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Just like them

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The lights were blinding familiar to Dick. He gazed out at the crowd blow and closed his eyes tightly and drew in a sudden breath.

Then Jack Haly's rang out in the Arena sending chills down his spine as he recalled his voice that night.
Their act was just about to start. He looked over at his teammates and nodded his head.

They began. Everything was going smoothly. He jumped and flipped along side Megan. Roy and Artemis were down below shooting arrows, all seemed fine. Dick held his hand up to the crowd and smiled.

His mother's face flashed before his eyes. The closes eyes for one second, before turning to face Megan on the other side on the rope.
He's soar through the air his arms stretched out waiting to grab ahold of Megan hands. As he grew closer towards her his fingertips barely touched her hand. His eyes widen and Megan gasped.

The crowd below could be heard as they gasped and shouted with fear.

"ROBIN!" M'gann shouted through the mind link. But he didn't respond.

His chest was tight and he couldn't breathe, couldn't think clearly. He heard his mother's voice and he closed his eyes, stuck back at that night.
"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Halley's International traveling circus." Shouted Jack Haly.
" We have an amazing act for you guys. The one and the only, Flying Graysons performing their Acts without the safety of a net." Haly's voice echoed in the tent.

Dick looked over to see both of his parents smilingly and waving at the crowd.
Dick smiled too, he loved seeing them happy and tonight was his night. After practicing since he was two, he was officially going  to  performed alongside his parents.  Dick   hope   he  would make  them  very proud of him tonight.

performing  tonight  is  the youngest member of the flying  graysons  Richard.  This   is  his first show." 
The spot light was then shined upon him. He smiled widely and waved at the crowd then looked back at his parents and could just see how proud they were of him. Dick's smiled widen.

His parents jumped off and did a few different flips before it was his turn. He began to take off his robe when he suddenly heard the snap of the rope.

The  quickly  looked   up   I   saw  the  ropes   snap   then  he  started  his eyes  over   towards  his parents.

They're   in   mid-air , his mother holding her arms out to catch him  but  the fear  grew   in  her eyes and  Dick saw   this
Dick   inhaled  sharply, he was scared.  He  looked over   at   his  father  and   can   tell  based off his father's face that  his   dad  understood what was happening.  Dick   looks  sadly and fearful back at his mom. He could see the fear  within  her beautiful eyes  and  sadness across her face. The fear on her face wasn't because she was falling towards her death, it was fear because she thought her baby boy was going to jump out into her open, waiting arms like he had done so many times in practice. She was overcome with sadness for she knew what was awaiting her and her husband, the love of her life, their deaths. She was sad to be leaving her baby alone in the world, sad that he had to see this,sad that she wasn't going to be there to see him grow up and see the amazing person she knew he was, to also see him marry and start a family of his own. She was sad because she could see how this was breaking him. All she wanted to do was wrap him up in her arms and never let him go, to tell him that everything was right within the world. They  began  to  lower  heading towards the ground  or   the  tent.

" NOO !" Shouted Dick and moved closer towards the edge. He reached out as if to grab them, to pull them to safety, to him.
But he couldn't save them, no one could.

His eyes widen and tears filled his blue eyes.

"Dick..." Was the last thing his mother said to him. Then they hit the ground.
Dick felt numb  and empty. The world was so cold now.
Tears were now streaming down his face and he was shaking and then collapsing  against  the platform.
He bent  forward   and  cried  into  his hands, they  were  gone...dead. He was left  all  alone.

"Robin, hang on!"  He suddenly heard but didn't open his eyes or tried to prevent his fall.

"Mami...tati" (Mommy...daddy) thought Dick. He soon was taken under by unconscious and at this point want aware of the fact that he was caught, saved from a death like his parents.

Unknown to them all, a piece of him wanted to die, to be with them again.
He missed them, he missed them dearly. Every breath he took he felt guilty. He was supposed to have been out there with them, he should have died along side them but he didn't and every day, every second that went by he hated himself more.
He missed them and just wanted to see them again, to feel their love.

Dick had felt done for so long, so when he began to fall tonight, he gave up fighting and just let go.