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The pier and docks are completely abandoned, all activities ceasing moments after the first drop of rain hit their worn, wooden boards. Rain pelts the buildings and cobble streets causing everything to appear much darker than usual. The clouds overhead seemingly suck light from every corner while simultaneously casting a wide shadow over the coastal town. Occasional lightning cracks above as Yoongi makes his way to where the wooden ships rock in time with the stormy water. The thunder that follows reverberates in his rib cage, but he keeps walking.

He boards the deck of the ship he’s worked on since he was ten years old. He doesn’t think it would be right for him to go without visiting one last time. Some part of him longing for the closure that only this ship can bring him. The sailor slowly makes his way around the deck, taking in every inch as if there were to be a test. Eventually he finds himself in front of the large wooden wheel he had always wanted to touch when he was younger, but was never allowed to. Yoongi smiles a bit, bringing his hands up to grasp it. Though it’s a rather silent ‘fuck you’ to his former captain, he’ll take what he can get.

After a moment he takes a deep breath and lets go. Back to the task at hand. He steps back out into the drenching rain, cursing that he didn’t wear a jacket. Nonetheless, Yoongi unwraps one of the ropes used to lower the ship’s lifeboat, only to be immediately jerked towards the water by the weight of its rapidly falling front.

“Ah, fuck!”

Usually when he has to do this there are a lot more people to help him keep it steady, but he supposes he’ll just have to make do. He plants his feet firmly on the deck and leans back. This only does so much with the deck soaked by the rain. He pulls back on the rope with all of the strength he has before rewrapping it on the hook. When he’s certain that it isn’t going to budge, he falls onto his back and attempts to catch his breath. He squints at the rain falling directly into his face.

“You’re not going to make this easy for me are you?” He yells at the sky. Lightning cracks through the clouds as if responding.

Yoongi grudgingly gets back up and leans over the side to assess his progress. Much to his surprise the front of the lifeboat is right where he needs it to be. He sighs a quiet thank you and moves to the other side to repeat the process. A lot more carefully this time. Eventually he manages to get the small boat safely into the water and ties both of the ropes to keep it from being swept by the rough waves.

Somehow he climbs the slick rope ladder without slipping and finally hops down into the lifeboat. He decides now would be a good time to celebrate his small victory before he is ultimately forced to move on to the next task. Moment of celebration over, he removes his knife from his belt and begins sawing desperately at the ropes. Between the slickness of the rain on the knife and the harshness of the waves throwing the small boat, this proves to be a difficult feat. Yoongi haphazardly moves drenched strands of hair out of his eyes and takes a deep breath to calm his frustration. The last rope snaps and falls unceremoniously into the dark water.

He knew going into this that he would have to fight some pretty tough waves (it is a storm afterall, it’s to be expected), however he did not account for the extremely strong winds the storm brought with it. Rather stupid looking back on it, but he was a bit preoccupied with the idea of finally taking matters into his own hands.

“No, don’t you even think about it.” He scolds the boat as it begins to sway more intensely. His heart stops briefly as he feels the boat lift up and drop roughly back into the waves. His stomach churns from the combination of nerves and the saltwater he ingested from the impact.

For a moment the boat steadies and Yoongi is able to catch his breath, though the rain is still as persistent as ever. He lifts his arm to push his hair out of his face for the thousandth time and is caught off guard when he tumbles forward. His shoulder makes harsh impact with the boat’s wooden side as he falls. His hand flies up to the injury in response, hissing in pain when the salt water from his hand makes contact with what surely is a decent gash. One glance at the blood on his hand confirms it. He isn’t given time to dwell on it any further as one half of his boat is jarred upwards and tosses him into the stormy ocean.