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Let Me Help You (Because I Care Too Much To Want To See You In Pain)

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Hitoshi had met Izuku four years before either of them started at U.A.. He had been running from his foster parents again and when he’d turned into an alley, he’d crashed into someone who seemed like they were also running away from something. They’d both fallen to the ground, time seeming to freeze as they stared at each other, both panicking. A shout broke one of them out of the stare and suddenly Hitoshi found his hand being grabbed and dragged to hiding behind a dumpster. They both sat there, catching their breath and listening as the shouting slowly faded and the sound of footsteps pounding on concrete faded away. Letting out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding, he closed his eyes and tried desperately to get his rapidly beating heart to slow down.

When he’d managed to do that, he opened his eyes and finally looked at the person who he’d run into. He saw that the boys hair was like a giant birds nest, yet looked extremely fluffy and soft, like a cloud. The boy looked to be young, he was so small, god, he was so, so tiny. Even though he could tell that the boy was trying to make himself smaller, he didn’t seem to have much work to do. He could see the slightly pale skin, freckles sticking out like dots of ink on paper. He also saw that the boy was trembling, and it looked like he was covered in bruises. He even saw what looked like a burn/blast mark on his shoulder. He felt concern course through him. How old was this kid? “A-are you okay?” a small voice asked.

The boy was looking up at him. His face was marred by a hand shaped slap that was slowly turning a dark purple and he could see another one covered just barely by his collar. The most striking thing that Hitoshi noted however were the bright green eyes that seemed to be filled with so many emotions he almost felt like he would get lost if he looked too long. He let out a surprised noise, and the boy continued, “that bruise looks pretty nasty. Do you want me to look at it?”

Hitoshi just stared. “Huh?” was his brilliant reply.

The boy huffed lightly. “Do you want me to look at that bruise? Now that I’m looking at you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have at least one other injury somewhere,” he stated, examining Hitoshi.

“Are you serious?” Hitoshi asked incredulously.

The boy looked up, surprise and confusion on his face. “I doubt I look better than you do right now,” Hitoshi said, gesturing to his injuries.

“Oh, this? These are fine. They don’t even hurt, I’m used to it by now,” he told him nonchalantly.

Hitoshi stared. This kid… Those didn’t look like nothing. “Kid,” Hitoshi started to say.

“I’m not a kid,” the boy snapped. “I’m 12, my name’s Midoriya Izuku by the way.”

Hitoshi felt his breath catch. He was 12? That meant he was the same age as him. How the hell was he so small? “That’s none of your business,” Midoriya muttered.

Shit, had he said that out loud? “I know that it’s not but… Dude, you’re tiny. Even for a 12 year old,” Hitoshi exclaimed, shock in his voice.

“I know,” Midoriya sighed. “Now, come on, let me see your injuries.”

“I can take care of it,” Hitoshi argued, suddenly defensive.

“Sure, but I’m sure it will be helpful to have someone to check them,” Midoriya stated, moving toward him.

Hitoshi looked at him, then realized that he wasn’t going to win this battle. Grumbling, he let the boy look at his injuries. The cut he’d received hasn’t started hurting until now, but now that he felt it, it hurts. He watched, almost in awe, as Midoriya deftly fixed him up, humming lightly as he worked. As he did, Hitoshi got a better look at the others injuries. The bruises looked dark and nasty, most likely they’d been inflicted earlier in the day. He saw that the blast mark wasn’t actually as bad as he’d thought it was, but it still looked pretty bad. He also noticed that the bruise on his face had a slightly deeper part on one of the fingers, almost as if the hand that had smacked him had a ring on it. It made Hitoshi uncomfortable.

When Midoriya was almost done treating his injuries, Hitoshi reached his hand up and gently brushed his fingers against the bruise on his face. His heart clenched as the other boy flinched away, a flash of fear going through his eyes. “S-sorry,” Midoriya mumbled.

“It’s fine. I’m Hitoshi. Shinsou Hitoshi. Since you’ve looked after me, can I return the favour? It looks like it hurts,” Hitoshi murmured, looking sadly at the boy.

“I-I’m good Shinsou-kun. I can look at it later,” Midoriya said, slightly defensive.

“Midoriya,” Hitoshi almost begged, “please?”

The freckled boy looked at him hesitantly. “U-umm, I.. I think that I should go. I’m.. not the greatest with… touch.. If you couldn’t tell. Here’s my number, call me if you need anything,” Midoriya said, quickly standing again.

