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When he opened the door to the saniwa’s study, Tonbokiri found the individual he was looking for. She stood over her office desk in absolute frustration and her head was lowered at the contents splayed across its surface. The lady was dressed in her satin night robe, but it was clear that sleep had evaded her despite the late hour. The garish glare of the desk’s interface lit up the saniwa’s figure in a sickly white glow, casting shadows in the dark room.


His lady clearly did not hear his entry, as she did not budge until he closed the door with a noticeable click. She did not startle, she was not the kind to startle easily. She raised her head, the loose robe around her shifting ever so slightly. 

“Oh, Tonbo, it's you.”

“Good evening, Aruji-dono.”

“Evening? It’s well past anyone’s sleeping hour at this point. What’s keeping you up?”


His answer would have been “You, of course,” but he chose not to reply. His master was not warm to praise or compliments like that. He learnt this in earlier forgettable conversations that she swatted his words away, repulsed as one would be at mosquitoes.


Action always served him better.


His reply was to walk his way up to the desk and look down at whatever occupied her mind. It was a team formation template, one he was familiar with. This was the saniwa's preferred method of organization.

“Do you need any assistance?”

There was a scoff and his master glances up at him. 

 “Thank you, but I think I can figure this out myself. Eventually.”


Her robes rustled as she shifted back and Tonbokiri noticed. Of course he did. He was surprised when he was introduced to satin. He could tell his Aruji’s fondness for the fabric by the magnitude of her robes that came through the laundry. He also found that he too loved the texture: light, soft and smooth. He could see the same enchantment as her robe caught the light from the interface’s glow, illuminating both cloth and skin.


“May I ask what this is about, Aruji?” 

She relented. 


“With everyone notably stronger after our months of training, I would like to reassemble our teams to get everyone working at their best. Starting tomorrow would be perfect as well. Just… putting Kasen and Kuri together is a disaster in the making. I've no idea where to put Kousetsu alone without him putting his sword down and refusing to co-operate. I would like the Shinsengumi to split up and co-operate with some of our tachis, but I can see Izumi… argh.”

At that last word, an exasperated sigh escaped her as she straightened herself and ran a hand through her hair. More fabric moved and Tonbokiri noticed that his lady wore her robe and only her robe for bedtime. It was typical of her - she bemoaned to him once that she only liked sleeping unrestricted, allowing only the thin sash that held the robe in place. The folds of the robe betrayed glimpses of her body beneath the cloth.


It was regrettable that she was this vexed at the hour of the night, but her movement in the light made this a pleasant scene for him.  

“Izuminokami would indeed feel fettered if not made the leader. And his style does not suit those who aren't familiar with his era.”

She nodded with a small smile, “Yeah, that’s it.”


Tonbokiri knew his Aruji - help offered would not be taken, but he could always step in to assist. She would never ask for it but she never complained when his aid was rendered, be it in tea, military advice, and personal perspective. There were also shoulder rubs, letting her rest her head on his lap while reading reports, and the occasional visit in the night. Very different things altogether, but it was all the same: she never asked for it and never complained when she received it.

With that, he sidled up to her and sat down in his master's wide office chair. She moved aside to let him through, propping herself at the corner of the table. Her legs folded and she leaned back, resting her weight on her palms on the table. He had to admit he liked the view.


Tonbokiri patted his lap. It earned him a glare.



"I promise I shall assist."

"Not in that sense."

"And not in that sense, Aruji-dono."

What a lie that was.


"Fine, if you insist," she muttered. Her figure came into view as a dark silhouette and Tonbokiri went by the feel of her bare legs, behind, and her back touching his own robe, thick and rough cloth compared to the lithe fabric she wore. Her weight settled in, and he could feel her lean against his chest. Her body against his stirred his mood. Her head came up to his nose, and he took a breath of shampoo and scent. It was embarrassing, but he could feel a mild stiffness below his waist now. Time to calm down. He rested his chin on her left shoulder for a better view of the desktop screen.


