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all hail (the new kids)

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Ochako was excited. She had been excited since yesterday, when they had been told that they were going to get a new student transferring into their class from general studies! She had always thought that it was weird that they only had 19 people in their class, while class 1-B had 21, and maybe this was why!

There’s murmuring outside of the door, which is weird because everyone was here apart from Aizawa-sensei and he was normally very quiet coming into class.

Aizawa-sensei came in alone, but instead of sitting at his desk and drinking his juice or coffee like he normally did, he stood at the front of the room and cleared his throat.

“Today we will be getting a new transfer student. Due to the special circumstances of his move, he will be missing some of the classes and study periods that you should share but don’t bother him about it. Come on in Midoriya.” He said, all in a monotone.

Midoriya? That must have been who he was talking to outside the door!

 A short green haired boy came through the door and waved shyly at everyone. He smiled, but it turned almost mocking when he looked at Bakugou.

“Hi, I’m Midoriya Izuku, it’s nice to meet you all!” He said, and even his voice was cute!

When he had said this, however, Bakugou stood up, scraping his chair across the floor, which, rude! There were people with listening quirks in this class! Bakugou should be more considerate.

"What the fuck are you doing here, DEKU?!" Bakugou screamed, accompanying the question with a round of explosions.

“Hi Kacchan, I could ask you the same question if you treat everyone with that attitude.” He said and oh wow, who thought that someone so cute could look so derisive!

The class was so silent, Ochako could almost hear the cricket noises. At least she could until Kirishima whispered “holy shit” loud enough for everyone to hear.

Aizawa’s head thunked onto the table and wow, this new kid must be a real piece of work if Aizawa was already exhausted.

“Can you not just sit down without starting a fight, Problem Child?”

Midoriya seemed to think for a minute. “Nope!” He said brightly, before finally sitting in his seat.

Ochako had to admit, from what she had seen, this kid had to have some kind of death wish.

Ochako looks to Shinsou and Iida and mouths ‘Problem Child?’ Iida looks confused but Shinsou is grinning, which never bodes well for anyone.

Iida sticks his hand up rigidly, not even waiting for Aizawa to acknowledge him before he began speaking.

“Is this not an inopportune time for Midoriya to join our class, sensei? We’ve already started going over material!”

“Don’t worry about it, Midoriya will be able to catch up, and he’s been studying in the general studies course before this. Now let me sleep.” Aizawa said, not once lifting his face from the desk.

He must be very tired!

The day passes almost as normal from there, with Midoriya being a part of their class for all periods except for English, leaving as the bell rang and coming back ready for the next period.

This also meant that Midoriya was there for lunch. It started off fine, everyone taking out their lunches or starting to make their way to the cafeteria. The issue came when about half the class decided to corner him in an attempt to learn more about him.

Ochako didn’t think that this was what the school meant by Plus Ultra!

“Hey, Midoriya, what’s your quirk?” Kaminari asked, looking to be one of the leaders in this quest for knowledge.

“Oh, my quirk?” He said, and then started laughing as if that was the funniest joke that he had heard in a while. “I would’ve thought that you would be interested in why I joined now and not with the rest of the class?”

“Oh, yeah! I really wanna know why, that’s way more interesting than your quirk!” Ashido bounced up, making herself more visible over Kaminari’s shoulder.

“Well the thing is, the board of directors who control all the behind the scenes stuff at this school, are assholes. Yeah, those assholes and some… questionably legal decisions later and here I am, way too late to my first day of school.” He grinned as he said it, laughing a little.

Every single person in that room was confused. Questionably legal decisions? Ochako wondered if it was to do with his quirk. She was about to ask when Bakugou decided now was the time to be an asshole.

The explosion sounds came first and Midoriya flinched at each one, a slightly hunted look entering his eye as he considered where he was. Ochako realised to, there was no easy way to get out of the situation, he was pretty much backed up against the open window.

“DEKU WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Bakugou said, well, yelled.

Midoriya laughed awkwardly, “Ha ha ha, that’s my signal, gotta blast.” And then he took a few steps towards the window and jumped right out.