Midoriya handed him a small piece of paper and Hitoshi watched as the boy practically ran out of the alley, leaving Hitoshi to contemplate. This boy.. He was the same age as him, yet he seemed to be so much worse. He guessed that the blast marks probably came from someone at school who was using their quirk on the poor boy, and the bruises were probably a mixture of school abuse and parental abuse. The darker mark he knew had come from a ring and not many people wore rings unless they were married. He felt bad that he’d let the smaller boy get away, he wanted to help him. Unfortunately, he probably wouldn’t see the boy again for a long time, if at all. He knew that he’d probably never end up using the number, too afraid to bother the boy who’d helped him. He sighed. Why was life so frustrating?

The next time he saw Izuku was after they had started at U.A. during the sports festival. A lot had changed since the last time he had seen the smaller boy. He’d finally been adopted by a good family, that family being Aizawa Shouta and Aizawa Hizashi, a married pro-hero couple who’d wanted to adopt a kid. He was so glad he’d been adopted by them. He finally had someone he could go to if he needed help, he wasn’t being abused anymore, and he was happy, for the first time in a long time. And now that he was at U.A., he finally had a chance to prove himself. He mostly kept to himself, due to the fact that people were afraid of his quirk despite the fact that he had it under control. He’d been surprised when he first heard the name Midoriya Izuku. It was so familiar, yet he couldn’t quite place a name to the face. During the cavalry battle however, he did. Midoriya Izuku was the name of the boy who’d helped him all those years ago. The realization had almost distracted him, but he managed to make it through without things going too badly. But of course, he just had to be paired against the boy for the third round. He’d wanted to be nice, he really had. But for some reason, seeing the boy across from him, he felt bitter and angry. So he’d insulted him. In the end, he’d lost to the boy, but didn’t feel too bad about it. He’d deserved that. Afterwards, he’d managed to catch up with Izuku. “Midoriya!” He shouted down the nearly empty hallway.

The boy jumped, turning to face him. Then, a smile broke onto his face. “Shinso-kun!” He called happily.

Reaching him, he put his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. “It’s good to see you again! I wasn’t sure if you recognized me because it’s been a while but I’m guessing you do,” Izuku said, still smiling.

“Yeah,” Hitoshi gasped, still a little out of breath, “it took me a while, but I did. How’ve you been? I’m sorry I never called.”

Izuku waved him off, “Oh, that’s fine! It’s probably best that you didn’t. Mom and dad wouldn’t have been too happy I don’t think.”

Hitoshi stared at him, concern filling him. “Are they still…” he trailed off, not sure what to say.

Izuku’s face fell a little, but then he smiled again. “Don’t worry about it Shinso-kun,” he told him, “how’ve you been?”

Hitoshi looked at the boy. “You can call me Hitoshi you know. I’ve been good. I finally got away from them… so I’ve been doing better,” he said, letting out a sigh. “Seriously though, are you okay?”

Izuku just smiled tiredly. “Of course I am Shin-Hitoshi,” the other boy exclaimed. “I’m glad you managed to get away. You seem happier now anyways.”

Izuku looked at the time, and frowned a little, “well, I’ve got to go,” he told Hitoshi, smiling. “We’ll have to meet up sometime!”

Hitoshi just nodded silently. He wasn’t sure, but he had a nasty feeling that Izuku was going to be hurt. He felt his stomach drop at the thought. He was such a nice kid. What had he done to deserve the treatment his parents were giving him? Was it because of his quirk? Because he was a boy maybe? Or was it something else? He stayed lost in his thoughts until a hand was placed on his shoulder and he heard his name being called. “Hitoshi,” a gruff voice called.

He jumped a little, only to see that it was just Shouta. “You good kid?” the man asked, looking a little concerned.

“Yeah,” Hitoshi murmured. “Just thinking.”

Shouta gave him a piercing look, but didn’t say anything about it. “Alright,” he grumbled. “Let’s go before Hizashi starts going crazy.”

Hitoshi smiled at the thought.

After that, they had seen a lot more of each other. Hitoshi was transferred to Class 1-A because of his performance in the Sports Festival, much to his delight. He had taken the place of a kid who had been expelled and frankly it didn’t seem like anyone had minded. He had moved his stuff into the old room at the dorms and was glad that he could now spend more time with Midoriya, who now insisted he call him Izuku. It hadn’t been long before Hitoshi had realized how much he actually liked Izuku. He’d had a bit of gay panic at that realization. As it turned out, Izuku liked him too, the boy having confessed in a nervous mess one night when they were both up past when they should be. After that, they’d only gotten closer.

