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Nexus-Terato Inc

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“Welcome to Nexus-Terato Inc. It is a newly started project to breed endangered creatures and monsters. This is with a purpose of preserving the species, and as part of biological research. You will be taken good care of during your stay, and we can ensure your safety. All the details about this project are in the documents we sent you, and we remind you that this is highly confidential.”

“Breeding…” Ichigo said with a sigh and then turned to shoot Shiro a sharp look. “You’re the one who got us into this mess, and we can’t back out now. The freaking agreement you signed for us both said that.”

“Come on, it could be fun,” Shiro shrugged, brushing it off.

The elevator they had been in stopped and the doors in front of them opened and allowed them to walk inside this new building. This whole facility was the size of Paris, with thousands of different types of creatures, and who knows how many people working there. It was all high tech and rather fancy. As they walked through the corridor they could look out over one of the many areas that were here as the walls on either side of them was made out of glass. This whole place was shaped like roots, with a large centered and veins that spread out to all the enclosures that were both on top and under ground. Some were enclosed in buildings to create a artificial environment for the creatures, while others could deal with the climate that was naturally here.


Ichigo quickly looked ahead, he had been staring out the window for a bit, since he had to admit that the view was beautiful.

“Ishida! Did you sign up to this?!” Ichigo said as he saw his friend standing in front of him. No. Now that he looked at him again he looked more like he worked here. White coat and name tag and a tablet in hand.

“No, idiot, I work here,” Uryū huffed.

“So this is the work you couldn’t talk about, and then just disappeared months ago.”

“Yeah. Well… I’m here to meet you and show you to your living quarters. You’ll each get your own apartment, and you can change it however you want. We will get the things you want like books or tv or anything really. Your comfort is our priority.”

“Sounds sweet,” Shiro grinned.

“So follow me, and if you have any questions go ahead and ask and I will answer to my best ability.”

Ichigo and Shiro followed along.

“So, there are to be tests first?” Ichigo asked. He hadn’t really read the documents, so his knowledge of what the hell his brother had dragged him into was limited.

“Ah, yes. Your bodies will be tested to see how much you can handle. How girthy the cocks can be, and how many eggs you can fit, and also a bit of alteration if your body allows it so that you can carry the young of those who do not lay eggs.”

The whole time Uryū spoke his face was bright red, and even though he had his back to Ichigo and Shiro they could see the blush reach his neck.

“Have you given any of the monsters a test ride?” Shiro asked with the biggest smirk he could manage.

“NO!” Uryū said quickly and glared back at Shiro.

“Riiight.” Shiro didn’t believe him.

“Any other questions?”

“How many monsters do you guys house here?” Ichigo asked.

“3 421 different species.”

“And how many of them are we expected to breed with?” That was a lot of creatures.

“That will depend on you. Maybe you’ll only have one specie, or you’ll have over ten. It depends on your willingness, durability and mental health. You will start easy anyway.”

“Oh that’s right. There’s a lot of psychologists here, right?” Ichigo had remembered seeing that being mentioned in the papers.

“Yes. They will be taking care of your mental health and seeing how this all affects you.”

“How many other people are here right now to fuck monsters?” Shiro asked.

“We currently have 47 participants. You two will be in building 9 where 6 other people currently live, so hopefully you’ll get along with them. I think you guys might know a few of them already.”

Ichigo rose his eyebrows at that. Knew them already? Now he was curious to see who had managed to get into this mess out of all the people he knew.

They walked for a bit longer and then got to what almost looked like a train station. They waited for a bit, a small train arrived, and got inside. Well, it made sense that they didn’t have to walk everywhere considering how huge this place was.

The seats inside this rather small train was comfy as hell. Everything was in a light blue and white, and they had places to sit for maybe twenty people.

“There is a map of the whole area in your building, and on the tablet that is in your apartments,” Uryū explained. “You can call us at any hour of the day, there will always be someone there to answer your call.”

“Sounds like we’ll be treated like fucking royalty,” Shiro grinned.

“Well, you are valuable to us. Our work wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for those who volunteer.”

There was a bit of silence and Ichigo looked out again, since most of this train thingy was also made out of glass, so he could still see the view outside. It looked like there was a rain forest right by them, and for a moment he wondered just what sort of creature lived in there.

“We will be doing tests on you two in a couple of days, you will get the exact date tomorrow, and until then the focus is just to get the two of you comfortable and acquainted with this place.”

“Sounds cool… But I think I read somewhere that prisoners could sign up to this instead of staying in prison, right?” Shiro said.

“Correct. But we don’t allow violent prisoners here, or anyone we might think could be a danger to the rest,” Uryū confirmed.

The train stopped and they stepped outside into a large hall and the train continued on. Now Ichigo realized that there were no train tracks, just a path on the floor it followed, and it would be bright red if the train was nearby and blue if it wasn’t.

They got to a door that had a large ‘9’ painted on it, and Uryū opened it with a keycard for the two brothers and let them inside.

“Your key cards are in your rooms, let me show you the way.”

They had walked into a large square area, it almost looked like they were outside because of the glass ceiling, and in the middle was a huge swimming pool, and there was also another smaller pool that appeared to be heated next to it.

“RENJI!?” Ichigo yelled.

By the pool there were two people, and Ichigo knew both of them. One was Renji, who now looked like a deer in headlights, and the other was Shinji, who was now laughing like mad.

“YOU DID ACTUALLY JOIN, SHINJI!” Shiro called out. “Does that mean that Grimmjow is here too?”

“Yeah, he is. Figured you couldn’t get all the fun,” Shinji replied. Renji was still too shocked to say anything.

Uryū sighed and cleared his throat. “You two can socialize after we are done with the tour.”

They continued on forward. On either side of the pool, and ahead of them, was what looked like houses, that were all connected. Each had a number by the front door, and looked to be two story tall. Even had a balcony. There were 9 houses in total

First they got to the door that had number 5.

“Ichigo, this is where you’re going to stay,” Uryū said and opened the front door and let Ichigo inside. “And Shiro you’re in number 2.”

The place was modern, but minimalistic. He supposed he could decorate or change it as he pleased with time. First there was an entrance hall, then they got into a kitchen and dining room area, then there was a few steps down into a ‘pit’ that had couches and a tv and just looked very comfortable. To his right was a door that went into the bathroom. Then there were a set of stairs between the kitchen and the ‘pit’ that lead up to the second floor. The only thing that was here was a huge bedroom, and the door to the balcony.

On the table in the living room was a tablet and a keycard. He picked up the tablet and took a seat on the couch and decided to play around with it. It didn’t take him long to find the map and there was a lot of info here about the facility and ways to contact various people. Medics, mechanics, tech support. There was so much here, and it was all to make sure he was okay.

