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Love, Sourwolf

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 Love, Sourwolf

Hey, we still on for date night?

Called Scott, he said he'd cover for you.

How many times have I told you to stop
it with the aphrodisiac?

Sorry Mica, that was meant for Erica and
Boyd. I swear, they're up to HERE with
my patience.

This is John Stilinski, Stiles' father.

Who is this?

Nice try, Stiles, but I'm not falling for that
one again. 

Once was enough.

The second time was a little frightening
considering you sent me a “selfie" of your

Scott will pick you up and he'll drop you
off at my place. We'll head off from there,


Sorry, Sourwolf, I won't be able to make it.

What's up? Something happen?

Dude, that was ACTUALLY my dad.

He saw my phone ring while i was showering
and now he's pissed

He's actually sitting next to me while I tell you
this, he says he's taking my phone because I
won't come clean

Wait, you're serious about this?

You bet your ass I'm serious about this. Stiles
has let slip that you're an adult male, several
years his senior. This makes you Derek Hale,
doesn't it?

I'm sorry we kept it a secret from you, sir, but
we knew you'd act like this.

Like what?



Maybe even a little betrayed?

But I assure you that I have Stiles' best
interests at heart. I never force him into
anything he doesn't want, and what he does,
and what he doesn't want he makes very

And despite what you might seem to think, it's
not a physical relationship. The both of us
made that VERY clear when we started seeing
each other.

Exactly how long has this been going on?

Maybe about two months next week.

"Maybe about?" What the hell does that

We'd been, I guess the word would be,
"skirting" around each other. Stiles helped me
with a personal problem I'd been dealing with
for a while and he helped me come around to
it. I think that's when we started seeing each
other as more than "begrudging


You still there?

I swear to god, if you've done it again, Stiles,
we are over

I cannot handle this mental peer pressure!

It's still John. I'm thinking.

Okay, I've made a decision.


If - and I reiterate, IF - and until I say
otherwise, you and Stiles are not allowed to
see each other in a personal environment. If
any emergency comes up between the two of
you, I will be notified about it. I know Stiles is
keeping something else from me, and your
relationship stems from it, doesn't it?

We've come to rely on each other because of
it, yes.

I'm not even gonna ask what the hell that

My point is, I'm gonna look into this in an
unbiased point of view, and if I don't like what
I find out, I will arrest you for attempted
statutory rape.

That's not actually a thing, Stiles did research
on the matter before we officially got together.

Shit, that was a terrible thing to send


Absolutely. I hope you'll see where
we're coming from, Sheriff.

We'll see.

There's also the matter that you know the
nickname that only Claudia called him.

I know the story. The nickname was branded
hers and no one, not even Scott or you were
allowed to call him that.

There is an explanation for why Stiles allows
me to call him that so easily, but

It's a bit of a complicated answer. I'm not sure
if I can explain it now.


But you WILL talk to me about this before I
make my decision, alright? Absolutely zero
contact with Stiles until then.

Yes, sir.

Good. I'll be keeping Stiles' phone, so don't
message him again.

Have a good evening, Hale.

I was going to, but my date had to cancel

Sorry, that was passive-aggressive of me.

Good night, Hale.
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Derek Hale

This is the Sheriff. I got your number from
Stiles' phone. I want you to come over and
explain a few things in person while he's in

I'm sure you know where we live.
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Of course, sir.


Dude, you doing fine? looked like you were
ready to bail during Bio

I'm not sure how much longer I can handle
this, Scott.

It's been days! Derek says that a werewolf
needs regular contact with their mate for
safety and sanity, I haven't seen Derek since
before! He figured out Derek had been
climbing in through my window and bolted it
shut. He's more or less quarantined me to the
house except for school. 

How was the faerie attack yesterday?

We got through it, but the spell Deaton
provided would've worked better with more

We've been managing, at least until you come

I'm sorry

Don't worry, it's not your fault. We'll be fine,
and next thing you know, you'll be bothering
Derek for his general grumpiness all over

Where do you think the nickname came from?

I'm just sorry I can't help anymore. Just
passing messages along isn't enough, is it? 

Though Allison did have a pretty good idea.


What if I give Allison a call on my phone, but
let you and Derek talk for a while? We call
each other almost all the time, so our call
history won't tip anyone off, and you and
Wolfie get to talk about your shit!


I could kiss Allison for this!

And you!

After what happened in eight grade, what the
hell makes you think I'll let you kiss me again?

Kissing was your idea!

You bit my lip!

I apologized, didn't I? On the bright side, we
now know that you're straight and I'm bi

What a day for revelations 


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Please don’t

“Do you honestly think me an idiot, Stiles?”

“Whoa, what? Dad, what are you talking about?”

“What makes you think I would trust you about anything anymore, considering what you’ve kept from me about Derek? And then I find out you’ve been secretly chatting with him through Scott and Allison after I specifically told you to stay away from him?”

“What?! How do you even know about–“

“I’m looking through your messages, Stiles! Of course I am! You think I wouldn’t when I gave you back your phone to make sure you wouldn’t talk with... with that man?”