The only thing about their relationship was that neither of them had told anyone. They didn’t feel the need to, they were both private people and it never really occurred that they needed to make it public. So they didn’t. They were just happy knowing each other and being together. They had yet to tell their parents too. Hitoshi knew that Shouta and Hizashi wouldn’t mind, they were together after all. Izuku on the other hand, he never talked about his parents. He had a few guesses as to why, but without evidence, he couldn’t really bring it up. He was still concerned though, because every weekend when Izuku went home, per parental request apparently, he always came back looking pale and quiet on the Monday after.

Hitoshi was always worried, but Izuku just brushed it off with a smile, claiming he was just tired. He never believed his boyfriend. It wasn’t exhaustion. He would know, he had insomnia. No, this was… something else entirely. And it always frustrated him how Izuku would just brush it off like it wasn’t a problem when it clearly was. “I’m fine,” Izuku would say, waving him off.

This frustrating cycle continued until the Christmas break of their second year. It was the weekend before the week of Christmas and everyone was at their homes. Izuku and Hitoshi had finally decided that they should probably tell their parents about their relationship so they could introduce the other to them. As Hitoshi had thought, Hizashi and Shouta were more than accepting of the fact that he had a boyfriend, though when they asked who it was, he said it was a surprise for when he came over. He’d told Izuku it went well, and now was just waiting to hear from him about how it had gone. When he did end up hearing from him though, he wished it happened differently.

It was Christmas eve. They opened presents in the morning, so they were eating a Christmas dinner, Nemuri and Tensei having joined them at Hizashi’s invite. They had finished eating and were talking, when suddenly, they heard the gentle jingle of a phone ringing. Hitoshi instantly recognized it as Izuku’s ringtone, which instantly concerned him. Izuku NEVER called him, only texted. What was going on? Shouta nodded when he looked up and he quickly answered the phone. “Babe?” He asked cautiously, standing up.

“Hitoshi…” a weak voice answered from the other end.

Instantly he was on alert. “What’s wrong?” He asked, starting to pace.

“I… They… Hito… could.. Could I spend the night?” Izuku asked.

“What happened?” Hitoshi almost demanded, feeling a pool of dread in his stomach.

“They… I.. I can’t Hito…. Could you tell me your address?” Izuku murmured quietly.

“Babe, please, tell me what happened,” Hitoshi practically begged.

He could feel the concerned gazes of the adults on him but he ignored the. “Please.. I just.. Please…” Izuku said across the line, voice cracking.

He told Izuku his address. “I… if it’s okay, I'll be there in about ten minutes…” Izuku murmured.

He turned around and mouthed to Shouta, “can my boyfriend come over?”

“Of course,” Shouta replied, confused, “but what’s going on?”

Hitoshi turned back to the phone. “Yes, you can, but please, what’s going on?” Hitoshi begged, desperate to know what was wrong.

“I.. just.. Don’t freak out when I get there, okay?” Izuku asked, then he hung up.

Hitoshi stared at his phone in mild shock. What the hell was going on. “Hitoshi, what’s going on?” Hizashi asked as he paced nervously around the room.

“I don’t know,” Hitoshi said, starting to panic a little. “He wouldn’t tell me.”

What was going on? Why had Izuku been talking like that? What had happened? Had something happened when he told his parents? Was that why he hadn’t heard from him? He paced anxiously around the kitchen, ignoring the questions that eventually turned to silence. After an eternity, there was a knock at the door. Hitoshi ran to the door, praying that it was Izuku. Getting down the entrance hallway, he flung the door open and let out a choking gasp. There he was, standing in the doorway, wearing a large hoodie and a slightly too big pair of jeans. And though the hood was up and Izuku was looking down at the ground, he could see the ugly bruise on his boyfriends face and… oh god… was that blood? “Izu…” he whispered, horrified.

“They… they didn’t take it well,” Izuku muttered quietly, voice seeming to be slightly choked, as if he was crying.

Hitoshi pulled him into the house, closing the door, and pulling him into a hug. “Why didn’t you tell me Izu? Why didn’t you tell me it was this bad?” He asked, feeling tears prick in the corners of his eyes.

“I… I didn’t want to worry you,” Izuku looked away as he said it.

“I was already worried,” Hitoshi choked out. “Come on, you need to get checked out. You look like you’re about to pass out. Oh, and I should probably warn you my dads are Shouta and Hizashi, and we’ve got Nemuri and Tensei visiting.”

Izuku looked up for the first time, eyes filled with horror. “What?” He whispered, shocked.

“It’ll be okay,” Hitoshi told him, trying to calm him down.

When Izuku had looked up, Hitoshi had wanted to cry. He had a black eye, and his cheek had a nasty, dark purple bruise. He saw that there was also blood slowly dripping from a poorly patched cut that went from the left side of his forehead to the bridge of his nose. “Oh my god…” Hitoshi whispered, feeling the tears start to rise.

