, I’m satisfied,” Izuku moves his head to take two of Tenya’s fingers in his mouth and sucks on them hard, his eyes never leaving Tenya’s and he revels when he sees the bigger man’s eyes darken more. He takes the fingers out of his mouth to say, “but I just can’t get enough of you, Tenya…”

“Izuku…” the way he breathed his name was heavenly, he wished he could hear it again and again, “Izuku Midoriya, grant me the honor of being your boyfriend, if you accept then I promise you can have all of me whenever you want, in any way you want, for as long as you want me.”

Izuku’s jaw dropped and he looked up at Tenya with big, bright eyes. This time his eyes weren’t clouded in lust but were shining with emotion. His face flushed red and his eyes started to water, he let out a breathless laugh and nodded.

“Yeah, uh, yes, of course. Um, wow, I’d never been asked out so romantically before…”

Chuckling, Tenya pulls Izuku into a heartfelt hug and says, “we’re naked in the shower, I don’t believe this is particularly romantic. Even so, I’m glad it made you happy. I care about you a lot, and I want to make you even more happy.”

Izuku nodded against Tenya’s chest and after they ended the hug they helped each other get clean.

It was a struggle, with Tenya taking up so much space and Izuku being very clumsy, but they managed to survive the whole ordeal. When they were all done with that Izuku asked Tenya to stay the night and he agreed. Izuku didn’t have much that could fit the bigger man except for one big T-shirt of his favorite pro-wrestler All Might, which looked comical on Tenya without any pants on.

They had a hard time falling asleep. Tenya was not used to sleeping with another person and didn’t know what to do with his limbs. Izuku’s body - but mostly his ass - felt wrecked and he wanted nothing more than to fall asleep but in true Izuku style he started to overthink everything. His mind raced with thoughts, questions, and concerns but he didn’t want to disturb Tenya.

The night continued and they were both still struggling with falling asleep, but Izuku was closer to drifting off by now. His body moved seeking comfort and found itself half over Tenya’s body. An arm wrapped around his bicep, another draped over his abdomen, his cheek against his chest, and a leg over his thigh. This wired up Tenya more, wondering how he was supposed to fall asleep now, but then he noticed Izuku sleeping peacefully. His forehead clear of worry-wrinkles, his mouth slightly open, his breathing even - he looked angelic.

Without thinking the arm Izuku had hugged adjusted to drape across his short lover's upper back, and his other hand landed on top of the one Izuku left on his abdomen. Tenya's head turned slightly to the side to breathe in Izuku’s curls, his mind started to drift off and eventually he finally fell asleep.

Before they - reluctantly - parted ways the next morning Tenya promised to take him out on a real date that night and they agreed Izuku was going to be picked up at 7:00pm.

“Ochaco,” Izuku spoke at the phone after putting it on speaker and placing it on his desk, his tone was light and full of humor, “let me start by saying I love you so much, and you are the greatest friend one could ever - ”

“You got laid.”

“- have, will you let me finish?”

“Good morning to you too, yes I had a great night. I laid in bed and watched romcoms, did a face mask - my skin is flourishing by the way. Exfoliated, washed my hair, really treated myself. But enough about me, thanks for asking by the way, how was your night?”

Izuku huffed but his mouth was still stretched out in a smile, nothing could ruin his mood today.

“Okay, I get it, it was my bad for not asking. I’m glad you had a good night, and I’ve seen your insta pictures your skin is definitely glowing and I am jealous. Now that we got the pleasantries out of the way… I got dick.”

“That’s nice honey, but what about Tenya?”

“That is the best part,” Izuku grinned and paused for dramatic effect, “it was Tenya’s dick.”

The sound of spitting, choking, and something maybe breaking could be heard from the phone. Izuku smirked in victory and waited patiently for his friend to gather herself.

“You and Tenya had sex?!”

“Indeed we did! So, I know you hate it when I offer too many details - ”

“No! This is Tenya! I need to know, tell me everything.”

Izuku laughed heartily and told her everything, even the part about him accidentally calling him while masturbating (she’s heard worse at this point in their friendship). He still didn’t go too much into detail knowing that it would make her uncomfortable, but he painted a really good picture. On the other line Ochaco fanned herself and started to pray to any potential gods out there to hook a girl up.

By the time he finished his story Ochaco was smiling. When she heard the way Tenya asked him out she knew how much that must have meant to Izuku. He had been on dates for sure, and hooked up with quite number of people, but he started to believe that maybe all he was built for was just that. Either the other party wasn’t interested in anything long-term or Izuku lost interest, the latter was the most common. However, Ochaco knew that was because he wanted to avoid the rejection.

Before Tenya the only other long-term crush he had was for his childhood friend Katsuki. Izuku never confessed to him or even tried to flirt, mostly because he was terrified of what he would say to him.

Katsuki struggled with his identity more than any of their friends did. He realized his attraction for other males at a very young age, when some older people and other kids acted disgusted because of this he became defensive.

His parents tried to talk to him and show him that they loved him no matter what, but he just shut them out and claimed everyone was lying.

Izuku was his closest friend and so many kids started to make fun of him and his “boyfriend”. Out of fear of being ostracized he started to lash out at Izuku and push him away. Katsuki degraded him verbally and sometimes bullied him physically.

It wasn’t until high school that Katsuki started to change. Their school was considerably more progressive and accepting of many different types of people, Katsuki started to accept himself little by little with the help of his classmates, but especially because of Eijirou.

It took many years and a lot of therapy, but Katsuki and Eijirou are now in an open and loving relationship.