After a while he decided to step outside, and made sure to take the keycard with him. Renji and Shinji was still in the pool.

“When did you two arrive here?” he asked.

“Got here yesterday,” Shinji said. “Grimmjow appeared at the same time.”

“Got here a day before them,” Renji said.

“Done those tests then?” Shiro asked as he suddenly appeared, and looked to be ready to jump into the pool too.

Renji’s face turned bright red and he glared at Shiro. “Not yet.”

“Where’s Grimmjow?” Shiro asked.

“Probably bothering the guy living at number four,” Shinji shrugged.

“Uh. You met the other people who are here?” Shiro stepped into the water and made himself comfortable there.

“A couple of them. The guy at number four is very quiet, keeps to himself, so I don’t think you’ll see him much. Grimmjow did talk to him for a bit, and I have no idea what the dude said but Grimmjow has been slightly obsessed with the whole ordeal so he decided to knock on his door and has been in there for two hours now,” Shinji said. “Then there’s the guy at number one. He’s pretty chill. Likes to stay in the hottub, or sleep in a hammock that is in a park nearby.”

“What numbers do you two live in?” Ichigo asked.

“Three,” Shinji replied.

“Seven,” Renji said.

“So we don’t know anything about nine, and eight then,” Shiro said.

“I don’t think anyone lives in number eight yet,” Renji replied. “But I do know that there’s someone in number nine.”

“We’ll figure out who they are soon enough,” Ichigo smiled.

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It was a very odd group of people that had been collected here, and with Chad joining because of his friends being here is just became even stranger. Each of them had their own reason to be here and with Chad taking up the last apartment they had all been called in for a meeting so that they could get to know each other a bit. They would be living rather close to each other after all.

“Ichigo… I’m here because the idiot brother of mine dragged me here.” More like faked his signature. “I don’t know exactly how to feel about this whole breeding part, but I’ll deal with that as it comes.”

“Shiro, and I’m apparently the idiot brother,” Shiro grinned, and completely ignored the glare Ichigo sent him. “I’m here because this sounds like fun.”

“I’m Shinji, and I’m also here because it sounded like fun.”

“Grimmjow, and I’m here for the same reason as those two idiots.”

“You were the one who suggested this in the first place, Grimm,” Shiro grinned.

“Ulquiorra, and I’m here rather than serving a prison sentence.”

Silence as Ichigo, Shiro and Shinji stared at Ulquiorra for a moment. They had not expected that.

“Well, I’m Renji, and I’m here by mistake,” Renji said with a sheepish smile. “At least there’s other people here I know.”

“We’ll take care of you,” Shiro grinned and added a wink.

“Starrk… I’m here because it’s a way to live decently without having to do all that much work.” That was said followed by a yawn. Apparently this meeting was interrupting his nap.

Then there was that last person none of them had seen up until now, but who knew Renji really well. “I’m Izuru, and I’m here for the same reason as Renji.”

“This is why you read through a contract twice before signing,” Ulquiorra commented. “Unless you are simply pretending to not have known what you were getting into, just to appear less like a sexual deviant.”

Both Izuru and Renji turned bright red at that.

“Called out,” Shiro grinned. “I like this guy. Don’t get why you were complaining about him earlier.” Shiro looked over at Grimmjow who huffed in response.

The introduction was over, and they all left the meeting room. Each going to do their own thing. Ulquiorra headed to the library to get some books. Grimmjow went back to their living space to spend some time in the hottub. Shinji had decided he wanted to explore some more. Renji had decided to head back to his own place to continue to redecorate it. Starrk also went back to his own place, but that was to continue his nap. Izuru had gone to get something to eat. Ichigo had decided to hit the gym. Shiro had decided to follow Grimmjow.

Two hours later and they all got a message telling them the time when they were to do their examination to see just what their bodies would be able to handle.

“Got any idea exactly what they are going to do to us?” Shiro asked as he placed his phone away and looked over at Grimmjow.

“Fuck us with objects I assume.”

Shiro chuckled. He supposed that’s what they were planning to do to them.

The first one to the examination room was Ichigo. He had been asked to meet up at one specific spot and would from there be escorted to the examination room so that he wouldn’t have to ask around or risk getting lost.

“So, is this going to hurt?” Ichigo asked as he followed the person along. He had hoped it would be Uryū who was to escort him, but sadly it was a stranger.

“No, it’s not going to be painful, and if there is any pain tell us immediately. It might get a bit uncomfortable at times, but there should be no pain.”

That was good to know. Still he was very nervous, but didn’t let it show. They stepped into one of those tiny trains that were going around and stayed in there for about ten minutes, getting to another part of the whole place, an area he hadn’t been in. This place was swarming with people, all working. Some were carrying objects he couldn’t properly describe, others were carrying what looked like eggs, or bottles filled with various things.

He followed along, glad that no one appeared to give a single damn about his presence. They walked down a hallway and paused by a door as the researcher he had been with used a keycard to open it and they walked inside.

This looked like an examination room, or operation room. In the middle of the room was a chair that was slightly reclined, and various instruments surrounded the chair. There was no one else in here, just the two of them.

“Would you kindly undress?” the scientist asked.

“You want me to get completely naked?” Ichigo asked.

“Yes. Take your time. I’m not going to rush you.”

Ichigo nodded and slowly started to undress. Thankfully the scientist wasn’t just standing there looking at him while he was doing so. Instead he was walking around, turning on a few of the machines that was in the room, and just generally keeping himself busy. Ichigo guessed he had done this a few times before at least.

Once completely naked he took a few steps closer. This felt very strange. Very, very strange, and he was very tempted to try to cover himself up with his hands. He could feel that his cheeks were bright red too. The scientist turned towards him, and kept his eyes on Ichigo’s face, something he was thankful for, he didn’t feel like he was being studied.

“Please have a seat.”

Ichigo did as he was told, and now noticed that this chair looked like the type of chair he guessed pregnant women would sit in while giving birth. He was then instructed to place his feet up, and now he felt very, very open and on display. He turned his head away when the scientist got closer and he could feel his cheeks grow even warmer.

“Just relax. If you grow aroused during this procedure then that’s perfectly normal.”

“Why would I get turned on by this!?” Ichigo barked. Oh he could not get any more embarrassed at this point, especially now that he heard that that could be an outcome. He did not want to get turned on by this.

He kept his head turned to the side, refusing to look at what the scientist was doing. There were sounds, like the scientist was moving around and doing something with the machines surrounding them.

“Just relax. The first test will be to see how much you can take in terms of girth.”