Realizing Hitoshi had seen, he ducked his head, pulling the hood further over his face. Letting out a growl of anger, Hitoshi gently grabbed Izuku’s wrist and pulled the unresisting, trembling boy into the kitchen/living room where the others were. The others looked over at them when they entered and Hitoshi said, “this is my boyfriend, Izuku.”

“Midoriya?” Shouta asked questioningly.

Hitoshi nodded. He was about to say that Izuku needed medical attention when Tensei suddenly paled and asked, in a horrified tone, “is that blood?”

This alerted the other heroes and they finally saw what Tensei had. “Oh my god, what happened?” They all asked, various degrees of horror covering their faces.

Shouta quickly stood up and walked over to them, crouching down to try and see how bad it was. Hearing the footsteps, Izuku tried to hide himself behind Hitoshi, tried to hide his face, but Hitoshi didn’t allow him to. “Dad..” Hitoshi choked out, “he… he needs help.”

When Shouta caught a glimpse of the boys face, his breath caught in his throat. He couldn’t see much, but he could see an ugly bruise on his cheek that didn’t look small at all. “Izuku,” he murmured gently, reaching out to move Izuku’s head to better see the damage.

No one missed the flinch as his hand got closer to his face. Shouta hesitated, looking at Hitoshi. “Izu,” Hitoshi said, rubbing circles on his boyfriend's back. “It’s okay.”

Izuku winced, but allowed Shouta to gently reach out and gently grasp his downturned face. When the man saw the extent of the damage, he almost wanted to be sick. “Oh…” he whispered, horrified.

The others had clearly seen it too because there were gasps from the table. Nemuri stood up and walked over, grasping a shoulder and said, “Izuku, what happened?”
The boy didn’t answer, just looked away. “His parents, I’m guessing. We’d agreed that we’d tell our parents that we were dating over the break so we could introduce the other to parents. My guess is, they didn’t accept it and beat him again,” Hitoshi said bitterly.

“Again?” Hizashi asked, shock seeping into his voice.

Hitoshi nodded angrily. “I knew something was wrong,” he exclaimed angrily, “I knew that something was wrong, but there was never enough evidence and he wouldn’t tell me what was going on.”

The adults exchanged looks. “Izuku,” Nemuri said gently, “Come on, sit down, we need to see how bad it is.”

Shouta’s heart dropped at the way Izuku’s eyes grew wide with fear. Hitoshi must have realized this because he pulled Izuku into a hug and reassured him that it was okay. After a few moments, Izuku finally started to walk towards a chair. Except that everyone noticed that he was limping. When he sat down, Shouta told him, in a kind, gentle voice, “Izuku, I’m going to need you to put your hood down.”

Izuku just nodded mutely and pulled his hood down, knowing there was no way out of it at this point. Everyone gasped in horror once again as they saw how bad he looked. The boy just averted his eyes, not wanting to see their reactions. “How…” Tensei asked, seeming to be numb. “How could any parent do this to their child?”

“Because some people aren’t fit to be parents,” Hitoshi cried bitterly, starting to gently card his fingers through his boyfriends hair, trying to calm the still trembling and tense boy.

They all remembered that Hitoshi had come from abusive households too. It suddenly made a little more sense why they were together. “These bruises,” Shouta commented, “they go down further. Izuku… I’m going to need you to take off your sweater.”

Stiffening, Izuku just quietly pulled his sweater off, feeling a few tears well up in his eyes. He closed his eyes, still not wanting to see their reactions. The room had fallen silent. Everyone was too busy staring at the myriad of bruises, scars and injuries that covered the boys body. There were far too many for a seventeen year old boy to have. “Oh my god,” Hizashi said.

Nemuri’s hands had flown to cover her mouth, Tensei was looking on in horror, Shouta was in shock and Hitoshi… well, Hitoshi had officially started crying. His head rested on Izuku’s head as he started to sob. He felt horrible. Why hadn’t he said something sooner? Even if there wasn’t proof he should have said something, anything, so that Izuku didn’t have to go back there. Izuku looked down. He’d never thought that this would get out. But, he hadn’t known what else to do but call Hitoshi when his parents had kicked him out. He knew he wouldn’t survive in the cold of the winter with only the clothes on his back and his phone. So he’d called his boyfriend. And now, not only did his boyfriend know but three of his teachers and his friends older brother knew.