Izuku would often blame himself for Katsuki’s struggles. Ochaco remembers many nights she had to remind Izuku that no matter his personal trauma he had no right to take it out on him. Now, Izuku understands that, but back then he was still young and confused. Though mostly he was just in love with his childhood friend and there was nothing he could do about it.

So listening to Izuku sigh wistfully and happily talk about a man he can now call his boyfriend, his first real boyfriend, Ochaco’s heart melts. Ochaco knew that if anyone could treat Izuku as he deserved and make him happy, it was Tenya.

“Congrats Izuku, you got a boyfriend now.” Izuku bit his lip to hold back what would have been a face-splitting grin, his cheeks reddened and then started to discuss what he should wear for the date.

Apparently, tying himself up in pretty ribbons like a Christmas present was not appropriate.

Surprisingly that suggestion came from Ochaco.

After texting Yuga they decided to set up a group Skype call to help Izuku figure it out. Needless to say Yuga almost threw up in his mouth a couple of times at the sight of Izuku’s wardrobe, he had hoped the man would’ve widened his horizons in college but clearly he was a lost cause.

They managed to put together a decent enough look and Yuga wiped his forehead, he nodded in approval and then said his goodbyes, congratulating him on landing the most coveted sugar baby position.

Before they could correct him he disconnected, Ochaco and Izuku laughed.

“I’d be the best goddamn sugar baby,” Izuku declared confidently, sitting in front of his laptop, “maybe then I wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with my creative writing degree after graduation.”

“You could be a househusband,” Ochaco smirked deviously into the camera, “Tenya’s gonna be inheriting his family’s hospital since Tensei turned it down after his accident. You’ll have a good life.”

Izuku blushed thinking about marrying Tenya, then shook his head. It’s too early to think of that shit, they just started dating!

The rest of the day was spend lounging and relaxing. He let the rest of their friends know and they all congratulated him, most relieved they can finally stop hearing Izuku’s complaints and deal with Tenya’s obliviousness to the depth of Izuku’s feelings (and thirst).

Looking the best he believes he can possibly look, Izuku brushed his teeth and used mouth wash to make sure his kisses were minty fresh. Right on time there was a knock on the door and Izuku opened it to greet his date.

They scanned each other and both very much approved of what they saw. Izuku wanted nothing more than to jump Tenya right there at the entrance of his dorm room but he was determined to be a gentleman for the next couple of hours.

“Good evening Izuku, you look lovely.”

“Mhm, you look edible,” Izuku smirked but then facepalmed, “wait, shit, I’m being classy tonight. You look very handsome, Tenya.”

Smiling affectionately Tenya offered Izuku his arm and the latter took it. Tenya opened the car door for him, opened it again when they reached the restaurant, opened the restaurant door as well, and pulled the chair out for him. Izuku had never been treated so graciously, and while he enjoyed it he was starting to feel very self-conscious.

Dinner was lovely, although Izuku nearly died seeing the cost but he knew Tenya must have put a lot of thought into their date.

Insisting on paying at least for the movie tickets Tenya finally relented and let Izuku insert his card for their movie. Izuku was excited and happy that Tenya thought of this. An actress Izuku loved, Uwabami was starring in a new movie with his childhood hero the pro-wrestler All Might. It is supposed to be a romance, action comedy and he has been dying to watch this movie since he heard the rumors about it on the forums he follows. Tenya knew this of course, and that’s why they were here.

After the movie Izuku talked all the way home. Discussed everything about the movie from the writing, to the acting, camera angles, color schemes, the music, no topic was left un-discussed. Most of all, Izuku talked about Yagi Toshinori, a man that was as much of a hero as a father figure to him. He was the reason Izuku even attempted to apply to the most selective school in the country, he was the one that pushed him and Katsuki to finally talk things through and become friends again, he was there to guide him through his high school years in the way a father should have. While Izuku admired and cared for that man, right now he was just so proud. Seeing him on the big screen, smiling as if the cancer wasn't slowly wrecking his body, giving it his all. He hopes to be able to inspire people someday with his writing the way Yagi does with his personality.

Tenya listened as he drove, holding on to Izuku’s hand. Listening to Izuku rant comes with the territory of being his friend in any capacity, but his heart acts the same every time. It fills up with an indescribable emotion, it feels intimate in the most sacred of ways. Not like sex, not like kissing, not even like waking up in the morning next to them. It was the intimacy of watching them struggle brushing through their curls, the intimacy of catching them biting through the tip of a pen, the intimacy of seeing them look their worst still somehow loving them no less.

It was like he was given permission to intrude into the deepest corners of Izuku’s mind. If he took the time to analyze every word, turn of phrase, and intonation he would come to learn every minute aspect of what made Izuku. Izuku often ranted by mumbling to himself, but when he ranted purposefully at someone it was like they were seeing a whole new side of Izuku.

They made it back to Tenya’s apartment and by then they were having an actual discussion about the movie. A real back-and-forth interaction, which Tenya also enjoyed in his own way.

Inside Izuku finally started to quiet down. He’d been here before many times, but never in this kind of context.

Looking up he finds Tenya already looking down at him, a soft smile gracing his lips.

Somehow without either of them realizing it their lips met and they kissed. This kiss was all pastel, soft, and fluid. There was no attempt at stripping each other yet, there were no roaming hands, or erotic sounds.

Warm, pale, mellow.

They breathed each other in then parted, resting their foreheads together.

“I… I like you, so much Tenya…” Izuku whispered against his lips, and Tenya’s fingers dug into the green curls, “I like you very much, Izuku. So, very, much.”