Ichigo turned his head back to the scientist when he felt something by his entrance. The object, or dildo like thing the scientist was holding was connected to one of the machines with a tube. Slowly it was pushed inside of him. This would not be the first time he was penetrated, so he knew how to deal with this, but this was certainly the strangest and most uncomfortable setting he had been in for that to happen.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” Ichigo replied.

“Good. Let me know if it gets uncomfortable.”

Then the scientist turned and pressed a button and Ichigo could feel the object that had been inserted start to expand. He let out a low gasp and looked away again, his eyes closed now. Slowly he was being stretched open, more so than he had ever been before… and the worst part was that it felt good. His breathing was coming in gasps now, and to his shame he knew that he was erect. This is exactly what he didn’t want to happen!

The object kept stretching him, kept expanding. He felt wide open. That was when it started to get a big uncomfortable and he decided to let the scientist know. The object stopped expanding, but he didn’t pull it out or move it. Instead he waited for a couple of minutes, and then pushed the button again so that it could continue to expand. Damn this was a lot. How big was it now?! How was he able to take this much?!

It started to get uncomfortable again so he let the scientist know, and this time the discomfort didn’t stop even with a pause. The scientist noted something down on a tablet and then pushed another button and Ichigo could feel the object deflate inside of him. But before it was back at its original size the scientist stopped it from deflating.

“Now, I have to see how much you can take in terms of quantity of eggs or semen.” With that the scientist pushed another button.

There was a strange feeling inside of him. He couldn’t say exactly what it was, but after a few seconds he started to feel oddly full. That full feeling only continued. He bit down on his lower lip to prevent any sounds from coming from him. Why did this feel good too?! He kept his eyes shut and was just trying to just focus on his breathing, trying to think of anything that was not this.

He opened his eyes slightly, wondering how it was possible for more to fit inside of him. After all, he already felt really full, and that feeling was just growing and growing, and it felt so good.

His eyes widened when he saw how his stomach now had a very visible bulge. It honestly looked like he was pregnant. The sight caused a shiver to run through him. Why did he have to like this as much as he did? His face still burned with embarrassment, but thankfully the scientist didn’t look to give a single fuck.

His stomach continued to expand, slowly growing, and Ichigo could feel that he was getting close to his limit. This was already a lot more than he had ever thought he would be able to take, and to think that now he would be paired with monsters who might fill him to this point.

“Stop,” he gasped.

The scientist pressed a button and it stopped. He let Ichigo stay like that for a few minutes, and then continued to fill him up.

Ichigo was moaning at this point. This was so much to take, but it felt so good. He had not thought he would have been able to take even more, but he could manage a bit more, watching his stomach stretch half an inch or so more before he had to tell the scientist to stop.

The scientist did as told and noted something down, before pressing another button and Ichigo could see his stomach slowly deflate. It took a while but eventually it was back to what it had once been, and that was when the object that had been inserted into him also started to deflate until it was back at its original size, and then removed. Ichigo felt open, very open, and he was so tempted to reach down and feel how much he was gaping, but for now he decided not to.

“There are some creatures who will penetrate your urethra and lay eggs inside your bladder, but we are not in need to testing that, as of right now,” the scientist said. “But it is recommended that you use sounding equipment once a day, to get used to the sensation of something entering your urethra.”

Ichigo didn’t reply, instead he sat up properly. He still couldn’t look directly at the scientist. Not after this.

“If you wish to relieve yourself then there is a bathroom right there,” the scientist said and pointed and then left the room so that Ichigo could get dressed.

On his way back he decided to go and get some food, something to distract himself from what he had just experienced, and for half a second he wondered if the others had to go through the same thing. His brother had to go through the same thing. No, do not think about that!

Though he was right. Just when he had finished the others were on their way to the rooms they were to be tested in, were undergoing tests or done with them. Renji had managed to cum during it, and had decided that for the rest of the day he was going to hide. Izuru was in the same situation, while Grimmjow had been quick to find Shinji once he was done to fuck him since that examination had left him far more turned on than he had liked and he wanted to get rid of the boner in the most pleasurable and effective way he knew. Ulquiorra, Chad, and Starrk had all just gone through it with calm and not really thought much about it afterwards. The scientists had however been surprised by how much Ulquiorra could take. Shiro was slightly grumpy afterwards, his pride a bit hurt after being in a situation like that.

Now with that done, all they could do was wait for the assignments they would get. The time and place and the monster they were to mate with. Each of them would be given a list of monsters they were to mate with, designed after how much they could handle and results from various blood tests and DNA tests that had been done before they arrived here. Some lists were short, others long, and some would get the same monsters.

Through the day they would be messaged the list so that they could see what they had in store.

“Freaking cats all of them,” Grimmjow commented as he decided to lay down on one of the comfy chairs that was on one side of the pool.

“Interesting. Mine are all dogs,” Starrk replied.

“Uh…. I can’t say I have a theme, but this list is long,” Ichigo replied.

“Indeed,” Ulquiorra muttered as he appeared to keep scrolling, and scrolling. Shiro was looking over his shoulder since he had been curious enough to see just how many he had been assigned.

“Fuck. Do they plan to breed you with EVERY monster they have here?” Shiro asked as he walked by and then decided snatched Ichigo’s phone out of his hands to check his list too, ignoring Ichigo yelling at him for doing so and then having to climb out of the pool to try to reach Shiro who was now jogging away.

“I suppose I am compatible with a lot of them,” Ulquiorra shrugged.

“My list is long too,” Renji whined, and all Izuru did was stare at his screen with a bright red face.

Now all they could do was try to relax and wait for messages to be given about when they were to meet one of these monsters they were given.

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Creature: Almiraj
Body size: 2’5’’-3’0’’
Penis size: 3’’
Pregnancy: live birth. 13 weeks

Ichigo looked at the message he had gotten. This was the first creature he was to breed with. A few of the others had started with the breeding a couple of days ago, and he was hearing a lot of strange things from them. Some enjoyed it, some pretended not to enjoy it, and the others were neutral. Renji’s face had matched his hair when he had been questioned, while Starrk had just shrugged when asked about his experience.

“Sooo, you’re gonna get fucked?” Shiro asked as he had decided to sneak up behind Ichigo, who decided to elbow him in response. “YOU FUCKING-”

“Calm down,” Ulquiorra said as he stared daggers into both of them. He was just walking by, probably going to get something to eat.

Shiro returned the glare and waited until Ulquiorra was gone before he decided to tackle Ichigo off of the chair he had been in, and into the pool they were right by. Thankfully Ichigo had dropped his tablet so that didn’t go into the water too.