“Did he just jump out the window?” Kirishima asked, one arm around Bakugou’s shoulders to stop him from leaping after the new boy.

And holy crap he actually had.

“He’s going to fit right in.” Shinsou sighed. He looked like he couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or not.


After that fiasco, everyone did end up going down to the cafeteria, where they saw Midoriya, calm as anything, eating his lunch and scribbling away in his notebook.

Ochako grabbed Shinsou by the arm who grabbed Iida by the arm who started swinging his arm and getting people out of the way like the weirdest train.

They sat down, Ochako across from him, Shinsou beside him and Iida next to Ochako.

“Hey! You’re Uraraka, Shinsou and Iida, right?” Midoriya asked, looking at them with a guarded smile.

“Wow! How did you know our names? You weren’t even there for registration this morning!” Ochako asked, and yeah, maybe she was diffing for information on his quirk, it would make sense if he had some sort of identification quirk or something for him to transfer from gen ed! Or at least that’s what Shinsou had told her.

“Well, Iida here looks exactly like Ingenium or Iida Tensei, I’m going to guess at younger brother? He seems too old to be his son. Uraraka your name is written on your lunch box and Shinsou, did you fall asleep on your work? Because your name is stamped on your neck. You really shouldn’t use ink pens if you’re going to fall asleep on your work.” He said, pointing at one of them after the other.

Who was this kid?

Ochako grabbed Shinsou’s face, squeezing his cheeks while she tried to rub the writing off of his neck.

“Anyway, I know you guys are probably super curious but it’s super complicated and I would rather only explain everything once so would you mind waiting until I tell everyone? If you don’t want to sit with me anymore that’s cool.” He said and wow, that was just a little sad. He kind of reminded Ochako of Shinsou when they had first met at the entrance exam, but they had managed to become friends after that so she could do it again. She could tell Shinsou was thinking the same thing when their eyes met.

“No, we are just here to get to know you, not fish for information or anything!” She said and she smiled at him.

The safeguarded look in his eye seemed to fade, just a little, but she would take that as a win.

“We have All Might for our next class,” she saw him tense up, was he some sort of fanboy? “I bet you’re super excited, I know I was before my first class with him, but don’t worry, he’s not as intimidating as he seems, he’s actually a real goof!”

“Yeah, I’ve, met him before.” He said, looking down at his food and poking it around a bit.

“You’ve met him? That’s so cool!”

“Yeah he saved me from a villain made of slime.” He looked a little dark and scary at that point, so Ochako was grateful that Shinsou decided to change the Subject.

“I think we’re doing an urban battle trial, have you got a hero costume sorted?” He said, somehow looking both interested and bored at the same time.

“Oh! Yeah! It was brilliant fun working with real support students! So much better than what I had before.” He jumped from doom and gloom to sunshine and rainbows pretty quickly. And there were a lot of questions raised from that, Ochako could hear Iida muttering ‘before?’ under his breath.

Conversation was easy after that, Midoriya was just another kid like them after all.

By the time their foundational hero class came around, Ochako would say they were well on the way to becoming friends.

Ochako almost raced through getting into her space themed costume, so excited to see Midoriya’s costume.

When she got there, she saw Shinsou in his usual purple getup and Midoriya in a rather interesting costume. He wore a dark coloured hoodie like thing with a utility belt keeping it tucked in. The front of his hood had either a duck bill or a baseball cap attached, but Ochako was leaning towards baseball cap. His trousers looked like they were made up of some tight but stretchy material, probably to stop them getting caught on anything and the only bits of colour were his red trainers and gloves.

“Hey guys! Where’s Iida?”

“Still getting changed into his costume, you know how long it takes him to get into all the different pieces.” Shinsou replied.

It really was a very impractical hero costume.

“What were you guys talking about anyway?” Ochako asked. They had looked pretty serious!

“Midoriya wants to be an underground hero to, we were discussing how oversaturated the showy heroes are and how stretched thin underground heroes ended up, despite them being more important to the average person.”

Midoriya nodded along as if that made much sense to her at all. She had never really looked into underground heroes much. Maybe she should change that if two of her friends wanted to be one!