"If I may suggest, we could start with me as the leader of this team, I have had an idea for a while." 

With a practiced gesture, he tapped a tile with his name on it to the template. 

"A good match for me would be a tantou. My spear works with keeping enemies at length, but a tantou can close the distance and land a blow while I engage the enemy's weapon. I would suggest Yagen-dono, but you may choose whoever you wish."

He could feel her nodding, her hair brushing him lightly. More nice smells and he could feel the stiffness growing.

"That would work. If Yagen goes, would it be wise to take one of his taller brothers along? I don't mind Ichigo, but maybe Honebami?"

His other hand rested on her thigh. She seemed to pay no mind.

"That is a good choice. However, Namazuo-kun has wished interest to work with me recently. Otegine-dono has recommended Namazuo to me as well with confidence."

"If Otegine says it, then I believe it. That's three down. The other three... Hmm..."

He squeezed her thigh and stroked, idly enjoying the different qualities of hem and skin. She seemed to pay no mind as well.

"Would you consider an uchigatana, Aruji?"


His hand started to trail, her legs shifting at her words. He was right, she was wearing nothing underneath.

"Of course, I see where you're going. A double attack opportunity would be helpful. I think...maybe Hasebe would do nicely..."


He only felt a little sorry that his hands had wandered so far off course and found a nice crevice between her legs. His fingertips found soaked skin and he trailed the leaking edge he was familiar with. Should he be surprised - or smug that he knew she liked being this close too? 

She reached out to the table's screen, only to pause.



A strong arm wrapped around her waist and guided her back.

"You could use a break, Aruji-dono," he whispered into her ear.

"I'm fine, let's get this done-"

"Aruji. Relax."

He squeezed her side gently. The fingers below frisked gently.

"Your teams can wait. I'll assist you from here on out."


Tonbokiri now whispered in her other ear.

"But for tonight, could you entrust yourself to my care?"


She never asked for it, and she never complained when she received it. Her hand grasped Tonbokiri's that wrapped around her waist. 

"If you insist, I'd love to."


Tonbokiri felt her relax into him, his cue that she keened for his attention. Her hand guided him to the gap of the robe at her chest and he slipped his hand under. Feeling the familiar weight of her chest and the now pert nipple under his palm, he massaged tenderly. She never liked hard pressure on her bosoms. The 'ooh' that came from her was low and laced with pleasure. 

A finger entered below, slipping in easily. He went to work, sliding in and out to the pleasant gasps she elicited. It was soft, but Tonbokiri could hear the sounds of his finger entering and exiting her. It excited him as much as it excited her.

However, the crowning stroke of desire for his lady had to be this: He blew gently into her ear and she turned her head aside in a kneejerk reaction. He lowered his head to her neck and kissed deeply, sucking and licking hard. He felt his finger caught as she clamped down. He inserted another and it slipped in too easily. Another went in.

The cry that escaped her was ecstasy, her head tilting forward as she shook and trembled on his lap. She did love being stretched. His hand was drenched in her juices. He was once again a little sorry to abandon the love bite he made on her, but his fully erect member was bulging against her bare ass and he too desired to fit in.


"Are you ready, Aruji?"

"Wait, I need to undress. Too hot," she purred.


He could say likewise. The heat from her body has him breaking a sweat as well. But he endured for a moment. Tonbokiri whispered into her ear once more.

"Not until you cum first."

"Fuck you."

His grin only grew.

"With pleasure."


His hand doubled down, the fingers in her now punishing her pussy with his arm's best maneuver to stimulate. His other hand now pinched the sides of her throat, bringing her into a chokehold. His muscles engaged for her pussy's delight and gently tensed for the other at her nape. The sound of her choke and sputter muddled her speech. If only he could see her face right now.

"Ah...s-so g-god..."