Ichigo quickly broke through the surface and gasped for air and the second Shiro emerged with the biggest grin he proceeded to push his head under water, only to get dragged under too, now it was a fight to get to the surface.


They both stopped and got to the surface to see Uryū standing there staring at them, one hand on his hips and the most judgmental look on his face.

“We were just having fun,” Shiro said with the biggest grin he could manage. Ichigo responded by pushing his head under water once more and then got out of the pool before Shiro could grab hold of him.

Uryū sighed and rolled his eyes and walked over to Ichigo. “I’m here to escort you.”

“GET FUCKED ICHIGO!” Shiro yelled at them.

Ichigo ignored him. “Yeah, okay. Want me to change clothes first?” He was dripping wet after all.

“Yes, that would be a good idea. I’ll wait here for you,” Uryū said with a nod and watched as Ichigo got into his house to get changed.

The whole time he was there changing he grumbled to himself about how much of an idiot Shiro was. He quickly removed the wet clothes on his person and threw them aside, and got dressed in dry clothes. Ichigo also took a moment to dry his hair a bit, and then he walked out and walked up to Uryū.

“Ready?” Uryū asked and Ichigo nodded. “Follow me.”

“GET FUUUUUCKED!” Shiro screamed in the background and Ichigo turned to glare at him.

They got out of there and Ichigo followed Uryū to one of the areas where one of those small trains would stop, and pressed a button on a table that was there to signal that they wished for it to stop here.

“Sooo, this Almiraj… it just looks like a tiny unicorn bunny,” Ichigo said.

“That is one way to describe them. They are small and friendly, but rare in the wild since they have been hunted down almost to extinction. Their horn is very sought after,” Uryū explained.

The train arrived, and it was empty, so they entered and took a seat.

“So, that’s why you’re keeping them here?” Ichigo asked.

“Yes, and other reasons. Research mostly. We don’t know their potential yet.”

Ichigo nodded in response. “They are kind of cute… and small. I’m guessing you’re letting me start easy.”

“Yes, that’s usually how it’s done. Start with the smaller creatures and then work your way up. We need to see exactly how well you’re taking it.”

“It says here that they live in groups… so I’m not going to be doing this with just one?” Ichigo looked over at Uryū and could now see that his face was light pink. Yeah, this was one hell of a weird conversation to have, especially between the two of them.

“There’s a group of about twenty, so you will be mating with as many of them. It depends on how many decides to be interested.”

Ichigo could feel his cheeks heat up a bit too at the thought. Well, this was going to be a very different experience. At least the bunnies weren’t big so he wasn’t going to have a problem taking them.

“How… do you make them interested?” Ichigo asked. He couldn’t look at Uryū anymore, and he was sure his friend couldn’t look at him either anymore.

It took a while before Uryū replied. “Pheromones.”

Made sense. Silence settled between them, and at first it was a bit awkward, but that awkwardness thankfully faded away. With that Ichigo focused on whatever he could see outside of the window. They were moving over a bridge now and there was some sort of tropical habitat below them. He wondered what creature lived there.

“Um… There will be someone keeping track on what’s going on, for your safety’s sake,” Uryū said.

“Someone is going to watch me while I’m doing this?” Ichigo sent Uryū a look. Great, he was going to be on display.

“Well, yes. We have to have someone do that to make sure nothing goes wrong,” Uryū replied.

“What could go wrong?”

“With these little guys? They might fight each other to get to you. They are very friendly towards humans, so I don’t think they’ll hurt you.”

Ichigo hummed in response. Silence settled around them again. The train stopped and two scientists stepped inside to join them. No one spoke as the train continued on. Ichigo kept looking outside. Right now they were going through one of the science facilities. Scientists were walking back and forth. Now and then someone was running. Ichigo wondered what they were working on, just what was actually going on here. It was tempting to ask, but he knew it was classified, and he was pretty sure Uryū wouldn’t tell him anything.

Another bridge. There wasn’t much for him to see from here as the habitats below them were covered up. He guessed they had very specific temperatures or light settings so they couldn’t let natural sunlight in, or let it affect the temperatures inside.

Once they were across that bridge, the train took to the left and immediately it was over onto another bridge. Down below he could see what looked like a normal forest.

“Next time the train stops that’s when we are getting off,” Uryū said.

They were over the bridge, and the train stopped. Together they walked off. And Uryū gestured for Ichigo to follow along. They got to an elevator and went down ten stories. Which meant that they should be on ground level. Down here there was just a long hallway stretching both ways. From here he could see one large door straight ahead with a letter, followed by three numbers. When he looked left and right he could see other doors about 100 meters away.

“These doors lead into the habitats?” Ichigo asked.

“Yes, they do,” Uryū confirmed. They started to walk, and passed by one of those train stops, so Ichigo guessed it wasn’t very far to walk since they didn’t wait for the one cart glass train that surely moved around on the magnetic floor that was here too. Those trains were really strange.

They walked for a couple of minutes and then Uryū stopped in front of a door and used his keycard to open it. They entered, and in here there were two doors ahead of them. One to the right and one straight ahead.

“The door to the right leads up to the observation room. I am not going to be watching, but someone is stationed in there to make sure everything is okay. Ahead of you is the dressing room. You have to completely undress before entering the habitat. I won’t be going in there with you since I might get pheromones on me, and I would rather not have that happen… again,” Uryū said. That last word was said under his breath, and Ichigo didn’t catch up on it, but he did notice how bright pink his friend’s cheeks had become. “Once you enter there will be instructions on what you’ll do, so don’t worry.”

“Okay,” Ichigo said and turned towards the door.

“Well… I’ll see you later today. I don’t know if I’ll be the one to pick you up, but I’ll check in on you later,” Uryū said and with that Ichigo could hear that he left.

Ichigo took a deep breath and walked over to the dressing room and walked inside. It wasn’t a big room, and straight across was another door.

“Please undress,” a voice said and Ichigo started to slowly do so. He placed his clothes in a designated spot and saw that they disappeared into the wall. “Your clothes will be washed and prepared for your return.” Uh. Neat. He could see that there was a shower part to this dressing room. Neat.

He took a few steps forward and noticed what looked like a chair with a dildo attached to it. A slick dildo, like someone had covered it in lube. The voice spoke up again. “Please step over to the preparation chair and gently sit down. Allow the preparator to enter you and ensure that you are sufficiently lubricated. Please stay still until you are told that you are ready to move.”

Well, that made sense. Didn’t stop him from blushing as he walked over to it. It appeared to be the size of a normal human penis. He turned around and slowly lowered himself down, holding back a low sound as the dildo slowly entered him. It was slick, and it felt strangely nice to have it inside of him. He sat there for a couple of seconds until the voice told him he was ready. When he rose to his feet and looked back at the dildo he could see that there was oozing lube from several little holes in it. Oh.