By the time she had primed a question about underground heroics, Iida was here, along with All Might. Their teacher didn’t even seem to realise that they had an extra person in their class, he was so silly!

He explained the trial to them. It was a sort of urban trial, with a focus on capturing the other team, each team acting as the heroes and pretending that the other were the villains.

Midoriya ended up in the very first trial on a team with Tokoyami and against Sero and Yaoyorozu. Everyone was excitedly murmuring about this one, curious about what Midoriya’s quirk would be. All Might just looked confused; he didn’t remember there being an even number of people and was trying to remember if there had been any memos that he’d missed.

Bakugou was just scoffing in the corner, arms crossed and a wicked smirk on his face as if he was waiting for something funny to happen.

He leapt away from his corner with his teeth bared when he saw the way that Midoriya climbed along the fire escapes and walls of the alleyways, leaping at Sero from above and taking him down in three efficient movements.

“What the hell? He shouldn’t be able to do that!” Bakugou said.

Everyone seemed to realise at the same time what this meant.

“Did you know Midoriya from before UA?”

“Did you go to school together?”

“What’s his quirk?”

Bakugou growled, swatting at Kaminari and Ashido as they got to close.

“Yes, I knew him before, we went to the same middle school.” He glared at the screen so hard that Ochako was surprised it wasn’t cracked. “He doesn’t have a fucking quirk, he’s just a fucking quirkless Deku.” He said

The entire room seemed to stop, looking between the screen, where Midoriya was scaling the walls like a spider, and Bakugou.

Bakugou wouldn’t lie about something like this.

“All Might sensei, you should stop the exercise, nobody else knows that he’s quirkless, they could use their quirks and hurt them.” Iida said. Which was a little bit weird because he had just absolutely kicked Sero’s ass and he was definitely using his quirk.

“Wait dude, not cool, he is very clearly winning.” Kirishima said.

He let Midoriya carry on, sneaking around the back of the building while Tokoyami distracted Yaoyorozu at the front.

It only took one of Yaoyorozu’s traps setting off, it hadn’t even touched Midoriya, but All Might was on the comms asking Midoriya to stop the exercise and come back to the viewing box.

It was a couple minutes of tense silence before Midoriya was through the door.  His brow was furrowed, and he had pushed his hood back from his head, making his hair even more fluffy than it had been.

“Hey, All Might sensei, I’m sorry if I did anything wrong, I didn’t even go for the head when I took Sero down, I thought that would be okay, but if you need me to be less forceful I can do th-“

Ochako was speechless, did he think the issue was that he was too forceful? Too good at taking Sero down? He really had been ruthlessly efficient, Ochako couldn’t see what Iida’s issue was.

“I’m sorry my boy, but that isn’t actually the issue here, the issue was that your classmates are all using their quirks and it came to my attention that-“ Midoriya’s face was slowly falling, from a sheepishly confused smile to just plain sad, resigned almost.

“I’m quirkless and therefore what, I was faking taking down Sero. Are you fucking kidding me?” He ran his hand through his hair. “This is ridiculous, I got in, I finally got into my dream school and you’re stopping me before I can even complete one exercise? I can take down real life villains but the minute you realise I’m quirkless I’m what? Made of glass?”

He took a deep breath. “I sick of this, and I’m sick of your dumb biases All Might.”

The slam of the door echoed in the silence.

Did someone actually just swear at All Might, the number one hero? Did someone just tell All Might that they were sick of him? This was one insane day.

“Y’know All Might sensei, that really wasn’t cool, he obviously knew what he was doing when he took down Sero, not to mention when he avoided Yaomomo’s traps. I think this might be what they call discrimination sensei.”

And then Kirishima walked out too. When Shinsou met her eye, it was easy enough to follow him out.

That doesn’t mean that she wasn’t completely glad that she heard the door swing open behind her, it was a lot more difficult to punish all of them.

Together the girls got changed and walked back to the classroom. There was still supposed to be an hour of this lesson left so they were all sat twiddling their thumbs in the class when Aizawa-sensei walked in.

Ochako thought that it might be the first time she had seen him look shocked.