Forcing himself out of his shock, Shouta started to look over Izuku. Quietly, he got up and hurried to get medical supplies to patch up his student. When he got back, he started with the injuries on his face. He gently peeled off the bandage and winced when he saw the cut. Even Recovery Girl wouldn’t be able to save his eye. Unfortunately, the cut was deep enough that it would need stitches. “Izuku, I’m going to need to stitch this,” Shouta told him gently. “The rest of you, why don’t you wait in the living room? I’ll take care of Izuku.”

Hitoshi was reluctant to go, but Hizashi didn’t have much trouble prying the crying boy away from his boyfriend. When they’d all gone, Shouta did his best to disinfect the wound before starting to stitch it closed. When he’d done that, he cleaned up the blood on his face. He put a patch on the stitched area before wrapping it so it didn’t move. Moving on to the bruises, he pulled out a bruise cream and gently rubbed it onto the black eye and bruise on his cheek/neck. He felt guilty when Izuku flinched, but he knew it would be over soon. Once he’d finished taking care of the boys face. Moving down, he patched up cuts, put cream on the bruises, and generally did his best to clean the poor boy up. What concerned him was the bandages that were wrapped around his wrists. When he moved to inspect them, the boy flinched away. “Izuku,” Shouta gently told him, “I need to check them. I’m not your teacher here.”

Still tense, he let the man check his wrists. Shouta wanted to scream at something for not noticing it sooner. The cuts on his wrists were ugly, deep and red. And there were a lot. More than should be acceptable. Beyond the fact that self harm shouldn’t be something people turned to, he felt his stomach drop at the sheer number of cuts there were. He didn’t say anything though. That would be a conversation for another time, though he was sure that Hitoshi would probably be talking to him too. When he was finally done with everything, he let out a sigh. “I wish you had come to us sooner,” Shouta told him.

“I’m sorry,” Izuku said meekly.

“It’s okay. You didn’t want us to worry. I get that, trust me I do. But we’re your teachers, it’s our job to worry about our students. And if something like this is happening, we can’t do anything unless you speak up,” Shouta explained, not unkindly.

Izuku didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to. Letting out another sigh, Shouta stood and ruffled the boys hair. “Come on,” he said, “let’s go see the rest of them. I’m pretty sure that Hitoshi’s going to have a heart attack soon if he doesn’t know you’re okay.”

Izuku nodded and stood up, walking quietly to the living room, following Shouta. When they got there, Hitoshi looked up and practically threw himself at Izuku, who caught him without falling backwards. “Don’t ever do that to me again,” Hitoshi sobbed into Izuku’s chest.

“I’m sorry,” Izuku murmured, hugging Hitoshi.

“Izuku,” Hizashi started, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. It’s not like leaving was a big deal or anything, they’d probably be glad to never see me again,” Izuku said, matter of factly.

“It is a big deal,” Nemuri said, voice full of concern.

“It’s really not,” Izuku replied.

“Midoriya,” Tensei told him, “it is a big deal. Your parents have clearly been abusing you for years and if what Tenya’s told me is true, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bakugou was a bully at school. This is a big deal because you were hurt by people who were supposed to protect you.”

Izuku looked around the room, letting out a sigh when he saw that everyone was in agreement. Still holding a sobbing boyfriend, he murmured, “it’s never mattered before.”

“That’s because no one knew,” Shouta replied in a deadpan tone.

Izuku just shrugged his shoulders, giving up on the argument. He knew he probably wouldn’t win anyways. Then, his face fell as he had a sudden realization. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, guilt and shame lacing his words.

“For what?” They asked, confused.

“I’ve interrupted your Christmas,” he looked down, feeling guilty.

They stared at him, but it was Hitoshi who told him, “don’t you dare feel guilty. It’s not your fault your family is all assholes. I’m more than happy to have you here and I know no one else minds.”

“But,” Izuku started to say but was cut off by Hitoshi saying, “no. Izu it’s okay. You’re not being a bother or a burden. It’s okay.”

Izuku looked at him and Hitoshi was struck by how drained and exhausted he looked. He looked like he was about to break down into tears. The fact that he hadn’t yet was pretty impressive, but Hitoshi knew that it was happening. Wiping the tears off his face, he hugged Izuku and whispered in his ear, “you’re okay now. You don’t have to go back there ever again.”

Everyone watched as Izuku suddenly was trying very hard not to cry. “I think I’m gonna head out,” Nemuri said, breaking the silence. “Thanks for dinner guys.”

Tensei nodded. “I’m gonna head out too. I’ll say ``hi to Tenya,” Tensei told Izuku.

The boy just nodded, not trusting himself to speak. The two left quickly, not wanting to intrude longer than they already had. When they left, Shouta told the boys, “you guys can sleep out here on the sofa tonight. I’ll bring you some blankets and pillows and whatnot. Sleep as late as you need to.”