His fingers went in deeper, curled up, and shook even harder. Her body trembled, her hands now grabbing his thighs and her head pushing against his shoulder. One little shift was all it took for her to cry, her voice shaky. He felt the rush of something warm and wet all over his hand, gushing past his digits and onto his robe. He released her nape, the chokehold's task complete.

"I... came..."

"You made a mess, Aruji."

"Th..that's why...clothes... you meanie."


Her body was limp and heaving - and all for Tonbokiri to devour.


With a practiced move, he pulled the sash free and tugged the robe off one shoulder, then the other. With some difficulty, he raised his worn-out Aruji off his lap and laid her on her back on the table as gently as he could manage. The glow of the table's screen now illuminated her naked form, the gleam upon her breasts and shoulders shifting as she panted and her sweat-soaked hair a shiny mess around her head and shoulders. He too undid his robes, earning a murmur of pleasure from his lady. His fundoshi was wet and stained from pre-cum, the translucent fabric showing his fully erect and thick member straining against what little cloth that went taut.

She saw. Her eyes looked up at his from where she laid and her hungry gaze spoke for her. She reached out, but Tonbokiri caught her hand with his own.


"Relax." And he pinned her wrists down, leaning over her.

"I told you to trust me, Aruji."


His tip pressed her entrance and paused. He pulsed his dick, stroking the lips of her entrance, sloppy and teasing.

She all but kicked him, biting her lip as she begged, "T-Tonbo, stop teasing..."


He smiled and leaned in.


An almost comical pop came from between her thighs, but the saniwa moaned loudly as his penis slid in. He grunted, swallowed whole into her unspeakable region and grasped tight.

He slowly drew himself out, agonizing as it was to pull away from something so delectable as his Aruji's pussy, but the reaction on her face was worth it. 

"N-no, please! Come back...inside..."

"What should come back?"


He caught her tongue. To see his usually confident and leader-like Aruji whimper at his hands was a little cruel but all so seductive to Tonbokiri's taste.

"Go on."

"Tonbo, you know. P-please..."


"Tonbo... your penis...please!"


Her reward was him quickly shoving his member in, full and forcefully. The happy noise that poured out of her encouraged him on. The table shook and ground with each move he made, going at the rough and hard pace as she liked so much in her throes of pleasure. He too felt the pleasure swelling within him: the sight of his Aruji lewdly consumed by his dick and opening her body to him was everything he wished for this night. 

"Ton-Tonbo, I'm close!"

 Tonbokiri had to admit, so was himself.


"Shut up and kiss me!"


This, he obliged. Leaning fully onto her, his arms moved to wrap underneath her and his hands cupped her head. His lips locked onto hers, eyes closed. Her tongue shoved into his mouth forcefully and his own stroked her own. His hips pounded harder, grinding as deep as he could manage into her being.

Her scream at her climax was caught, reduced to a muted shout as he felt her buck under him. He internally winced as he held back his own orgasm as hard as he could, letting the crests and ebbs flow between both of them, her pussy grabbing and sucking his dick most excruciatingly.

One last heave and he felt her go limp in his arms. He too was at breaking point. He barely propped himself with a freed arm and pulled out in time to release with a moan of his own. Pearlescent fluid spurted and dripped onto her tummy and groin, some tracing the shadows of her bosoms.


Wholly spent, Tonbokiri mustered what was left of his energy to sit back in his Aruji's chair and hold his member with a hand, calming down. Beads of sweat dripped from his sideburns and the tip of his chin. The lady herself found it in her to sit back upright. There was a frown on her face.

"Tonbo, I told you. You can release inside me anytime."

"I'll save that... for a special time, Aruji."

"And when would that be?" She grabbed her robe to dab what it could of her perspiration.


A playful grin came on his face, "When you are mine and only mine, Aruji."

"You mean... Marriage?! Tonbo!"


He was far too tired to move and too spent to defend himself. Tonbokiri let her pound her fists into his bare chest, chuckling at her adorable and petulant reaction.