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Your Life is Mine

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Midoriya Shouto is normal. He’s lived with his mom in a modest apartment for fifteen years in an average neighborhood, has had an average childhood if you don’t count his dad being out of the picture, and went to perfectly normal schools from the time he was five to fourteen.

Sure, he doesn’t have many people he would call his friends — the closest thing he could figure is the son of his mom’s friend, Bakugo Katsuki, and they have a more I-tolerate-you-but-am-ready-and-willing-to-throw-down-at-any-time type of relationship when they’re not actively egging the other on.

It’s common knowledge that Katsuki wants to be the number one hero, like All Might, and despite Shouto’s protests –since they were less than three years old– he’s managed at long last to rope Shouto in with him to go to Yuuei so the blond could “have decent competition, fuckface!”

That’s the thing, though…

If Shouto is a normal boy…… why does he look nothing like his mom? To her deep green hair, he has crimson red on the left and white as snow on the right evenly split down the middle. Her green eyes are nowhere to be seen even when he has heterochromia– his left eye is turquoise and his right is grey.

He guesses he could attribute it to his quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot, which he didn’t get from either of his parents either. Quirks are known to mess with your appearance, after all.

But if that’s it then why does he feel like something is terribly wrong when he looks at this scarred boy at the entrance exam?


Todoroki Izuku is a mistake. That is a fact that has been drilled into his head by his father ever since the day he was declared quirkless and mother was taken away. As the youngest son of Todoroki Enji, the number two hero Endeavor, he’s brought shame onto his family.

Fuyumi who stresses and worries every day but always tries to smile and ruffle his hair when their father is gone, and sometimes she’ll let him simply cling to her waist like a limpet as he keeps the burning in his eyes at bay. Natsuo who was shunned and not given a second glance from father because while his quirk didn’t suit what father needed, he still has an ice quirk even if weaker than expected. And Touya who’s fire hurt him to use, and that one day he simply didn’t show up to dinner, long gone, then never spoken of again in fear of father’s temper flaring.

…And his mother, Rei– a beautiful and kind woman who couldn’t stand to look at her quirkless son and broke because of him less than a week after his appointment. He doesn’t remember what led up to her yanking him forward with tears in her eyes as she poured boiling water over the bridge of his nose — only agony.

The last time he saw mother left him with her final words; “I shouldn’t have brought you into this family!” accompanied by a bright red burn. It goes from an odd parody of a dime-sized heart splotch on the corner of his left eyebrow, running over his entire nose and upper lip, then across both cheeks like a wide and wavy ‘y’ shape that ends on his cheekbones just under his right eye and tucks under the left side of his chin on the other.

Father likes to point out his curly green hair and big green eyes when he’s angry. Even the diamond-shaped freckles on his cheeks– only four of them on each side until the ones closest to his nose were covered by the burn. He always says, “The universe was telling me all along you would be a disgrace! Even IT decided to separate you from us as much as possible! Pathetic.”

And it’s not that he doesn’t try to not be a disgrace, he swears! Every day when father drags him to the training hall and drills him until he feels like nothing but a pulp –Izuku’s been homeschooled for so long he doesn’t remember what other kids his age look like, he’s never allowed to go anywhere and the window in his bedroom is covered by his bookshelf– he learns quickly, he lasts just a second or two longer even when his body is black and blue.

The reality is that there’s just no way to combat father’s overwhelming strength and fire when all he’s given is a tiny bo-staff he’s had since he was four. It was made for four-year-old hands in mind, not a fifteen-year-olds. But that doesn’t stop Izuku from trying.

Because he loves his family. Even father because Izuku knows he’s only trying to help his son become better in his own way and because he never saw Enji beating Rei or training Touya. Especially mother who was always crying softly with a sad smile on her face as she wished he was never born, and who he would go see in a heartbeat if only he was allowed outside so that he could apologize to her.

That’s why he finally sneaks out, in the end. One day with makeup on his bruises but not his scar since he ran out of time. He’s had this planned since he realized going to Yuuei would allow him to become a hero to help people, and he’d finally be doing something right. So he begged Fuyumi to teach him makeup, and she did.

He was gonna make his family proud enough that he could go see mother without crumbling under failure and shame.


Shouto looks down at the boy and blinks in shock at the angry-looking scar dripping down his face…then at the green hair that reminds him of mom and the green eyes that are wide and just a bit teary. The smile falls from his lips at the sight.

Izuku looks up at the boy and is fascinated. His hair is split down the middle red and white, and he has a turquoise eye and a grey eye. His eyes burn a bit at how much this boy reminds him of mother in some strange way. Even the way his smile falls when he first sees Izuku is the same. He’s quick to apologize in a soft voice before bidding farewell, heading towards the building where his future could look just a bit brighter.

Both: Why do I feel drawn to him?


Two boys, two completely different lives. But they do have one thing in common.

They were both switched at birth.