“What… Are you doing here? You’re meant to be in foundational hero studies with All Might.

“We are protesting quirk discrimination sir.” Kirishima says, almost managing to not sound scared.

Aizawa-sensei’s bewildered look got 10x harder.

“Tell me exactly what happened, right now.” He said.

And they did. Between all of them they managed to get every detail across to their homeroom teacher, Kaminari even being brave enough to tell Aizawa-sensei exactly what Midoriya had said to All Might. Aizawa-sensei had to take a break to wash down some pain killers at that point.

“This wouldn’t have even been an issue if All Might had read the memo this morning.” He seemed to mutter.

“Okay, I want everyone to write an incident report, without leaving a single detail out. If I’m not back by the end of the day, leave them on my desk and I’ll come back and collect them. If you see Midoriya, tell him that this is a code blue, he’ll know what that means.”

And then Aizawa-sensei jumped out of the window, almost exactly like Midoriya had earlier that day.

“Did that actually just happen?” Ashido was the first to speak after Aizawa left.

“I guess so? Unless this whole day has been a really vivid fever dream.” Kaminari said, hands over his eyes.

They all settle down and start writing their reports for about ten minutes, which is really an achievement considering that neither Yaoyorozu nor Iida were there to keep them working at the start. Yaoyorozu, Sero and Tokoyami end up joining them about five minutes later, all still looking a little bit confused but sitting down and writing their own version of events before they ask what really happened.

They would have continued at that rate if they weren’t interrupted by a ceiling tile moving and Midoriya landing perfectly on his desk as if he were that one actor from those spy films that everyone had seen.

Everyone turned to look at him as he silently landed.

“Oh, oh shit,” He said, eyes wide as he looked back into the crowd. “Um, hi everyone. I thought you guys were meant to be with All Might still?”

“We’re protesting his treatment of you.” Kirishima said, the unofficial ringleader of their protests.


“Well, yeah. What kind of heroes would we be if we didn’t try to help people?” This time it was Hagakure putting in her input.

“Aizawa said to tell you that it’s a code blue? He said you would know what that means.” Ojirou said, the only one to remember the message that they were meant to be passing along.

Ochako was sure that she heard him muttering something about not needing to crawl through the ceilings anymore then. She wasn’t sure though.

“You planning on getting off of your desk anytime soon, Midoriya?” Shinsou piped up, the laughter clear in his voice.

Midoriya’s cheeks streak red and his arms start to windmill before he plummets to the ground.

Ochako and Shinsou are quick to reorient him and brush of his hero costume, which he’s still working. Ochako notices the texture of the gloves, they must be what allowed him to stick to the walls during the battle trial.

“Oh, we’re all meant to write an incident report about today, I’m assuming they’ll want yours too.”

“Oh, it’s okay, I’m going to have to go see Nedzu now anyway.” Midoriya said, as if that was a thing that people just did, talking to terrifying rat-bear that was the UA principle.

“But we have a study period then?” Ashido said, obviously not having made the connection that that was what he was doing for his study period.

“Yeah, he helps me develop my analysis for one period a week.”

Everyone looked vaguely nauseous at that thought.

“Was it something I said?” Midoriya asks when he senses the change in the room.

The tension is broken, and laughter fills the classroom once more.

Aizawa-sensei enters the room, and everyone quiets down immediately, but for once he doesn’t look made, maybe even slightly proud when he meets Midoriya’s eyes, and Midoriya just grins brightly at him. How this adorable boy could be being taught by Principal Nedzu of all people has got to be up there in the world’s greatest mysteries.

“C’mon Midoriya, we need to go have a chat with Nedzu.” Is all he says.

The bell rings not long after that, and in come all those who had stayed behind. All three of them. Iida, Bakugou and Todoroki all seem unbothered by the glares that meet them as they come in, Todoroki completely blanking them, Bakugou scoffing and Iida expressing his distaste at the rule breaking but his wish that they understand that he wanted to come with them.

The glares soften a little at that. They know what Iida’s like.

The day carries on as normal, but not a single one of them sees him for the rest of the day, even though his belongings mysteriously disappear between one period and the next.