When blankets and pillows had been brought out, Hizashi and Shouta bid the two boys good night and left. Hitoshi and Izuku sat in silence for a while, before Hitoshi murmured, “Izu, you don’t have to pretend. I know you’re exhausted.”

Izuku just nodded, feeling the first few tears start to drip down his face and plop down onto his palms. When Hitoshi pulled him into a hug, Izuku broke down. Everything that had happened tonight, even before tonight, seemed to crash down on him like a tidal wave. Hitoshi held him as he cried, knowing how much Izuku must be hurting right now. His parents had kicked him out after years of abusing him, and the realization that he would never be going back was one that seemed to come down hard on his boyfriend. He didn’t know how long he held Izuku but eventually, the tears seemed to slow down. After a while, Hitoshi realized that Izuku had cried himself to sleep, the exhaustion catching up with him. Letting out a sigh, he arranged pillows and blankets to be comfortable, careful not to wake the sleeping boy.

Leaning back, he settled into the sofa, wrapping his arms around Izuku. Said boy shifted in his sleep, curling close to Hitoshi and wrapping his arms around his waist, his head resting below the taller boys chin. Hitoshi smiled softly. He was glad his boyfriend was okay now, even though the circumstances that had led to it were much, much less than ideal. Playing with the fluffy hair, he felt himself falling asleep at the sound of Izuku’s gentle breathing. Things would work out in the end, and tomorrow is a new, and hopefully better day. Closing his eyes, he let himself fall asleep, holding his boyfriend protectively, determined not to let him go again. Tonight had been too close a call for his comfort, and he wasn’t ready to see him like that again anytime soon.


~The next morning~

Shouta was trying to sleep. He was trying very, very hard to sleep. And for once, it had actually been working too, until someone flopped on top of him shouting, “SHOUTA!!! Wake up! You need to see this!”

He swore under his breath. “Goddamnit Hizashi, what time is it?” He grumbled, trying to get back to sleep.

“It’s nine,” Hizashi waved off, “but come on! You need to see this! I’ve already got some pictures!!”

Shouta wanted to bang his head against a wall. Maybe he’d get back to sleep if he did that. Instead, he slowly opened his eyes, squinting at the light. “There’d better be coffee made. I don’t care if it’s Christmas, I want my damn coffee,” Shouta mumbled, not wanting to move but doing so anyways.

Stretching, Shouta stood up and got out of the bed, mourning the loss of the extra sleep he could have gotten. Slowly walking down the stairs, he honed in on the smell of a fresh pot of coffee and poured himself a cup, drinking it black. “Okay!” Hizashi exclaimed once he’d had a little time with his coffee, “you need to see this now!”

Too tired to care, he let himself be dragged into the living room where he was met with an interesting sight, one he’d never thought he’d see. On the sofa, wrapped in blankets was his son and his son’s boyfriend. Izuku’s head was resting on his chest, his feet not quite seeming to reach Hitoshi’s, just going to show how short the boy actually was. Despite his injuries, he looked calm, more so than he’d ever seen the boy he realized. From what he could tell, one arm was curled underneath him and the other thrown around Hitoshi. His son also looked to be at peace and sleeping better than he had in awhile. His hair was as gravity defying as ever, splayed around his head. His arms seemed to be wrapped protectively around Izuku, as if trying to tell the world that he wasn’t letting the boy go through anything else he didn’t need to. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling at the sight. They were cute together.

“Aren’t they cute Shouta?” Hizashi asked, beaming at him.

“Yes they are. Now come on, help me make breakfast,” Shouta turned away from the sight, going into the kitchen.

Hitoshi woke up slowly. The first thing he noticed was the weight that was on his chest and body. Had one of the cats jumped up on him again? No, it didn’t feel quite right for that. Then, he felt something soft and fluffy tickling his chin. He opened his eyes, looked down, and saw that it was Izuku. Izuku? Why was… then he remembered. Izuku had come to his place last night after he’d been kicked out. The thought made him want to growl, but he kept quiet in favor of reaching a hand up to card his fingers through the smaller boy’s hair. Izuku looked so peaceful when he slept, Hitoshi noticed. His body seemed to lose the stress that it always seemed to carry. He felt an arm loosely wrapped around him and smiled. Even in his sleep Izuku was trying to protect people. His smile fell when he saw the bandage on Izuku’s face though, the ugly reminder of what had happened the night before. He gently ran a hand over the bruise on his boyfriends face and smiled sadly as Izuku unconsciously leaned into the touch, curling up like a cat.

