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Terezi Versus The World Falling Apart

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-- gallowsCalibrator [GC] began trolling turntechGodhead
[TG] --

GC: H3Y D4V3, 1 KNOW YOUR S3CR3T >:]
TG: oh shit this is terrible how could this ever happen
GC: (h1c) 1 KNOW TH4T *YOU* 4R3 1N K4HOTS W1TH *K4RKR4T*
TG: ok first off
TG: did you just type 'h1c' as part of your sentence
TG: and second
TG: dude thats been common knowledge for like
TG: a while now
GC: shhhhh d4v3, you dno't w4nt 4nyon3 f1nd1ng out do you?!
GC: (h1c)
TG: okay terezi ill be honest
TG: the sheer amount of typos and nonsense flying out of
your trap are enough to tell me youre drunk
TG: you dont have to say 'h1c' to tell me that
GC: *4DOR4BL3*
TG: yea you say that but i heard from my boy karkat that
you were terrorizing him
TG: and that isnt cool with me so im gonna have to stop you
TG: how could that possibly be the case
TG: you literally have a phone in front of you
TG: and last time i checked
TG: the party was at vriskas place and im sure you know
where that was
GC: OH Y34
GC: >;] <3

-- gallowsCalibrator [GC] ceased trolling turntechGodhead [TG] --

TG: did she just fucking wink and blow me a kiss
TG: im just gonna chalk that one up to the drunkeness