“Please step into the shower. You will be sprayed with pheromones. If you experience any discomfort during this procedure please speak up.”

Oh, was there microphones in here? He did as told it the shower sprayed a light drizzle over him for a couple of seconds and then stopped.

“You are now ready, please enter the habitat.”

He headed towards the door that would lead him out into where the creatures were. For a moment he paused and just stared at the door. He took a deep breath and straightened his back a bit. “Here we go.” His heart was beating a bit faster, he wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Slowly he lifted a hand and pressed the button that opened the door.

What was ahead of him looked like a very nice forest. The temperatures were comfortable, thankfully. He had been a bit worried it might be cold on his naked skin, but it wasn’t. He walked outside and looked around. Tall trees, grass and moss covered ground. There was something very serene about this place. He liked it.


He could see something move in one of the bushes and that caused him to stop. More sounds. There was a lot of movement happening in the area around that bush. Then one of the Almiraj jumped out and stopped to look at him. Oh they were cute!

Slowly he knelt down to see what it would do next. Another one jumped out and paused on its back legs, standing up. He could see that the bunny creature was smelling the air. Then it jumped closer. Ichigo stayed calm and allowed the rather large bunny to come to him. One jump at a time it got closer.

It was within reach now and Ichigo carefully reached out for it. The Almiraj smelled his hand and then hopped closer, a bit more confident now. More of them had appeared, and a few of them were slowly getting closer.

“So… I have been told I have to mate with you guys,” Ichigo said, his cheeks heating up a bit as he spoke. Yeah, he was very sure they couldn’t understand a word he was saying, but it did make him feel a bit calmer to talk.

He ran his fingers over the soft fur of the bunny that was closest to him. It was moving around him now, and nudged a bit at him. Was it… his cheeks grew a bit darker when he noticed that the Almiraj’s cock had emerged from its sheath. Yes, it was looking for a way to mount him. He turned to look towards the others that were getting closer, and more and more of them were jumping out from the bushes. There had to be about seven or eight bunnies here now.

“Okay, okay, I’ll just…” he bit down on his bottom lip instead of finishing that sentence, and slowly lay down on his back.

More of the Almiraj decided to come closer and he had three of them inspecting him now. He had been busy petting one that was close to his chest when he felt one between his spread legs and saw that it had decided to mount him, and was now trying to get in the right position to penetrate him.

He let out a shaky sigh and reminded himself to just relax. They weren’t big, but still, he didn’t want there to be any discomfort.

The hand that was on the Almiraj next to him moved to its belly and he could feel that it too had it’s cock out. It should be easy to take, and it felt kind of nice to touch. That was until that bunny decided to try to hump his hand and he had to move his hand away.

His attention was back on the Almiraj that was between his legs. The creature’s pointy penis was now pushing against his entrance. Looks like it had figured this out now. Then it entered. Ichigo let out a low gasp at the sensation. The penis was slick and entered with ease, and it really wasn’t big at all, so there wasn’t going to be any discomfort, but he still wondered if he was going to be sore after all of these ones had had a go at him.

The Almiraj didn’t pause at all, instead it immediately started to thrust at a incredible pace. It was almost like it was vibrating, and it felt strangely nice. Like a small vibrator was inside of him. He could feel his cheeks heat up as arousal spread through his body.

Hard and fast, he had never felt anything like that. The bunny creature was really going at it. Then it paused, and Ichigo held back a whine as another shiver went through him at the thought that the creature might have cum inside of him now. For a moment the Almiraj just stayed still, it was panting heavily and then it jumped off and hopped a few steps before flopping down on the ground, still breathing heavily. Looks like that one was done.

It only took a few seconds before the next Almiraj mounted him, and it quickly thrusted its hard cock inside of him, and started to move at the same insane pace as the other one. More of them had surrounded Ichigo now, all of them inspecting him, and he could see that all of them had an erection.

The Almiraj kept thrusting hard and fast, like the last one, and Ichigo had to admit that it did feel good. The way those quick movements were stimulating his entrance, it was nice, but he knew it wasn’t going to be enough to get him off. He would have reached down to touch himself, but the bunny’s upper body was in the way.

The Almiraj stilled, and like last time Ichigo felt a pleasant shiver run through him at the knowledge that it had released inside of him. He had never thought he would find that arousing, and all he could do was groan slightly. Should he really be enjoying this at all? He was getting mounted and fucked by creatures, not another human, and it felt good.

The third one got onto him and was quick to find his entrance and started to thrust. This one was slightly larger than the other two, so it felt even better. For half a second Ichigo wished he could take two at once, just to get more of that, but he wasn’t sure how that could be done.

This bunny lasted for a bit longer than the other ones, but eventually it stilled too, its cock as deep into Ichigo as it could go. Ichigo let out a shaky sigh. That was the third one to have cum inside of him, and he wondered if he was going to start to feel it once ten or so had released inside of him. He found himself hoping he would. Cheeks turning bright red at that. When had he started to have desires like this?! Maybe they had always been there, but it wasn’t until now that he noticed.

Another one mounted him, then another, and another. He managed to keep track. It was the eight one that was now fucking him. Ichigo found himself breathing a bit heavier than before. Their cock did feel really nice, despite the small size, and the arousal within his body was almost maddening. He couldn’t tell if he was getting any closer to his own release or not, but the urge to reach down and stroke himself to get there was getting stronger and stronger.

The Almiraj currently on him stilled, and now Ichigo could feel that here was quite a bit of cum inside of him. It was a good feeling. He wanted more. Thankfully, there were plenty more of those bunnies waiting for their turn.

Number nine jumped on and started thrusting. Quickly finding and entering Ichigo’s very used hole, and started to move at the same pace as the others. Hard and fast, making it almost feel like it was just vibrating, and it felt so good.

It came, adding to the pool of cum that was already inside of him. Ichigo managed to hold back a moan. Just keep adding more. He wanted more. His cheeks darkened a bit at that thought, and then there was another thought that just made it even worse. Imagine how much Shiro would bully him if he was to find out about this. He could NEVER know.

The next Almiraj mounted him. Then there was another one after that, and another. Each of them leaving plenty of cum inside of him, filling him up a bit at a time. His stomach stayed flat, but he could feel that there was plenty of cum inside of him, and he knew he could take a lot more. They had really decided to let him start easy by having him breed with these guys.