He knew that Izuku was touch starved. Between his parents and the bullying he went through at school, he hadn’t had much positive interaction in his life. Even after he joined U.A., though he did have friends now he still shied away from touch, almost as if he was expecting to be hit. Very few people understood this, and those who didn’t had always put it down to him just being jumpy. Hitoshi had actually been glad that he’d managed to find Izuku again after the sports festival. He hadn’t ever had the chance to thank the boy properly for helping him all those years ago. When he’d found Izuku, he’d realized that his home situation still wasn’t great by the way that he had almost jumped out of his skin when Hitoshi had called out to him. After that, they’d exchanged numbers again and started talking more. A few weeks later, they had started dating. Now though, he was just glad Izuku didn’t have to go back.

His attention was brought back to the present by Izuku shifting, starting to wake up, and yawning. Hitoshi felt his eyes go wide and his face flush at the sight. ‘Oh my god he’s so freaking cute,” he thought.

Izuku stretched a little bit more, once again reminding Hitoshi of a cat, before curling up more into Hitoshi. “Izu,” Hitoshi murmured, running his fingers through his boyfriends hair, “come on, we should get up. I think I can smell breakfast being made.”

Izuku let out an adorable little whine and in a tired voice said, “nooo, you’re too warm. Don’t wanna get up.”

“I know it’s warm Izu, but we need to get up. It may be Christmas, but I want coffee,” Hitoshi told him, trying to move.

Izuku pouted, but sat up, stretching again. “Mmmm, I could use a cup of coffee too,” Izuku mumbled, voice still full of sleep.

Hitoshi stood and started walking towards the kitchen, hearing Izuku stumble after him. When they got to the kitchen, they saw that Hizashi and Shouta were indeed cooking breakfast, and by the looks of it they’d arrived just in time for a fresh pot of coffee. Grabbing two mugs, he mumbled a good morning to the two adults and poured himself and Izuku a cup of coffee, putting a bit of honey in Izuku’s. “Good morning boys,” Shouta said, flipping a pancake. “How’d you sleep?”

“Fine, thank you,” Izuku told them quietly.

“I slept well,” Hitoshi replied, sipping his coffee.

“Breakfast is done!” Hizashi called happily, putting plates of food on the table. “Merry Christmas,” chorused around the room when they thought to say it.

Hitoshi started taking a plate, looking up to ask Izuku if he wanted something, only to see that the boy was picking at the little bit of food on his plate. He looked helplessly at his parents, nodding at Izuku. Shouta sighed and said, “problem child, it’s Christmas. Take what you want.”

Izuku jumped, wincing as his knees hit the table. “O-of course,” he stuttered, cheeks flushing slightly.

He took a piece of bacon, a pancake and a little bit of hash browns. He ate a little bit of it, feeling Hitoshi’s eyes boring into his skull. He managed to get down a little bit more before lightly pushing his plate away, finding himself full. Hitoshi let out a sigh but didn’t say anything. Izuku had never really eaten much to begin with. When they finished, Hitoshi quickly ushered Izuku into the living room, despite his protests that he could help with cleanup. Instead, he pulled Izuku to lay back down on him, not allowing the boy to move. He half-heartedly glared at Hitoshi before giving in and cuddling into his boyfriend. That was how Hizashi and Shouta found them as they walked in carrying a small pile of gifts. Seeing them, Izuku got a look of slight horror on his face. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry..” He mumbled, putting his face in his hands.

“For what?” Hitoshi asked, concerned.

“I… I left your gifts at home,” Izuku mumbled, not looking up.

Hitoshi stared at him for a second before starting to giggle. “Oh, it’s okay Izu. We can pick it up later if we can get to your house,” he told the boy, hugging him.

“Well… I got gifts for your dads too,” he continued, blushing.

Shouta and Hizashi stared at him. “Why?” Shouta asked, setting the gifts down.

“Well,” Izuku explained, “Toshi talks about you guys a lot and I wanted to get you something since we were gonna tell our parents anyways. I didn’t realize you guys were who he was talking about, but it makes a lot of sense.”

“It’s okay little listener!” Hizashi said, grinning. “You didn’t have to get us anything.”

Izuku just blushed. The gift exchange was small, but when Hitoshi gave Izuku his gift, the greenette protested. “You didn’t have to get me anything Toshi,” Izuku protested.

“I did though,” Hitoshi said, grinning. “Now come on, open it.”