-- turntechGodhead [TG] has logged off --


===> Be Terezi
Despite what the majourly embarrassing conversation you just had with coolkid Strider may have insinuated, you were in fact, not lost. No, you were still very much hanging around Vriska's place. The insinuated drunkenness was very real however. You were and still are, very buzzed. With your legs buckling with absurd negative camber, you manage to wobble your way over to Vriska's respit block and use your entire body as a knocker. Your arms are currently out of service, not because of the bottles of booze you're holding, but because you forgot you had them.
As it turns out, resting your entire weight on a door is a bad idea, as when Vriska opens it you fall into her and knock both of each other to the ground. In your stupor you barely even recognise the fact that your nose is now gushing teal blood all over Vriska. You decide this is the optimal place to open another bottle of beer and use a table to pop off the cap. "H3Y VR1SK4, WHATS TH3 B1G D34L?". Vriska rolls her eight eyes and shoves you off her lap. "The '8ig deal' is that you're 8leeding all over my fucking floor! Jegus Terezi, how much of my 8ooze is in your system?" You get up, stumble a little, and nonchalantly try to lean against a wall that never existed and fall back down. "8luh, now i have to change and get out the carpet shampooer. And tomorrow I have to go out and 8uy 8ack all my 8ooze, I H8 you Terezi". You flash her a boozed up smile and get up once more, cautious that there's a wall where you put your hand. Vriska takes off her bloodied shirt and throws it at you. You confusedly glance at her and throw it back thinking that she must be playing catch. She turns around and stares red hot irons at you before throwing it at your face and telling you to "Use it as a goddamned 8lood mop dum8ass". You stare at her for a few moments before your brain triggers and you use it to clean the teal off your face.
"SOO 1 W4S T3XT1NG COOLK1D 4ND TOLD HIM TH4T H1S D4V3K4T W4S SHOW1NG- BUT THEN 1 W4S L1K3 'N4H 1 C4NT L3T MY EX M4T3SPR1T ST34L POT3NT14L BOYFR13ND M4T3R1AL FROM HOT C4K3 R3DGL4R3' SO 1 S3NT H1M 4 H34RT >:]". Vriska takes moment from throwing other blood stained garments at you to mock you in the least sincere way possible. "As a fellow scourge sister, I have to say that when it comes to backsta88ing rel8ionships I could not have done it any 8etter!". She wraps her arm around your shoulder and starts taking you to her bed. You check your hands and realize one of your booze bottles is missing. You drop to the ground in search before you reach the bed. "OH NO MY BOOZ3 WH3R3 1S 1T I N33D MY BABY". "I think you mean MY 8ooze Terezi". Her voice wanders as she starts to sway without you at her side. Your entire world wobbles as you try to stand up. The blood stained floor and walls don't do anything to help you maintain balance so you sit on the bed."Oh gr8 fucking jo8 Terezi. Now my 8ed is ruined." "OMG YOURE SO FUNNY VR1SK4. 4NYW4YS 1M TH1RSTY L3TS G3T SOM3TH1NG TO DR1NK". Vriska gives you a sidelong stare wondering how you managed to think that was funny. You make your way out the door. You head back to the bar and start grabbing at another bottle of beer, missing the mark by at least a foot. Vriska slaps your hand away and grabs it for herself. "Terezi, you don't need any more 8eer tonight." You look down at the ground and clack your heels out of frustration. "SORRY." "Don't sweat it Pyrope." Vriska pats the seat next to her on her sofa signalling for you to sit. You stumble over and lean your weight on Vriska taking a large drink from the majyyk beer you somehow managed to stash in your boxers. "God damn you Terezi. That's your LAST drink, got me?". You roll your eyes and slur some more speech. "4CTU4LLY, YOU C4NT STOP M3. >:]". Vriska yanks the bottle from your hand and chucks it at a wall. Your precious baby! She was always better at being drunk then you were, because even though she must have drank at least half of her supply tonight, (The other half going to you), she still acted mostly sober. So there you two were, covered in smeared, drying blood, drunk as hell. Ever since the session, you've been a mess. Not as bad as you were on the meteor, but still pretty bad. Dave would keep you in check. Vriska has John, who's currently sleeping. Despite being matesprits, they didn't sleep in the same room? You find that extremely odd, but maybe he just managed to get lost in the house while hammered. "H3Y V4SK4, WH4TS 1T L1K3 H4V1NG 4 M4T3SPR1T? SOM3ON3 TO B3 W1TH? 1TS B33N SO LONG S1NC3 1 W4S W1TH K4RK4T TH4T 1V3 FORGOTT3N". "Oh it's gr8. I complain, he complains, we have sloppy makeout sessi8ns, and I get free food". Vriska loses her focus and her eyes go glassy for a second before returning her gaze to you. You return the look and flop off her into the sofa. Your eyes run over her shirtless torso. Damn she was thin. You mean, she was always thinner than you, and by only the pickiest of guys were you chubby, but come on. "HOW DO YOU DO IT?" She looks down at you and responds. "How do I d8 it? Well, I just make sure that I provide him plenty 8f "accidental" nudity for him to work off of and..." "NO, NOT YOUR R3L4T1ONSH1P. HOW DO YOU ST4Y SO TH1N." You stick your tongue out at her. "Oh. Th8t. I honestly d8n't have any idea." Some blue escapes her mouth and dribbles down her lip. She weakly tries to get off the couch, falling back into the cushion. She tries again, this time successful. She leaves a cerulean patch on the couch, and wobbles over to the bar. She pours a glass of water and manages to drink a fourth of it before dropping it. She kicks the shards and leans her weight against the wall clutching her side while muttering
curses under her breath.
In your inebriated state you don't have a clue what's going on. Vriska makes a vague attempt to walk over to you but suddenly loses the use of her legs and collapses onto the floor in a puddle of her own blood. You decide to make up the distance and amble over to her. Your mind finally decides to connect the dots as you stare in horror. A chunk of glass, presumably from the bottle you were searching for in her
block, was wedged straight through her sides. She makes an attempt to get up but only makes it to your arms before her legs give out again. You make a conscious effort to set her down gently but you aren't completely sure she could have escaped without at least a minour bruise to her head. You lean down and try to remove the shard before Vriska shoves your hand away. "D8n't remove it y8u idi8t, It'll 8nly m8ke me 8leed m8re." You frantically start yelling for John. Vriska coughs and starts to speak but instead just some blood. You can hear movement in one of the rooms and the clatter of objects and John tries to figure out his surroundings. Your blood has long since dried to your jeans but it now being covered by another layer. Vriska starts to ramble through a hoarse voice. You're teary eyed as John runs down the stairs to follow your voice. Vriska's entire stomach is covered in a pool of blood from the wound, cascading over her sides like a demented waterfall. She draws in a ragged breath as John crumples at the sight of his lover laying in a small pond of her own blood. He starts to cry, tears rolling down his face as his body starts to shake with tormented sobs. The situation has swept all the alcohol from your veins and instead replaced it with pure adrenaline. You rush over to the cabinet and rummage through it for a first aid kit or anything of use. You captchalogue a bandage and you grab a bottle of vodka. The tears and snot blur your smell and your heart races as you kneel beside Vriska. Her eyes are closed but you can still smell the way she looks past the universe. You press your hand down around the shard and without hesitation pull it out. Vriska's eyes open and she makes her best attempt to swear at you but all that escapes her cerulean stained lips is a groan and some more blood. You haphazardly drench the hole in vodka and rub it in. Vriska shrieks and coughs up more blood as the liquor spills on her open wound. You spill your sylladex for the bandage from the cabinet. You wrap it around Vriska's stomach and it starts turning blue. John is yelling something but you can't hear him. You can't smell him either. You can't sense anything, all you can get is blue. The blue of the blood still spilling from the gash in Vriska's side which you forgot to close. It turns
to black as you start to fall unconscious from a combination of terror, disgustment, and a lack of oxygen from hyperventilating. You can barely make out Vriska trying to move towards you before losing the battle that she had no way to win. Some things can't be avoided even with all the luck in the world.
Her arms gave way and her eyes stare at you with a mixture of pure pity and unbridled hatred. You killed her, maybe without knowing. You didn't want her to die, and she knew that. Even while bleeding out, she could see you trying to fix her. But at the same time, you were the one that got blackout drunk on her booze and used it as the murder weapon, and for that she hated you. Her lungs suck
in one final ragged breath before releasing it. Her chest doesn't rise afterwards, and you know that she's gone forever as you succumb to the black vignette surrounding you, finally passing out.