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My People eating husband

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Imagine if your beloved husband and soulmate turned out to be some ungodly beast.
Now imagine said beast wrecking havok outside your cabin in the woods? In the middle of the night??
You cant imagine it? thats okay. But for a certain poor scientist this is the sad reality. Wilson percival higgsbury is his name.


A loud shrill shriek echoed through the Galloway Forest.

Wilson jolted awake his left hand automatically reaching for the other side of his bed. The all to familiar form of his husband was once again missing. The spot left cold from the man having gotten up hours ago.

With a deeply irritated sigh the scot got out of bed put on maxwell´s oversized coat and walked down the stairs and out the garden door.
In the distance he could hear mighty growls echoing in between the flora and fauna. Being tired and moody the small man called out in his hefty scottish accent "MAXWELL! Get over here and stop with the ruckus!".

The beast responded letting out a faint whine before it returned to the cabin.

Crawling on his fours Maxwell appeared.

But as you might have guessed not in his normal form. His form coverd in an armor made of leaves and branches and wearing the nature crown. The beast´s glowing green eyes stared down at the small angry scot. 2 mighty deer like antlers portruding from his scalp.
"Maxwell...its 3 fuckin´ a clock why? i get it someone hurt the trees- but can´t you at least try to be more quiet?" Wilson ranted with small tired huffs.

Maxwell no matter in what form didn´t like when his partner was upset with him and laid down infront of the tiny man with a defeated whine. The big beast let out pityfull whines in hopes of showing how sorry he was.

The scot sighed with a small smile " its okay Hun. Lets go upstairs in the attic and sleep okay?" he asked his monster husband. Maxwells green eyes lid up and with a jump he crawled in through the big attic window. Wilson also rushed back upstairs in the attic.

The attic had a cozy pillow corner wilson had espacialy made for maxwell´s big form to get comfortable in and nap when ever he and wilson had their precious cuddle time.
Maxwell had curled up onto one of the big self stiched green bean bags streching out his massive limbs leaving just enough space for a certain small scot to join him. Wilson on his way up had grabbed their beds blanket and carried it upstairs with him.

He joined his husband on the bean bag cuddling close to the nature god´s back. Coverd himself and maxwell as best as he could with the small blanket and procedeed the fall asleep almost instantly, from the soft improvised bed to the heating pad named maxwell.

The forest god yawned nuzzling his crooked nose into his small husband mess of a hair and fell asleep peacefully