He was at number sixteen now, and he was getting a little bit sore, but it was worth it just to have more of them fuck him. He let out a pleased hum when he felt the bunny cum. He wondered just how much more before it would show, since there had to be quite a lot in there. Clearly these guys had a lot of cum they released to make him feel this full. He was also a bit surprised that he hadn’t felt any of it leak out him. Maybe the cum was a bit too thick for it to exit him that easily? Or maybe how quickly the next bunny got on prevented any of it from leaving his body.

The next one jumped onto him and swiftly penetrated him. It lasted for quite a bit before it released inside of him.

After a couple more Ichigo released that no new one was jumping onto him, and he slowly sat up. Oh he could feel the cum that was inside of him. How much was there? He looked around and all around him were tired Almiraj, ether napping or cleaning themselves up. So many of them. It wasn’t until now that he realized how many had fucked him.

“You are free to leave,” a voice said and Ichigo felt like his face was going to melt because of the heat. Someone had been watching the whole time. He just remembered that.

Without a word he got to his feet and walked to the door and it opened up before him. A quick shower and then he got dressed.

Well… he was supposed to be pregnant now, right? He picked up his phone while he waited for someone to appear and escort him out of here. Uh. So… he was to return here for three days, and then a couple of days after that they would do a test to see if he was pregnant. If not, then three more days and then another test. Apparently, usually that first day was all that was needed, but they wished to be certain that impregnation had happened.

So… he would see these little bunnies tomorrow then. He couldn’t say he was going to complain about that.

Chapter Text

Creature: Imp
Body size: 2’0’’
Penis size: 4’’
Pregnancy: live birth. 6 weeks

“Seriously… imps,” Shiro groaned as he stared at the tablet in his hand. He looked up and shot Grimmjow a glare as he had burst out laughing.

“Gotta admit, it’s kind of fitting,” Shinji grinned.

“Fuck you,” Shiro hissed and got to his feet and walked over to a chair that was by the pool and slumped down into it. This was all dumb.

He had been so incredibly amused when Ichigo had returned after being fucked by those bunnies, only to have to return every single day for almost a week just to make sure he was pregnant. The fun had quickly run out though, as Ichigo didn’t seem even a little bit bothered on day two, and had pretty much just brushed Shiro off. That had annoyed him more than anything, and he found himself slightly jealous of those dumb creatures that got to spend time with his brother. Yeah, he was aware of some less than normal thoughts he would have when it came to Ichigo, but for the most part he just pushed it aside and made up for what he felt by being as obnoxious as he possibly could. When he was alone however.

“Hey, Ichigo, your brother has to fuck imps!”

Shiro looked up when he heard Shinji call out and saw Ichigo step closer while looking at his tablet. Then looked at his brother, and down at the tablet again.

“You sure you’ll be okay? It says they can be a bit aggressive,” Ichigo said as he looked at Shiro again, a hint of concern in his eyes.

“Even better,” Grimmjow laughed.

“I’ll be fucking fine!” Shiro barked.

“Oh you’ll be fucking alright. Don’t those fuckers come in large groups?” Grimmjow continued.

“They do,” Ichigo confirmed and sent Grimmjow a short look before turning his attention back toward Shiro. “If they go too far, then there is someone there to keep an eye on the situation and they’ll make sure to stop them.”

“Whatever,” Shiro scoffed.

He hated how much care Ichigo would sometimes show him, it only made what he felt even worse. It was so much better when he decided to be mad at him or fight him. Thankfully he didn’t have to deal with that for too long since Uryū soon appeared to lead him to the creature he was to breed with.

“Have fun,” Grimmjow grinned, and Shiro only flipped him off before leaving.

Uryū didn’t say anything, he just looked form Grimmjow to Shiro and then turned to lead the way. Shiro was not in a talkative mood right now, and Uryū appeared to understand that as he didn’t really try to strike up a conversation. They walked in silence to where the train was to appear and then entered the one who appeared and stayed in it for about twenty minutes. During that time they had gone across two bridges, both overlooking various territories for the creatures they held here. Then it was onto another train, and they got to one of the buildings at the very back. This area was connected to a huge, ridiculously huge, concrete box. Apparently this was the ‘dark room’, where creatures who required cave like or dark surroundings would be.

Out of the train they went as they were inside this box, and down a long hallway. Then into an elevator and down several floors, exit, and then down along another hallway.

“Fuck this place is huge,” Shiro hissed.

“We need to give all the creatures sufficient space to be comfortable, and let them live like they should, so yes, this place is big, and it is getting bigger. A whole new facility is being built and we are going to need bullet trains to get to it, so that is being built underground too,” Uryū explained.

“More creatures you want us to fuck then,” Shiro huffed, but as a thought crept up into his mind he found himself smirking. “Have you been trying some of these monsters out?”

Uryū’s face turned bright red, and he tensed up for half a second. Oh that told Shiro all he needed to know. He had known Uryū a bit previously, since he was one of Ichigo’s friends, and he had always come across as someone high strung, or someone who was trying to appear proper and moral. In his experience, those kinds of people were usually the worst of the bunch, so it wouldn’t surprise him if this guy was a real deviant.

“Which ones have you fucked?” Shiro asked. He couldn’t help it.

“I have not-” Uryū started, but Shiro cut him off.

“Oh come on. I know you’re lying, it’s fucking pointless for you to try to deny that you haven’t fucked some of the creatures here,” Shiro scoffed.

“...” Uryū stayed quiet after that.

They continued on in silence, now slightly awkward silence, or awkward for Uryū as Shiro just found this funny. Eventually they got to a door and Uryū paused in front of it. He couldn’t even look Shiro in the eyes anymore. Looks like he had really hit a nerve.

“The creature you are to be with is beyond this door. The system will tell you what to do. There will be someone in the control room keeping an eye on what’s going on, just to make sure you are okay,” Uryū said and opened the door before Shiro.

“Sure you don’t want to join me?” Shiro asked with the biggest smirk he could muster. Uryū’s face turned a few shades darker and he shook his head and pretty much pushed Shiro into the room and closed it behind him. “Man, he must really be loving those monster dicks.”

He looked around. It looked like a changing room and the first thing he was told to do was undress and place the clothes away. Then he was sprayed with pheromones and told to sit down on what looked like a weird ass dildo. Yeah, fine.Then once he was off of that he realized that it had lubricated him. Well.. thanks? At least that would make things easier for him.

“Please exit through the marked door.”

Shiro turned towards the door that said ‘enclosure’ on it. Well. Time to get this over and done with. He was going to get fucked by multiple imps, and would carry their young for only six weeks… which meant that he would get fucked again before Ichigo would have to deal with another creature. For fuck sake.

