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P.S (What is it about them?)

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It starts on Tuesday, Penny opens her locker and reaches in to grab books when her elbow knocks something out. She pauses glancing down to see a folded piece of paper.

Tentatively she looks around, nobody is looking at her. They’re all getting their own things mindlessly chatting with their friends. 

She leans down to pick up the note. 

“You’re really pretty, I wish you would acknowledge that more often than not. It’s sad seeing you put yourself down. -an admire” 

Penny’s face flushes, she can’t help the smile she tries to bite back.

She folds the note and sticks it into her bag. 

She feels giddy the rest of the day. It must be obvious because flash looks at her weird and mutters weirdo underneath her breathe but she ignores it. Later at lunch Ned’s asks her what’s gotten her moods up so much.

She pulls out the note, out of the corner of her eye she can see MJ look over. Before he quickly looks back to his book.

“I uh.. I got a note today!” She smiles and hands it over to him for him to read. Ned mouths it while his eyes dart back and forth. 

“That’s great pen!” He smiles, she shifts in her seat flicking a strand of hair out of her sight to read the note again. 

“Yeah, I don’t want to get my hopes up though. I don’t think it’s flash messing with me but it might be one of his goons” she says, her own voice dropping her mood. Consideration and a little bit of pity twist Ned’s face. 

“Sorry pen. But who knows maybe it’s not”

She perks up, the smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes this time but she feels a little bit better now.”

“Yeah, maybe not”