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I Would Rather Date You

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After placing the newly obtained key in the lock he twisted until he felt the click indicating he now had access to the apartment.
Two smiled as he entered, searching for the residents of the quiet home. His smile widened as he laid eyes on the woman silently reading a book on the compact balcony in the early morning fog.
He gingerly approached her, sliding the door open as slowly as possible so as not to cause a disturbance. "Hey," he whispered to gain her attention. Lynn looked up from her literature, grinning as she noticed who had broken her from her studying.

"Hey!" She exclaimed back, quickly getting up from her seated position to wrap her arms around his neck, clunky book still in one hand. He returned the embrace in kind chuckling at her excitement, "What are you doing here so early in the morning?" She inquired as she placed a bookmark between the pages of her textbook, setting down the bulky thing in her chair.
"I figured I would surprise you with a breakfast date at a place of your choosing. As a thank you for making me my own key for your new apartment!" He held the key up happily in front of him twisting his wrist, showing off the shiny object as if it were a prize as it caught the light.
She laughed and led him back inside, "Great, but I have to take a shower first. Sit here and wait, I won't be long." She pointed to the small couch in the open living room, "Make yourself at home, and feel free to talk to my roommate, they should be waking up anytime now."

Two nodded before doing as he was told, slightly twisted around to watch her walk passed the attached kitchen and down the hall, disappearing into her room briefly before exiting with clothing in hand to enter the bathroom at the end. He turned back around and sat tapping a pointer finger on his leg, waiting.
He was considering turning on the TV when he heard a shuffling of feet and the opening of a door to the left of the hallway. Two swiveled around to greet his girlfriend's new roommate, but was hit with a wave of surprise when he saw a disheveled, sleep ridden man in the kitchen.
The stranger was pouring himself a bowl of cereal as Two approached, "Wait, so you are Lynn's roommate?!" He questioned incredulously. The man with the messy bed head sat the cardboard box down sleepily looking behind him to find who was speaking to him so soon after waking up.
Leaning back against the counter he squinted and rubbed his eyes trying to remove the sleep from them and took his time raising an eyebrow in the definition of sloth. He nodded and answered in a groggy, rough voice, "Yup," then returned to the cereal box closing it and putting it back in the cabinet.

Two furrowed his brows and looked at the sleepy man in anger and confusion. "She never told me her roommate was a guy!" He finally announced after a long silence.
Said man was now looking at him grumpily as he placed milk back in the fridge, reaching for an almost empty carton of orange juice he sighed and shut the door, "I know what you're thinking, but trust me-" he paused to look him in the eyes before finishing with, "I would sooner date you than steal your girlfriend." He gave him a stern look that said "understand?" before casually taking the carton of juice and his breakfast with him.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" He asked himself more than the roommate, then shouted, "Hey! Wait!" In an offended tone as the rude individual, sauntering back to his room, shut the door firmly on him before he could get the sentence he was attempting to form out.
Grunting in frustration he sat back down on the couch to resume his wait. Trying to understand if his girlfriend's own roommate was insulting her- or whatever he had possibly meant.