He stepped closer to the door and it opened before him. What he saw was what looked like dark cave. The ground was covered in stone or moss, so he guesses he would have to find a place that was somewhat comfortable before those imps got to him. He entered the cave like environment. Only a little light was let in, and he could hear the sound of water dripping and slight movement ahead somewhere in the dark. Then there was more movement, and he could tell it was heading towards him. Okay, these fuckers were going to be aggressive weren’t they?

He looked around and found an area that had a lot of moss growing on it so he quickly headed over there as the sounds of several creatures heading towards him could be heard. Quickly he sat down and turned towards the sound. He could see what looked to be eight pairs of eyes stare at him. Yeah, that was fucking creepy!

They were getting closer and closer to him, and more and more joined the group. As they got closer they slowed down a bit. He guessed it was because he himself wasn’t trying to get away from them, or showing any aggressive behavior. Of course he wanted to yell at them and he knew the temptation to slap them away when they got close enough was going to be there, but he was naked, and surrounded by horny creatures so fighting was probably not a good idea.

They were close enough for him to make out what they looked like. Small and purple with large hands, and huge dicks compared to their size. Okay, cool. The cocks had ridges on top of them, and he was sure he was going to feel that. There was also purple preecum leaking from the pointy heads. Was that even safe inside of him? He guessed it would have to be, why else was he here then… right?

They had reached him now, and he looked down at them with one eyebrow raised. Yeah… fantastic. They were touching and climbing up onto his lap and clearly trying to figure him out.

“Fine, fine,” he growled and roughly pushed some of them away as he lay down. Might as well just get this over with.

They were so quick to get between his legs, and continued to check him out. Some were climbing on top of him too. He let out a low growl and pushed one of them off when it decided to touch his dick. No, he did not want these purple buggers to touch there.

Another one decided to stick its erect cock in Shiro’s face, pretty much trying to push it into his mouth. Fuck no! But before he could throw the fucker off he felt himself being entered. One had figured out how this worked and had forcefully pushed all four inches into him. Shiro had not been ready so he had let out a gasp and that had given the imp on his chest the perfect opportunity to push its cock between his lips and into his mouth.

Damn this!

The one fucking his ass was going fast and hard. Shiro was glad he had been lubricated before this since that was a hard pace, but the worst part was that it felt good! It actually did. The ridges on the imp’s cock was brushing and stimulating his entrance in a way he hadn’t felt before, and on top of that it was really hitting his prostate. The pace was so hard and fast and he found himself spreading his legs a bit more, and he was sure that his cock was actually growing hard now.

Fuck this!

He didn’t even mind the cock that was fucking his mouth now. Yeah, it was kind of humiliating to be used like this, but he figured that as long as NO ONE else found out about this then he could let it happen, it wouldn’t hurt his pride.

The one that was fucking his mouth was going at the same rapid pace as the one fucking his ass, but this one was a bit more uncomfortable just because of how rough it was. At first he had hoped it would be the only one that would be going for his mouth, but he could feel more of them climbing onto his chest and they were clearly waiting their turn.

He moaned around the cock in his mouth as the one pounding his ass shifted a bit, and now it was really abusing his prostate. Hard in and out of him, and he hated how fucking good it was, and how it was causing a coil of heat to build inside of him. Fuck, was these bastards going to make him cum!?

The one in his mouth stopped, and Shiro found himself instinctively swallowing as cum gushed out of the imp’s cock. It was slightly sweet, and thicker than that of human cum, and there was so much of it. He couldn’t hold all of it in his mouth as he was trying to swallow it to keep himself from choking and some of it was escaping his mouth and running down the sides of his mouth. Ugh, what a mess. How the fuck did a creature this small produce this much cum?!

Finally it pulled out of his mouth and he swallowed the last bit only to have another one push its cock against his lips. Fucking hell! Fine! He glared at the creature and parted his lips allowing it to do as the previous one and fuck his mouth. This one wasn’t as rough as the last one, and it almost felt like it was just taking its time and enjoying what his mouth had to offer. Fucking bastard. It was tempting to push the fucker off, but he decided not to, he knew that angering them were not a good idea, and he didn’t really feel like fighting all of these bastards.

The one that was fucking his ass suddenly stopped, its ridged cock as deep as it could go and Shiro was sure it was pouring a ridiculous amount of cum into him, but he couldn’t feel it, yet. Slowly it pulled out and was quickly replaced with another one that immediately started to fuck him at the intense pace that the last one had. It almost felt like he was vibrating, and he too was doing one hell of a job hitting his prostate.

He was so damn close now, and he found himself moaning around the cock in his mouth. This appeared to make the one fucking his mouth very eager as he was picking up the pace. Whatever, Shiro just kept his main focus on the one going in and out of his rectum, fucking him so hard and fast and it was so fucking good.

He almost bit down on the cock in his mouth when he came. Fuck that was intense. It rushed through him and for a moment he completely forgot where he was and what was really going on, all he was aware of was that incredible sensation running through his body and the cocks moving in and out of him.

As he was slowly coming down from the high he felt the imp fucking his ass stop, and this time he could feel the cum that was emptied inside of him. A muffled groan came from him. The Imp pulled out and was replaced by yet another one. Now the fucking was almost painful due to the overstimulation, but he could take it. A little pain never bothered him.

He frowned slightly as he felt the one fucking his ass slow down a bit, and then he suddenly felt another enter. Two of them were fucking him at once, and he really had no idea how they managed that but fuck did he feel it! The overstimulation was almost too much for him to take now, but he didn’t struggle or fight. At this point the worst of it was over, so soon it would start to feel good again, and when it did it really, really felt good. The two cocks were not moving at the same pace, and one was clearly more eager then the other, but they were both stretching him open now, and rubbing and brushing over his prostate. Were they going to make him cum again? He had a feeling that would happen before this was all over.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when the one fucking his mouth stopped, and once more his mouth was filled with cum and he was doing what he could to swallow it all, but like before it was too much. When the cock was removed from his mouth he got a few seconds to breath before another one was pushed into his mouth. They were really going to fill him up with all this cum, weren’t they?

One of the ones fucking his ass paused, and he could really feel the cum being poured into him. It felt like a lot, and he figured that after one or two more of those releases his stomach would start to bulge. He wanted to look to see how many were left, but it was impossible with one of those bastards fucking his face. He felt another cock enter him, so now it was two inside his ass once more.

They kept fucking him, using him as their personal sex toy. Cum slowly filling him up as they released inside of him, forcing him to take as much of it as he could, and. They had made him cum one more time too, and eventually he decided the push the ones on his chest away as he couldn’t swallow more of that cum. He was so damn full. He did however allow the ones fucking his ass to continue, he could take a bit more, or so he figured, even if he was really full and his stomach had developed a bulge due to all the cum inside of him.