Hesitantly, he did. When he’d gotten a little bit of the wrapping off and could see what it was, his jaw dropped. Hizashi and Shouta got more confused as Izuku started crying, “Toshi, you didn’t! Why? Oh my god…”

Hitoshi just grinned. He finished unwrapping the gift. It looked like there were two parts. One looked like it was an art set, a pretty good art set too, with coloured pencils, watercolours and a drawing pad. The other was a book of medicine and a book of obscure and rare quirks. “You draw?” Shouta asked, surprised.

Izuku nodded, blushing. “It helps with my analysis,” he mumbled. “Toshi, this… you didn’t have to.”

Hitoshi laughed again, kissing his boyfriend's forehead. “But I wanted to,” he said.

Neither noticed Hizashi pulling his phone out and snapping a quick picture. The last gifts were given and they were about to go and get some games to play when suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Shouta got up to get it and walked back followed by Tensei and Nemuri, both of which were holding gifts. They waved, smiling at everyone before sitting down. Well, in Tensei’s case, he just didn’t move his wheelchair. “Tenya says hi,” Tensei told Izuku, setting down the gifts.

“Oh,” Izuku smiled a little at that.

“How’re you holding up kid?” Nemuri asked, looking at the boy.

“I’m…” Izuku hesitated. “I’m doing okay, all things considered.”

He offered them a shy smile, and everyone felt their hearts melt a little at how cute he looked. “Well, now that we’re here we have gifts!” Tensei said, grinning.

He handed one to Shouta, one to Hizashi, one to Hitoshi, one to Nemuri and… “Me?” Izuku squeaked.

“Yeah, of course,” Tensei said, grinning broadly.

The same thing happened when Nemuri handed him a gift. He blushed a lot and insisted that they hadn’t had to get him anything, but they told him it was fine. Shouta had gotten a coffee mug from Tensei and some rare brand of imported coffee from Nemuri. Hizashi got a newer pair of headphones from Nemuri and some CD’s from Tensei. Nemuri had gotten something she didn’t let any of them see from Hizashi and from the Aizawa family she got a cute little dog charm for her phone. Tensei had gotten some decals he could put on his wheelchair from the Aizawa’s and some cool art of heroes he must have liked from Nemuri. Hitoshi ended up getting a cat mug from Nemuri and a membership to a dojo from Tensei. And Izuku, Izuku had gotten a poster that had different underground heroes on it from Tensei and from Nemuri he had gotten some brushes and paint. Clearly, she knew about his art too.

Izuku had blushed and thanked them profusely for the gifts, smiling broadly. Now that all the gifts had been opened, Hizashi quickly jumped up to get some games that they could play. Izuku had opened the sketch pad and taken out some coloured pencils, starting to work on a piece. Hitoshi tried to get a look, but Izuku hid it from him, saying it was a surprise. When asked if he wanted to play, Izuku declined but said he would join in later. Getting a few odd looks, they let him, guessing he was probably drawing something to test the new gift. The first game they played was monopoly, a game that ended up in arguments and giggles and all around smiling faces, making Izuku laugh, seeing their reactions.

After that, they’d played Mexican Train, a domino game that dissolved into a minor war between Nemuri and Hizashi. It was after that game that Izuku decided to join. “I.. I’m finished,” Izuku stuttered out, looking nervous but proud of himself.

Then, he turned around the drawing pad and jaws dropped. Izuku had drawn a beautiful scene of them all laughing and play fighting as they’d played monopoly. Every single one of them was drawn in such detail that they almost felt like they were looking at a picture. He had even added himself, grinning sheepishly as he drew on the sofa, Hitoshi leaning over to try and get a glance but being playfully pushed away by Izuku. Hizashi had his arm wrapped lazily around Shouta’s shoulder and he looked to be shouting something while Shouta was smiling, something that didn’t look unnatural on his face. Nemuri had a determined look on her face as she rolled the dice, glaring sassily at Tensei, while Tensei was laughing, almost doubled over in his wheelchair. “Oh my god…” Nemuri whispered.

“It’s amazing,” Tensei said, feeling a flurry of emotions as he watched the happy scene. As pro heroes, they didn’t often get moments like this, but to see it drawn in such careful, beautiful detail was truly something else.

Izuku blushed. “I.. It’s my gift. One of them anyways. Thank you for letting me stay and taking me in and taking care of me,” he said, looking more sincere than anyone had ever seen him.

“Of course!” Hizashi beamed.

Izuku smiled brightly. Despite his injuries, he looked incredibly happy. His smile made everyone else smile, which then led to Izuku dissolving into giggles. He was glad that he got to spend Christmas here because here, he was accepted and loved. Here, he could be himself and not worry. And for the first time in years, Izuku found himself enjoying Christmas, glad to be around those he considered family. Even Nemuri and Tensei.