“‘That man’ has a name, and his name is Derek! He cares about me! He wouldn’t hurt me!”

“He’s dangerous, Stiles! He told me himself that he’s in caught in the middle of something and you’ve gotten yourself hurt because of it! What else have you kept from me? Werewolves and fairies?”

“But... Dad, I–“

“Enough, Stiles! I’m coming home right now and you better stay put or I swear to god I’ll hunt that Hale boy down and throw his ass in jail! STAY. PUT.”

“...okay, Dad.”


My dad knows.

Mica? I thought you weren’t allowed to text

Knows what?

About werewolves.

Us being mates.

Scott and Lydia and the others.

All that jazz.


Those jazz hands don’t even feel exciting. Are
you okay?

No. My dad came in after going through my
messages at work using some screening or
whatever, seeing the conversation Scott and I
had about using his and Ally’s phones so we
could talk.

Oh. What happened after?

He called me and said to stay home so we can
talk about it. He also caught the message of
me mentioning werewolves and faeries. He
shouted at me, demanding for answers that I
didn’t want to give. I know he was worried
about me, but I think that anger evolved into
something more if it made him so angry that
he yelled like that.

The last time he yelled at me was after Mom
died, before he finally quit drinking. He felt so
bad after that, it was like that moment in time
all over again.

What happened to him?


He was scared he’d lose you, the last thing he
has left in this world.

He only stopped drinking for you. If you
weren’t around, or if something happened
during our pack adventures, he’d probably
start again.

Except this time, there wouldn’t be anyone to
anchor him anymore.


Where is he now?

He left the house. Don’t know where.

After I told him everything, he just stayed
silent and left. Told 
me to stay inside and
that he’d be back soon after he thought about

Wouldn’t he be able to see these messages

No, those take a little while. It’s the only
reason we got away with it when we did.

Hey, Der?

Yeah, Mica?

I love you

I love you too.
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“Oh, god, Stiles. I’m so... I’m so sorry...”

“Dad? What are you apologizing for?”

“For last night, for shouting. I didn’t... I don’t want to scare you, son. But I did. Just like when you were a kid, I scared you. You... you were scared of me. Seeing that face of yours, how you reacted, it made me realize what a shitty parent I’ve been all this time.”

“No, Dad, that’s not–“

“Stiles, please. Let me talk.”


“I... I went to your mother’s grave last night.”


“I told her about all of this. You and Derek, the whole supernatural shit that that’s been going on. I kept asking myself what if, what if I was never there, what if I couldn’t make it, what if I did better. And you know what I realized?”


“I’m not there. Sure, I show up home after work, but I’m never spending time with you, like a father should. You say you kept all this to protect me from it, but it shouldn’t be a child’s job to protect their father from harm.”

“I’m not a child anymore, Dad.”

“No, you’re not. And that’s the problem. We’ve spent so little time together that... I never got to see you grow up. And that’s on me. You're older, you’re wiser, you’re braver, and I never got to see any of it because of my job. I’m so sorry, Stiles. I’m sorry you felt like you couldn’t trust me with this, I’m sorry you felt like you had to hide who you are. I’m sorry for everything, Mica.”

“I... I’m sorry, too.”

“Um, I talked to Derek this morning. About the whole mates thing.”

“And? Did you reach your verdict?”

“Yeah, I did. Obviously, the age difference would be off-putting for anyone. But I can see that Derek cares a lot about you. He talks about you like you’re this divine being, and you protected him with your words like he was worth everything. And I suppose, to the both of you, you are.”


“So... you two can keep seeing each other.”

“Oh, my god! Thank you, Dad! Thank you so much!”

“I have conditions, of course!”

“Yes, yeah, whatever! Anything!”

“First, you TELL me when you’re going out with Derek. If it’s a supernatural thing, I’ll keep an eye on stuff on my side of things. Second, you keep any touching to a minimum as possible until you’re at least eighteen, alright? Go at it like rabbits then, for all I care, as long as I don’t see or hear it.

“Oh, gross. You’re gross. You’re disgusting, Dad.”

“I aim to please. Look, there’s another thing I wanna tell you.


“School’s almost out for summer, yeah? Well, how about when it does, you and I head to San Diego to see the zoo, just like we did with Mom all those years ago?”

“Wha– You’re serious?”

“Yes. We should really spend time together, Stiles. Invite some of your friends, if you want, those in... in your pack, yeah?”

“That’s the right word, pack. Um, even... even Derek?”

“I still have to think about it, but it’s not off the table yet.”

“Okay. Um, where are you, anyway? You didn’t come home at all last night.”

“Sorry, kid. After I went to see your mom, I headed to the station to fill out my paperwork for the days off. I’d say two weeks is good until Beacon Hills needs us, yeah?”

“Two weeks is great, Dad. I love you.”

“Love you too, son.”

Love, Sourwolf

Tonight’s good? For sure this time?

Yeah, as long as I get home by 9

That only gives us an hour.

Make it fast and hard, Sourwolf, try to make
me cum untouched

Challenge accepted.

Wait, is your dad still going through your

Shit you’re right, he still might. How about I
just delete the past few messages just to be

Good idea. See you tonight.

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