Looking around he could see that there were no other imps around him except for the last one that was fucking him. Good, since he wasn’t sure how much more he could take after this. For how long had he been laying here? How many dicks had he taken, and just how much cum was there inside of him?! He couldn’t tell, he just knew he felt tired and heavy, and like he really needed to take a shower. Hopefully he would be allowed to let at least some of this cum out since he did NOT want to return looking like this.

The imp released inside of him and then hurried away to wherever the others were, leaving him behind. For a moment Shiro decided to just lay there and breath. His ass felt sore, and open, and soon he could feel thick cum flow out of him. Well, he couldn’t hear whoever was watching tell him to prevent it from leaving his body so he was just going to let it out.

He stayed there for another ten minutes before he decided to get up. His stomach was not as big anymore, and the size was slowly decreasing as cum was still making its way out of him. Back into the changing room he went and he immediately took a shower. Fucking hell that was nice! He looked down and could see purple cum mix with the water. At this point he decided to press down onto his stomach forcing the cum to escape him quicker. He continued to do so until his stomach was flat. No more cum was leaving, but he could still tell there was plenty inside of him as this full feeling didn’t leave him at all.

“I’ll make sure the others never find out,” he mumbled to himself. Now he just hoped Shinji and Grimmjow got to get fucked by something even worse than this, so that he got the chance to mock them.

Chapter Text

“So what’s going on between you and that Ulquiorra guy?” Shinji asked and tilted his head in Grimmjow’s direction.

“Don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

“Grimm. I’ve seen you sneak over to his place.”

“You must be seeing things.”

Renji laughed. “Sure, right. Just keep lying, but we’ve seen you, and we know that you’re not going over there to borrow sugar.”

“So. Is he good in bed?” Shinji asked with a wide smirk.

“Fuck off.”

With that Grimmjow got up and headed out of this area, just to get a bit away from those bastards who insisted on sticking their noses in his business. Yeah, he had, now and then, been sneaking over to that pale bastard, but only because he didn’t want to bother any of the others when he was horny… that… that was the only reason why.

He had been lost in thought when he suddenly paused when Ulquiorra walk by, arms filled with books. Blue eyes met green for a moment and Grimmjow found himself thinking just how fucking pretty they were. He caught himself thinking that and quickly looked away, only to find himself stop a few steps later and watch Ulquiorra continuing on, his eyes drawn to his ass. Why did he have to wear tight jeans? They really showed off that cute little ass of his.

He let out a low growl and forced himself to look away and continue on, if he stayed here for much longer he would just follow the stupid brat. As he kept on walking images of the nights they had shared together decided to resurface, and he knew that he would not be sleeping in his own bed tonight. Just waiting until dark was going to be fucking torture. What the hell had that little shit done to him to make him want him like this?! He shouldn’t be anything special… Maybe the fact that he hadn’t shown much interest in Grimmjow at first was what had caught him. After all, everyone was interested in him. Or that cool confidence, or arrogance as it usually looked like. Fucker was smart too… and… attractive.

He ran a hand down his face. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Usually one night stands were just that, one night stand, and so were fuck buddies. It had started as a one night stand, and now it looked like they were fuck buddies, but at the same time… Grimmjow found himself strangely possessive of him. He hated the thought that some monster would get to fuck him too, or that anyone else here would try to get at him. Normally his fuck buddies didn’t mean that much to him, but this one… this one he wanted to keep for himself.


“You really shouldn’t have come here,” Uryū sighed.

“I couldn’t let Ichigo go here alone… and…” Chad sighed. “I missed you.”

Uryū smiled a bit. “I missed you too… when I took this job I didn’t think I would essentially live here permanently.”

Chad leaned down and kissed him, his hands cupping Uryū’s face as he did so and a low hum came from the smaller male.

“Why did you take this job?” Chad asked as he pulled away slightly.

Uryū turned his gaze to the side, his cheeks turning bright red at the question. “W-well… I was-” he cleared his throat “-interested in the science.”

Chad tilted his head. He knew Uryū wasn’t telling the truth. “Have you… visited any of the monsters?”

Uryū could feel his face grow even warmer, so much warmer now and he opened his mouth to speak but he couldn’t, so he closed it again. Now he had to look away. “W-well… I… I have… I have to make sure they… are fine. I-it’s only a part of the job.”

“It’s okay, Uryū. You don’t have to feel ashamed, or make up excuses,” Chad said quietly and pulled the other into a hug, letting Uryū hide his face against the taller male’s chest, which he did while also clinging to him.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. He did feel ashamed, very much so and it felt like his guts were twisting knowing that Chad had found out. Dirty and disgusting, that’s what he was, he couldn’t understand how Chad could hold him like this now.

Chad hugged him a bit tighter. “It’s okay, Uryū.”

“You sure about that?”

Chad nodded. “I’m sure. Just take care of yourself, okay? Be careful when you’re with those monsters.”

“I will… I love you… I hope you know that.”

“I know. I just can’t keep up with you at times.”

Uryū frowned. “I’m so sorry about that… I don’t know where these needs come from.”

Chad shook his head. “It’s fine, you don’t have to feel ashamed or bad, I’m just glad you have a substitute for when I can’t be with you.”

Before this he would have used toys, but now… it was monsters.

“You don’t feel like I’m cheating on you?”


Uryū smiled slightly and tilted his head up as he pulled Chad down into a kiss.


Shiro groaned. One hand wrapped around his cock as he was stroking himself, his eyes closed and his imagination running free.

In his mind he had bent Ichigo over a table and was fucking him hard and fast while his brother moaned his name and begged for more. Ichigo was probably a lot more promiscuous and shameless in his mind that he would ever be in real life, but the thought of him wanting to feel his brother’s cock inside of him… begging for it, or presenting himself, that was such a turn on. And now, the thought of his brother being fucked by a hoard of monsters was present, that was arousing too, watching them fill him up with cum or eggs and once they were done he would walk over to Ichigo who was exhausted, but still horny and begging for his brother’s cock, and fuck yeah Shiro was going to give that to him. Fuck him with all his might, and make sure that he knew who’s cock was the best. Didn’t matter how many monsters fucked that pretty little hole of his, Shiro would be the cock he would always return to, the one he would want at the end of the day.

He hissed as he hit his peak and came. Slowly he opened his eyes and gazed up at the ceiling. When was the first time he had started to have these thoughts about Ichigo? He wasn’t sure, but he knew it was pretty fucked up, and no matter how badly he wanted his brother, approaching him about this was out of the question. It would stay in his head, stay a fantasy and nothing more.